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Salesforce and IBM Domino integration using SoapgateQ!
Fri, Oct 10th 2014 122
soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2 released
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 185
soapgateQ! 5 Beta just release on OpenNTF
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 155
The new REST API in soapgateQ! 5 is nearly complete...
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 165
Unbelievable but TRUE...Flash made it on iOS !!!!
Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 158
Although we just released soapgate Q! 4.5, release 5 is already well on the way...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 201
soapgate Q! 4.5 has been released 2 weeks ago...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 167
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Although we just released soapgate Q! 4.5, release 5 is already well on the way...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 201
soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2 released
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 185
soapgate Q! 4.5 has been released 2 weeks ago...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 167
The new REST API in soapgateQ! 5 is nearly complete...
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 165
Unbelievable but TRUE...Flash made it on iOS !!!!
Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 158
soapgateQ! 5 Beta just release on OpenNTF
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 155
What is going on with IBM Lotus Greenhouse and Connections
Thu, Apr 4th 2013 151
BlackBerry Experience Forum ... the app for the new BlackBerry Z10
Sun, Mar 3rd 2013 142
Playbook Signing Processes - creating and deploying a debug token
Fri, May 13th 2011 137
HTC Car Panel app lost since OTA upgrade to Android 2.3.5
Wed, Dec 28th 2011 136

Blog Title Adobe Flex/Flash and Lotus Notes Domino
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Salesforce and IBM Domino integration using SoapgateQ!
Fri, Oct 10th 2014 6:09a   Wille-Matthias
Our partner Q!kom extended its business into the Salesforce area. They use our soapgate Q! API for the integration of data between IBM Domino and Salesforce CRM. In these projects soapgate Q! has proved itself to be solid and robust. http://en.qkom.de/2014/09/soapgate-q-and-salesforce/ Next week the major Salesforce meeting in San Francisco starts ("Dreamforce") and Q!kom made it to be a speaker with the topic of integrating IBM Connections into Salesforce. http://en.qkom.de/2014/09/dreamf [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm blogger integration

soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2 released
Fri, Dec 6th 2013 12:10p   Wille-Matthias
soapgate Q! 5 Beta 2 Bug FixesdbOutlineViews() - Did not return always welformed XML dbLookupX() - Returned an error message when no columns had to be returned (empty COLFIELDS parameter), but one or more of the parameters VENUM, UNID and NOTEID where set to True. The latter is a perfectly valid scenario to receive for instance the UNID and NoteID of documents only.dbPutInFolder() / dbRemoveFromFolder() - Failed when the given list of UNIDs/NoteIDs was no refering to a unique list of documents ( [read] Keywords: dblookup domino notes blogger bug interface openntf xml

soapgateQ! 5 Beta just release on OpenNTF
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 6:12p   Wille-Matthias
soapgateQ! 5 Beta supporting RESTful API calls (besides SOAP) is now available on soapgateq.openntf.orgVisit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger openntf

The new REST API in soapgateQ! 5 is nearly complete...
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 4:11p   Wille-Matthias
In a previous posting we showed a few sample REST calls related to reading views and folders from a Notes database. In the meantime we completed most view, folder and document related operations. The REST call can now also provide the parameters as a single JSON construct: https://domino.flexdomino.net/SOAPGATEQ_5.NSF/REST4ViewsFolders?openagent&JSONPARAM={ "jsonparam": { "OPERATION": "dbviewentries", "SRVNAME": "flexdomino/flex2domino", "DBNAME": "flex/ [read] Keywords: domino notes blogger database

Unbelievable but TRUE...Flash made it on iOS !!!!
Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 6:10a   Wille-Matthias
...well, of course not directly, but the Photon Browser includes a Flash streaming service that works reasonably fast if you have a good internet connection. I purchased the browser and Flash just runs fine. I tried Flash videos, simple to sophisticated Flash games, I even tried a few business Flash apps I had developed myself and they all run fine. I admit that some of the games where not particular suited for the iPad due to the keyboard control requirements, nevertheless they worked. And t [read] Keywords: blogger iphone

Although we just released soapgate Q! 4.5, release 5 is already well on the way...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 5:12p   Wille-Matthias
Release 5 is all about RESTful services and JSON. As a first step we will provide for (almost) all SOAP operations available so far the equivalent RESTful operation. As part of this development we decided to speak JSON only. In version 5 the implementation will be a wrapper around the existing web services, so the performance gain of REST compared to SOAP will not be as great as it could be. However, release 6 will bring a complete overhaul of the underlying web service code, which will result [read] Keywords: domino blogger development interface

soapgate Q! 4.5 has been released 2 weeks ago...
Wed, Sep 18th 2013 6:09a   Wille-Matthias
and finally I find the time to talk about what has been achieved in this release. The following is an extract of the release document contained in the download... Fixes first: A multi-threading bug was reported to us, causing a Domino Server 8.5.3 (64bit Windows) to crash reproducibly when load testing (multiple concurrent calls of) the dbLookupX() and dbColumnX() web service operations. This is apparently an issue of the NotesViewEntry.ColumnValues() method that of course is used in both of t [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes richtext blogger bug database java security server xml

What is going on with IBM Lotus Greenhouse and Connections
Thu, Apr 4th 2013 3:19p   Wille-Matthias
For the last 4-8 weeks the website / service is constantly under maintenance!? How much maintenance (!!!) does this system require? This is pretty annoying!Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus blogger


