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The Beginning of a New Work Adventure – Joining panagenda!
Wed, Jan 18th 2017 5
Unlocking Civilisation Type 1 Through An Open Mind
Thu, Dec 22nd 2016 5
La Tapita Los Jose’s – ¡Viva La Tapa!
Tue, Dec 20th 2016 3
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #13
Sat, Dec 17th 2016 5
What’s in a Name?
Thu, Dec 15th 2016 2
Calma Chicha – Where Chill Out Meets Unconventional Contemporary Spanish Cuisine
Sun, Dec 11th 2016 6
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #12
Fri, Dec 9th 2016 4
Top 10
The Perks of Freelance Work
Mon, Nov 7th 2016 10
Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?
Fri, Oct 28th 2016 8
The Downsides of Freelance Work
Tue, Nov 15th 2016 8
10th Year Blogiversary – The Unfinished Journey of Blogging and Why It Matters
Tue, Oct 20th 2015 7
Work Stream #2 – Remote Working in Social Business Is Dead!
Wed, Aug 31st 2016 7
Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 7
When Context Transcends Change Management
Mon, Nov 28th 2016 7
Working Out Loud with Google Plus – Part Deux
Fri, May 23rd 2014 6
Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment
Wed, Sep 23rd 2015 6
Social Business Is People to People Business – The #Movistar Story – Part Deux
Tue, Dec 8th 2015 6

Luis Suarez
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The Beginning of a New Work Adventure – Joining panagenda!
Wed, Jan 18th 2017 4:32p   Luis Suarez
  On January 20th, it will mark the 20th year anniversary since I started working in the IT industry. A lot has happened over the course of the last two decades both on a personal and work levels, as you can imagine, and, yet, it feels as if it was just yesterday. That is, probably, why, over the course of the last couple of months, a growing urge to find a new work adventure has taken over yours truly. Till now. That search is now over. 2017 will, definitely, be a year of change and mileston
Unlocking Civilisation Type 1 Through An Open Mind
Thu, Dec 22nd 2016 6:37p   Luis Suarez
  Today is my last working day of 2016, before I go offline (from work) for my winter holidays till mid January next year. Somewhere in between, I don’t know just yet when, there will be a major announcement coming through that will explain what I will be doing throughout 2017 and beyond. After 20 years in the IT industry, I can share ahead of that announcement there will be a massive process coming along of unlearning and relearning for yours truly. Yes, I am incredibly excited about it, b
La Tapita Los Jose’s – ¡Viva La Tapa!
Tue, Dec 20th 2016 6:38p   Luis Suarez
  This week is my last working week of the year, and as things are starting to quiet down a fair bit with the upcoming Christmas holidays and everything, there will be some light blogging coming along for the next couple of weeks, where perhaps I will be writing some more about non related work items than anything else, and since I have got already the ‘Gran Canaria – A Mini-Continent to Rediscover’ series going on at the moment, I thought for today’s blog entry I would share a few tho
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #13
Sat, Dec 17th 2016 9:01p   Luis Suarez
  A bit over a week ago, Ben Evans posted a tweet where he was pointing to a recent presentation he put together as well under the rather thought-provoking title ‘Mobile is eating the world’. In that presentation he gets to talk (there are both slides and a video recording) about the impact of mobile in today’s (business) world, to the point where after you go through it there may well be very little doubt left as to how mobile phones, specially, smartphones, amongst several other techno
What’s in a Name?
