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QUINDIP: document your code properly in LotusScript
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 70
QUINDIP: intercept wrong/inexistent documentId
Fri, Sep 12th 2014 74
QUINDIP: set JAVA Compiler target in notes.ini
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 96
hmmmmmm.. that does not really improve my trust in "stable xPages" ;-)
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 80
QUINDIP: filter design elements in LN designer
Fri, May 2nd 2014 84
QUINDIP: need to run an agent as signer from an xPage?
Fri, Apr 11th 2014 91
INDIP: how to figure out the id of an element which triggered an event!
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 68
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How to install additional language dictionaries in Lotes Notes 8.5.2
Thu, Mar 17th 2011 289
ever wondered how to toggle single-sign on feature?
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 193
create golden text in Illustrator
Sun, Nov 17th 2013 163
creating curved arrows in Illustrator (tutorial)
Sun, Jan 6th 2013 120
YOUFEB: anyone else being mad about the copy&paste (via keyboard / not working in designer?
Sun, Dec 1st 2013 109
QUINDIP: set JAVA Compiler target in notes.ini
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 96
BUG in Lotus Notes applications: saving documents with private folders (not stored on desktop) and folder references enabled
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 95
QUINDIP: need to run an agent as signer from an xPage?
Fri, Apr 11th 2014 91
QUINDIP: filter design elements in LN designer
Fri, May 2nd 2014 84
hmmmmmm.. that does not really improve my trust in "stable xPages" ;-)
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 80

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QUINDIP: document your code properly in LotusScript
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 6:12a   Michael Zischeck
Hi this is not related to xPages but to LotusScript: we have started years ago to use "kind-of" javadoc-ish style of documentation of our code: and just today i figured it actually is used using typeahead (similar as in the java editor): really neat ;-) enjoy [read] Keywords: lotus lotusscript xpages java

QUINDIP: intercept wrong/inexistent documentId
Fri, Sep 12th 2014 11:12a   Michael Zischeck
Hi long time no post... but alas.. finally something I really like: Have you ever had the situation, that you have a xPage which is workflow enabled, and you have (maybe) multiple servers? Some users might even use the LN client front-end on another server. The workflow sends out a mail telling the approver to approve. Boom... the document did not yet replicate to the target server... you do not want either of this message displayed: what to do? hmm.. I first tried with this, sorry, was n [read] Keywords: xpages archive server

QUINDIP: set JAVA Compiler target in notes.ini
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 9:10a   Michael Zischeck
Literally EVERY time I created a Java agent or library the compiler target was set to 1.2 even though I have been using LN 7 or later... I always had to find the noteId and use a tool to manually change the source and target to 1.6. here's how you can change that behaviour: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/07152009034956PMMSTR75.htm enjoy AND make sure you add an EMPTY at the end in case JavaCompilerTarget=1.6 is your last line! otherwise this setting will not be used! [read] Keywords: agent ldd lotus notes java

hmmmmmm.. that does not really improve my trust in "stable xPages" ;-)
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 3:22p   Michael Zischeck
seems i'm really not the only one getting those!!!! [read] Keywords: xpages openntf

QUINDIP: filter design elements in LN designer
Fri, May 2nd 2014 6:11a   Michael Zischeck
did you ever happen to notice this nice little "filter" field on the top right hand side of the LN designer when in a list of design elements? really neat! if only I could access it via keyboard, any ideas? [read] Keywords: notes

QUINDIP: need to run an agent as signer from an xPage?
Fri, Apr 11th 2014 6:11a   Michael Zischeck
we needed a possibility for users to "override" the workflow, ie. interfere even though they were not "authors" at the moment. The only way was to do with an agent running with more access rights. solution was: us "sessionAsSigner" this would not work: var agent = currentDatabase.getAgent("(agnXPageWFMoveToState60)"); agent.runWithDocumentContext(currentDocument.getDocument() ); return "xsp-reopen"; this did work (kudos to Sven Hasselbach): var agent = sessionAsSigner.getCurren [read] Keywords: agent xpages apple


INDIP: how to figure out the id of an element which triggered an event!
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 11:11a   Michael Zischeck
here's the scenario: We have what we call dynamic tables. It lets the user add as many rows as he requires. Really neat. In some of the fields we use type ahead. Recently I figured: it would be nice to see an indicator if the server is "thinking"... something like I could do it easily via one specific field from which I knew it's id ... But in those dynamic tables I have no clue on which field the event for type ahead was triggered.... until now: Cudos to Paul Calhoun with his incredibl [read] Keywords: java javascript server

INDIP: add visual indicator to type ahead
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 11:11a   Michael Zischeck
that's how it looks: field with type ahead waiting for input: field with type ahead thinking field with type ahead failure this is the XML code of the field for the events: removeVisual('view:_id1:inputText3') }else{ addVisual('view:_id1:inputText3'); }]]> and this is the style assigned to the field: this is needed in the CSS: .useTypeAhead{ background: #fff url("TypeAhead.gif") no-repeat right; } .dijitValidationContainer{ width: 20px; } .dijitValidationCo [read] Keywords: xpages ajax apple css dojo javascript server xml