BlackBerry Experience Forum ... the app for the new BlackBerry Z10
Sun, Mar 3rd 2013 4:15p   Wille-Matthias
We are proud to announce that BlackBerry has asked us (Qkom.de and Flexdomino.net) to develop a special Session Journal application for their BlackBerry Experience Forum events. "The BlackBerry Experience Forum - Session Journals (Agenda 2013) application provides participants of any of the BlackBerry Experience Forum events held in various locations world wide with the information related to the event and allows them to plan the session they would like to attend through a "Like" feature. T [read] Keywords: application blackberry blogger

soapgate Q! 4.0 has been released...
Sun, Mar 3rd 2013 3:12p   Wille-Matthias
We released soapgate Q! 4.0 actually a few weeks ago and completely forgot to mentioned here. FIXES------- Date Only and Time Only field values would be created previously with an Any Date or Any Time component: 22/08/2013 00:00:00 or 31/12/1899 17:24:00 With release 4.0 Date Only and Time Only field values are created as if saved through the Notes Client UI (No Date / No Time component): 22/08/2013 or 17:24:00 We also fixed an issue with the dbGetDelStubs() web service operation, [read] Keywords: administration agent notes notes client blogger openntf server

We updated the Lotusphere Connect 2013 session data...
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 10:14a   Wille-Matthias
Please use the Download latest Session Data button in the All tab of our Session journal app. Enjoy Lotusphere and visit us at the OnTime booth A53.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

The code for the Lotusphere Connect 2013 Session Journal app...
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 5:15a   Wille-Matthias
...can be found @ forum.qkom.net. The soapgate Q! web service data access API for Domino can be found @ soapgateq.openntf.orgVisit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere blogger openntf

Phew...just in time...the Lotusphere Connect 2013 Session Journal for the iPad...
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 5:15a   Wille-Matthias
The iPad version finally made into the Appstore Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple blogger

Lotusphere Connect 2013 App for iPhone now available...
Sat, Jan 19th 2013 7:14a   Wille-Matthias
We got the approval for the iPhone version. Please follow the link or use the barcode below... The iPad version unfortunately got rejected because it has been developed for the iPad 2 and doesn't do well on the iPad 3 Retina display. We are working on it to get it approved in time. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple blogger iphone

Malta has one of its frequent country wide blackouts...
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 7:14a   Wille-Matthias
Until further notice, flexdomino.net is down.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Lotusphere Connect 2013 App for Playbook and Alpha Dev devices now available...
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 5:14a   Wille-Matthias
Playbook and Alpha Dev http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/20386160/?lang=en Item QR Code And again for Android Phones (optimised 800x480) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.net.flexdomino.LS2013Journal Android Tablets (optimised 1024x768) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.net.flexdomino.IBMConnect2013 Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere blackberry blogger google

Lotusphere Connect2013 Orlando is happening in a few days and...
Fri, Jan 11th 2013 7:13a   Wille-Matthias
...of course we will provide again our free Lotusphere (Connect) Sessions Journal application. The first one to become available is the one for Android phones, however, we already posted a Blackberry Playbook and Blackberry Alpha Dev (OS10) version, as well the iPhone and iPad version. RIM's approval process usually takes 48 hours and considering RIM is launching OS10 at Lotusphere Connect, I'm pretty sure they hurry up to get us much apps approved as possible until then. Apple's approval [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere apple application blackberry blogger database google iphone rim

Lotusphere Connect 2013 Session Journal app the 2nd...
Fri, Jan 11th 2013 7:13a   Wille-Matthias
If you do not want to wait until the 2013 version of our app is available for all devices, you can install the 2012 version meanwhile (simply search for "lotusphere" in the respective app store). The new session data works with the 2012 version, accept for the room maps.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

Exclusive for the Blackberry Playbook...
Fri, Dec 7th 2012 1:09p   Wille-Matthias
filedogQ! for IBM ConnectionsBy flexdomino.net This application synchronizes your pinned files between IBM Connections and your local device. Any change to your pinned files will be reflected to your local files. For your personal convenience the application keeps unpinned files. They will just be marked as unpinned. Touch tap the file in the list to open the file with its default application. You require to have an IBM Connections account. This app is FREE!Sponsored by Qkom.netVisit http://www. [read] Keywords: connections ibm application blackberry blogger

Domino Data in context of IBM Connections
Fri, Dec 7th 2012 1:09p   Wille-Matthias
We posted sample code for an IBM Connections widget, showing the Java Script encapsulation of a web service call to read Domino data into the IBM Connections page. The web service call is of course calling soapgate Q! our web service based data access API for Domino.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm blogger java openntf widget

After about 4 month I finally got my Macbook Pro Retina...
Tue, Oct 2nd 2012 6:09a   Wille-Matthias
I must admit, I nice piece of hardware. It is definitely fast and silent, next to its nice design. The only problem I faced so far is that the Macbook's Wifi card seems to have difficulties with older Wifi access points that do not yet provide the 'n' mode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVC218GUEskVisit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger macbook wifi