Thu, Dec 15th 2016 9:43p   Luis Suarez
    Why is it so difficult to change the title of your own personal business blog, specially, after such a long time? I mean, really, I’ve now been blogging for over 14 years and I still find it quite a challenge every time I decide to change the name of my own. You would expect, by now, I would have gotten the gist of it all and be done with it in a heartbeat. Yet, here I am, struggling, pretty badly, just as much as ever, for the last three weeks and counting… Who said business blogg
Calma Chicha – Where Chill Out Meets Unconventional Contemporary Spanish Cuisine
Sun, Dec 11th 2016 8:31p   Luis Suarez
  ‘Calma chicha’, as you may well know, would literally translate into dead calm, you know, when there are no waves, nor wind and everything out there in the ocean is completely dead still, either ahead of a typical storm or right after. However, whenever someone would say ‘Calma Chicha’  over here in Gran Canaria, they are also referring to one of the most stunning experiences of the culinary sort that the south of the island has got to offer to different visitors. It is not only
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #12
Fri, Dec 9th 2016 6:44p   Luis Suarez
  It is that time of the year again where we are starting to see the Top N lists of iOS Apps for this year, 2016, and it has been rather interesting to see from the 60 apps (including today’s) that I have shared so far from the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series which ones have been as well some of the favourites from everyone else. Not too many, apparently, and not much of a surprise either, as you can imagine, but that’s just fine, I suppose, more than anything else, because plenty
Stop Blaming the Tools when Collaboration Fails
Wed, Dec 7th 2016 8:33p   Luis Suarez
  We, human beings, seem to always be very keen on blaming the tools (and technology, in general, for that matter) whenever things just don’t work out all right, specially, in the collaboration space. Apparently, it is way easier to blame them (or others!), when our very own things go wrong, than to look into one self and question whether either our mindset or behaviours, for instance, have got some blame to be accountable for as well. By and large, we just can’t shake off our technology
Samsara – A Treat to All Senses
Tue, Dec 6th 2016 6:00p   Luis Suarez
  This week there will be a bit of light blogging from yours truly since it’s one of those wonderfully weird weeks where multiple national bank holidays happen throughout the week, almost one after the other and for different reasons, so there is a great chance I will be spending most of the time offline rather than online. Perhaps, for those odd moments when I’m back online it may well be also the perfect opportunity for me to continue with the series of blog posts around ‘Gran Canaria
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #11
Fri, Dec 2nd 2016 6:01p   Luis Suarez
  Week #11 of the series of My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week blog posts and it seems as if it was just yesterday when I was sharing my first entry over here of recommended iOS apps. I must admit I’m having a blast though going through each of the different screens of apps in both my iPhone and iPad Pro and challenge myself really hard whether I can continue to make use of one app or another that I would then go ahead and recommend on these blog posts. And if the answer is ’no’, I just
Teamwork Needs Healthy Friction to Collaborate and Get Work Done More Effectively
Wed, Nov 30th 2016 6:26p   Luis Suarez
  Who would have thought something so relatively simple and mundane as food would be the glue for your team(s) to work together more effectively? Who would have thought cooking together would provide just the perfect level of healthy friction you would need to help your team(s) members collaborate more openly and effectively to get even more work done? Who would have thought cooking food would help your team(s) members bond together in much more meaningful ways than whatever other team bui
When Context Transcends Change Management
Mon, Nov 28th 2016 9:25p   Luis Suarez
What if everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain wrong? What if research keeps telling us, over and over again, how ’most change efforts fail’ ? What if we have been approaching change initiatives from the wrong side of the spectrum and we never realised about it till now when it might be a bit too late already? Isn’t it time for us all to shift gears and, at long last, change? Oh, the irony, right? Over the co
Gran Canaria – A Mini-Continent to Rediscover
Sun, Nov 27th 2016 10:56p   Luis Suarez
  If you have been reading this blog for a good few years already, you would know vast majority of articles over here have always been related to some of the main business topics I have been rather passionate about over the course of the last 20 years, whether it is Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Learning, Online Communities (and Community Building), Social Networking, Social Business and Digital Transformation, Productivity, and, of course, Work / Life Integration.  You may have notic
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #10
Sat, Nov 26th 2016 9:58p   Luis Suarez
  A photo posted by @elsua (@elsua9) on Aug 22, 2016 at 3:48am PDT   It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster week so far leaving me with hardly no time to go ahead and put together the usual round of weekly blog posts, but I just couldn’t let this week finish off without sharing another entry to add further up into the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series. Tomorrow I will be launching a new series of blog articles over here about something that’s been both in my mind and heart for well o
Happiness at Work Starts with #NoeMail
Wed, Nov 23rd 2016 11:14p   Luis Suarez