INDIP: beware of the document.copytoDatabase method!
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 7:10a   Michael Zischeck
We had to merge two applications, so I created a background agent which copied all required documents to the "new" database. The customer tested and we set a due date for the real migration. The night before actual migration I run an agent which deleted all "test" migration documents before the real agent to copy the documents run again! Next morning I came to the office and thought: oh my dear. something went wrong! Only a few dozen documents had been copied, I thought! So I rerun the age [read] Keywords: agent notes applications database office

INDIP: How do you export data from an web application into Excel?
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 7:10a   Michael Zischeck
You could use POI to write an Excel file, but writing to a file with APIs is usually really slow. MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY approach is blazingly faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast........ In our company we are in the lucky situation that we have single-sign-on on the web towards our Domino servers. This is important for the following solution to export documents to work properly. Steps: 1. Create some kind of "profile" document which defines the filters for the data the user wants to export 2. Create an a [read] Keywords: agent domino application development google office profile xml

QUIND: Profile documents: sort of ;-)
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 5:10a   Michael Zischeck
I'm sure you also need sort of "profile documents" once in a while. Documents where a user can store some values he wants to use over and over again, in Web technology term thing of a "cookie". This is plain easy! Simply open the xPage and as a Data source document id (red box) define a computed value like this: Document ID code: var doc:NotesDocument = database.getView("lupUserProfiles").getDocumentByKey(session.getEffectiveUserName(), true); if( null != doc ){ return doc.getUnivers [read] Keywords: xpages apple database profile

YOUFEB: anyone else being mad about the copy&paste (via keyboard / not working in designer?
Sun, Dec 1st 2013 9:17a   Michael Zischeck
I am getting over and over mad that copy & paste is not working well at all in the LN designer especially when dealing with xPages stuff.. I add a template inheritance to a design element, select it, copy via and paste it onto another design element, either I get something pasted i copied long time ago, or nothing at all. so I have to revert to right click copy and right click paste.. this annoys me a lot.. is it just me or anyone else facing the same issue? [read] Keywords: notes xpages

create golden text in Illustrator
Sun, Nov 17th 2013 3:20p   Michael Zischeck
create text you want to display in color, make it big and bold select the font frame and then “ObjectExpand” create several containers (squares) and copy color gradients from a gold bar into them, select them and use to pick up a color from the gold bars and assign it to the container create a new gradient having about 8 sections and fill with those colors repeatingly use the eye dropper tool to pick up the color from the containers to assign to the individual sections, keep pressed whi [read] Keywords:

Error 500: your thoughts?
Sat, Nov 2nd 2013 7:11a   Michael Zischeck
Developing xPages i'm sure you also have come across those nasty "Error 500" errors. This bugs me right now. The error.log I get won't help me at all. Any ideas how to easier figure out the problem? In my case the error.log simply states: "Unable to find component with ID xyz". Interestingly: the component IS visible. I am a bit lost here: this happens in my xPage only when I copy the contents (some of them) to a new document which is then redirected to and opened in edit mo [read] Keywords: xpages

BUG in Lotus Notes applications: saving documents with private folders (not stored on desktop) and folder references enabled
Thu, Oct 31st 2013 6:09a   Michael Zischeck
Long time no see, but stay tuned, there will be more updates again soon regarding the xPages development from my side. This week we have a very nasty bug. When people tried to save documents they got an "You are not authorised to perform that operation" error message. After a while fiddling around we figured: We copied&pasted documents we could save the newly copied documents. So where was the difference? We used TeamStudio Delta to figure out differences between the two documents. I [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes xpages applications bug desktop development

HAPPY!!! first full featured xPage application productive!
Sat, May 18th 2013 6:18a   Michael Zischeck
I am happy to report that our first full featured (integrated workflow, cool typeAheads, fantastic validation, dynamic tables and many more features) is fully productive! Thanks to all readers and commenters on my blog and all other bloggers out-there giving me help and insight into the deeper workings of the xPages. Summarized main difficulties: getting the validation to work the way we required (ie. without needing ExtensionLibrary tabbed tables, all fields should be validated, even [read] Keywords: notes xpages application applications integration interface java javascript server

INDIP: xPages isEditable() won't work on panels with READ ACL! see my workaround
Mon, May 13th 2013 6:14a   Michael Zischeck
If you have workflow applications then it's most likely that you wanna make certain parts of your xPage READonly for certain states (eg. such that an approver cannot change the details of the request he has to approve) In old days we used access controlled sections. xPages gives us the possibility to add ACLs to panels, that servers (almost) the same purpose. Why only almost? Cause all elements you put there to set data (buttons, links etc.) won't be hidden even if you use currentDocumen [read] Keywords: acl xpages apple applications

QUINDIP: format your dates from backend documents properly
Wed, May 1st 2013 4:17p   Michael Zischeck
we use a standard date format in our company: 2013-04-30 22:52 to accomplish this I use: When you simply use a data binding this works like a breeze. It's a bit more complicate if you want to display a date/time from a backend document with Java this won't work: doc.getItemValueString("fieldName") doc.getItemValue("fieldName").get(0) doc.getItemValueDateTimeArray("fieldName").get(0) this will work: doc.getItemValueDateTimeArray("fieldName").get(0).toJavaDate() an [read] Keywords: xpages java

