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Speaking at IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 193
IBM Updates on SHA-2 and POODLE
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 293
IBM Domino , Google, and SHA-1
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 148
IBM ConnectED 2015 Call for Abstracts is now open
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 99
IBM Notes Traveler and support for iOS8
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 149
IBM SmartCloud rebranding to IBM Connections Cloud
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 129
Nominations are open for the next class of IBM Champions
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 85
Top 10
IBM Updates on SHA-2 and POODLE
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 293
Some Tips for Traveler on Android
Tue, Dec 28th 2010 267
Using WhatsApp Messenger with a Google Voice Number
Tue, Nov 1st 2011 248
Slides for SHOW304: How to Create a Perfect Profile: A Hitchiker’s Guide to A Smarter Workforce
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 229
Speaking at IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 193
IBM Notes Traveler and support for iOS8
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 149
IBM Domino , Google, and SHA-1
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 148
CloudGOO – combine all of your cloud storage into one drive
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 136
Making Two Factor Authentication (even) easier
Thu, Aug 7th 2014 130
IBM SmartCloud rebranding to IBM Connections Cloud
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 129

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Recent Blog Posts

Speaking at IBM ConnectED 2015
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 2:03p   Mitch Cohen
IBM ConnectED 2015 is a little over a month away and it is shaping up to be a busy week for me.  Here are my sessions looking forward to seeing you there. Scott Souder and I will attempt to answer all your questions about IBM Verse MAS102: Mail As You’ve Never Imagined It Before: IBM Verse At a time when organizations are striving to be more efficient, we are faced with an overwhelmingly large volume of email that outpaces productivity. But IBM is changing all of this by re-imagining what [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm email mobile tivoli

IBM Updates on SHA-2 and POODLE
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 8:50a   Mitch Cohen
Two new Technotes have been published How is IBM Domino impacted by the POODLE attack? The Short version it is and IBM will provide Interim Fixes for the following Domino releases: 9.0.1 Fix Pack 2 9.0 8.5.3 Fix Pack 6 8.5.2 Fix Pack 4 8.5.1 Fix Pack 5 Planned SHA-2 deliveries for IBM Domino 9.x The Short version SHA-2 support for Domino 9.x is planned to be delivered over the next several weeks via an Interim Fix. With this Interim Fix, Domino administrators will be able to configure Domin [read] Keywords: domino ibm inotes sametime xpages security smtp

IBM Domino , Google, and SHA-1
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 1:32p   Mitch Cohen
There is a lot of talk these days about Google’s decision to accelerate the deprecation of SHA-1, and IBM Domino’s lack of support for SHA-2 .  Right off lets get this straight IBM absolutely should have plans to add SHA-2 support in Domino and an implementation date should be communicated ASAP.  At the same time the pressure should really be on Google to back down from what is an arbitrary deadline they announced out of the blue, and to support the previously announced 2017 date [read] Keywords: domino ibm archive google microsoft podcast security

IBM ConnectED 2015 Call for Abstracts is now open
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 10:00a   Mitch Cohen
The Call for Abstracts for IBM ConnectEd 2015 has gone out.  You have until October 8th to submit your abstract for the upcoming event.   You can see the seven available tracks and their descriptions here, and the Agenda overview here. IBM ConnectED 2015 Call for Abstracts [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm

IBM Notes Traveler and support for iOS8
Tue, Sep 9th 2014 7:05a   Mitch Cohen
If you support an IBM Notes Traveler environment this question should be on your mind Looks like good news if you are reasonably current in your Traveler environment.  We have had a beta device connected to a 9.0.1 IF4 Traveler server and it worked with out any issue, I know I will be watching closely when Apple releases iOS8 to make sure everything keeps working. See the technote fo the Full Q&A including updates on Traveler Companion and To Do . Nice job by IBM getting this document pu [read] Keywords: ibm notes traveler apple server

IBM SmartCloud rebranding to IBM Connections Cloud
Wed, Sep 3rd 2014 1:02p   Mitch Cohen
We heard last January at IBM Connect that the IBM Collaboration Solutions would all be rebranded under the IBM Connections name.   IBM SmartCloud for Social Business is no exception and will be changing later in September. Current Name New Name IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced IBM Connections Cloud S1 IBM SmartCloud Engage Standard IBM Connections Cloud S2 IBM SmartCloud iNotes IBM Connections Web Mail Cloud IBM SmartCloud Archive Essentials IBM Connections Archive Essentials Cloud [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm inotes notes archive


Nominations are open for the next class of IBM Champions
Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 11:06a   Mitch Cohen
It is that time of year again, nominations are open for the next class of IBM Champions.  Take a few minutes and nominate yourself, or even better nominate someone else to show appreciation for their contributions to the community. Nominate an IBM Champion [read] Keywords: ibm lotus community