After nearly 9 years of actively advocating for #NoeMail I guess I can now say this pretty safely: doing #NoeMail all along (and still going rather strong at it, by the way, in case you are wondering!) has always been an excuse, a distraction, an icebreaker of sorts to entice people into stopping for a minute in whatever they are doing and ask themselves, and those around them, why certain things work the way they do within the workplace and yet, in our personal lives, they just don’t hap
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #9
Sun, Nov 20th 2016 6:52p   Luis Suarez
Week #9 of the series of My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week blog posts and here I am, once again, ready to share further along the next round of iOS Apps I would be recommending for this week. And this time around with a bit of everything as the themes would be Productivity, Social Curation, Social Bookmarking, Photography and, finally, Traveling. I think I recall reading somewhere how the average number of installed iOS is roughly around 40, although I couldn’t find any recent statistic to confir
Writing Ourselves into Existence through a Choral Act
Thu, Nov 17th 2016 9:52p   Luis Suarez
  Earlier on this morning I spent quite some time going through a good number of the different posts I have put together in this blog over the course of the last three months and, to my surprise, it looks like I have been posting more entires in that three month period than the entire 2014 and 2015 combined! Whoah! How did that happen? Even plenty of readers of this blog noticed that as well as they decided to unsubscribe for new updates by the hordes explaining I have been sharing just too man
The Downsides of Freelance Work
Tue, Nov 15th 2016 10:30p   Luis Suarez
  Last week, if you would remember, I wrote a blog entry on the topic of ’The Perks of Freelance Work’ to describe some of the things I have enjoyed the most, so far, from being a freelancer over the course of last three years. While that post did not include an exhaustive list of perks, it gave me a pretty good opportunity to reflect upon what I have learned over the course of time, now that I’m getting pretty close as well to my 20th year anniversary in the IT industry. In it I also men
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #8
Thu, Nov 10th 2016 6:08p   Luis Suarez
  While I keep working on the drafts for the couple of upcoming posts on additional perks of freelance work, as well as some of its setbacks, I figured I may as well put together the next blog entry from the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series. Even more so as an opportunity to keep things rolling with a good effort to take my mind away from the reflection time I am going through at the moment having witnessed, perhaps, one of the most profound and rather mind-boggling changes that may ha
The Perks of Freelance Work
Mon, Nov 7th 2016 11:30p   Luis Suarez
  As I am getting closer to my third year anniversary as a freelancer, and since I also mentioned how every now and then I may write a blog entry here and there to share some additional insights on what it is like the life of an independent adviser (around Social Business and Digital Transformation, in this case, for yours truly), I thought I would go ahead and share across this article today where I would like to reflect on some of the perks I have enjoyed myself the most about being a freelan
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #7
Fri, Nov 4th 2016 6:56p   Luis Suarez
  After having used several hundreds of iOS Apps over the course of the last 7 years, there is one thing I have come to appreciate a fair bit over the course of that time: that is, in this day and age of abundance (of apps, in this case) having a choice is, certainly, just as good as it gets. It’s no longer about having a single app to perform a specific task, but, in my case, it’s about having a handful of apps to choose from that makes all the difference, so depending on the context, depe
Is Twitter Where Connections Go to Die? – The Unfollowing Experiment – The Follow-Up
Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 4:30p   Luis Suarez
  Over the last few weeks I have been asked several times about how are things moving further along with my experiment in Twitter around #0Following and since it has been a bit over a year ago when I last published an article explaining what that experiment was all about and what I was learning from it at the time, I think it’s probably a good time to do a bit of a follow-up today and explain what has happened in between. Of course, over the last few months there have been tons of things I
Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey
Mon, Oct 31st 2016 3:05p   Luis Suarez
  Back in October last year, if you would remember, I decided to, finally, get things started with this particular series of blog posts around the Social Business Adaptation Framework I have been using with clients for a good while now to help them either jumpstart their own efforts in their Social Business journey or to help them spice up their already existing Digital Transformation initiatives they may have had in place already for some time. Well, a year later, and after a much longer
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #6
Sat, Oct 29th 2016 3:09p   Luis Suarez
  Continuing further along with the series of blog posts for My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week, here we are, once again, with the next round of iOS apps I would want to share across that may be worth while checking out, in case you may not have played with, nor seen, them just yet. As usual, this list of recommended apps, unless stated otherwise, would be available for both iPad and iPhone, so you can make your pick accordingly. Also, as I have mentioned in a previous entry that I will be doing fro
Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?