YOUFEB: DynamicViewPanel cannot sort descending?
Wed, Apr 24th 2013 2:17p   Michael Zischeck
I have a been troubling why I can't sort on certain columns. Again after a loooooooooooooooooong time I figured: hell what.. So I changed the sort direction of that column which I could not sort in the dynamicViewPanel. Just out of any other options, something as a "last resort", or out of desperation. And who believes it??? Finally I could sort? So I figured: dynamicViewPanel cannot sort descending? Anyone can confirm this? Sorting ascending and both directions works, descending [read] Keywords: bug

YOUFEB: do you want me to share an easy way to configure views in your xPages?
Mon, Apr 15th 2013 12:22p   Michael Zischeck
just recently I have found the DominoViewCustomizer to customize the views displayed with the Dynamic View Panel from the extension library. Of course it was a cool idea but I needed a way to "customize" my views. Is anyone interested in me sharing this whole "component"? Well it's not really just one component, a few pieces play together. If I get a decent amount of comments asking me to share it I will do so. Just so you know what it would be about: simple way to let users [read] Keywords: xpages java javascript properties

INDIP: sort a document collection in Java (Java heroes may skip this)
Sat, Apr 13th 2013 6:18a   Michael Zischeck
In Lotus Script it was not a simple task to sort a document collection. In Java it sort of is. Idea: use a comparator class, supply with an array of fields upon which the "sorting" should happen and let the Collections.sort do it's magic: Comparator class: public class CollectionComparator implements Comparator { String[] sortFields = null; public CollectionComparator(String[] sortFields) { this.sortFields = sortFields; } public int compare(Document doc1, Docume [read] Keywords: lotus apple java

QUINDIP: dynamic "access controlled sections" ;-) in xPages
Fri, Apr 12th 2013 4:21p   Michael Zischeck
Some people faced the same problem than me: they wanted something like the "access controlled sections" in plain old LN development. Mark Leusink Russell Maher Jeremy Hodge None of the articles quite well didn't explain how to set those ACLs dynamically.. I also tried to get set READER or EDITOR via something like: return (condition to check) ? "READER" : "EDITOR" but it wouldn't work, especially not if in the condition the currentDocument was used. So what next? I tried [read] Keywords: acl xpages apple bleedyellow bleedyellow.com development

QUINDIP: make your errors a bit more "descriptive"
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 12:14p   Michael Zischeck
You know those: You also know this: and this: Did you know this? This is how you do it: [read] Keywords:

FRULE!!!: 9h to find ignoreRequestParams="true" needs to be set!!!
Thu, Apr 4th 2013 12:18p   Michael Zischeck
In continuation of this I faced another problem in my target database. The first time the dialog for the sensitive data was called, it worked just fine. All subsequent calls just failed. After a very long time (you know it.........) I finally figured out: the dialog box was using the parent document in subsequent calls.. but why? And why did it work on my test application. With help from a coworker I finally, by accident!, figured the only difference between test and my actual database was ig [read] Keywords: application database properties

FRULE: pay attention to access rights, especially when working locally!!!!
Thu, Apr 4th 2013 6:18a   Michael Zischeck
In one of our applications we need to store more "sensitive" data with less access rights than the normal documents. In Lotus Notes the parent/child paradigma is just about perfect for this task. My idea was to have a dialog popup where the user could enter this sensitive data. I did a test in a test database, with a few hiccups I got everything working. The hiccups were kind of related to the fact: how do I ensure that every dialog would go to the same child document how do I ensure [read] Keywords: acl domino lotus notes xpages application applications database java server

INDIP/CRYFH: having legacy Lotus Script code do your work!
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 3:21p   Michael Zischeck
In our company we do have a wonderful, flexible, proven, stable own-built workflow engine, but it is written in Lotus Script code. baah.. I didn't want to rewrite the whole thing in Java... But you may now think: hey why does he not run an agent? I tried, and I failed, how else!!! Always the way I understand things, they will never really work! Luckily I then I found Kathy Browns article how to do it and it works!!! Solution: put some value into the NotesDocument to "control [read] Keywords: agent lotus java

QUINDIP: working more efficiently in the designer
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 2:18p   Michael Zischeck
Be honest! Do you hate this little crappy editor "window" too? DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! But here's what I do: click this button then drag it on its window top bar to the top of your monitor and let Windows work it's magic and MAXIMZE it!!! yeaaahhh!!! [read] Keywords: notes

unQUINDIPping QUINDIP and other accronyms
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 1:18p   Michael Zischeck
according to Tim Tripcony (read the comment on this blog) quindip means confusion, I am now trying to unConfuse you about the confusion I created with my accronyms I use INDIP: INDispensabletIP (those ones which I deem very important in any xPages developers knowledge bag) QUINDIP: QUickINDIP (those ones I deem quickly explained, 2min to read, understand and implement) FRULE: FRUstratedLearningExpierence (things I learned the hard way (shall I repeat how hard?), ie. it took me hours/days t [read] Keywords: xpages

BIG THANK YOU to all my readers
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 7:17a   Michael Zischeck
A big "thank you" to all of you. You helped raise attention to my blog (as of 2013-04-03 this blog is just under the top 50 of the past 5 days in this list) and it seems some important people in the xPages community do read my blog (at least once in a while ;-) ) I can only assume that the content combined with my, hopefully funny, style to write are responsible for the hits I get. I don't know why, but somehow my blog seems to hit some pain points out there. Maybe some of you mi [read] Keywords: ibm lotus xpages blogging community java planetlotus planetlotus.org

