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Lotus Notes: Got Problems Scheduling Meetings With Participants In Many Time Zones? Use This Web Site!
Marc Champoux    

Creating A Meeting With Participants In Many Time Zones…

Has *NEVER* been a strong feature in Lotus Notes. I get complaints about this from Administrative Assistants all the time actually.

Yes, I agree – you can “somewhat easily” create a meeting and set it to be in a different time zone… but when you need to schedule a conference call with people in New York, Brussels, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Australia — the interface for creating a meeting won’t help you at all! I wish you “Good Luck” in fact.

So this morning, on LifeHacker.com, there was a nice, but quick, post about a new web site to help you (or Administrative Assistants) and the web site is called …


The web site is a bit slow right now (probably because of the LifeHacker.com effect) but here’s what the web site looks like when it loads:








It’s simple, nice and once you’ve got the time zones you want, you can even copy-paste the link to that page into the meeting invitation so that the folks who receive the meeting invitations can also refer back to the same page.


Maybe one day, Lotus will overhaul the Meeting interface to include a similar feature to help our AA’s when they have to schedule all the top-execs of the company…

In the meantime, I hope this helps someone, somewhere … and if you’ve got another web site that you use for scheduling meetings across time zones, feel free to drop it in the comments section!


May 16, 2011
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