Fri, Oct 28th 2016 4:51p   Luis Suarez
Apparently, our productivity as employees has been plummeting since the mid 70s. Yes, indeed, you are reading it right, since the mid 70s! And yet we seem to be working more hours nowadays than ever before with a rather horrifying effect on us all for that matter. Yet, productivity still is very weak and we don’t seem to succeed in figuring out who (or what) is to blame for that. We just keep working hard, to the extenuation, having fully embraced the Cult of Busyness as if there is no tom
Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement
Wed, Oct 26th 2016 4:04p   Luis Suarez
A few months back, if you would remember, I got started with this series of blog entries about the Social Business Adaptation Framework I’m currently using when working with clients who are just about to embark on the so-called Social Business Transformation journey or with those other clients who may want to spice up their digital transformation efforts carried out so far and whatever other change initiatives already put in place. Up until now, I have talked about four out of the five pillar
Enabling Early Adopters to Lead Your Change Initiatives
Mon, Oct 24th 2016 5:01p   Luis Suarez
Continuing further along with the series of articles around the Social Business Adaptation Framework I’m currently using when working with clients, it’s now probably a good time to share some more details about the fourth pillar itself, out of the five of them, after having talked about ‘What’s your purpose?’, ‘Social Computing Guidelines and why you would still need them’ and ‘Building a solid library of use cases’. This particular item in the adaptation framework is all abou
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #5
Fri, Oct 21st 2016 2:07p   Luis Suarez
  Once again, it’s that time of the week where we dive into the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series and recommend further along the next round of apps I think would be worth while exploring some more for iOS devices. This blog entry is going to be one about discovery, because two of the recommended apps I will be sharing across will be about two new ones I discovered myself earlier on this week and that they got me hooked up from day one since I started using them. So that should be interes
Building a Solid Library of Use Cases
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 2:31p   Luis Suarez
  You may still remember how a while ago I put together over here a couple of blog posts, where I was talking extensively about the Social Business Adaptation Framework I’m currently using when working with clients in their various different change initiatives as part of their own Social Business journey. That framework is based on 5 different pillars that I consider essential for every Digital Transformation programme to be successful over the course of time and since I have already writ
Mastering the Art of Collaboration Through Conversation
Mon, Oct 17th 2016 1:39p   Luis Suarez
  Can you have too many conversations at work? And I don’t mean that in the sense of just cultivating, building or nurturing your social capital skills per se, even though we all know they are the key to success for the 21st century organisation, as my good friend Valdis Krebs once wrote about, but I was mainly referring about work related conversations themselves. Can you have way too many of them to the point of not allowing you to get work done effectively in a timeline manner? If you
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #4
Fri, Oct 14th 2016 1:27p   Luis Suarez
  One of the things I am finding really interesting from the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series of blog posts is the fact that it’s an exercise that’s helping me really evaluate how I eventually make use of either my iPhone or iPad, whether for personal, private use or whether for work, and I must admit that at this point in time there is just such a blend between the two types of apps that I no longer make a distinction for neither of them. To me, they are just apps with a job in mind t
The Illusion of Control
Wed, Oct 12th 2016 4:25p   Luis Suarez
  The illusion of control is coming back, and it’s coming back with a vengeance, apparently, according to this article from Henry Mintzberg, who has been noticing, how, lately, most organisations seem to have put more tight-in controls within, and outside, the firewall in order to control what seems to be uncontrollable anymore (if it ever was!), that is, the workforce. Whether that may well be rather accurate, or not, you can tell me in the comments below what you think about it, if you wi
The State of Surveillance We, The Good People, Are Creating
Mon, Oct 10th 2016 4:25p   Luis Suarez
  Over the weekend, the one and only, Dave Snowden, put together what I think would probably qualify as one of the top 3 blog posts you may well read during the course of 2016. Just the first paragraph will do. It is that good on its own. In fact, if there would be a way to describe what this year has been like so far (thinking we still have got three more months to go), I don’t think it would get any better than that. I am hoping my good friend Dave will forgive my liberty, but I’m ju
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #3
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 4:18p   Luis Suarez
  Last week I didn’t have much of a chance to put together another blog post from the My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week series, as I was away on a short holiday break to Barcelona, Spain. This time around I decided to keep a low profile, on purpose, in the different media tools I use more or less on a regular basis and remain, for the vast majority of the time, disconnected from the online world. Phew! That surely was a liberating experience, I tell you. I very much enjoyed every single minute
Resisting Change – Luddites Unite!
