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Lotus Domino Administrator Client: Just Got The Weird “Database list is full” Error (Here’s The Solution)
Marc Champoux    

I Just Had A Weird One…


While troubleshooting a DAOS issue with XLS files becoming unreadable, I noticed that could not use the “Files” tab in my Administrator client (R8.5.2 FP2) anymore to browse all the files on the server running DAOS .


My admin client would stop after loading a few databases and say “Error getting files on ARCHIVES/UU – Database list is full” in the status bar at the bottom.


Here’s a screen shot:







The Simple Solution…


Oddly enough, I was on the phone with Lotus Support about a DAOS issue when this happened… so the rep did a quick search and found Technote #1438610 titled “Administration Client does not list all files under “Files” tab” (here’s a link) and the solution is super simple:


1) Exit the Administration Client.


2) Rename the domadmin.nsf and dommon.nsf databases in the Notes Data Directory.


3) Restart the Administration Client. Those databases will be rebuilt automatically.


That’s it… that’s all! I wonder what causes it however. The Technote says it applies to 8.0.2 but I’m running 8.5.2 FP2 so I found that a bit odd.


Conclusion / In Other News…


In other news, in working with Lotus Support about my DAOS issue, the rep told me something so amazingly and incredibly dumb about DAOS that I will just have to blog about it.


I’m giving Lotus Support the “benefit of the doubt” for now and I will wait a bit before posting something about my DAOS issue and what I was told.


Thanks for reading!



Dec 15, 2011
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