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At Last
Sun, Mar 13th 2016 3
The Dog Ate My Translation Homework and other stories from the ITA Conference
Thu, Feb 18th 2016 5
Hope She Takes the Bat
Thu, Dec 31st 2015 3
2016 IBM Champions for ICS
Tue, Nov 24th 2015 4
I Love Admins that want to learn here is my SUTOL Session
Wed, Nov 11th 2015 4
My Session at Social Connections 9
Fri, Nov 6th 2015 6
Did You Get the New Google Logo T-Shirt?
Mon, Oct 26th 2015 1
Top 10
SnTT - In Which Port Settings Don't Quite Work
Thu, Nov 6th 2014 10
Amazon AWS Summit in Tel Aviv in Review
Mon, Jun 29th 2015 9
Got IBM Mail yet?
Fri, Feb 28th 2014 8
Writing Competitive Pitches #EvangelistGuide
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 8
SOCCNX 8 Invades Boston And I will be Speaking on Single Malt Vs. Blended
Wed, Feb 25th 2015 8
Fix my printer or why remote management..
Mon, May 26th 2014 7
4.3 Billion Emails in my Inbox
Mon, Jan 12th 2015 7
Kevin Spacey Rocks
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 6
Have You Designed a Car without an Engine Today?
Thu, Oct 23rd 2014 6
I Finally Experiencd the Social Connections Conference
Sat, Nov 15th 2014 6

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At Last
Sun, Mar 13th 2016 11:30p   Keith Brooks
‘Cause after a while and a thousand miles, it all becomes the same... - Bill JoelOnce upon a time in his song The Entertainer about life on the road as a musician. This is my 1,000th blog post under the LotusEvangelist brand/title/moniker/aura. I had planned to write this one December 31st or when the latest IBM Champion announcement came out, but I was a few blog posts short. The early days, 2007 or so, I was blogging quite frequently but over the years that slowed down considerably. Last yea
The Dog Ate My Translation Homework and other stories from the ITA Conference
Thu, Feb 18th 2016 8:45a   Keith Brooks
Yesterday I had the pleasure of addressing the ITA, Israel Translator Association, in Jerusalem at their 2016 conference. It was my first formal speaking engagement in Israel since we moved here. I had only submitted one abstract, but after reading my background was asked by the powers that be to do a second session about disaster recovery and planning for it. Given where we are right now, it seemed appropriate although I felt it was something everyone already knew. Little did I know. My openi
Hope She Takes the Bat
Thu, Dec 31st 2015 10:00a   Keith Brooks
Caveat to any non-Lotus readers, sorry but sometimes my world of Lotus/IBM needs dedicated posts. Those in the know, of course, get the title of this post reference, and by now should all know that one of the greatest people from the support side of IBM is shutting down her laptop for the last time with her IBM login. You can read her last blog post on it, here. Go ahead, this can wait the few minuets. She finished her documentation, closed all her tickets, completed all her training of Wats
2016 IBM Champions for ICS
Tue, Nov 24th 2015 9:05a   Keith Brooks
For the 4th year in a row I have been named an IBM Champion. It was extremely unexpected and I thoroughly believed my 1,000th blog post would be a farewell post. For the record this is post #997 of this blog. It seems the judges have other ideas and intended to keep me going for another year. This is not something you win by being voted on by your friends or ballot stuffing on Facebook, it is a process in which, I hear, over 25 IBMers have votes. 300,000+ people in company and 25 or so vote on
I Love Admins that want to learn here is my SUTOL Session
Wed, Nov 11th 2015 11:29a   Keith Brooks
Having a great time in Prague, last time I was here was either the I AM tour or an LCTY in 2000/2001. Martin and the SUTOL team did a great job with the event. It was really nice to get to see people I either never met in person or have not seen in a long time. And some of us had been at #soccnx 9 last week in Stuttgart. It was great to speak to and meet so many admins that really know what they are doing and what to learn and know more. These Admins make it easier to present topics from new v
My Session at Social Connections 9
Fri, Nov 6th 2015 5:45a   Keith Brooks
My Spotlight talk hopefully was well received. The slides really tell you nothing about the session, you would need my speech written out. The gist of it all was around what it is like to set aside everything, your phone or email your office, your work for 1 day a week. In the end, this was not the text I used, but what I built to start from. Hello Everyone,My name is Keith Brooks, some of you may know me from my blog, others may know me from Twitter, Facebook or previous Social Connections o
Did You Get the New Google Logo T-Shirt?
Mon, Oct 26th 2015 8:20a   Keith Brooks
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Casual Connect conference here in Tel Aviv. For those that don't know, Casual Connect is in the words of the website: Casual Connect Tel Aviv is about matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment to find the next big thing for the games industry. Tel Aviv is a fun and beautiful city filled with history, culture and representing the forefront of the burgeoning games industry.I had volunteered to record the se
Who's Meeting me in Prague at Sutol 2015?
Mon, Sep 28th 2015 4:05a   Keith Brooks
The nice people in charge of SUTOL 2015 in Prague on November 11 have granted me a session at their technical conference. Thank you Martin Jinoch and team for letting this IBM Champion visit and meet everyone! Luckily for me this year they are not making us present in Polish and have opened the event up to English speakers. With an expected 200 people coming that are Admins or Developers, they expect a nice size audience for the sessions. My topic, one which I have spoken about at The View A
SnTT - Where'd Our Address Book Go?
Tue, Sep 22nd 2015 9:00a   Keith Brooks
If you are a Domino Administrator you know the answer to this question: Can your Domino server start without the names.nsf file being found? Of course not. Yet, clients always try to prove you wrong. A support ticket came in and it said the address book had gone AWOL. When i logged in to the network and check on the server, it was up and running. Scratching my head, I spoke to the customer and they ended up sending me a screenshot showing quite clearly how in the Admin client, the names.nsf w
Social Connections 9 in Stuttgart w/Me
Mon, Sep 21st 2015 4:13a   Keith Brooks
They say 3rd time is the charm, I will once again be speaking at the Social Connections event scheduled for November 5-6 in Stuttgart, Germany. However, this time I have been blessed to not do a competitive pitch, nor an accountability one, but a Spotlight session you can read more about here on Friday November 6th. I look forward to seeing many friends and many more customers at the event. I will be wrestling with and explaining the at times conflicting aspects of technology evangelism, life

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