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New: XPages & Beer
Wed, Jul 4th 2012 130
Video how to use the Google Maps Custom Control
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 129
My presentation on the NLLUG about "Custom Controls and the power of OpenNTF".
Mon, May 21st 2012 198
Defect in RT Field on an Xpage
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 94
Google Maps Custom Control
Tue, Jun 14th 2011 138
UKLUG 2011 was fun!
Wed, May 25th 2011 138
Ron Sebastian demo on Project Vulcan
Fri, Jan 14th 2011 122
Top 10
My presentation on the NLLUG about "Custom Controls and the power of OpenNTF".
Mon, May 21st 2012 198
Save a RichText Field from a XPage to a document.
Wed, Sep 30th 2009 139
UKLUG 2011 was fun!
Wed, May 25th 2011 138
Google Maps Custom Control
Tue, Jun 14th 2011 138
New: XPages & Beer
Wed, Jul 4th 2012 130
Video how to use the Google Maps Custom Control
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 129
Ron Sebastian demo on Project Vulcan
Fri, Jan 14th 2011 122
How to use a combobox for a number field on a XPage.
Mon, Dec 14th 2009 106
Binding a checkbox to a number field with valueChangeListener
Tue, Dec 15th 2009 96
Defect in RT Field on an Xpage
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 94

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Recent Blog Posts

New: XPages & Beer
Wed, Jul 4th 2012 8:13a   Martin Meijer
For some time I had the idea to find a way to share ideas about Xpages and meet other people with the same kind of interests. Of course in my country there is the NLLUG (Now called SocBiz) but the focus there this year was more on (new) business than on technology. I spoke to several other developers and we all had the same feeling that the format for the NLLUG wasn't our thing anymore. We talked about what we would like to have as an alternative and we came up with "XPages & Beer". Th [read] Keywords: xpages

Video how to use the Google Maps Custom Control
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 6:12a   Martin Meijer
I created the Google Maps Custom Control and I posted it on OpenNTF. Here is a YouTube video (with no sound) about how you can use it. [read] Keywords: google openntf

My presentation on the NLLUG about "Custom Controls and the power of OpenNTF".
Mon, May 21st 2012 6:08a   Martin Meijer
This year the NLLUG was part of the SocBiz event and this took place in the soccer stadium of Feyenoord in Rotterdam. My session was on Wednesday afternoon and I talked about Custom Controls and how powerfull they are in combination with OpenNTF. Here is my presentation. Thanks Theo Hesselmans for the picture. [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com openntf

Defect in RT Field on an Xpage
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 7:35a   Martin Meijer
This week I ran in an interesting issue wit a RichText Field on an Xpage. I had to build a page that looks linke a maildialog where the user can put in some information and where the body is a RT Field that contains a default value. This default value is a link to the previous page with some text. It looks like this: I noticed that if I saved the page all the fields that are text values are saved correctly but the RT Field wasn't saved. If the user modifi [read] Keywords: agent ibm richtext bleedyellow bleedyellow.com bug database email

Google Maps Custom Control
Tue, Jun 14th 2011 6:09a   Martin Meijer
Last week I posted my contribution to the custom control developer contest on OpenNTF. I created a custom control for Google Maps. It's the first version and I'm working on a next version with more functionality, but I think this is a good first step. Here is the link to the project on OpeNTF where you can download it. All custom properties have default values, so if you drag and drop the custom control to your Xpage it will work. I do not use separate files like css or .js so it will [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com css google openntf properties

UKLUG 2011 was fun!
Wed, May 25th 2011 10:08a   Martin Meijer
Last Monday and Tuesday I visited the UKLUG. I was there with Mark Leusink and Christian Drenth who I know for a long time and who were my colleagues in the past. The UKLUG was this year in Manchester so we decided to travel on Sunday. We arrived at Sunday at noon and our Hotel was located not far from the stadium Old Traffort of Manchester United. There was a match but we had no tickets so we had a couple of beers with some fans before the game and we watched the game on TV and after that we ha [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes notes client xpages application applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com css development java javascript linux mobile outlook properties security sharepoint tivoli twitter websphere widgets


