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Find Out When Your IBM Software Reaches End of Support

Post image for Find Out When Your IBM Software Reaches End of Support

Thank you to Craig Pessman for this bit of information.  A common question I get is, “When does support run out on Notes 6.5?”

Well, there is a good web site that I think you might want to bookmark for future reference that will help with end dates. It is


On the site you will notice the there several links to additional information.

The product name link will take you to a summary page.   You will also see the General Availability date with a link to the announcement. It is often nice to know when a product version was actually released.   If you click on that you will be taken to a copy of the announcement date.

At the top of the chart you will notice some headers with links to footnotes.

You will see:

  • Version Release
  • Policy Type – The policy type column indicates which of IBM’s standard (“S”), enhanced (“E”) or other (“O”) Software Support Lifecycle Policy applies to each version/release product.. There is also a link to what those mean. http://www-01.ibm.com/software/support/lifecycle/lc-policy.html
  • Product ID
  • General Availability – The General Availability (GA) date listed is the latest date that a version/release of the product is available to all users, regardless of language or media.
  • End of Support – The End of Support (EOS) date listed is the last date on which IBM will deliver standard support services for a given version/release of a product.

    I hope you find this helpful and a good resource to file.  You can also add it as an RSS feed.

    Mar 01, 2011
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