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Getting the Best from the Soundtraxx Tsunami
Sun, Sep 1st 2013 163
Photos of my 345 on Blackstone Models website
Sun, Mar 24th 2013 158
If you use Domino Designer Help in 8.5....
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 162
Camp 93 at Abingdon
Mon, Mar 4th 2013 157
Big fix for Andre Guirard’s Design Element Search
Thu, Feb 28th 2013 195
OpenByReplicaID tries to open the Wrong DB and Fails!
Thu, Dec 20th 2012 229
Embedded View Show Single Category selection error.
Mon, Sep 24th 2012 262
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Embedded View Show Single Category selection error.
Mon, Sep 24th 2012 262
Lotus Traveler on iPod/iPhone Folder Limit?
Tue, Sep 21st 2010 230
OpenByReplicaID tries to open the Wrong DB and Fails!
Thu, Dec 20th 2012 229
Big fix for Andre Guirard’s Design Element Search
Thu, Feb 28th 2013 195
Getting the Best from the Soundtraxx Tsunami
Sun, Sep 1st 2013 163
If you use Domino Designer Help in 8.5....
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 162
Ethically Hacking Domino
Tue, May 29th 2012 160
Photos of my 345 on Blackstone Models website
Sun, Mar 24th 2013 158
Camp 93 at Abingdon
Mon, Mar 4th 2013 157
iOS6... Downloading now.
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 151

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Getting the Best from the Soundtraxx Tsunami
Sun, Sep 1st 2013 10:22a   Mick Moignard
Had a great time in Pasadena at the 33rd Narrow Gauge convention, and gave an updated version of the clinic on "Getting the best from the Soundtraxx Tsunami". The slides are now on the resources page, or just click here. [read] Keywords:

Photos of my 345 on Blackstone Models website
Sun, Mar 24th 2013 11:49a   Mick Moignard
A couple of pics of my C-19 #345 have appeared on Blackstone's web site at http://www.blackstonemodels.com/modelphotos/modelphotos.php#moignard Thanks, guys, for placing those photos. Proud to be in the same company as the photos already there. 345 is a reworked first run C-19, detailed specifically as the Durango, Co., switcher in 1951 before it was wrecked in the making of the movie Denver and Rio Grande, where it sat in for #268. Tender detailing includes all-new piping on the t [read] Keywords:

If you use Domino Designer Help in 8.5....
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 8:48a   Mick Moignard
If you like the old Designer Help in 8.5, and want to continue to use it like you've used designer help for the last however many years it is, then I suggest you keep a copy of the Designer Help database before you install Domino Designer 9. The new Designer help in 9 does not contain anything very useful, so you have to use the Eclipse-based help in Designer 9 to check stuff. I'm sure that there is a good set of use cases for this change, but I for one think it's retrograde. I find l [read] Keywords: domino lotusscript notes database eclipse

Camp 93 at Abingdon
Mon, Mar 4th 2013 3:02a   Mick Moignard
We took Camp 93 to the Abingdon Club's show on Saturday, and came away with the best in show award; see the pic below. Thanks to Phil Baxendale and Steve Probets from my club in Princes Risborough for coming along as the layout crew, and Max Brayne for helping out on Saturday. Photo from Anne Diamond. [read] Keywords:

Big fix for Andre Guirard’s Design Element Search
Thu, Feb 28th 2013 7:23a   Mick Moignard
Back in 2007 Andre Guirard (by the way, Andre, are you still in the Notes world?) described his Design Element Search tool. A month ago I needed a tool like this one, and Google showed up Andre's post. 5 minutes later, I was testing away, and found that it wasn't detecting some text items in some script libraries. Much debugging time later (by the way, if debugging SAX parser events, you need to set breakpoints in them before processing the SAX, otherwise you never get to see the exits in [read] Keywords: dxl ldd lotus lotusscript notes google xml

OpenByReplicaID tries to open the Wrong DB and Fails!
Thu, Dec 20th 2012 4:02a   Mick Moignard
Have an application that's been running for years and years, and works just fine, apart from one user who is reporting an error. The line of code in question is run locally on the client, from a local database, and tries to open another local database with: If userdatabase.OpenByReplicaID("", "") = True then It fails for just the one user with a 4060 error, User cannot open database . The database noted in the error is available locally, has a different replica to that used in t [read] Keywords: acl admin lotusscript application database