Ron Sebastian demo on Project Vulcan
Fri, Jan 14th 2011 7:11a   Martin Meijer
 Here is a good demo from my favorite speaker Ron Sebastian on Project Vulcan.It looks to me as Lotus Connection with Email and Agenda build on Xpages with inline editing and a little bit Cognos.... It's not a product but a direction ... hmmm.... looks cool but what can I do with it now? Should I prepare already as a developer or do I have to sit and wait till some product comes out? Is this Lotus Notes 9???    [read] Keywords: lotus notes xpages application email

Two widgets for Topdesk in the Lotus Notes Client
Mon, Dec 27th 2010 7:00p   Martin Meijer
 In this video I want to show you how we increase productivity with help of widgets and the Notes Client.  [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client application widgets

Third viral video for Yellow 2010
Tue, Dec 21st 2010 1:20a   Martin Meijer
 This is the third and last video viral for Yellow 2010 made by students of Saxion. [read] Keywords: application

Video to warm up for Lotusphere 2011
Tue, Dec 14th 2010 7:28a   Martin Meijer
 Impression of what Lotusphere is with snippets of me and my colleages and friends.   [read] Keywords: lotusphere application

Second Viral Video for Yellow 2010.
Tue, Dec 7th 2010 7:40a   Martin Meijer
 This viral video was also fun, it's more a music video but very funny. [read] Keywords: application

First Viral Video for Yellow 2010.
Tue, Dec 7th 2010 7:02a   Martin Meijer
This video was made by Students of Saxion. It was a project and the goal was to make a Viral video for an existing company in this case my company Yellow 2010. It was fun to work with the students and to share idea's. There were three groups of studens so I got three video's. Here is the video of group number 2. It was the winning video. [read] Keywords: application

Mentionmap is Coool
Thu, Dec 2nd 2010 7:39a   Martin Meijer
I think MentionMap for Twitter is cool, it gives you a visible idea of your network. You can find the website here: http://apps.asterisq.com/mentionmap. You can use this technique for your own apps too, for more information go to http://asterisq.com. [read] Keywords: application network twitter

My boys on their way to school
Tue, Nov 30th 2010 6:04a   Martin Meijer
My oldest son Tim told me that they called him 'Nerd' at school. "But dad, I can't help it, it runs in the family". [read] Keywords: lotusphere bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Good DNUG 2010
Thu, Nov 18th 2010 6:11a   Martin Meijer
 This thueseday I was at the DNUG in Frankfurt (Germany). It was the first time I was at the DNUG and I must say that it was very good organized and there was a good atmosphere. I attended a couple of very good sessions. I attended the session of Bob Balaban about the Google API's, the session of Softwerk about the possibilities to move your Domino enviroment in the cloud and the session of Werner Motzet and Dominic Schmiejowski about their expiriance with transforming their Domino application [read] Keywords: document manager domino ibm xpages application bleedyellow bleedyellow.com google openntf

Viral Video's for Yellow 2010.
Fri, Nov 12th 2010 3:04a   Martin Meijer
A couple of weeks ago I was asked to work with a class of international students of Saxion. They had to make a viral video for a company, in this case for Yellow 2010. This wednesday they invited me to watch the results in Attack, a place where normaly Pop concerts take place. It was fun! The class was split in three groups so there were three virals. The first video was a scene with people making music in the office, because they had plenty of time since they were using the software of Yellow [read] Keywords: domino office

RichText (CKEditor) content in Container Controlls
Thu, Oct 7th 2010 7:49a   Martin Meijer
 I'm working with Domino 8.5.2. and I use the CKEditor for RichText input in my XPages. I think the CKEditor is great but I was running into trouble when I tried to display the data in a dataTable. I expected that it was posible to bind a RichText field in the datatable to the field on my doc that stores the data of the RichText field. It didn't work. Then I used an aditional text field to store the data of my RichText field as HTML. Then on my dataTable I created a computed field, that I bin [read] Keywords: domino ibm richtext xpages javascript xml

My session on the NLLUG
Tue, Sep 21st 2010 7:57a   Martin Meijer
  On 9 and 10 september I was on the NLLUG, a fantastic Lotus event organized by Marnix Kemme and Martin Schaefer. It was in the Amsterdam Arena and I was asked as a speaker. In my session I spoke about my adventures on Lotusphere 2010 Idols and about the Open Source CMS I'm working on called XCMS. It's my goal to create a domino Xpage based CMS like Joomla, the open source CMS for PHP. I created a project for this on Open NTF. I will blog about it later. You can download my presentati [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere ntf bleedyellow bleedyellow.com ideajam openntf