I'm so pissed with Apple...
Tue, Aug 28th 2012 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
3 month ago I ordered a custom Macbook Pro and after four weeks they send the wrong model (the standard model without any customisation). So I had to send it back and used the opportunity to change the order to get one of the new Retina Macbook Pros. Guess what. 2 more month down the line, still no Macbook Pro. Instead I just got a call from my local supplier telling me that Apple has problems to deliver (customers are being queued Europe wide). And NO ETA !!! To put insult to injury, I also a [read] Keywords: apple application blackberry blogger enterprise macbook

n-Mobility for Blackberry OS10 (Dev Alpha) available...
Mon, Aug 27th 2012 6:10a   Wille-Matthias
We just got our n-Mobility client for the new Blackberry OS10 Dev Alpha device approved. So if you happen to be a Blackberry developer having one of the Dev Alpha devices, you can get the n-Mobility client either from here: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/screenshots/130938/?lang=en Or simply search for 'n-Mobility' in the App World.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blackberry blogger

Flex 4.8 SDK still not really working with Flash Builder 4.6
Thu, Aug 2nd 2012 10:15a   Wille-Matthias
OK, after using the installer provided I can compile and build my projects. I even managed to create an AIR 3.3 overlay that works just fine. However, I lost the Design mode... Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Apache Flex SDK 4.8 not working with Flash Builder 4.6
Fri, Jul 27th 2012 10:11a   Wille-Matthias
I downloaded the just released Apache Flex SDK 4.8 and tried to use it in Flash Builder 4.6 with the AIR SDK 3.3 and 3.4 Beta, but it doesn't work. I used the usual overlay technique, first copying the Flex 4.8 SDK in a new folder in my Flash Builder SDK directory and then copying the AIR SDK right over it. This has been working ever since (Flex SDK 4.6 and AIR SDK 3.3 for instance works just fine). However, when running a build using Flex SDK 4.8 with either AIR SDK, an error is thrown as re [read] Keywords: apple archive blogger interface xml

Aaaargh...we screwed up the latest n-Mobility DEMO version...
Tue, Jul 17th 2012 3:11p   Wille-Matthias
We introduced a really nasty bug in version 2.5.4 of our n-Mobility Demo (FREE) client. We had good intentions to increase the number of databases and views within each database that can be configured and used with the free client, but messed it up (the full version is not effected by this issue). After installing the n-Mobility Demo client one would immediately get an error screen with following (or similar) message... Null RangeError: Index '4' specified is out of bounds. at mx.collec [read] Keywords: apple application blogger bug database mobile profile server

FREE n-Mobility Desktop Client
Tue, Jul 3rd 2012 6:15a   Wille-Matthias
We decided to publish a FREE n-Mobility Client for the Windows Desktop. It is a complete client with no limitations and works exactly as the n-Mobility Clients for the various supported smart phones and tablet devices. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger desktop

Since iOS 5.1.1 my iPad2 is downgraded to a gaming console...
Mon, Jul 2nd 2012 10:14a   Wille-Matthias
Here is link to Apple's Support Community where users (including myself) reported a problem with the Mail App, which renders the iPad useless as on office tool...Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: apple blogger community office

Windows 8 and Flash...a very informative article on Arstechnica
Wed, May 30th 2012 6:12a   Wille-Matthias
http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/05/windows-8-will-integrate-include-adobe-flash/Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Apple product bashing continued...
Tue, May 29th 2012 3:10p   Wille-Matthias
...2 weeks passed and I had hopes that my initial frustration with Apple products will disappear in expectation that getting used to iPhone, iPad and iTunes will change my mind towards these products. Forget it...it gets worse by the day! I knew that the iPhone4 had this antenna flaw and have been told I would be able to fix it using a phone cover. But that is all bull shit (pardon my French). The iPhone4 has a miserable reception, regardless of holding it left handed, right handed, with or wi [read] Keywords: apple blogger desktop iphone laptop linking

I just had it. After 1 week of being an iPhone and iPad user I already had enough...
Tue, May 15th 2012 6:13a   Wille-Matthias
I was forced to change to Apple devices as the company I'm working for decided to use Apple products for its teaching environment. I have been asked to develop a specific application that can only be developed natively. Fine I thought, the company pays for the hardware, so be it. All wrong. I'm about to change back to Android and ask the company to pay for a second data contract for the iOS devices, which I will use for the development only. And here is why... 1) Battery live of the iPhone [read] Keywords: administration apple application blackberry blogger development email google iphone network office wifi

n-Mobility Client 2.5.2 released...
Wed, May 9th 2012 3:10p   Wille-Matthias
The new release is available for Android phones and tablets and the Blackberry Playbook. The iPhone and iPad releases are posted for approval. We will keep you posted about the iOS availability. The new release requires an upgrade of the soapgate Q! database to version 2.6.7+. The n-Mobility 2.5.2 client is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.2 for Android (captive runtime) and iOS. The Playbook release is compiled and packaged with Adobe AIR 3.1. New Features View Options The Database Ac [read] Keywords: richtext apple blackberry blogger bug database google iphone openntf profile server sql workspace

Problems with the Richtext to HTML conversion in soapgate Q! ?
Wed, Mar 14th 2012 8:13a   Wille-Matthias
Here are a few pointers to things you may want to check:Check that the "Fully qualified Internet host name" field in the Server document contains the correct nameMake sure the server itself can resolve the external DNS address too. For instance, our public test server can be reached on domino.flexdomino.net. Our internal DNS server points this name to the servers internal IP. This can alternatively be done in the server's hosts file (Windows).If your server requires HTTPS (SSL) access you re [read] Keywords: agent domino richtext blogger java server

