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Lotus iNotes: A Quick Tip To Help Troubleshooting the “Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern” Warning
Marc Champoux    

And Now For Something Completely Different … Again!


I recently upgraded some of my Lotus Domino servers (from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2 with Fix Packs). Before the upgrade, my iNotes users were happy little campers: no complaints, no kicking and no screaming.


Shortly after the upgrade, some people who prefer to use the FireFox web browser called me up to ask me if I could fix this nice Java Warning message about “STLinks” that they were now getting:


“Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern”


Here’s a screen shot of the actual warning message:



The Solution


Well, the solution is very well documented in Technote #1428715 (link). It basically involves “hunting” down and renaming a file called “debuglevel.class” file on your Domino server to resolve the issue (well, it also involves making sure you are using the newly resigned java applets if you are on a pre-8.x Sametime server).


Hunting down that “debuglevel.class” file can be super easy but you haven’t checked your server configuration documents in a while, you might not remember (like I did) that you’ve set your server configuration documents to load the STLinks files from same server instead of picking it up from the Sametime server… so here’s where this tip came in handy for me.


The Tip


Thankfully, some smart coder at Sun (or Oracle now?) added some debugging options in the Java applet control panel. You simply need to enable the debugging by going into your Windows Control Panel → Java → Advanced Options. Once you’re in there, you want to enable all the options under the “Debugging” section and you also want to turn on the Java console. Here’s a screen shot of what those options look like:


















Once you’ve done that, log into your iNotes server and watch the java console appear. In the java console that appears, type “5″ to set the logging levels to the highest and then reload the page:  you’ll “see” which server the debuglevel.class file is being pulled from.











And once you know “which” server that file is being pulled from … well, go ahead and rename it to “debuglevel.class.1″ and enjoy!




Well … I don’t have much to add in regards to this … my next blog post will the 100th post on this blog and I’ll probably post it a bit later this weeek: stay tuned!


As always, thanks for reading!



Oct 31, 2011
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