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Ny Country Manager i IBM Collaboration Solutions Denmark
Fri, Jun 29th 2012 39
Ny version af Lotus Traveler er kommet!
Thu, Jun 28th 2012 59
Sandy Carter – Microblogging
Wed, Jun 27th 2012 40
IBM Smarter Business 2012
Mon, Jun 25th 2012 56
IBM er for 3. år i træk global markedsleder inden for social software
Thu, Jun 21st 2012 46
Webinars: Bliv en social virksomhed i skyen + Mig og min iPad
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 60
IBM CEO Study 2012 – Social Media driver innovation
Fri, Jun 15th 2012 46
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Skab en Social Listening strategi – her er 4 råd!
Mon, Jan 2nd 2012 70
Webinars: Bliv en social virksomhed i skyen + Mig og min iPad
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 60
Ny version af Lotus Traveler er kommet!
Thu, Jun 28th 2012 59
IBM Smarter Business 2012
Mon, Jun 25th 2012 56
101 eksempler på Social Business succeser
Fri, Jan 13th 2012 50
Deltag i vores webinar om nyhederne i LotusLive
Fri, Dec 30th 2011 46
IBM CEO Study 2012 – Social Media driver innovation
Fri, Jun 15th 2012 46
IBM er for 3. år i træk global markedsleder inden for social software
Thu, Jun 21st 2012 46
IBM Training: Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications & IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 System Administration Bootcamp
Fri, May 25th 2012 44
Social Business Forum 2012 – Præsentationer
Fri, Jun 8th 2012 44

101 eksempler på Social Business succeser

Et par år efter at Social Business strategier er blevet implementeret, kan man nu se resultater. Denne liste giver 101 eksempler på hvordan Social Business har haft indflydelse på Return on Investment(ROI). Der har generelt været 60% højere omsætning og 40% lavere omkostninger, pga. den indflydelse Social Business har haft på virksomhederne. Hvert eksempel viser brand, aktivitet, kilde, samt årstal. Læs dem igennem og bliv inspireret!