Yippie ki-ay...n-Mobility made it finally into the Appstore...
Wed, Mar 14th 2012 8:13a   Wille-Matthias
...for both, the iPhone and iPad.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger iphone

soapgate Q! 2.6.5 released...
Tue, Mar 13th 2012 6:14a   Wille-Matthias
http://soapgateq.openntf.org/ Release 2.6.5 - What's New The Notes Richtext to HTML conversion now supports HTTPS and authenticated (only) access. Hence the option can now be used on servers that are completely locked down from a HTTP task security point of view.There are three new fields related to HTML conversion in the Configuration Profile: Technical User, Password and Force HTTPS. The use of these fields is explained in the profile.The caching mechanism of the dbviewcolumn() web service [read] Keywords: notes richtext blogger openntf password profile security

In addition to the Flexdomino.net blog we started a FlexDominoNet channel on YouTube...
Wed, Mar 7th 2012 1:11p   Wille-Matthias
We have recorded our first 2 videos related to the use of the n-Mobility client and how to set up a soapgate Q! Database Access Profile for n-Mobility... http://www.youtube.com/flexdominonet More videos are to come about how to install soapgate Q! and how to use it in other contexts.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger database profile

soapgate Q! 2.6.1 release on OpenNTF
Fri, Feb 24th 2012 9:10a   Wille-Matthias
We just released soapegate Q! 2.6.1 on OpenNTF.org. With this release we added support for Richtext fields. The two web service operations dbreaddocfields and dbreadprofilefields will convert any requested richtext field to HTML. We also added a rendering options field in the configuration profile (this refers to the $$HTMLOptions field). In this release we do not yet convert HTML back to richtext when using the dbsavedocfields and dbsaveprofilefields. Saved HTML content is saved as pass thro [read] Keywords: ldd lotus richtext blogger openntf profile

Flexdomino.net is up again
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 1:12p   Wille-Matthias
It might take an hour or two before the URL forwarding to this blog is cancelled though.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Flexdomino.net is down
Wed, Jan 25th 2012 5:11p   Wille-Matthias
The worst case scenario occurred, our server blew up. The power-supply burned and killed the motherboard with it. We are working hard to get a new server up and running as fast as possible. For the time being all traffic is re-routed to our blog.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger server

I know its slightly late...but our Lotusphere 2012 Session app for iOS made it in the Appstore
Wed, Jan 18th 2012 12:12p   Wille-Matthias
Unfortunately the approval process of Apple took a very long time. So we somewhat missed the boat for iOS this year. However, we would really like you to download the app and provide us with feedback. Lotusphere 2013 is sure to come and next year the app will surely be available right in time. iPad:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lotusphere-2012-session-journal/id494500021?mt=8 iPhone:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lotusphere-2012-session-journal/id494499693?mt=8 Please note: the iOS app is [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple blogger iphone

Lotusphere Sessions App version 2.0.8 is now available for upgrade
Tue, Jan 17th 2012 2:12p   Wille-Matthias
We received some feedback which made us change a UI aspect that was slightly confusing:Basically when selecting the '...' tab to enter a filter string, right to the input field we placed the 'refresh' or 'resync' button to download the latest session data. The button was mistakenly used as means to trigger the entered filter condition. The latter not being required as the list is filtered as you type.We placed the button under the 'All' tab at the bottom of the screen including a label e [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger

Lotusphere Session app version 2.0.6 (Android) and 2.0.7 (Playbook) have been released
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 9:13a   Wille-Matthias
Following issues have been fixed: The 'Like' flag once set could not been removed (or only temporarily during the session; once the app gets closed the 'Like' flag re-appeared) Removing the 'Like' flag in the Like folder/tab did hang the app The Android smartphone and tablet release are published and should be available within the hour of this posting The Blackberry Playbook version will likely take 24 hours for approval.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere blackberry blogger

Latest session data available for our LS 2012 Session app
Sun, Jan 15th 2012 10:12a   Wille-Matthias
We just updated the latest changes to the LS session timetable. Please use the reload button to sync your local datastore.Note: we found an intermittent issue where the first attempt to sync doubles the records or blanks to local store. Simply close the app and reopen it. It should automatically try to sync again. If not do it manually. The second attempt always works.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Finally...the Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal for Playbook is available
Fri, Jan 13th 2012 9:12a   Wille-Matthias
Now that was a close call... http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/76896?lang=en Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere blackberry blogger

Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal - Latest Session Data
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 5:12a   Wille-Matthias
We just updated our version of the Lotusphere Session database provided by Geniisoft. So if you are using our Android Lotusphere 2012 Session app, please use the refresh function to update your local session database from the flexdomino.net server.. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere R7 blogger database server

n-Mobility 1.5 released
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 5:12a   Wille-Matthias
We just released version n-Mobility 1.5 - our lightweight mobile client for Lotus Notes Domino - for Android smartphone and tablet devices, as well as for the Blackberry Playbook. The iPhone and iPad version is still awaiting approval. What's New? Support for categorized views.A rudimentary support for response document hierarchies (this is work in progress)Dynamic view categorizationDynamic column resizing Android Smartphones Android Tablets Blackberry Playbook Visit http:// [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blackberry blogger iphone mobile

Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal for iOS and Playbook
Thu, Jan 5th 2012 10:12a   Wille-Matthias
We have posted our LS 2012 Session Journal app both on the Apple App Store and the Blackberry App World. I will post more as soon as the apps get approved.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple blackberry blogger

Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal app shows as not compatible with your device...
Mon, Jan 2nd 2012 4:12p   Wille-Matthias
When we first posted the 2012 release we made a mistake in the configuration of the Android manifest file, causing most devices not to be compatible with the application. We immediately fixed the issue and released a new versions 2.0.2; for both the smartphone version as well as the tablet version. So if you happen to be one of the first down-loader facing the problem, please try again. Thanks.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere application blogger

Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal for Android
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 5:12p   Wille-Matthias
We just posted the 2012 release of our Lotusphere Session Journal application. Besides a number of UI improvements, we added support for tablet devices. You will find the following version on the Android Marketplace: Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal (smartphone release - optimized for 480x800) Lotusphere 2012 Session Journal (tablet release - optimized for 1024x600) Enjoy :-) Happy New Year!Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotusphere application blogger

HTC Car Panel app lost since OTA upgrade to Android 2.3.5
Wed, Dec 28th 2011 3:09p   Wille-Matthias
Today I received an over the air (OTA) upgrade notification for my HTC Desire HD and naturally I immediately upgraded. First thing I noticed are a number of nice UI improvements and in general performance seems to have been improved. After this first joy I however realized that my top most important app (after mail that is), the Car Panel app is missing. A quick research showed that I was not the only one facing the issue. Basically every HTC whatever owner had the same problem. I called HTC [read] Keywords: application blogger

soapgate Q! is now available on OpenNTF.org
Mon, Nov 21st 2011 5:12a   Wille-Matthias
http://soapgateq.openntf.org/Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger openntf

soapgate Q! 2.5 goes open source
Sat, Nov 19th 2011 9:10a   Wille-Matthias
We decided to publish soapgate Q! - our generic web service based data access API for Lotus Notes Domino - as open source under GNU Affero General Public License - Version 3 (APGLV3) Version 2.5 can be downloaded from here... Please note: the documentation is not yet up to date with regards to new features and more importantly with regards to licensing model. We will provide the updated manuals as soon as possible. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes apple blogger

Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 Beta
Thu, Oct 27th 2011 7:11a   Wille-Matthias
RIM made the Playbook OS 2.0 Beta available for developers. In case you haven't found the registration page yet... Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blackberry blogger rim

n-Mobility Client 1.3.1 for Android released
Tue, Oct 18th 2011 6:10a   Wille-Matthias
we just published n-Mobility Client 1.3.1 - Smartphone & n-Mobility Client 1.3.1 - Tablet (new) on the Android Marketplace The Smartphone version is the previously published version optimised for devices with a screen resolution of 800x480 pixel. The new Tablet version is optimised for 1024x600 pixels. The new version has a much improved UI. We have added localisation support (the configuration screen allows to setup personal date time format preferences). The Android status bar is avail [read] Keywords: blogger server

Flex SDK 4.5.1 typeerror #1009 drawcolumnbackground() in advanceddatagridbaseex.as:3966
Thu, Sep 29th 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
Today I provide a little bug fix for the Flex community. Under not clear circumstances the drawcolumnbackground() method of the advanceddategridbaseex class (and hence the AdvancedDateGrid class, which extends the AdvancedDateGridBaseEx class) throws an exception). I have posted the details and the workaround in the Adobe Flex Support Forum.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger bug community

Netweaver Portals (SAP) talking to Lotus Notes Domino
Mon, Sep 19th 2011 5:09p   Wille-Matthias
Q!kom implemented a successful link between NetWeaver-Portals of SAP and Lotus Notes Domino through the generic Web-Service-API soapgate Q! Read more...Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger sap

n-Mobility - the lightweight mobile client for Lotus Notes available on Android Market
Mon, Sep 19th 2011 5:09p   Wille-Matthias
We finally published n-Mobility for Android... n-Mobility EVAL https://market.android.com/details?id=air.net.flexdomino.nmobility n-Mobility FULL https://market.android.com/details?id=air.net.flexdomino.nmobilityclient Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger mobile

n-Mobility Client for iOS & Android coming very soon
Sat, Aug 13th 2011 3:11p   Wille-Matthias
Just having published the n-Mobility Client for the Blackberry Playbook, we are "working hard" to support other devices, such as Android and iOS devices. Thanks to Flash Builder 4.5 this means initially a simple launch or export of a release build respectively to any of the supported devices. Within minutes the n-Mobility Client was working on the iPad, the iPhone and the HTC Desire (Android) - see screen shots... Of course some of views are not 100% adjusted to the respective resolutions [read] Keywords: blackberry blogger iphone

n-Mobility Client 1.0 - the lightweight mobile client for Lotus Notes databases - is now available for Blackberry Playbook
Wed, Aug 10th 2011 2:10p   Wille-Matthias
We are proud to announce that the n-Mobility Client 1.0 for Playbook is now available on Blackberry App World. We have provided a free demo version, as well as the full version @ $2.99. Both versions are by default connected to the Flexdomino.net server. To use the n-Mobility Client with your own databases/server, you require to download soapgate Q! 2.1. To enable a database for the use with the n-Mobility Client you have to create a Database Access Profile for the database in soapgate Q!. The [read] Keywords: lotus notes blackberry blogger database mobile profile server

n-Mobility - a leightweight Lotus Notes Client for mobile devices
Fri, Jul 22nd 2011 4:10p   Wille-Matthias
In my last posting about the Blackberry Developers Challenge I have announced our participation with a SoapgateQ! enabled application. Here we go... n-Mobility is a lightweight client for mobile devices to (initially) view/read any Notes database on your Playbook using our web service based data access API for Domino (SoapgateQ!). n-Mobility allows access to a configurable list of Notes databases, its views and documents. It takes about 30 minutes per database you want to enable for mobile de [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notes client application blackberry blogger database development mobile profile