QUINDIP: Solved! accessing fields before page is being displayed with Java!
Tue, Apr 2nd 2013 8:18a   Michael Zischeck
Use the beforeRenderResponse event to modify fields before they are rendered and displayed on the browser! Thanks to the phase listener implementation in our framework I could also solve the following issue: Modify fields (set value, set read only, set hide) before the page is displayed in the browser, ie. it should arrive "properly" displayed (what else ;-) ) Up until now I didn't quite now when to call my Bean to do all the stuff above. Sometimes the fields were not available in th [read] Keywords: xpages java

QUINDIP: SOLVED!!! that damn DominoDocument IS a WILD AND MAGICAL thing!!!
Mon, Apr 1st 2013 11:14a   Michael Zischeck
Wow... So here's what I learned: notes objects usually can't be serialized. For some stupid reason I came accross the DominoDocument.wrap method and thought: let's give it a try!! You bet: You create a "manual" DominoDocument with it and it can be serialized. Exactly this technique now helps me to dynamically display RT fields (actually MIME entities to be correct so far, but I think it'll work for RT as well) as tooltips: Resulting code: dominoDoc = com.ibm.xsp.mode [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages apple database javascript

CRYFH: how can I bind a richtext field with javascript?
Mon, Apr 1st 2013 10:15a   Michael Zischeck
Maybe it helps to have some knowledgeable readers, let's see. What I would like to achieve: Have tooltips displaying RichText fields (defined as "help documents"). This works for just 1 tooltip: I define a document data source and simply bind the RT field on the xPage to the docSource.Body, voilà! Now: Of course I do have multiple places where I would like to display such a fantastic tooltip! Tooltips indeed are "dynamic". Using this code I get the subject from the help do [read] Keywords: richtext xpages database javascript

QUINDIP: format your custom type aheads properly
Mon, Apr 1st 2013 7:15a   Michael Zischeck
Did you read my blogs about cool type ahead features? really cool type-ahead and making type-ahead easy as pie. Here's the sequel on how to make the "custom" type-ahead also look really nice. Java code to create custom type-ahead: StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(""); StringBuffer sbNames = new StringBuffer(""); Session session = (Session)DominoUtils.getCurrentSession(); Database db = (Database) DominoUtils.getCurrentDatabase(); View view = db.getView("lupCountriesByUN [read] Keywords: apple css database java

QUINDIP: how to set field values with java (or DominoDocument the magic animal)
Mon, Apr 1st 2013 7:15a   Michael Zischeck
Old approach: XspInputText field = (XspInputText) StandardUtil.findComponent(facesContext .getViewRoot(), "countryName"); The annoying thing about this approach: You never know exactly which class the component has, ie. a "read only" field is not XspInputText etc., and thus you cannot just use this approach really transparently. New approach: DominoDocument dominoDoc = StandardUtil.getDominoDocument(); dominoDoc.replaceItemValue("editableField", new Date().toString()); [read] Keywords: apple development java

FRULE: DominoDocument is a wild animal
Sat, Mar 30th 2013 9:17a   Michael Zischeck
Here's the story: We needed multiple "dynamic tables" in our projects. Thanks to Russel Maher I had something to start off with. Too bad his solution worked on the "backend" document. After I had managed to get a "container" around his solution another problem popped up: Save conflicts. I couldn't figure out why this happened. I could only imagine it was some sort of "timing issue". In his solution upon a save a cleaning of the table is done. This merely renames the fields suc [read] Keywords: lotus openntf

FRULE: NotesException: Note delete failed
Thu, Mar 28th 2013 5:15p   Michael Zischeck
Error while saving document Could not save the document NEW_1d NotesException: Note delete failed NotesException: Note delete failed lotus.domino.local.Document.Nsave(Native Method) lotus.domino.local.Document.save(Unknown Source) lotus.domino.local.Document.save(Unknown Source) com.ibm.xsp.model.domino.wrapped.DominoDocument.save(DominoDocument.java:1087) com.ibm.xsp.model.domino.DominoDocumentData.doSaveDocument(DominoDocumentData.java:567) com.ibm.xsp.model.AbstractDocumentDataSou [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus java

QUINDIP: how to debug java in xPages (reminder!)
Tue, Mar 26th 2013 9:14a   Michael Zischeck
just wanted to reiterate again to those developing in Java for xPages how easy it is to debug ALL Java code run in an xPage (yes, ALL, even the Java code which "creates" the xPage and all it's controls!) click here to read my earlier article [read] Keywords: xpages java

QUINDIP: computed when composed fields in xPages
Mon, Mar 25th 2013 3:58p   Michael Zischeck
Did you ever wonder how you can "mimick" the cold computed when composed fields? According to Brad Balassaitis there ain't no equivalent in xPages. According to Oliver Busse you can "fake" them anyway Steps I would propose: create a normal editable field and set it "disabled" use this css to remove the border of the input: input[disabled]{border: 0px;} use Olivers approach to add a value when the doc is first opened It looks like this in the binding dialog: [read] Keywords: xpages apple css javascript