  1. Aflac. Community drove online payments increase of 3% led to $95,000 in savings. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  2. Alberta Common Wealth Credit Union. Blog, YouTube, Facebook – 2 million impressions, 2,300 new accounts, and $4 million Canadian in new deposits. (Forrester, 2008)
  3. AT&T. Community: 21,000 customer issues resolved, driving 16% improvement in call deflections year/year. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  4. Audi. Audi A1 Community: Almost 40,000 people created customized versions of the new model. In total 5.5 million people visited the microsite 119 million times. And the company reports that this program helped generate the largest number of car pre-orders in its history. (Forrester, 2010)
  5. Bank of America. Community drove High School segment sales increased 40 percent from 2008 – 2009; portfolio mix of high school students increased by 27 percent. (Communispace, 2010)
  6. Benefit Cosmetics. Customer generated content drives 10X click-thru rate on “Buy Now” button. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  7. Best Buy. Community generates $5M value in annual support savings and sales advocacy. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  8. Blendtec. Viral videos increased company sales +700%. (Barnraisers, 2010)
  9. Bonobos. 13 times more cost effective (CPA) to acquire a new customer from Twitter than from other marketing channels. (Twitter, 2011)
  10. Bonobos. Exclusive sale on Twitter generated 1,200% ROI in 24 hours on promoted tweet. (Twitter, 2011)
  11. Bupa. Community drove £190,000 savings through collaboration, online events. (Jive Software, 2011)
  12. Burberry. Social microsites secured 1,000,000 fans and a 10% increase in same-store sales. (Barnraisers, 2010)
  13. Burger King. Subservient Chicken video increased chicken sandwich sales 9% per week a month after launch. (Adweek, 2005)
  14. CDW. Online community member Net Promoter Score 4x average and saved an estimated $4 million. (Communispace, 2007)
  15. Cerner. Community resulted in 13% fewer customer support issues logged. (Jive Software, 2011)
  16. Cerner. Community resulted in 70% decrease in internal HR issues logged. (Jive Software, 2011)
  17. Cerner. Community resulted in shorter approval cycles for writing technical documentation, from 2-6 weeks to hours or days. (Jive Software, 2011)
  18. Charles Schwab. Customer referrals drive 40% of new customers for Charles Schwab (ratings & reviews). (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  19. Charles Schwab. Online community drives 56% increase in Gen X customer base versus year ago. (Communispace, 2007)
  20. Cisco. Community deflects 120,000 support cases each month. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  21. ConAgra Foods. Online community insights-based events produce a 24% higher gross margin ROI for retailers than other events. (Communispace, 2010)
  22. Dell. @DellOutlet on Twitter generated $2 million direct sales, influenced $1 million addt’l (2007 – 2009). (Direct2Dell Blog, 2009)
  23. Domino’s Pizza. Foursquare drove 29% pre-tax profit through promotions. (Barnraisers, 2010)
  24. Electronic Arts. EA was 2nd UK brand to use promoted tweets and trends to promote FIFA 12 video game. Trend engagement level was 11%, well above Twitter’s average ‘benchmark’ for trends, of 3% to 6%. Promoted tweet engagement averaged 8.3% over two-week campaign vs. Twitter benchmark of 1.5%. (Marketing Magazine, 2011)
  25. Elsevier. Wiki drives 80% reduction in interdepartmental e-mail volume. (Socialtext, unkn)
  26. Epson. Visitors interacting with reviews are 67% more likely to convert and have 25% higher average order value. (Bazaarvoice, 2010)
  27. Epson. Reviews drove 98% higher revenue per visitor for Epson. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  28. FICO. Community: 850k customers served, resulting in 10% improvement in call deflections annually. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  29. FICO. By year three, forum members spend 41% more on products. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  30. FONA International. Wiki eliminated almost 50,000 e-mails a year from one specific process. (Socialtext, unkn)
  31. Ford. Fiesta Movement WOM campaign: 31,000 pieces of original Fiesta content and 10,000 online vehicle reservations. (WPP Team Detroit, 2010)
  32. giffgaff. 100% of questions answered by community members in average time of 93 seconds. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  33. Gilt Groupe. Online community insights drove 10% increase in shopping cart conversion and a five-point increase in Point-of-Sale Net Promoter Score. (Communispace, 2011)
  34. Hershey’s. House party: 10,000 parties, reached 129,000 people, and say their campaign was seen by 7 million people. (Forrester, 2008)
  35. Honda. Friending Honda campaign increased Facebook fans from 15k to 422k, generated over 3,500 dealer quote requests. (RPA, 2010)
  36. HP. More than 4.6 people have told HP that the forum solved their support issues, which HP says makes customer happier and saves the company millions in support costs. (Forrester, 2010)
  37. IBM. developerWorks community saves $100 million annually from people who use this resource instead of contacting IBM support. (Forrester, 2010)
  38. IBM. Crowd-sourcing identified 10 best incubator businesses, funded for $100 million, generatiung $100 billion in total revenue for a 10-to-1 ROI with a 44.1% gross profit margin. (Barnraisers, 2010)
  39. IHG. Saved the costs of stock footage or original photography and agency fees by using community member photos. (Communispace, 2009)
  40. Indium. Company blogs increased B2B leads, prospects, conversions and sales by double digits. (Barnraisers, 2010)
  41. Intuit. Internal collaboration platform: New ideas at Intuit now get to market in an average of 5 months, vs. 13 months previously. (Forrester, 2010)
  42. Intuit Quickbooks. Business owners engaged with rated ProAdvisors 555% more often than unrated counterparts. (ratings and reviews). (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  43. Jewelry TV. Reviews drive a 151% lift in site conversion for Jewelry TV. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  44. Jewelry TV. Average order value increased 25% when reviews were present (ratings and reviews). (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  45. Jewelry TV. Customer reviews boost mobile sales by 30% (ratings and reviews). (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  46. Justin Boots. Exceeded sales goal for new product line by 30 percent, 95% of sales from social media marketing. (Social Media Explorer, 2010)
  47. Kiddicare. 30% reduction in inbound customer communications and first call resolution increased from 60% to 98% via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  48. Kotex. 1.7 million Web site visits, 17,500 tweets about Kotex, 25,000 Kotex discussions in the social space generating 88.5 million impressions, a million girls “activated” on the brand site, 93,000 Likes, and 640 million impressions in major print, broadcast, and online channels. 750,000 people requested samples and these converted at a 42% rate. (Forrester, 2010)
  49. L’Oreal. Facebook tools for local salons drive incremental $4,000 via program. (Mediapost, 2011)