Use our FREE Mobility Toolkit for Domino to win the Blackberry Developers Challenge
Sun, Jul 10th 2011 11:14a   Wille-Matthias
There is still time to enter the 2011 BlackBerry® Developers Challenge and to develop the "Best Flash/AIR Mobile App for BlackBerry PlayBook". Applications can be submitted until August 12, 2011. With our FREE Mobility Toolkit for Domino consisting of SoapgateQ! 2.0 - a web service based Data Access API for Domino -, the supporting Flex/AIR libraries and the many sample projects for Flash Builder 4.5 it should be a peace of cake to develop a winning business type application for the Playbook [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes application applications blackberry blogger mobile

Going mobile with Lotus Notes Domino
Sat, Jul 9th 2011 6:14a   Wille-Matthias
With this article I will start a series of postings about developing mobile applications for Lotus Notes Domino databases. Today’s posting is about IBM's and our (Flexdomino.net) efforts to provide a Data Access API to Lotus Notes Domino. Not sure how closely you follow IBM’s efforts to provide developers with the means to develop mobile applications for Domino databases, but considering that you ended up reading this article I will assume you do. If not, you might want to have a look at [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes xpages application applications blogger community database development mobile openntf planetlotus planetlotus.org server

SoapgateQ! 2.0 launch on Wednesday, 22/06/2011
Mon, Jun 20th 2011 9:14a   Wille-Matthias
Finally we are ready to launch SoapgateQ! 2.0 - the web service based data access API for Lotus Notes Domino. Besides having plenty of new features, the new release comes with a new license model, which we hope will bring a smile to your face... The SoapgateQ! community server edition comes absolutely FREE. All you need to do is to register with Qkom.net or Flexdomino.net to receive your full license key (a link will be provided with the launch). We also provide plenty of open source code libr [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger community enterprise server

dropbox Q! for Connections (Greenhouse Demo)
Wed, Jun 15th 2011 3:10p   Wille-Matthias
My partners at Qkom.net just posted a free Flex/Air application that provides a file upload (dropbox) functionality for your personal Greenhouse account using Lotus Connections. It is an experimental project to get familiar with Lotus Connections. Read more here...http://www.qkom.net/ibm-connections/dropbox-qVisit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus application blogger

Flash Builder 4.5 - Deploying an unsigned Playbook application using a Debug Token
Wed, May 25th 2011 8:10a   Wille-Matthias
In my previous posting I explained how I created and deployed a debug token on the Blackberry Playbook Simulator. In this posting I explain the next step, deploying an unsigned application bar file using the command line procedure (as the Flash Builder UI process isn't working for non US environments - see previous posting). I avoid to use the command line procedure to package (and deploy) the application bar file as the packaging is perfectly working from the Flash Builder UI. However, a few s [read] Keywords: application blackberry blogger development password rim security xml

DNUG Session Journal Application for Blackberry Playbook
Wed, May 18th 2011 3:11p   Wille-Matthias
Qkom GmbH developed a Session Journal Application for the Blackberry Playbook for the upcoming DNUG (German Notes User Group) event. This application is similar to the Lotusphere Session Journal we published earlier this year for Android devices. The application accesses a Lotus Notes session journal database using our web service based Domino Data Access API (SoapgateQ!) Item QR Code Enjoy :-)Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes application blackberry blogger database

On EDGE with Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
Wed, May 18th 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
Check this video and you know why I love to be a Flex developer... Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger linkedin

Flash Builder 4.5 - Problems with installing a Playbook Debug Token
Tue, May 17th 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
Last week I reported the issues I have with my attempts installing a debug token on the latest Blackberry Playbook Simulator (1.0.1) to Blackberry Dev Support... "Dear support, I have been battling with the new debug token feature for the Playbook Simulator and am at a point to give up. I tried using the Flash Builder 4.5 UI to create the debug token bar file, but get an error message saying "Unable to parse issue date from debug token." Once I change the system and all Flash Builder / J [read] Keywords: application blackberry blogger development email java password rim vm

Playbook Signing Processes - creating and deploying a debug token
Fri, May 13th 2011 3:10p   Wille-Matthias
Recently I posted about my experience with signing a Playbook application for the Blackberry AppWorld. This posting is a continuation of the saga looking at the steps to create and deploy a debug token. This process was introduced with the latest Playbook SDK and Simulator version 1.0.1 which came along with the official launch of the Playbook, Flash Builder 4.5 and the Air SDK2.6. Who thought that things might have gotten a bit easier...well, continue dreaming. It got worse :-( First I tried [read] Keywords: application blackberry blogger development password rim security vm

