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IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST
Wed, Jul 20th 2016 5
Shared or Group Calendars in IBM Notes
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 6
Those wonderful serendipitous moments
Tue, Dec 22nd 2015 2
IBM Connect 2016 - Special Event Confirmation
Mon, Oct 19th 2015 2
IBM Connect 2016 - Summary Conference Agenda Published - where is the "Special Event"
Tue, Aug 18th 2015 3
What’s your great idea? Why not share it at Lotusph ... Connect ... ConnectED ... IBM Connect 2016
Tue, Aug 11th 2015 3
Looking for free training materials, guides and labs?
Tue, Jul 28th 2015 1
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ASEAN - IBM Connect Comes To You 2014
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 6
Shared or Group Calendars in IBM Notes
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 6
IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST
Wed, Jul 20th 2016 5
IBM Connect 2014, AD501 - IBM Worklight for IBM Domino Developers
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 4
IBM Notes Traveler now available on the Play Store - more new features and a fix
Mon, Sep 29th 2014 4
IBM Collaboration Solutions Technical Event - Jakarta, Indonesia, 2014
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 4
If you’re not using what you already have, how can something else be ’better’
Tue, Apr 21st 2015 4
IBM Notes Traveler don’t be fooled, this ain’t just a simple point release
Wed, Jul 9th 2014 3
IBM Connect evolves to meet the needs of our technical clients and partners
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 3
Where does Mail.Next come from
Sun, Nov 16th 2014 3

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IBM Connect 2016 - IS1406 #UserBLAST
Wed, Jul 20th 2016 3:55a   Mat Newman
UserBLAST 2016 is the latest in a series of presentations I've put together to help users understand and appreciate some of the best (and sometimes hidden) features of the IBM software that I love working with so much. This year I had taken some direction from the inspirational Paul Mooney, who had advised that to truly qualify as a "BLAST" a session needed to have as many tips included within the allotted time, such that attendees would leave the room feeling like they had just "drunk fr
Shared or Group Calendars in IBM Notes
Wed, Jun 8th 2016 6:37a   Mat Newman
The topic of Shared or Group Calendars has come up a lot recently during discussions with Customers. The main requirement is a calendar which can have multiple people assigned to managing the Calendar content, in addition to this Calendar having full Calendaring and Scheduling (C&S) functionality for things like sending meeting invitations to Internal or External recipients, receiving replies, sending update notifications, reschedules, repeats, etc. In other words, a "Generic" Calendar t

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