Embedded View Show Single Category selection error.
Mon, Sep 24th 2012 7:42a   Mick Moignard
Had a problem reported last week to do with a Show Single Category embedded view showing the wrong documents; documents that strictly didn't match the embedded view selection. The parent document has a reference number* value, and that's used to drive the selection in the embedded view, of bill documents. What we had was parent documents numbered: 1000 100000001And some bills for parent 1000. But those bills showed up in the embedded view for both parent documents. And that was con [read] Keywords: lotus notes application

iOS6... Downloading now.
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 11:22a   Mick Moignard
Just downloading to my iPhone 4s now.... [read] Keywords: iphone

SoundTraxx Dealer Training
Tue, Jun 26th 2012 9:11a   Mick Moignard
I'm now SoundTraxx and Blackstone Models Factory Trained, having been on the factory training workshop last week along with Ted Smale and Jon Jewitt from Sunningwell Command Control. We had a great week in Durango with Soundtraxx, and I'd recommend this seminar to anyone who is selling and servicing SoundTraxx and Blackstone products. Now, Durango takes a little getting to from the UK. We took the 4:00 bus to Heathrow, then UA929 to Denver. This stops at ORD where we enter the US, a [read] Keywords: lotusphere development office reservation security

Pointless Error Messages #2147
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 9:10a   Mick Moignard
We've all seen pointless dialog boxes before. Here's one from Db2 Express-C 9.7: [read] Keywords: db2

Ethically Hacking Domino
Tue, May 29th 2012 7:29a   Mick Moignard
Went to Paul Mooney/Bluewave's Domino Ethical Hacking workshop last week, and I'm rather glad I did. Tom Duff's comment on Paul's post is pretty much on the money, very scary stuff indeed, and really made you think. Paul showed and discussed a whole range of tools and techniques that are used by the bad guys out there, and each time then brought the discussion back to what you need to do in your corporate and Domino environment to be able to guard against them. Not all the solutions, by [read] Keywords: domino network

Connections How-To
Thu, Mar 29th 2012 8:43a   Mick Moignard
Big shout out to Paul and Gab for Connections101. Not something I'm personally interested in right now, but two/three years ago when I set up a Connections pilot on connections 2.0, I used a guide that Jon Mell had produced, and was heartily grateful for it. Even with it there was a step I missed, which Stuart McIntyre showed me how to solve. Another example of assistance and learning from those who've gone before you, and trying only to make new mistakes yourself. I failed that one. M [read] Keywords: connections domino linkedin

Time for Change
Tue, Dec 13th 2011 9:42a   Mick Moignard
No, I'm not leaving the Yellowsphere. But I am leaving Unipart, my employer of 28 years, as they've decided that Lotus Notes consulting isn't core business and are closing that business unit. I'm setting up on my own - to do Lotus Notes and Domino business rather much as I have been up to now. Starting off working with some loyal customers whose business I appreciate and treasure. I'm hoping to be able to find the time also to go find new customers, learn some new skills, and hopefull [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes consulting networking

Tsunami Clinic: now available as Handouts
Tue, Nov 8th 2011 11:23a   Mick Moignard
I was asked at the Slim gauge Circle meeting last Sunday if I could make a version of the Tsunami slides that isn't 51 pages. There's a handouts version of the slides as a PDF on the downloads page. Mick [read] Keywords:

Clinics at NMRA Bournemouth - slides posted.
Mon, Oct 17th 2011 2:23p   Mick Moignard
Slides from my two clinics at the NMRA BR Convention in Bournemouth are now posted on the downloads page. I hope you find these useful, and for those hardy souls who came to the Sunday one on Tsunamis, where my laptop was playing up, I don't think you - and I - actually missed much, now that I've looked again at the slides. Do let me know iif there's anything that needs expanding, and if anyone would like me to come and do these clinics at their club, let me know. [read] Keywords: laptop

Traveler and iOS5: just works. Well nearly.
Thu, Oct 13th 2011 10:02a   Mick Moignard
Installed iOS5 on my iPod Touch last night and this morning. Like many people, I got the stuff downloaded last night, but suffered the 3200 error with Apple's servers being busy and could not complete the install. So I did the actual install this morning, where it worked first time, though only the standard apps worked once it "completed" the setup. Took a complete power-off of the iPod and a restart of Windows and iTunes before iTunes would see the iPod again and put everything back [read] Keywords: connections ibm inotes notes traveler apple ipod