Flash or HTML5? Interesting analysis...
Tue, May 3rd 2011 12:11p   Wille-Matthias
http://now.periscopic.com/2011/05/our-research-into-flash-and-html5-which-one-is-right-for-your-project/ The only thing I feel adding to this report is that sometimes the 1% market could be more lucrative than the 99%.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger linkedin

Domino with PHP (PHP Bookstore)
Tue, May 3rd 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
We just posted a complete overhaul of our Domino with PHP demo using SoapgateQ! web services. The source code is of course available and now documented as well. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino blogger

Ode to Steve...
Mon, May 2nd 2011 4:10p   Wille-Matthias
Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: application blogger

Tour de Mobile Flex on iOS
Wed, Apr 27th 2011 3:11p   Wille-Matthias
Considering that we ported our first Flex apps on iOS with the current Flash Builder 4 Burrito (Beta), I was excited to see a video by James Ward (published: April 11, 2011)... Tour de Mobile Flex app running on iOS Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: apple blogger mobile

Domino data access - SOAP vs AMF3 - a live performance test...
Wed, Apr 27th 2011 7:10a   Wille-Matthias
OK, I believe it is clear that this test is all about receiving data from a Domino server in a non Notes Client using our data access API for Domino called soapgateQ! But nevertheless I will provide some background: soapgateQ! - as the name indicates - is a web service based generic data access API to the Lotus Notes Domino server. So soapgateQ! only talks SOAP. We have been interested on whether we will experience a performance gain, if we sort of plug a PHP server running AMFPHP in front of t [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notes client apple application blogger database server wiki

Bookstore Demo for Playbook has been approved...
Mon, Apr 25th 2011 3:10p   Wille-Matthias
yeah, I finally got confirmation that my signing process was successful. The Bookstore Demo application as been approved by Blackberry App World... http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/search/bookstore?lang=en Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: apple application blackberry blogger

Signing your Playbook apps for the Blackberry AppWorld...
Fri, Apr 15th 2011 6:09p   Wille-Matthias
For the last week I have been struggling to get my first Blackberry Playbook application signed so that it may finally pass the approval process. The problem is: the procedure as outlined on the Blackberry Vendor pages is just not working. The Signing your application page provides a number of links for the different methods of signing an application depending on the EDI and the target platform. The two I thought relevant to me would be the first two: Configure application signing from Adob [read] Keywords: apple application blackberry blogger java password rim

Bookstore Demo for Playbook soon available on Blackberry Appworld
Sun, Mar 27th 2011 7:14p   Wille-Matthias
Today we have posted the well known Domino Bookstore Sample application (available on Openntf.org) as an Adobe Air application for the Playbook on the Blackberry Appworld. Of course we still await the confirmation of acceptance. This Bookstore-Demo - originally developed to demonstrate Domino web services functionality - shows the functionality of SoapgateQ! in conjunction with the Adobe Flex Libraries for SoapgateQ!, both enabling Adobe Air applications to talk to a Lotus Domino back-end. Th [read] Keywords: domino lotus application applications blackberry blogger openntf

Flexdomino.net download pages now open for unregistered access
Fri, Mar 25th 2011 12:15p   Wille-Matthias
Due to technical difficulties with the registration procedure of the currently used CMS of flexdomino.net, we decided to open the download pages for unregistered access. Simply go to http://www.flexdomino.net/home/downloads to download all sample projects and code.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

Fixed LSXSD.LSS - Some more info...
Thu, Mar 24th 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
With all my excitement having fixed LSXSD.LSS, I have posted the code without any further comments as to the changes I have implemented. I actually received an email asking me for the reason of having renamed the PortTypeBase class to PortTypeBase_NOT_A_CONSUMER, and this reminded me that there a few things that require an explanation: PortTypeBase_NOT_A_CONSUMER LSXSD.LSS is normally included in the code using the %include directive. Apparently when including ans LSX, the compiler understand [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusscript lsx script library apple blogger bug database email openntf server

Wed, Mar 23rd 2011 7:10a   Wille-Matthias
For those of you who require to use the Base64 upload/download features of the LSXSD.LSS and having trouble because of the by IBM reported issue... http://flexdomino.blogspot.com/2011/03/aaargh-yet-another-set-back-in-our.html https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?dc=DB550&rs=463&uid=swg1LO57765&context=SSKTWP&cs=utf-8&lang=en&loc=en_US ...and cannot wait for the fix... I have re-written the Base64 encoding and decoding methods and use it by importing the code in [read] Keywords: domino ibm lsx script library blogger server

Ouch that hurts...hello IBM quality control are you out there?
Sun, Mar 20th 2011 6:11a   Wille-Matthias
Further analysing the code in lsxsd.lss I'm utterly disgusted about the code I find. I'm sorry to use such strong words, but it reflects how bad it is. I have looked at the NotesStream to Base64 encoding (XSD_DATATYPE_CONVERTER.notesStreamToBase64) in particular. For my file download tests a used a 3.2MB image file and the method got the server to its knees. Here are the reasons for it: The method returns a string and hence uses string concatenation to build the return value. The problem wi [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes apple blogger server

