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Lotusphere 2011 Review – Opening Session

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For those of you that saw my tweets, you already have an idea of my opinion.  For those that have not, here it is.

The opening session was disappointing.  Kevin Spacey opened as the keynote speaker and did an excellent job.  He discussed how he has used the Internet to collaborate since the early 2000s.  As he became more famous, he had to devise a way to get access to the best materials out there by unknown writers.  To do this, he created http://www.triggerstreet.com For all you writers out there, take a look at the site.

The next hour of the session was anything but memorable.  There were a couple poorly scripted customer forums, but nothing much came out of this.

The final 3rd of the opening session turned to the demos.  Many in the audience were waiting for this, but again, I was not impressed.  I thought this would be the time to announce IBM’s biggest, baddest acquisition for the Lotus brand.  Unfortunately, I heard nothing.  The UCC demo was pretty good, but most of our clients don’t need it.  The final piece of the demo was around the Customer Experience Suite for the Portal product.  The demo showing how easy it is to create a customer portal was very impressive.  For my next post, I will be featuring this.

I will also be reviewing the entire Lotus suite over the next few weeks.  I want to make sure my notes match the true direction.

Feb 04, 2011
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