Putting your heaad above the parapet. You may get shot at.
Wed, Aug 10th 2011 4:22a   Mick Moignard
No, this is nothing about the riots over here in the UK. It's about making statements and opinions, and finding that other people may disagree with you. DominoPower magazine is running a my review of Eric Mack's eProductivity Essentials, which is one of his family of Getting Things Done toolsets. This new version is a free but limited capability version. You install it and it is supposed to work as the full version for 21 days, and then, if you don't purchase a license key, backs down [read] Keywords: database exchange exchange

Micosoft Buys Skype. Why?
Tue, May 10th 2011 6:45a   Mick Moignard
Microsoft are to pay $8.5bn for Skype, apparently to use it to perk up their online and mobile strategy, according to a BBC report. How this deal will play with the Nokia/Windows Mobile deal is yet to be seen. Skype doesn't make a lot of money. Only two years ago, it was valued at a bit over $2bn, so what is it that Microsoft have seen in Skype that nobody else has, that can generate that sort of premium? The BBC post suggests that there's a lot of potential, to deliver a variety of n [read] Keywords: integration microsoft mobile skype

Nokia and Microsoft; Suicide or Desperation?
Fri, Feb 11th 2011 10:02a   Mick Moignard
Following Stephen Elop's downbeat assessment yesterday of Nokia's situation, they've now decided to go in with Microsoft to make gear based on Windows Mobile 7,and shed a large number of jobs round the world. The BBC report says that Nokia will sideline Symbian and go with Mobile 7 across the range. You can see some logic in that argument; supporting two operating systems - three if you include Nokia's not yet shipped MeeGo - would cost more, but I can't imagine the changeover will be [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere ray ozzie traveler microsoft mobile

Lotusphere 2011 in words.
Sun, Feb 6th 2011 10:02a   Mick Moignard
Just completed my writeup for Dominopower and submitted it for the editor's blue pencil. Should see it appear over the next few weeks. Please keep an eye open... I squirted it thru IBM's Word Cloud to see how the emphasis went: see for yourself: [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Let Lotusphere begin
Sat, Jan 29th 2011 5:22a   Mick Moignard
Or rather, judging by last night's crowd in the Dolphin lobby bar, it already has. [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Ray Ozzie Leaves Microsoft. What does that mean for Microsoft now?
Tue, Oct 19th 2010 8:14a   Mick Moignard
The BBC is reporting that Ray Ozzie has resigned from Microsoft. Not the first one to go recently, but probably the most important. Back in 2005 when he "joined" Microsoft wen they purchased his company, I speculated that Ray might only stay at Microsoft for a couple of years. Then in 2006 I wondered whether the purchase of Groove was the only way that they could get Ozzie on board, and whether he really held the future of Microsoft in his hands. Seems that he didn't - indeed, it [read] Keywords: collaboration connections notes ray ozzie eclipse facebook linkedin microsoft mobile office

Lotus Traveler on iPod/iPhone Folder Limit?
Tue, Sep 21st 2010 5:13a   Mick Moignard
I've just had a query about folder support through Lotus Traveler to iPhones: Is there a limit to the number of folders that traveler / iphone can support. ? The reason for the question is that I have 2 people with a large number of folders, and the sync stops working correctly, emails that show on the laptop client do not show on the mobile device, other users with fewer folders work fine. I've found a number limits and quirks in this area, but no positive answer about the number [read] Keywords: lotus notes traveler iphone ipod laptop mobile

Domino Admin Client 8.5.2 Expands my hard disk.
Wed, Sep 1st 2010 3:43p   Mick Moignard
I thought I had a 60Gb disk in my laptop. Domino Admin client 8.5.2 finds otherwise! If I set the display to All Files and All displayed, it gets even bigger: Nice. If only it were true! [read] Keywords: admin domino laptop

How to quieten a Sugiyama Goose mechanism.
Mon, Aug 23rd 2010 4:13p   Mick Moignard
Many HOn3 modellers of you will have experience of Sugiyama/Flying Zoo Goose mechanisms, and noted in particular the noise that they generate, all of which comes from the straight-cut spur gears of the primary drive I fixed one of these a while back, in a quite drastic manner, by replacing the whole mechanism in a #2 Goose with a Con-Cor one. Here's an easier one, that doesn't require a new mechanism, costs USD5 in parts (GBP 2.50, EUR3.20) and should take less than an hour to implement [read] Keywords:

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