  50. La-Z-Boy. La-Z-Boy captures 13,000 new leads with comfort stories campaign. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  51. LendingTree. LendingTree users start the loan process 83% more often when reviews are present. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  52. Logitech. Bowiechick “Breakup” video on YouTube doubles Logitech webcam sales on Amazon.com. (CBS Evening News, 2009)
  53. Mattel. Despite product recalls, online community helped support Q4 2007 sales increase of 6%. (Forrester, 2008)
  54. Microsoft. House parties: 40,000 in 12 countries played a role in 3.4 million software purchases. (Forrester, 2010)
  55. Mint. 75% reduction in number of support tickets via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  56. Movistar. Community delivers $5.75m in call deflection savings annually. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  57. National Instruments. Community resulted in 46% of all support questions answered by peers instead of support. (Jive Software, 2011)
  58. NetApp. The NetApp community has impacted $500 million in sales and drives 28% of all NetApp web traffic. (Jive Software, 2011)
  59. Old Spice. Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa commercials and YouTube responses increase web traffic 300% and contributed to a 106% year/year sales increase for the month. (Ad Age, 2010)
  60. Orange. Listening: saved a few million euros in support costs and helped avoid several potential PR problems. (Forrester, 2010)
  61. Paramount Pictures. #Super8Secret Promoted Trend created a tremendous spike in conversations: Tweets of the hashtag reached nearly nine million impressions in less than 24 hours and mentions of the movie skyrocketed to more than 150 per minute. Receipts for the sneak preview exceeded $1 million, and Paramount said weekend box office surpassed expectations by 52%. (Twitter, 2011)
  62. Petco. Products with reviews decrease return rate by 20%. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  63. Petco. 1% of shoppers use “Ask and Answer,” influencing 10% of revenue on website. (Altimeter Group, 2011)
  64. Petco. Q&A content powers 75% more sales; 100% more orders per session; 28% more items per order; 9% higher average order value. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  65. Precyse Technologies. $250,000 savings in crowdsourcing new product design. (InnoCentive, 2010)
  66. Premier Farnell. Community drives a 3% purchase conversion rate. (Jive Software, 2011)
  67. Rhapsody. 50% decrease in support costs and 53% decrease in weekly support contacts via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  68. Rubbermaid. Online sales of new products spike 21% with video reviews. (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  69. Sage Software. Community drove a +20 NPS increase. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  70. SAP. Community resulted in a 15% reduction in product release cycles. (Jive Software, 2011)
  71. SAP. Community drive 5% increase in partner sales. (Jive Software, 2011)
  72. SAP. Community resulted in over 90 ideas delivered or in product development. (Jive Software, 2011)
  73. Scholastic. Online community insights resulted in a 3% lift in sales for test marketing message. (Communispace, 2008)
  74. Scotiabank. Community eliminated over 300 intranet sites as well as the need to build new sites. (Jive Software, 2011)
  75. Secret. Among women viewing the video, 57% said their impression of the Secret brand improved and purchase intent among women who participated on Facebook went up by 11% (33% for teens). Clinical sales increased 8% despite a 70% decrease in TV support. (Forrester, 2010)
  76. Sephora. Community users spend 2.5x more than average customers, superfans spend 10x more. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  77. Spiceworks. Community members have produced more than 25,000 product reviews and over 100,000 discussions. (Forrester, 2010)
  78. Starbucks. 75,000 product and service ideas suggested. (Forrester, 2008)
  79. StrongMail. Migrated support calls to online community, reducing call volume by 50%. (Jive Software, 2011)
  80. Subaru. Online community – 68% of respondents said they were “much” or “somewhat” more likely to purchase post-project. (Communispace, 2008)
  81. Swiss Re. Community paid for itself in less than 12 months by decommissioning legacy systems. (Jive Software, 2011)
  82. T Mobile. Employees have reduced sales & service product training from 1.5 hour sessions to 15 minutes. (Jive Software, 2011)
  83. TechSmith. Saved about $100,000 annually in staffing costs via sCRM solution. (GetSatisfaction, unkn)
  84. TomTom. In one month, community handled 20,000 cases resulting in $150k of savings. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  85. Toshiba. Saved $213,000 by adding online component to 5 events, doubling attendance. (Jive Software, 2011)
  86. Toshiba. Community helps new sales reps and dealers reach six-month sales goals in four months, increasing sales revenue attainment by 30%. (Jive Software, 2011)
  87. Toshiba. Retention rates for sales reps has increased 13% since using community. (Jive Software, 2011)
  88. TransUnion. Estimated $2.5 million in savings in less than five months while spending about $50,000 on a social networking platform. (Socialtext, 2009)
  89. Travelocity. Travelocity gnome on Chatroulette – 40 days, 350,000 impressions and 400 prospect conversations. (ClickZ, 2010)
  90. TurboTax. 71% likelihood of customers interacting with @TeamTurboTax (Twitter support) to recommend TurboTax. (CoTweet, 2010)
  91. TurboTax. Yahoo Answers: 58% higher engagement rate than people coming in from other channels. (Forrester, 2010)
  92. TVG. Community members spend 36% more than average. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  93. UBM. Community allows for collaboration, saving $20,000 and more. (Jive Software, 2011)
  94. UBM. Community reduced time from 3 days to 30 minutes for key sales information. (Jive Software, 2011)
  95. University of London. Internal social network allows students to collaborate remotely, expected to deliver future savings in the region of £300,000 per year in print, courier and administration costs alone. (IBM, 2008)
  96. UPS. POPURLs dashboard: 32,000 video views, 25% regular return visits to the site, and average of almost seven minutes spent on the site per visit. (Forrester, 2010)
  97. USAA. USAA saw online account initiation increase by almost 16,000 new accounts across the five product categories the first year with Bazaarvoice. (ratings and reviews). (Bazaarvoice, 2011)
  98. Virgin America. Exclusive flash sale on Twitter raised the maximum $50,000 in charitable donations for Stand Up To Cancer. It was also one of the top five sale days ever for the airline. (Twitter, 2011)
  99. Virgin America. Exclusive flash sale on Twitter drove 25% increase in sign-ups over the previous week to Elevate, Virgin America’s loyalty program. (Twitter, 2011)
  100. Vistaprint. Community tracked $30,000 in social revenue in 2009. (Lithium Technologies, 2011)
  101. Yum Brands. Community helped new product launch internationally in 4 months instead of 18. (Jive Software, 2011)

Læs mere på: http://www.dachisgroup.com/2012/01/social-business-roi-examples/

//Oliver Adan Nyrop-Larsen

Jan 13, 2012
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