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Exit Stage Left
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 2
My Two Big Questions Heading in to IBM Connect 2016
Wed, Jan 27th 2016 3
Speaking at IBM Connect
Tue, Jan 26th 2016 4
IBM Champion.. Again
Tue, Nov 24th 2015 3
IBM Connections Cloud Meetings Get a New Look and Audio/Video
Mon, Jun 22nd 2015 2
Why I still have faith in LastPass
Tue, Jun 16th 2015 3
The 2015 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony
Wed, Feb 4th 2015 0
Top 10
Adding Two Factor Authentication to IBM Connections Cloud
Tue, Feb 3rd 2015 6
IBM Verse – The Commercial
Fri, Jan 9th 2015 5
The 2014 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 4
IBM Notes Traveler and support for iOS8
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 4
IBM Updates on SHA-2 and POODLE
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 4
Speaking at IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 4
Speaking at IBM Connect
Tue, Jan 26th 2016 4
CloudGOO – combine all of your cloud storage into one drive
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 3
Nominations are Open for the IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program
Wed, May 28th 2014 3
Nominations are open for the next class of IBM Champions
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 3

Mitch Cohen
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Exit Stage Left
Wed, Oct 5th 2016 10:53a   Mitch Cohen
Nominations are open for the class of 2017 IBM Champions for IBM Collaboration Solutions. My current work has taken me in a different direction, and I have spent very little time this past year in the IBM space.  I do miss it a little, but I’ve been enjoying new challenges and learning new things. I do miss blogging here. It’s not for lack of ideas, but mostly due to lack of time of late. I would love to make some updates to this site and post a little more often. Hopefully I can fi

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