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Free Tool: Clean your NAB
Karl-Henry Martinsson    

As a follow-up to my previous tool that let you analyze the ACL of a database, I built another tool for my admin. For different reasons, we need to keep the mailbox of terminated users, sometimes for a shorter time but sometimes for long periods of time. As far as I understand it, if a traditional approach was used to remove a user from the system, the mail file would also be deleted. So the admin put the terminated user in the Deny Access group and change the ACL of the mailfile to include a manager, supervisor or replacement.

But because of this process, AdminP will not remove the terminated user from all the groups he/she is listed in. When you have hundreds of groups, many of them nested, this could be a real headache. So I was asked to build something simple that allows us to remove one or more specified users from all groups in the Domino Directory. Below is the result. Enjoy!


First you create a form with 3 fields:

Form with 3 fields

'SaveOptions' has a default value of "0" (to prevent the form from being saved).
'Users' is a Names field, getting it's values using the addresses dialog. The field is multi-value and using New Line as separator.
'LogResult' is a multi-value text field, again with New Line as separator.

Finally I add a button to the action bar to remove the user(s). The Lotusscript code is listed below. It is using my class for mail notifications that I blogged about last year to send a confirmation to the user running the agent. This is useful for example when you need to log all data changes done to a system.

Use "Class.MailNotification"

Sub Click(Source As Button)
 Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
 Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
 Dim session As New NotesSession
 Dim nab As NotesDatabase
 Dim view As NotesView
 Dim doc As NotesDocument
 Dim members As Variant
 Dim newmembers List As String
 Dim delmembers List As String
 Dim users As Variant
 Dim userlist List As String
 Dim user As NotesName
 Dim nmcnt As Integer
 Dim newarray() As String
 Dim ret As Integer
 Dim removelog List As String
 Dim userarr As Variant
 Dim mail As NotesMail 
 Dim mailtext As String
 Dim updated As Boolean
 ' *** Make sure the operator is sure
 ret = Msgbox("Are you sure?",4+32+256,"WARNING")
 If ret = 7 Then
  Exit Sub
 End If
 ' *** Get a list of users in field 'Users'
 Set uidoc = ws.CurrentDocument
 users = Split(uidoc.FieldGetText("Users"),Chr$(13))
 Forall u In users
  Set user = New NotesName(u)
  userlist(Fulltrim(user.Common)) = Fulltrim(user.Common)
 End Forall
 ' *** Get all groups in NAB and process them one by one
 Set nab = New NotesDatabase(session.CurrentDatabase.Server,"names.nsf")
 Set view = nab.GetView("Groups")
 Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
 Do While Not doc Is Nothing
  Print "Processing " & doc.GetItemValue("Listname")(0)
  Erase newmembers
  Erase delmembers
  updated = False
  ' *** Get members in the group and create a list of the ones to keep
  members = doc.GetItemValue("Members")
  nmcnt = 0
  Forall m In members
   Set user = New NotesName(m)  
   If Iselement(userlist(Fulltrim(user.Common))) = False Then
    ' User is not among the ones to delete
    newmembers(Fulltrim(user.Common)) = Fulltrim(m)
    nmcnt = nmcnt + 1
    delmembers(Fulltrim(user.Common)) = Fulltrim(m)
    updated = True
   End If
  End Forall
  ' *** Build array of members to keep
  Redim newarray(nmcnt) As String
  nmcnt = 0
  Forall nm In newmembers
   newarray(nmcnt) = nm
   nmcnt = nmcnt + 1
  End Forall
  ' *** Write array of new members back to document and save it
  If updated = True Then
   Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Members", Fulltrim(newarray))
   Call doc.Save(True,False)
   Print "Updating " & doc.GetItemValue("Listname")(0)
  End If
  Forall dm In delmembers
   removelog(doc.GetItemValue("Listname")(0)) = removelog(doc.GetItemValue("Listname")(0)) & dm & ";"
  End Forall
  Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc)
 ' *** We are all done
 mailtext = ""
 Forall rl In removelog
  Call uidoc.FieldAppendText("LogResult", "Group '" & Listtag(rl) & "':" & Chr$(10))
  mailtext = mailtext & "Group '" & Listtag(rl) & "':" & Chr$(10)
  userarr = Split(Cstr(rl),";")
  Forall u In userarr
   Set user = New NotesName(u)     
   Call uidoc.FieldAppendText("LogResult", user.Common & Chr$(10))
   mailtext = mailtext & user.Common & Chr$(10)
  End Forall
 ' Call uidoc.FieldAppendText("LogResult", Chr$(10))
 End Forall
 Set mail = New NotesMail()
 mail.MailTo = session.CommonUserName
 mail.Subject = "[Notification] - Users removed from NAB"
 Call mail.AppendText(mailtext)
 mail.Principal = "IT Programs"
 Call mail.Send()
 Msgbox "Done removing specified user(s) from Domino Directory.",64,"Finished"
End Sub  



Jan 03, 2012
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