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Lotus Notes R8.5.1: I Lost My Follow Up Mini View … Why? I Don’t Know But Here’s How To Get It Back …
Marc Champoux    

Ever Get a Problem That’s Straight Outta Comptom The Twilight Zone?

Well, I had a call today that made me go “whhaaaaa?” … and the problem was somewhat simple: the employee had lost his “Follow Up Mini View” in the lower left corner of his mail file.

I checked it out and it was true: there was no way for me to get the Follow Up Mini View back. Here’s a screen shot to show that we could not “drag” the mini-view back onto the screen.

Follow Up Mini View Is Gone ... 







Here’s The Solution …

Before you start following this procedure, please verify if the employee is using any widgets and make a note of each of them: he will loose them all and you will need to find them and re-add them.

However, in the case of the employees in our company, we don’t have or use any widgets (for now) so, I followed these steps to get the “Follow Up Mini View” to display again:

01. [Click] on File → Exit to close Lotus Notes.

02. [Click] on Start → Program Files → Accessories → Windows Explorer.

03. In the Windows Explorer left pane, navigate to My Computer → C: → Notes → Data (or wherever the Lotus Notes client is installed).

04. [Click] on the “workspace” folder to select it.

05. [Right Click] on the “workspace” folder to get the options menu.

06. [Click] on Rename in the options menu that appeared.

07. [Type] “workspace-old” and press <Enter> on the keyboard to rename the folder.

08. [Click] on File → Close to close Windows Explorer.

09. [Click] on the icon to start Lotus Notes R8.5.1 … and once Lotus Notes R8.5.1 has started

10. Verify that the “Follow-up Mini-View” has reappeared in the employee’s mail file.

11. [Click] on the menu “File → Preferences” and verify that his settings are the way he wants them (some of the settings are reset after removing the workspace folder.

That’s it … “simple” as that.


I actually opened a ticket with Lotus Support about this and they were puzzled too … but that little “workspace” procedure above resolved it.

I just hope this helps someone … somewhere …

Thanks for reading!


Aug 24, 2010
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