XPage training Matt White in Amsterdam
Tue, Apr 13th 2010 2:14a   Martin Meijer
  Last thursday and friday I had an XPage training/ workshop of Matt White in Amsterdam. It was organized by ClearITConsulting and Martin Schaefer. I had great expectations for this training because Matt is a realy good Developer and Trainer. I was impressed by his Lotusphere session in january in Orlando. We had a Course Book from IBM with 26 exercises that where very usefull. Beside of that there was time to ask questions about my own Applications and he told me what his approach should be in [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Mon, Apr 5th 2010 4:53p   Martin Meijer
 Just want to let you know that I started my own business that I called Yellow 2010. I didn't quit my job at Saxion but I will try to work less and less for Saxion and at the other hand more and more for my own business. I will focus on XPage development work. There are a lot of sites where I can do good work with XPages to enhence existing domino applications and create great new applications. I'm also looking for a set of Domino applications that I can sell to customers. As the winner of [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere ntf xpages application applications development

Understanding Custom Controls And the Editable Area
Tue, Feb 16th 2010 7:57a   Martin Meijer
The message from Lotusphere 2010 for me was that I should build my XPages with Custom Controls. Till then I droped my Core Controls directly in My XPage. But I discovered that building XPages with Custom Controls was much more powerfull.So back home I started to redo my design with Custom Controls like the picture below. So far so good, I made a new XPage and dropped the Custom Control CC_Layout in it. The layout looks fine, but in the editable area of the custom control CC_Content (that contain [read] Keywords: lotusphere xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

XPage training Matt White in Amsterdam
Tue, Feb 9th 2010 2:26a   Martin Meijer
  My friends of Clear IT Consulting will organize an XPage training thogether with Martin Schaefer. They asked XPage guru Matt White to do the training. It will take place in Amsterdam on 8 and 9 april and the cost are as low as posible. Two days training with lunch included will cost you 650 euro. If you are a Domino Developer and you want to improve your skills "it is the place to be". There is also the possibility to bring in you own subjects so they can change the subjects of the training [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com consulting

Lotusphere Idol! 2010, Video of my winning session.
Sun, Jan 31st 2010 2:50p   Martin Meijer
 Many thanks to Jim Casale for distributing this video to me. It is the video of my session at Lotusphere Idol! 2010. [read] Keywords: lotusphere application

Clip Lotusphere 2010 General Closing Session
Mon, Jan 25th 2010 8:17a   Martin Meijer
On the closingsession of Lotusphere 2010 they showed this cool Lotusphere clip. [read] Keywords: lotusphere application

Guess what.... I won!
Thu, Jan 21st 2010 8:57p   Martin Meijer
  This was a crazy Lotusphere. I was one of the participants of Lotusphere Idol! 2010. What started as a joke ended in a fantastic experiance I will never forget. The other speakers where very good and I was the only one from ousite the US. It was my first presentation in an other language and my first presentation for so many people. In the jury there was Bob Balaban, Rocky Oliver, Gabriella Davis and Paul Moony. The host of this session was Ed Brill him self. I was number three on stage and [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere notes xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Lotusphere Idol! 2010
Wed, Jan 6th 2010 3:38a   Martin Meijer
 To my suprise I was selected as a contestant at Lotusphere Idol! 2010. This morning I checked my Inbox and there it was, an email of Paul Moony, Ed Brill and Bob Balaban. I could't believe it but it was true. Now I have to prepare. Lotusphere here I come! [read] Keywords: lotusphere email

Binding a checkbox to a number field with valueChangeListener
Tue, Dec 15th 2009 6:11a   Martin Meijer
 I had to bind a checkbox on my XPage to a numberfield on my form. No problem so far but after I saved the Xpage it turned out dat the data in my document was text and not a number. What you can do is this: [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