YOUFEB: YOUr FEedBack required
Mon, Mar 25th 2013 3:14p   Michael Zischeck
I wanna thank to all loyal readers of my blog. I know you're out there somewhere... Please get in contact with me.. write comments about my blogs, what you liked, in terms of content, in terms of writing style, what you didn't like, what you missed. Let me know who you are and what problems your dealing with... I know most of you (besides maybe some 20 guys around the world) are struggling with the same issues than I have... Have you ever wondered if it is possible to keep all code [read] Keywords: application applications interface java properties

QUINDIP: full source to display miniature flags in your apps
Sat, Mar 23rd 2013 7:12p   Michael Zischeck
This is a real time saver for you... well.. it took me some hours to get the whole thing done and tested.. few flags might be missing in the css code and a few have not been verified, but most countries are handled. Enjoy! This time we start with the result: You want to have country flags displayed somewhere, say in a type-ahead (see this post) That's the HTML source code: FR FRANCE some company info [read] Keywords: apple css

FRULE: frustrated about stupid error messages
Tue, Mar 19th 2013 1:47a   Michael Zischeck
Scenario: created xPage, added some fields, changed some properties, added custom control with buttons to save etc..., tried to create and save a "document" ... wouldn't save... wtf makes fun with me??? damn... tried to find out what the problem was, got the idea to add an "display errors" control, guess what, there WAS an error!! Search??? what search??? and WHERE????? almost went nuts!!! finally, you guess: after HOURS!!!, I had a brilliant or stupid idea: remove the [read] Keywords: xpages properties

indip: use bean within another bean
Mon, Mar 18th 2013 6:37a   Michael Zischeck
I wanted to use a bean within another bean. And I wanted the most elegant way to achieve this. Here's what I got: define the beans in the faces-config.xml as follows (notice the color codings, to show references!) childBean com.abb.xpages.beans.ChildBean request ParentBean com.abb.xpages.beans.ParentBean request childBeanX #{childBean} then in your "parentBean" you "inject" the childBean as follows: [read] Keywords: notes xpages apple xml

quindip: problems with beans containing references to Notes objects?
Mon, Mar 18th 2013 6:02a   Michael Zischeck
I tried desperately to maintain references to Notes objects within a bean. I always got a stupid error, either 500 or serialization error... then I stumbled across this excellent article. Solution Summary: don't use "view" for bean scope if you need to serialize notes objects! use session or request scope. Stupid!!! really stupid!!! but now I got my stuff working Michael [read] Keywords: notes xpages

quindip: handle onKeyPress event server side (sort of ;-) )
Fri, Mar 1st 2013 12:42a   Michael Zischeck
Did you ever need to "catch" a key event? I did! Using the type-ahead feature i wanted to fill some fields depending on the selected value from the type-ahead field. Now I used the "onBlur" event first. But that would require the user to move the focus away from the field with type-ahead. I was looking for a solution where immediately after hitting the fields below would be filled. Turns out this is pretty easy: use two onKeyPress event handlers: one client-side, one server-side [read] Keywords: xpages server

make sense of "flags" in your mail
Thu, Feb 14th 2013 12:01a   Michael Zischeck
Something about the mail template I don't like: how colors are used. they can be used to colorize mails from certain senders, I don't see the point of it, i have the by Person view for that or I could use a rule to move emails from a particular group to a folder. I would like to use colors for my "flagged" mails. Now you can, well you always could, maybe you simply didn't know how. Let me explain it to you. Create a form in a database. Add 3 color fields to it like this: add a b [read] Keywords: notes notes client apple database

indip: really cool type ahead
Wed, Jan 30th 2013 12:28p   Michael Zischeck
this time just a link to share with you guys out there. A REALLY, did I make this clear? REALLY REALLY cool fancy way to make type aheads the way I need them: http://www.timtripcony.com/blog.nsf/d6plinks/TTRY-7XD5P9 kudos to Tim Tripcony… Summary: 1. in the outline of the editbox with type ahead you will find below the "ajax" component. Select it to see it's properties in the appropriate pane. 2. select valueMarkup = true 3. add a function name (eg. getNames(searchValue) w [read] Keywords: xpages ajax javascript properties

indip: making type-ahead easy as pie in 3 steps!!!
Tue, Jan 15th 2013 4:21a   Michael Zischeck
Did you ever use the Extension library names picker? Do you like it? I don't! Why? It requires the user to use his mouse and make too many clicks to get to what he wants. I have a better way to achieve it and it can be adopted to any type-ahead you would like: in only 3 steps!!! And the coolest thing is: you can actually "fine tune" it. Just to give a clue: We have a database regarding travels which requires the user to enter his flights, we have a huge list of airports worldwide [read] Keywords: ibm notes xpages apple database javascript xml

quindip: unhide the hidden input
Sat, Jan 12th 2013 5:49a   Michael Zischeck
this time just a reference I deem important: Unhiding the hidden ‘hidden input’ control in XPages kudos to Declan Sciolla-Lynch [read] Keywords: xpages

quindip: use ctrl F8 to switch perspectives
Fri, Jan 11th 2013 5:25a   Michael Zischeck
so you read my article about how easy it is to debug xPages and now get stuck in the debug perspective all the time but you would like to checkout your code etc? simple: use to switch perspectives. If you open first all those perspectives you don't need and close them via WindowClose Perspective then it's a simple matter of to switch between Debug and xPages perspective ah.. as a side note: did you know that you can actually "debug" the building of the xPage component tree itse [read] Keywords: xpages application java xml