Aaargh, yet another set-back in our attempt to make Domino a bit more accessible...
Wed, Mar 16th 2011 5:19p   Wille-Matthias
It was planned to provide a (web service based) file download and upload in the next release of soapgate Q! Unfortunately we found that for certain files, data is lost when they are stored in an XSD_BASE64BINARY object defined in lsxsd.lss. The latter being the very library one would use to implement advanced Domino web services. The issue has been published by IBM recently and is effecting Domino 8.5.1 and 8.5.2...AND soapgate Q! (unfortunately)... https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss? [read] Keywords: domino ibm apple blogger

Free BlackBerry PlayBook offer overview
Sun, Feb 27th 2011 5:10a   Wille-Matthias
Just in case you haven't heard about it yet... ■ Developers who create a qualifying application for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet prior to its initial North American release are eligible for a free BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. The main criterion to qualify for the free BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet offer is to have a qualifying application accepted into BlackBerry App World™, subject to certain Terms and Conditions. ■ You can submit multiple BlackBerry® PlayBook™ table [read] Keywords: domino apple application blackberry blogger mobile

First Domino Database on Blackberry Playbook
Mon, Feb 21st 2011 6:10a   Wille-Matthias
Flexdomino.net and Qkom.de just ported their Lotusphere Session Journal application originally developed for Android smartphones on to the Blackberry Playbook. Whilst of course the development has been done using the by RIM provided Playbook Simulator (as the Playbook is not yet available), RIM has tested the application on the real Playbook and confirmed its functioning. Read more here...Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere apple application blackberry blogger database development rim

flexdomino.net's Domino server answers now on domino.flexdomino.net
Sat, Feb 19th 2011 3:12p   Wille-Matthias
Until last week flexdomino.net had only one public IP and as a result the Domino http task had to answer on a different public port then port 80 (which is used by the Apache server running the website). The public port used for Domino was set to port 81. This fact caused problems for some visitors of flexdomino.net who wanted to run the demos provided in the show case, but couldn't because of port restrictions in their corporate networks. We finally changed our configuration having now two pu [read] Keywords: domino blogger network server

LS2011 Session Journal for Android ... version 1.4.0 released
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 10:17a   Wille-Matthias
The Session Journal app now has a "Like" feature, which allows to mark sessions of interest. Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

LS2011 Session Journal for Android ... version 1.3.0 released
Thu, Jan 27th 2011 10:21a   Wille-Matthias
We made a number of UI improvements in changing fonts, font sizes and colors. We added a few icons and re-organised the Session Details screen. The next release will include a "Remember" feature allowing the user to tick mark sessions of interest.Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: blogger

LS2011 Session Journal for Android ... version 1.1.0 released
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 3:17p   Wille-Matthias
We just released version 1.1.0 of the LS2011 Session Journal for Android. For improved performance we added a local data storage. On first launch the session data will be loaded from flexdomino.net using the soapgateQ! web service API for Domino. The data is then stored in a local SQL light database. Sub-sequent launches will then load the local data. Using @ button in the session list view will reload the data from flexdomino.net. The SQL database can be located on the phones SDCARD in the dat [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere blogger database sql

LS2011 Session Journal for Android ... some more info
Wed, Jan 26th 2011 3:17p   Wille-Matthias
We thought it is worth mentioning that the LS2011 Session Journal Android application we just published is developed with the preview version (pre beta!) of Adobe Flash Builder Burrito and the Flex Hero SDK. With this new builder and SDK Adobe is introducing mobile device specific features to Flash/Air, such as touch and gesture control. Adobe says..."The preview release is intended to provide you with an early opportunity to evaluate in-development features and to allow us to obtain your feed [read] Keywords: lotusphere application blogger development mobile

Lotusphere 2011 Session Journal for Android
Tue, Jan 25th 2011 5:18a   Wille-Matthias
Lotusphere 2011 Session Journal for Android We are proud to announce our first mobile application. This application is based on the Adobe Air 2.5 Framework for mobile devices. It uses the soapgate Q! web service API for Domino to interact with the annual distributed Lotusphere Journal database. The LS Journal database is hosted on FlexDomino.net. Enjoy :-) Feedback is welcome. Download from FlexDomino.net (link to Android Marketplace is coming soon). The mobile application is optimised fo [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere application blogger database mobile

The most hilarious comedy I have seen for a while...
Tue, Jan 18th 2011 5:14a   Wille-Matthias
Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: application blogger

Back to Flash...
Sun, Jan 16th 2011 3:11p   Wille-Matthias
Google just made my day... I stumbled up across this rather short announcement of Google to stop support for H.264 video codec in HTML5 video tags in its browser Chrome in favor of WebM (VP8) and Theora video codecs. This short notice seemed to have caused a major uproar, so Google posted a slightly more lengthy explanation...Visit http://www.flexdomino.net [read] Keywords: apple blogger google linkedin

Flex Domino blog by Mark Barton
Tue, Aug 17th 2010 6:53a   Wille-Matthias
I recently found the blog of a href="http://www.markbarton.com/"Mark Barton/a who has a complimentary agenda to Flexdomino.net.br /br /Two postings are of particular interest:br /br /br /span style="font-size: small;"a href="http://www.markbarton.com/?p=171" title="Adobe Flex amp; Lotus Notes Presentation"Adobe Flex amp; Lotus Notes Presentation/a/spanbr /h2 style="font-weight: normal;"span style="font-size: small;"a href="http://www.markbarton.com/?p=163" title="Authenticated Mul [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger

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