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Job Found, Blogging Helps
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 79
Job Hunting Time
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 254
Bruce Springsteen Gets Collaboration How About You?
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 134
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Mon, May 26th 2014 157
Did That A-ha Moment Passed You By?
Fri, May 23rd 2014 181
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Wed, May 21st 2014 165
10 Things Silo Organizations and Management Will Never Understand
Tue, May 20th 2014 176
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Job Hunting Time
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 254

Read The Fine Print

The devil is in the details they say.

Sometimes in business we go out of our way not to be responsible or exempt specific cases or situations.
On the customer side we find out the warranty we thought we had really is not so useful or the insurance we were told would cover medical issues really does not.

The next step is to find someone to blame. Usually the vendor says it is your fault for not reading in details the 100's of pages of legalese.

I await a reply from AC Delco about a 6 year battery warranty I have on my dying car battery. While I would like to think it will replace it, most likely I will get some partial refund. But still, what's the point?

This week's Parsha, Mishpatim, elaborates on the 10 commandments found in last weeks reading. Some legal guidelines are discussed around animals, stealing, marriage, servants/employees and other items where the responsibility is clearly written.

Luckily we do not stick to this aspect, Exodus 21:23-25:
23. But if there is a fatality, you shall give a life for a life,  
24. an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a hand for a hand, a foot for a foot,  
25. a burn for a burn, a wound for a wound, a bruise for a bruise.
And instead provide for compensation of a monetary form. yet there are those in the world that still hold to such ideas.

When did we stop taking responsibility for our actions and those of our employees or pets? Why do vendors hide behind their paperwork instead of admitting a mistake and trying to rectify it.

It is not so bad to admit you were wrong or broke something although it can be an expensive admission.

When I train sales or technical people I stress that they must admit what they do not know when asked. Lying to your client or potential client will only cause more problems later. Take responsibility for your actions and those of your house, office or farm and your client may respect you more.

Parsha Mishpatim in the book of Shemot Exodus 21:1 - 24:18

It is said that the Torah or Bible could be interpreted in over 70 ways. More likely these days 100's of ways. In light of this idea, I am writing some posts that bring a business sense to what we can learn on a weekly basis. Enjoy, Shabbat Shalom

Feb 17, 2012
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Job Found, Blogging Helps
Tue, Jul 22nd 2014 10:50a   Keith Brooks
Happy to say I will be working with The RockTeam as their Professional Services Manager. Continuing on with the YellowBubble and the collaboration space that I enjoy. Best thing about it, I get to work with a few friends and meet some new ones. And be social again. Blogging Helped The few days in between posting about looking for work and finding it was made easier when one friend, Arif, connected me with Doug who had just posted the position. Timing is indeed everything. It is very hard to [read] Keywords: collaboration connections blogging facebook linkedin network

Job Hunting Time
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 6:50a   Keith Brooks
As of a few days ago I am newly available. A free agent on the scene looking for a company to call home. Sure I'd love to restore an old corvette or another pinball machine, but not enough money in those hobbies for the average person with a family. What I can do is restore customer service departments or service delivery organizations to award level status. Over the last year and a half, I was managing the delivery of services for over 500,000 people, prior to taking on the role of Directo [read] Keywords: agent email skype twitter

Bruce Springsteen Gets Collaboration How About You?
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 10:10a   Keith Brooks
Bruce Springsteen inducted his long time sidemen and woman into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few weeks back and HBO showed the ceremony. I caught Bruce's introduction speech and thought it was just what I want to say to management everywhere. Namely, you know what you know, but the people that work for you are what will make you look better and greater than anything you can dream up. At the 13:00 minute mark, Bruce explains in simple English what collaboration is all about. Full text at R [read] Keywords: collaboration application blogger

Fix my printer or why remote management..
Mon, May 26th 2014 6:30a   Keith Brooks
Doesn't work for every situation. There is nothing worse than a client agreeing to let you work for them remotely and then demanding someone be onsite every week. So how do you do it? Will this break the deal? Cost you too much? There are always possibilities but planning is key. Few issues really require onsite visits as remote connections to clients, servers and routers is common. So why do you need to be onsite? Executives and their assistants usually are primary reasons. But unless a fai [read] Keywords: connections twitter

Did That A-ha Moment Passed You By?
Fri, May 23rd 2014 6:30a   Keith Brooks
No matter your age, location, job status or religion you always have an opportunity. Sometimes we do not see a light at the end of tunnel. But it is really no different than trying to install a piece of software that is giving you a hard time and you just need that one little extra push or tweak to make it work. Your life is the same. While it's true, you regret the choices not selected, you always have time to make them. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but this week, next weekend. Your frie [read] Keywords: application

Got all your DUCS in a Row?
Wed, May 21st 2014 7:40a   Keith Brooks
This was a draft of a post which for whatever reason I never published. Might be useful to someone out there. DUCS was discontinued but if anyone needs some legacy help.... Don't know what DUCS is? Domino Unified Communication Services (DUCS) This has dragged on for 3 days now while I wait on the Cisco BP to figure out what Lotus Domino and Sametime are all about. Poor guy never seen one before, Domino server that is. Wish clients would ask us before doing these silly things, we could have [read] Keywords: domino foundations ibm ldd lotus notes sametime integration server wiki


10 Things Silo Organizations and Management Will Never Understand
Tue, May 20th 2014 11:40a   Keith Brooks
The next time you are cruising at 10,000 feet or roaming around some conference exhibition floor or just trolling the web, think about your company. I want you to think about how you share information today, and what you would change about it for tomorrow. If you could see yourself through the eyes of your customers as well, even more helpful. If you find yourself thinking along the ideas below, you may be a silo organization and in that case... Your organization may profess to "getting social [read] Keywords: collaboration notes roaming blogger community database desktop email gadget linkedin network office server

Thu, May 15th 2014 8:00a   Keith Brooks
HubSpot Reveals The Mind Tricks It Uses To See If You're Right For A Job http://zite.to/QMsXP0 Sent from IBM Notes Traveler [read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler

Do Something Utterly Meaningless
Mon, May 5th 2014 7:10a   Keith Brooks
When was the last time you did something utterly meaningless and it made you so happy you have no idea why you don't continue to do it more often? Some of you may know about my recent excursion before leaving IBM's Impact conference last Thursday. I have been trying to do this for a few years and finally got to do it. I took a cab out to the Pinball Hall of Fame/Museum as it is billed in Las Vegas. Do you remember what it was like as a kid going to an arcade or miniature golf or whatever ki [read] Keywords: ibm google

You can make your own Knowledge Accidents
Thu, May 1st 2014 5:20p   Keith Brooks
Are Knowledge Accidents your business goal? Why not? Don't you want to help your teams perform better? Don't you want your customers to help you provide them with better products or services? In looking into where this term came from I found this article from past CEO of Lotus, Al Zollar. In the article, Lotus Development CEO Al Zollar says that knowledge management is simply to do with as applying technology to "knowledge accidents".According to Zollar, "Knowledge accidents happen when p [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus development enterprise exchange exchange google network server twitter

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