quindip: use step filters while debugging
Fri, Jan 11th 2013 4:49a   Michael Zischeck
To speed up debugging you can use step filters. Step filters effectively filter out all classes you are not interested in while you debug. Use step filters: Setup step filters (in preferences): That way you need not to use Step return or Step over too many times [read] Keywords:

quindip: accessing grouped values (checkbox/radio groups)
Thu, Jan 10th 2013 12:16p   Michael Zischeck
I was trying to get the selected values from a check box group, but I failed miserably... Almost when I gave up I got an error and then I found this site: the XPages Extensibility API Documentation via the class XspSelectManyCheckbox I then figured I had to search for the JSF API. There I found this: java.lang.Object[] getSelectedValues() Return the currently selected values, or null if there are no currently selected values. which basically means: getComponent("myCheckBoxGro [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus xpages apple java oracle

quindip: how to make extension library tooltips work properly
Tue, Jan 8th 2013 2:45p   Michael Zischeck
It's really simple: Drag'n drop a tooltip control from the extension library controls onto your page and set the appropriate properties: XML source code: Result: The only thing left is to add proper styling. As soon as I have themes working the way I require I will post more on this here [read] Keywords: xpages properties xml

quindip: debugging java in xPages made simple (four steps)
Sun, Jan 6th 2013 3:04p   Michael Zischeck
for some of you this might be the almost perfect XMas gift from me. I finally figured how to debug Java code in an xPage application, and it's DEAD SIMPLE... if only more people would blog about it... so here is how: 1. Create a debug configuration. The debug button might not always be visible, you will see it definetely by switching to the Java perspective. 2. add those 2 lines to your notes.ini and restart your notes client/designer JavaEnableDebug=1 JavaDebugOptions=tra [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client xpages application java server

creating curved arrows in Illustrator (tutorial)
Sun, Jan 6th 2013 3:03p   Michael Zischeck
For my studies I had to create a nice little graphic with curved arrows and they should contain text in them. I thought Illustrator might be the tool to use. But admittedly I am not a hard-core Illustrator user and hence I had to dig a bit to find out more how to do this… I found several suggestions but then at last I figured the most easy way is like this: Create a circle Divide the circle into how many parts as you need arrows around it: Add a line from center of the circle to its ci [read] Keywords: mac profile

quindip: prevent SameTime windows popping to the front
Thu, Oct 25th 2012 2:46a   Michael Zischeck
do you use SameTime? we use it a lot! are you annoyed when someone sends you a message and the window pops to the front while you are typing something somewhere? I am! here is the solution: the setting "Bring chat window to front" is VERY hidden! You have to select the one-on-one chat notification to actually see that property! [read] Keywords: notes notes client sametime

quindip: drag&drop design elements between applications
Wed, Oct 17th 2012 4:47a   Michael Zischeck
Did you know that you can drag&drop in the applications view design elements from one application to the other? you can actually "drop" them anywhere on the target application and they are put in the proper place. [read] Keywords: notes application applications

quindip: make accessing events/properties faster
Wed, Oct 10th 2012 9:39a   Michael Zischeck
Are you annoyed having to click x-times to get to your properties/events? I am... but how about this: Detach the properties and events views and place them on a separate monitor so that you always have them available. I use an external screen and have the properties/events views detached on my internal LCD. right click header of the view in designer and select "Detached" This way I don't bother resizing the panel on the bottom every 10 seconds. I click a field or any other [read] Keywords: ibm notes properties

quindip: more mysteries about scoped variables solved
Thu, Oct 4th 2012 8:03a   Michael Zischeck
I don't know about you.. I was for quite some time not quite getting the hang on "requestScope" and "viewScope" variables. I did understand the "sessionScope" and the "applicationScope" variables. after a few weeks of playing around with xPages, getting quite deep into JSF framework etc, I had today finally (maybe only to me) a stupid revelation: why a requestScope and a viewScope variable is called this way, and thus understand properly how it works requestScope Say you h [read] Keywords: xpages server

indispensable tip: how to bind domino form to a xPage
Sun, Sep 30th 2012 5:02a   Michael Zischeck
if you want to keep your design straightforward use as Form in the data binding section the same name as the xPage name: this will allow you to open a document created with this xPage without knowing it's corresponding xPage with the following URL command: /path/to/your/db.nsf/$$OpenDominoDocument.xsp?documentId=UNIVERSALID If you do it this way you do not even need to bind a notes form to the corresponding xPage: Drawbacks? there is... you cannot use the Data view to drag& [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages

indip: handling multivalues properly
Sun, Sep 30th 2012 5:02a   Michael Zischeck
have you ever wondered how values are treated as "multi-values" on the Notes backend document? it's pretty simple: [read] Keywords: notes xpages

indip: inject JS into xPage dynamically
Sun, Sep 30th 2012 5:02a   Michael Zischeck
wow... so... as you can see.. I was struggling lately a lot with how I could my validation work the way I want it... I would like to setup some configuration documents where I can define certain criteria upon which my documents (ie. xPages) are validated.... so the simple (required/threshold/regex pattern) ones I got (at least as a prototype) working... what was still missing was a way to inject "logic" into my validation via setup document.. With LotusScript you could simply us [read] Keywords: lotusscript notes xpages apple java javascript security xml