Tue, Oct 4th 2016 4:26p   Luis Suarez
Who would have thought that, after 20 years in the IT industry, I am, essentially, a Luddite. No, not necessarily a technophobe, nor someone who is opposed to industrialisation, automation, computerisation or technology in general. No, not like that! Just what the original Luddites were all about. People who were not opposed to technology itself, but to the particular way it was being applied. Or as Eliane Glaser brilliantly wrote just recently people whose ‘protest was specifically aimed
Never Underestimate Your Innate Ability to Network Through Conversation
Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 7:18p   Luis Suarez
  Summer is over. ‘Back to work. Back to blogging!’ Those were the first few words that came to my mind earlier on today, after having returned, over the weekend, from a short holiday break in Barcelona, Spain. It is still one of my all time favourite cities in the world and for a good number of reasons that I may be able to explain over the course of time, but this time around it taught me something that I guess I have been taking it for granted for the last two decades and that’s
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #2
Fri, Sep 23rd 2016 1:52p   Luis Suarez
I never thought I would be enjoying this much putting together this series of blog entries around my Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week as I am currently doing at the moment. More than anything else, because of the trip down the memory lane from over 8 years ago till today to see whether my own work habits and productivity hacks, while on the move, have evolved a fair bit, or perhaps not so much. Or whether, maybe, I have completely changed my own user behaviours so drastically that it has morphed into
How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations
Tue, Sep 20th 2016 2:56p   Luis Suarez
  Imagine one day you read this quote: ‘The way we teach in our schools isn’t the way I think you create successful (and happy) adults, it’s the way you create the society we’ve had until now.’ Now imagine you swap the wordings ’teaching’ for ‘learning’ and ‘our schools’ for ‘our workplaces’. Read it out loud again, please. Slowly. Imagine if you then read this other quote at some point in time later on: ‘I don’t want to grow up and 30 years later find out that I
Loyalty in Social Networks
Mon, Sep 19th 2016 10:39a   Luis Suarez
  One of the best decisions I ever made upon becoming a freelancer, nearly three years ago, was to consciously spend plenty more time doing tons of additional reading (Whereas in the past I just couldn’t, for whatever the reason), whether it was books, white papers, reports, studies, research, articles, long-form blog posts, etc. etc. more than anything else to help me switch away from that constant flair of snacking around content on media tools and, instead, slow down a fair bit enjoyin
Vanity Killed the Social Media Star
Thu, Sep 15th 2016 1:33p   Luis Suarez
Over the course of last few months a few folks have asked me about why I am not so active anymore in different social tools from the so-called Social Web, as well as why I stopped advocating and pontificating about their huge potential to transform the way we connect, collaborate, share our knowledge and, eventually, get work done more effectively. And I guess, after all of this time, I am now ready to put together this article to explain why not and what I am doing instead. It all comes down t
My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #1
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 7:51p   Luis Suarez
  It’s been nearly 6 years since the last time I have put together an entry over here in this blog, where I was recommending some of my favourite Productivity & Social Apps for iOS, in order to get work done more effectively, that I keep using on a regular basis, even to today. Since I am about to embark on resuming that series of articles, once more, as I mentioned on the recent write-up about my initial user experience with my iPad Pro, I am very aware that some things may have chan
Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016
Tue, Sep 13th 2016 5:31a   Luis Suarez
Every year, and for the last 10 years, which is a huge achievement in this day and age, if you ask me, Jane Hart puts together this wonderful list of Top 100 Tools for Learning, where she encourages everyone to fill in a form, or tweet further along, or even create your own blog post, where you’d be listing your Top 10 Tools for Learning, indicating whether each of those tools would be fitting in under the following categories:  Top 100 Tools for Education – for use in schools, colleg
2016 – The Year I Went Mobile Only with My iPad Pro
Fri, Sep 9th 2016 3:41p   Luis Suarez
In a recent blog entry I referenced an article Euan Semple published a few days back under the heading ‘Being at work’, which I can strongly recommend re-reading through it, if you haven’t just yet. There were a number of different themes that caught my attention back then and I thought that, perhaps, for today’s article, I’d focus on one of them I didn’t mention the last time around. This one, to quote: ‘Ten years later, having experienced over that time the joy and increased effe
Whatever Happened to Critical Thinking?
Wed, Sep 7th 2016 1:13p   Luis Suarez
One of the biggest challenges I have been facing in the last couple of weeks, upon resuming my blogging mojo, while reducing my own online presence in different media tools, has been re-building my own blogroll. Remember them? They were a really cool way to help you build community, through wonderful interactions and connections via comments, trackbacks, pingbacks and what not, around the stuff you were truly passionate about and loved writing on and on and on. They were, and still are!, one of
The Mindset of Work
Tue, Sep 6th 2016 2:03p   Luis Suarez
What’s the future of work? I bet that’s probably the number one single question we all keep bumping into multiple times during the course of the day and, yet, we still haven’t got a clue about what the real future of work might be like in the long run. We know it’s going to be impacted big time by technology, if not already!, where we eventually might not even talk about work anymore, but more on that in another upcoming blog post. What I’m most interested in at the moment though is ho
Why Don’t You Show Your Work?
