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Code snippet – DateClass
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 129
I am back.
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 163
Things we don’t want to think about
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In memory of Tim Tripcony
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Code snippet – jQuery
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World Wide Web turning 25 years this week
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Things we don’t want to think about
Thu, May 15th 2014 420

Apple Cake: The Drink
Karl-Henry Martinsson    

I brought some of my home-made Apple Cake drink to Lotusphere, and I had many people ask me how it is made. It is not hard at all, it just takes some time.

You need the following:

  • 75 cl vodka (that is one regular bottle), and I recommend Absolut 40% (or even 50% if you want it stronger).
  • 30 cl (that is about 10 fl oz) concentrated apple juice. I used one can of defrosted frozen juice concentrate.
  • 3-4 tablespoons granulated sugar.
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla sugar. It can be purchased at the nearest IKEA in the US. You can also use vanilla extract.
  • 3 sticks of cinnamon.

Gently heat up the apple juice on the stove. Stir in the sugar and vanilla sugar/flavor until it is all dissolved. Pour in a big bottle that is just over 1 liter, a little over a quart. I use a 2 quart Rubber Maid MixerMate bottle. Add the cinnamon sticks and then the vodka. Shake well.

For the next 7 days, shake once or twice a day. After 7 days, remove the cinnamon sticks. It is now ready to serve.

Whip some cream, and add plenty of vanilla sugar to it before you whip it. You want a nice strong vanilla flavor.

Pour the drink in shot glasses, but don't fill them to the rim. Then add some whipped cream on top, and it is ready to drink. Skål!



Jan 22, 2012
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Code snippet – DateClass
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 6:45p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
Here is a small Lotusscript class I wrote some years ago. I use it in a number of other classes where I need to use date functionality of different kind. For example, I have a class that communicates with a FoxPro database, using a COM object. Some of the methods in that class uses XML while […] [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript database xml

I am back.
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 5:25p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
On June 11 I had some major surgery at Medical City in Dallas. It was a planned surgery to remove part of my intestines to prevent future outbreaks of diverticulitis. I been having about 2-3 outbreaks a year for the last 12 years or so. Normally they perform surgery after just 2 severe cases. I was not […] [read] Keywords:

Things we don’t want to think about
Thu, May 15th 2014 8:48a   Karl-Henry Martinsson
Two separate incidents are leading me to write this blog entry. First, the way too early passing of Tim Tripcony just a few days ago, as well as as the loss of Rob Wunderlich, Jens Augustiny and Kenneth Kjærbye in just a little over a year. All of those members of the Lotus Community left us way […] [read] Keywords: lotus community

In memory of Tim Tripcony
Mon, May 12th 2014 8:15p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
A couple of hours ago, I was reached by the terrible news that Tim Tripcony is no longer with us. I have known Tim for several years, and meeting him at Lotusphere (later Connect) was always a treat. He is one of the most brilliant programmers I have met, and he always had time to talk […] [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Code snippet – Disable agent using external file
Thu, May 1st 2014 9:24p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
Yesterday I was asked to create a system that would let us disable agents running on a Domino server in an easy way, before the Domino server comes back from a crash. For a while we have been having one particular agent crash, taking the whole Domino server down with it. It only happens occasionally, and seems to be related to the document being processed. When the server comes up after a crash like that, a consistence check is done, then the agent manager launches the agent again, causing th [read] Keywords: agent domino script library server

Code snippet – jQuery
Sat, Mar 15th 2014 11:43a   Karl-Henry Martinsson
This morning I was working on a web application, and I came up with a pretty neat and simple little solution. So I just wanted to share it, in case anyone else need something similar. I have a webpage with an HTML form. Each input tag has an attribute called notesfield, matching the name of the field in Notes where the value is stored: First Name Initial Last Name Then I created a simple function that will call an agent on the Domino server, which will return all th [read] Keywords: agent domino notes ajax application database server

World Wide Web turning 25 years this week
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 3:02p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
In some articles it is claimed that Internet turns 25 years old this week, which of course is not true. But the World Wide Web is. It was on March 12, 1989 that Tim Berners-Lee wrote a proposal for a hypertext system that would become what we call “the web”. In 1991 the first webpage was created and published at CERN. Since then the web has exploded. I first got in touch with web pages and HTML in 1994, and in 1995 I had my own little server running on my work computer. I don’t [read] Keywords: lotus notes ajax development email google instant messaging javascript network server wiki wireless


Connect 2014 – Day 0 (Saturday)
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 6:03a   Karl-Henry Martinsson
After not hearing the alarm this morning and therefore missing my original flight from DFW to MCO (Orlando International), I got booked on the next flight. I was in the air just a couple of hours late, and arrived at Dolphin in time for BALD at Big River on the Boardwalk. Had a great time connecting with friends after a year of not seeing many of them. Of course I got a hug from Mat Newman, meaning that IBM Connect started for real. Låter I was going to hit ESPN, but due to changes there, [read] Keywords: ibm

Connect 2014 – Chilly evenings in Orlando
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 9:42a   Karl-Henry Martinsson
Countdown to Connect 2014 It looks like the evenings next week week will be a little bit chilly. So it might be a good idea to bring something warm to wear for the Tuesday party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hope to see you in Orlando! [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

Connect 2014 – More about the sessions
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 12:02p   Karl-Henry Martinsson
Countdown to Connect 2014 The sessions at Lotusphere/Connect are focusing more and more on XPages each year. I don’t think there are really any sessions about classic Notes development this year. Currently I am not able to use XPages at work, due to the client environment we run (Lotus Notes 8.5.2 Basic in Citrix), but the sessions are still great (see video below) and I am learning new things every year. Hopefully we will soon switch the client to IBM Notes 9.0 so I can use all th [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes xpages citrix development network office

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