your turn!
Sun, Sep 30th 2012 5:01a   Michael Zischeck
What are your most urgent issues regarding development with XPages? let me know and write a comment. Why I would like to know? Well in the past few weeks when I tried to get the XPages framework for our company up and running, I spent countless hours doing research on the internet. And mostly I either didn't find the information I was looking for at all, or it took me too long and I had to "syndicate" bits and pieces from various sources into a model which would work for me… jus [read] Keywords: xpages application development

final solution preventing validators to kick-in when not required
Sat, Sep 15th 2012 12:11p   Michael Zischeck
remember? it was first days, then hours, okay, today hours as well.. but I think with some help of you guys out there blogging also I found the final solution, and the times do get better and better, as I get more and more knowledge about the whole thing. summary: use the PhaseListener to catch the phase: PROCESS_VALIDATIONSadd some code to the beforePhase event (to disable the validators for all but the required events)add some code to the afterPhase event (to enable the validators again)add [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus xpages blogger blogging

speeing up XPages execution AND development
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 5:12p   Michael Zischeck
to speed up execution you should native Java code whereever possible!!!!!!!!! (should I add some more explanation marks???????) DID YOU GET THIS okay.. fun aside... let's get down to the hardcore stuff: let's assume you created a helper class doing some nice stuff for you on your XPage (such as logging to another place than is possible with DebugToolbar) let's assume your Logger is in the package com.yourcompanyname.xpages.utilities now if you want to log the action of a button within an X [read] Keywords: xpages blogger development java javascript openntf

sick of adding hundres of standard validators in a huge XPage?
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 5:12p   Michael Zischeck
I am! do they, who the hell are they anyway?, really expect you to add on 50 to 100 fields with all those clumsy interface buttons the normal validators? examples? let's count the steps it takes me to add a validator: 1. select the field in the XPage 2. open properties view 3. "enlarge" (or drag it upwards) the properties view (cause it's always to slim in height) 4. click "All properties" 5. scroll down to data or click these on the first to sections: 6. click on the "validators" which [read] Keywords: notes xpages apple blogger interface java properties security server xml

JSF phases in XPages
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 4:11p   Michael Zischeck
I was trying to setup a system to handle "validation" via setup documents the normal validators which can be set up directly on each field would not help much (or be too much work to implement) I first tried a simple method: isDocValid returning true/false and adding JSF Messages like following: String m1 = "summary: ups something went wrong"; String m2 = "detail: ups something went wrong"; msg = new FacesMessage(FacesMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR, m1, m2); facesContext.addMessage(field.ge [read] Keywords: ibm xpages apple blogger bug google java xml

don't use "finally" in your Java code for XPages
Fri, Sep 14th 2012 4:11p   Michael Zischeck
since I have no started digging deeper into the XPages mysteries I want to share some of my learnings. As most of you know: if you use Java in Lotus Notes/Domino you have to take care that you recycle the Notes objects you instantiated (session, database, document etc.) Java has a nice feature called "finally". If you use a try/catch block (which I do to log all errors happening, so that I can follow up and fix them) you can also add the "finally" block at the end.. It could serve pretty [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages blogger database java

requestScope mystery solved
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 10:14a   Michael Zischeck
again RTFM!!!! but hey... the FM not always tells you what you want to know! Might that be the reason why we developers tend to NRTFM? dunno.. anyhow... after DAYS of testing / searching (is it called googling nowadays?) / changing code and iterating a (felt) thousand times... I finally came accross the solution how to "persist" the requestScope from one xPage to another... First (I hope I am not wrong with this) a bit of background: The parameters set in the requestScope would (normally [read] Keywords: domino xpages blogger server

have you ever wondered if i might be possible to make a custom control look nicer in the xPage design view?
Mon, Sep 10th 2012 6:17a   Michael Zischeck
It can be done! And it's actually not even that complicated. Find the instructions here: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/16102009115724SCAEXA.htm or read on... there is this nice Design Definition property on all custom controls (starting 8.5.3 I think): if you add some xPage source code to it (tip: create a new xpage the way you would like to look this custom control in the design view and copy & paste its source code here) it will later on in the actual xPage look like thi [read] Keywords: ldd lotus xpages blogger properties

Extension Library installation pains
Thu, Sep 6th 2012 6:09a   Michael Zischeck
okay okay.. I know.. RTFM but hey.. we are developers, we know what we are doing, right? ;-) How it all began: I was first trying to install the Extension Library on my desktop manually. and of course I installed the Domino part instead of the Designer part :-( I then considered following those instructions here: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/ddwiki.nsf/dx/Installing_the_upgrade_pack_on_Domino_Designer_and_Notes_ddxl853 but again RTFM... I mean c'mon... can't be that complicated. It can!!! [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus application blogger desktop workspace

ever wondered how to toggle single-sign on feature?
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 9:12a   Michael Zischeck
If you did install the single-sign-on feature with Lotus Notes and you got it working, fine. But what if for some reason you want to disable this feature? And you find unluckily it's grayed out and thus cannot be disabled? help is around the corner... run Notes as "Administrator" and you happily find this feature "active" (ie. not grayed out anymore), thus you can now disable it [read] Keywords: lotus notes blogger