How to use a combobox for a number field on a XPage.
Mon, Dec 14th 2009 7:45a   Martin Meijer
 I had a strange promblem: On a form I have a field that is a number field. On a XPage I have a combobox that I bind to the number field on my form. Then when I save my XPage it turns out that the field on my form changed into a text field when I look at the documentproperties. If I change the combobox on the data tab to display type is number, my Xpage doesn't save anymore, without errormessage. Then when I put a DisplayErrors control on my Xpage it is clear that there is a validationer [read] Keywords: bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Problem with doc.isEditable() after serverupgrade to 8.5.1.
Tue, Nov 3rd 2009 9:02a   Martin Meijer
 After upgrading to 8.5.1. from my developmentserver I discoverd that it was no longer possible to set the Xpages in to editmode. I use doc.isEditable all over the place to set fields readonly or editable. It seems that this is broken for some reason. I made a workarround with sessionScope variables, but I hate that because I can not erease them when the user exit the page. The requestScope does't work for me because this is gone when I make a change. Suggestions??? [read] Keywords: xpages

Save a RichText Field from a XPage to a document.
Wed, Sep 30th 2009 5:37a   Martin Meijer
 Today I struggled to write a RichTextField back to a document from an Xpage without databinding. Finaly I managed it (with help from Marcus) to make it work. Here is the code from button that submits the data: var doc = configuratieformulieren.getDocumentByKey("ConfiguratieIVNL", true); if(doc == null){     return; }else{         var titel = getComponent("inputTextIBPTitelIVNL").getValue();     doc.replaceItemValue("IBPTitel",titel);        var inhoud = getComponent( [read] Keywords: richtext

Thu, Sep 24th 2009 4:14a   Martin Meijer
In the past I created an application that gets data from the schedule application from Saxion for Teachers and this application craetes calendarentries for lessons in the teachers agenda's. This whole process is scheduled with Lotus Enterprise Intergrator (LEI). Recently I discoverd a strange problem with LEI. I have a Direct Transfer Job that gets data from Oracle and puts it in Domino. One of the fields is a Date field in Oracle (without time) that I put in a Datefield (dateTime where time i [read] Keywords: agent domino lei lotus application enterprise linux oracle

Tip: Debugging Xpage Code
Tue, Sep 8th 2009 6:18a   Martin Meijer
I was running in to a coding  problem and I did't know what te problem was, the only thing that the errormessage said was that my database object was null. My Colleage Marcus gave me the tip to use the following debug code: var dbPersonen; try {      dbPersonen = session.getDatabase(null,databasePathPersonen, true); } catch (e) {     e.printStackTrace(); } Now there is a lot of more information that you can find in the dominoconsole. I discoverd that the ACL of the database that I tri [read] Keywords: acl database

XPages and Performance
Fri, Aug 7th 2009 2:45a   Martin Meijer
I love XPages but the slow performance I experianced worried me. I increased the servermemory but the result didn't satisfy me. I found out that what I was looking for was the notes.ini setting JavaMaxHeapSize. This is default 64MB and in My Opinion it is to low. In my case I increased it to 128MB (on a testserver with 1024MB memory) and the performance was much better! So add the line JavaMaxHeapSize = 128MB (or the amount of MB you like) to the notes.ini and reboot your server. That's all! [read] Keywords: notes xpages server

Vote for the Resonance screensaver!
Sat, Feb 21st 2009 6:35a   Martin Meijer
Recently I posted my first idea on ideajam. I think that this concept is great. My idea was to give the Lotus adapts a resonate screensaver with the beautifull animation that was shown on lotusphere. Here the link so you can vote for this idea.Click here to vote [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere ideajam ideajam.net

Lotusphere 2009
Fri, Jan 23rd 2009 11:10p   Martin Meijer
It's very sad but Lotusphere 2009 has ended. I was there and enjoyd it ! [read] Keywords: lotusphere bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Ext.nd presentation for the SNUG
Fri, Nov 28th 2008 8:34a   Martin Meijer
On 14 november I did a presentation about Ext.nd for the Dutch Notes User Group (SNUG) in Den Bosch. The presentation sheets you can download here. Its a very basic presentation about how to implement Ext.nd in your applications and what Ext.nd can do for you. This presentation is in Dutch and I am sorry this is a pdf file. It is not possible (yet) to upload Lotus Symphony files to the bleedyellow blogs I discovered. [read] Keywords: lotus notes symphony applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

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