Mon, Sep 5th 2016 2:57p   Luis Suarez
There used to be a time when plenty of knowledge (Web) workers flocked to the Social Web to nurture, cultivate and build their own external social networks. Mostly, as an opportunity to introduce emergence into their work practices, while getting acquainted with all of the rage around social tools through first hand experiences. Perhaps, the most typical example of how people would achieve such levels of commitment and involvement with the so-called Web 2.0 spirit would be through the sharing of
Work Stream #4 – Speaking at Client Events
Fri, Sep 2nd 2016 1:45p   Luis Suarez
A couple of years back I wrote about ’The Magic of That First Client Engagement’ as perhaps being one of the most self-energising thrills any freelancer can experience as we begin our own journeys of being independent and become part of the so-called Gig Economy knowing that, if anything, we might have just made the right decision, after all. We are back in business! I guess there is another kind of unexpected thrill around freelancing that I didn’t think would be possible before, and yet
Work Stream #3 – Public Speaking and the Exposure Economy
Thu, Sep 1st 2016 4:46p   Luis Suarez
Now that work streams #1 and #2 are out there, available to everyone interested who may be reading this blog, it’s a good time to talk about what has been, perhaps, one of the most profound transformations I have gone through myself when transitioning from big corporate world (while I was a salaried employee at IBM for 17 years) into the so-called gig economy of freelancing as an independent adviser on Social Business and Digital Transformation. Of all of the different work streams I have bee
Work Stream #2 – Remote Working in Social Business Is Dead!
Wed, Aug 31st 2016 3:15p   Luis Suarez
After I quit IBM nearly three years ago, one of the first things I really wanted to do, before anything else, was to spend an entire month doing lots of thinking trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, as I was embarking on my next adventure as an independent adviser on Social Business and Digital Transformation. I knew what I wanted to do in terms of client work, but at the same time I decided to put together a number of other different work streams, just in case, to see which ones woul
Work Stream #1 – Learning Is the Work
Thu, Aug 25th 2016 2:06p   Luis Suarez
Ever since I went independent, nearly three years ago, there have been a few people who keep asking me, on a more or less frequent basis, why haven’t I put together a regular Web site where I could list and offer my services as an adviser on Social Business and Digital Transformation, so that everyone would have a pretty good idea as to what I am up to and see how I may be able to help other people. Time and time again my answer has always been the same, at least, so far: ‘No, thanks! I
Trusting People in This Social Age Is a Tough Job!
Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 2:26p   Luis Suarez
As a result of the article I put together over here in this blog a little while ago under the title ’The Home You Never Left’, and after a bit of a conversation going on in Twitter on the same topic, Anke Holst put together this rather helpful and very insightful piece under the rather suggestive heading of ‘Building Circles of Trust’, in which she makes a pretty convincing case as to why all of these social networking tools are so powerful in helping self-empower knowledge Web workers
Why Do Social When You Can Live Social?
Tue, Aug 23rd 2016 9:18a   Luis Suarez
One of my favourite activities at the moment, after having resumed my blogging mojo just recently, is to currently revisit a number of different blog articles I have put together over the course of time in this blog to check whether they are still relevant or not, in this day and age, in terms of exploring how further along we may have gone into that so-called Digital Transformation journey, if at all, and so far the results haven’t been too comforting, nor reassuring, for that matter, since a
I Will Dispense This Advice on Blogging
Thu, Aug 18th 2016 2:40p   Luis Suarez
If I were to judge by the sheer number of articles published out there over the course of last few months around how you could improve your own blogging by following certain hints and tips, best practices, some other additional advice and what not, I’d venture to state that we may well be witnessing perhaps the third, or even fourth coming of blogs. I can’t remember anymore. The thing is vast majority of that advice about blogs keeps missing the whole point on what blogging is all about rig
The Untold Costs of Social Networking
Wed, Aug 17th 2016 11:05a   Luis Suarez
I remember, rather fondly, the early days of the Social Web, where true pioneers, social computing evangelists, die-hard advocates of everything social and, of course, every other curious mind out there wanting to figure out what the fuss was all about that (online) activity called social networking tried to explain (with a certain degree of success) how one of the many perks of nurturing, cultivating and building your online social networks was all about connecting with people who would share
The Home You Never Left
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 12:30p   Luis Suarez
There are plenty of times when you have got that strong, unstoppable urge to spend more time in someone else’s home rather than in your own, either as an opportunity to want to learn something new, whatever that may well be, meet new people or perhaps because you may need a change of some kind, maybe even some new fresh air, who knows, to really appreciate what you may have had all along till it is then gone. It’s pretty much like when you grew up with that determination to leave your paren

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