did you know about all those "undocumented" features LN offers?
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 6:08a   Michael Zischeck
following this link you will find a lot of really cool stuff which is hidden underneath, ie. undocumented http://www.devinolson.net/devin/SpankysPlace.nsf/d6plinks/DOLN-8G4NBJ IBM: please make those features "documented"! do you personally use "undocumented" stuff in the LN world? did you ever face challenges? [read] Keywords: ibm blogger

do you ever read "release notes"?
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 9:09a   Michael Zischeck
it's been a while since my last post here. i usually don't really read release notes, do you? but did you know those cool features about the new table edititing possibilities in the LN8.5 client? Drag column or row margins to resize Drag the margins of the entire table to resize it Drag the contents from one cell to another Set the table width when creating a fixed width table Easily insert a new row or column by holding down the Shift key and double-clicking the common border or these ones [read] Keywords: notes apple blogger

overcome designer sluggishness to open design elements
Sun, Apr 3rd 2011 2:12a   Michael Zischeck
If you are a Domino designer I am 100% sure you are as frustrated as me when you double click any design element and it takes for ages for it to open. Solution: 1. double click the design element 2. click on any other tab of a view.. usually the design element then opens immediately BUT: be aware that you didn't "single-click" first on another design element, cause that would cause that element to be opened :-( yours iPinky7 [read] Keywords: domino blogger

update on "easiest way to open design elements"
Sun, Apr 3rd 2011 2:07a   Michael Zischeck
Hi again Here is an update on "easiest way to open design elements" which seemed to be very obvious.. In the other post (see link above) I wrote that the keyboard shortcut does not always work when the focus is wrong. but you can easily change the focus to the "Applications" view with another shortcut: . Actually is the same used to switch focus in the client (see here) So in the designer you would get a popup menu something like this: You then can simply choose the db you are working [read] Keywords: applications blogger

Tip for Mail User
Wed, Mar 30th 2011 5:36a   Michael Zischeck
Does it appear to you that you would like to see all mail by person? well.. that's easy.. just open the view all mail by person Have you ever heard about the "Collaboration History"? This feature is WAY cool... (I 100% doubt that the big MS brother can do it ;-) See how it works: Just right click on a mail in your mail box. select the name of the sender (or recipient, in case you sent that mail) and then select "Collaboration History" That also works within open mails and any other pl [read] Keywords: collaboration blogger database

would you like to have "code snippets" ready, same as other developers do?
Fri, Mar 25th 2011 4:32p   Michael Zischeck
Does it happend to you over and over again that you type the same lines of code for achieving simple stuff? Happens to me several times a day. Solution: With Domino 8.5 designer you have it: Open the view "Snippets" Once you have the view open you can simply right click and select Paste as Snippet... You can then create new "categories", move snippets up and down and do other things, like applying a different "view" etc.. just test it yourself Result could be something lik [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript blogger eclipse

easiest way to open design elements
Fri, Mar 18th 2011 4:28a   Michael Zischeck
are you frustrated with the BIG, I really mean B*I*G, navigation on the left-hand-side? all those design element categories, you are constantly opening and closing categories or subcategories Solution: Use and start entering the prefix of your element you are looking for (frm for forms, view or lup for views or lookup views, class for LS classes, agn for Agents, pg for pages etc...) in fact I just figured out: views can't be found: typing view will not yield anything. luckily you can enter [read] Keywords: ibm script library blogger

annoyed of the Sidebar taking too much space?
Thu, Mar 17th 2011 6:58a   Michael Zischeck
Are you annoyed with the Sidebar taking too much space? Solution: use keyboard shortcuts to open/close: to open use to close use you can use for a menu with open panels: You can then use the keyboard to select a panel (let's say Sametime), you then use some keys to navigate to the searchfield and you can easily find your desired chat partner without the need to use the mouse [read] Keywords: sametime blogger

find/use applications most easily in the Lotus Notes client
Thu, Mar 17th 2011 6:40a   Michael Zischeck
Do you hate the "Workspace" in Lotus Notes? Are you lost finding your applications? Solution: 1. use bookmarks and folders and give the folders intelligent names 2. use the open button ( or , = the righthand-side ) I have a project called AWC. typing in awc will find too many items. but using .AWC as a folder (DOT AWC) I can enter .awc and it lists only that folder In fact you can use any character as prefix for your foldernames. I found the "." to be easy to access, easier than @ or # or [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client applications blogger workspace

How to install additional language dictionaries in Lotes Notes 8.5.2
Thu, Mar 17th 2011 6:18a   Michael Zischeck
Do you miss additional language dictionaries to spell check your texts in Lotus Notes 8.5.2? Here is the solution: Steps: 1. download this Zip File (Notes_XTAFDictionaries_852_WinLnx_Ml.zip) 2. extract the updateSite for the dictionary you need (I use C:temp) 3. extract the extracted updateSite (I use in this example: C:temp) 4. Ensure in the Notes client that you can use Widgets: FilePreferencesWidgets 5. select ViewRight Sidebar PanelsMy Widgets 6. select ViewRight SidebarOpen (or use ) [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client blogger google widget widgets xml

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