Making Two Factor Authentication (even) easier
Thu, Aug 7th 2014 7:01a   Mitch Cohen
If you pay attention to the news you know you should be protecting your accounts with strong unique passwords, and two factor authentication wherever it is supported.  Two factor authentication improves your security by requiring (as the name implies) as second piece of information to authenticate which is usually a number generated by an app on your phone or received via text or email.  A while ago I posted this tip to make two factor authentication a little easier, now I want to follow that [read] Keywords: email google security

I’m Looking Forward to this
Tue, Jun 24th 2014 7:41a   Mitch Cohen
From my Inbox last night IBM Mail Next  [read] Keywords: ibm

Nominations are Open for the IBM Mail Next Design Advisory Program
Wed, May 28th 2014 6:03a   Mitch Cohen
Interested in IBM Mail Next? Want a voice in shaping the product? Nominate yourself to participate in the Design Advisory Program for Mail Next. You need to be an IBM SmartCloud Notes Customer, or a Business Partner with a SmartCloud Demo Account to participate. Kramer Reeves: IBM Mail Next – Design Advisory Program – Open for Nominations! IBM Design Advisory Program for IBM Mail Next – Nomination Form [read] Keywords: ibm notes

IBM Connections Next – The Trailer
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 7:14a   Mitch Cohen
IBM Connections Next is coming, with the details being announced on May 21st.   I love this trailer that Luis Benitez put together ahead of the announcement. Don’t forget to register for the May 21st Webcast [read] Keywords: connections ibm

CloudGOO – combine all of your cloud storage into one drive
Fri, Mar 28th 2014 3:11p   Mitch Cohen
I installed CloudGOO on my Android phone today (they say an iOS version is in the works), I love the idea of showing all my cloud based files across different services as if they were all together on one big drive.  CloudGOO also supports automatic upload where you can specify which service to use, or let CloudGOO decide based on the space you have available. CloudGOO [read] Keywords: google

Pley – The Netflix of LEGO
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 8:10a   Mitch Cohen
My friend Daniel tweeted this link to me this morning about Pley, the “Netflix of LEGO” where you can borrow and return LEGO sets.  My first reaction was “That is Brilliant”, my second reaction was “until I have to return a set and spend hours searching the house to figure out where the kids lost all the pieces” [read] Keywords: twitter

Slides for SHOW304: How to Create a Perfect Profile: A Hitchiker’s Guide to A Smarter Workforce
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 1:12p   Mitch Cohen
Chris Whisonant and I had fun preparing and presenting this one together at IBM Connect 2014.  If you are using IBM Connections this should help you get even more out of Profiles [read] Keywords: connections ibm application profile twitter

IBM Connect 2014 By the Numbers
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 12:16p   Mitch Cohen
Here is a quick look back at IBM Connect 2014 by the numbers Photography I felt like I did not take that many pictures this year, as I left the big camera behind most of the time and stuck with my phone, at the end of the week I somehow ended up with  2251 pictures between my phone and camera. Here is my Flickr Collection for IBM Connect 2014 Steps Everyone knows you walk, and walk, and walk at IBM Connect here were my Steps per day as tracked by my Fitbit One Sunday – 18,428 Monday ̵ [read] Keywords: ibm twitter

The 2014 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony
Thu, Feb 6th 2014 11:10a   Mitch Cohen
Yes it is called IBM Connect now, and the Closing General Session wraps up around 4:30 in the afternoon, but the true closing session takes place many hours later when Mat Newman finally removes his badge (well has his badge removed).  The honor this year was given to Amanda Bauman. The 2013 Lotusphere Closing Ceremony [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere twitter

Live Blog: IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session
Sun, Jan 26th 2014 11:11a   Mitch Cohen
Thanks for joining me for Live Coverage of the IBM Connect OGS feel free to leave a comment on the post or in the live feed.  For a live stream of the event Click here. [read] Keywords: ibm

Live Blogging at IBM Connect
Fri, Jan 24th 2014 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
I will be live blogging (or at least trying) once again from IBM Connect.   For now I plan on live blogging 2 sessions, though I might add more later on. Monday January 27th 7:45 AM IBM Connect 2014 Opening General Session Thursday January 30th 11:15 AM Ask the Product Managers My full blogging and speaking schedule is available on my IBM Connect 2014 page, and visit the IBM Connect Livestream page for live coverage [read] Keywords: ibm blogging

Conference Calls in Real Life
Thu, Jan 23rd 2014 7:51a   Mitch Cohen
via Mashable [read] Keywords:

Some useful Amazon S3 Tools
Fri, Jan 17th 2014 9:33a   Mitch Cohen
I find myself using Amazon S3 for storage more and more these days.  Yes I have a Dropbox account, and a Box account (and probably a Copy account too).   There are times that I need a little more space then I have available in Dropbox and among other things I have been using Amazon S3 to give my self a little extra space as needed. What is Amazon S3 you ask this is a quick explanation Here are some tools I have found useful working with my files in S3 Android: S3Anywhere Free and Pro version [read] Keywords: apple google

Holes I Need Holes
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 12:12p   Mitch Cohen
(Yes the post title is a Seinfeld reference see below) One of my cardinal rules in life is ABC (Always Be Charging).  I like to keep my devices charged, and you can usually find me with a spare battery of some sort on me when I am out and about.   Much as I have tried to avoid Kickstarter, last year The Practical Meter caught my eye and I backed the project. I have been playing with it for some time now, and it is definitely helpful in making sure that when speed matters devices are charging [read] Keywords: application wiki

Superbowl Tickets Maybe Not
Wed, Jan 15th 2014 7:14p   Mitch Cohen
The Superbowl will be played in my backyard this year, today the NFL was nice enough to send me an email letting me know that tickets are now available. Out of curiosity I clicked, the cheapest tickets and the most expensive tickets I guess I will be watching it the comfort of my den [read] Keywords: email

How to add IBM Connect 2014 Online to the IBM Connections Mobile App
Mon, Jan 13th 2014 8:36a   Mitch Cohen
For those attending IBM Connect 2014 you should have already received your credentials to the Connect 2014 online site, which in large part is powered by IBM Connections.  If you want to use the IBM Connections Mobile App (Android, iOS) it can be easily configured as follows. Add a new account and select “My company’s server’ Next use the this URL “https://connections.connect2014.com/mobile” along with the credentials you should have received fro [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus apple google mobile server

Making Two Factor Authentication (a little) easier
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 9:15a   Mitch Cohen
I am a big fan of Two Factor Authentication.  If you are not familiar with two factor authentication, there is a good explanation here.  I have enabled  Two Factor authentication pretty much on any account I have that supports it. Many Two Factor implementations use the Google Authenticator app to provide the authentication code.   Setting up  the authenticator is easy, you generally scan a QR code, and then enter the code to confirm the setup. One of the difficulties when using Two Factor [read] Keywords: google password

2013 By The Numbers
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 6:12a   Mitch Cohen
An abbreviated version of my annual look back at the last year, by the numbers. Blogging My blogging output was way down this year.  I am not exactly sure why, it was a busy year not leaving as much time to care and feed the blog as I would have liked.  On my to do list for this year is to give the blog theme a much needed update, and hopefully get back to posting a little more regularly Twitter Much like blogging a big drop off in the number of Tweets from 2012 to 2013.  I can’t say I [read] Keywords: blogging google twitter

Speaking at IBM Connect 2014
Thu, Jan 2nd 2014 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
I am looking forward to warm weather in Orlando a few short weeks from now, and looking forward to speaking twice at IBM Connect 2014 First on Monday a Show and Tell session with Chris Whisonant  SHOW304 : How to Create a Perfect Profile: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to A Smarter Workforce Date/Time : Mon, 27/Jan, 02:00 PM-03:45 PM Room : Swan-Osprey 1 & 2 Profiles are the centerpiece of IBM Connections and your social business. IBM Connections ships with scripts to connect to your LDAP Dir [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere show and tell profile tivoli twitter

Tue, Dec 24th 2013 9:11a   Mitch Cohen
On December 24, 1968 one of NASA’s most famous pictures “Earthrise” was taken during the Apollo 8 Mission.  NASA recreated how the photo was taken in this video [read] Keywords: twitter

Google Chromecast – The Good, The Bad, and the Wishlist
Thu, Dec 12th 2013 9:14a   Mitch Cohen
I have had a Google Chromecast for a couple of months now, and until recently was disappointed with it. That all changed this week when Google announced support for 10 news apps including Plex.   Previously I had used Netflix a little over Chromecast and it worked well, but I have quite a bit of content on my Plex server to watch as well.  With Plex on Chromecast it comes closer to taking over for the Roku box.   So here is my good, bad and wishlist for Chromecast Good Very easy to set up us [read] Keywords: apple google network server wifi

Dilbert Goes To Lotusphere
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 8:01a   Mitch Cohen
Yes I know it is IBM Connect now, but I liked the sound of “Dilbert Goes to Lotusphere” I am a huge Dilbert fan and super excited about this Hat Tip Salvador Gallardo who spotted this on the IBM Social Business Facebook Page [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere facebook twitter

2014 IBM Champion
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 8:10a   Mitch Cohen
Last week the 2014 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions were announced.  I am honored to have been selected again along with 86 other deserving champions. Thank you to anyone who might have nominated me and to the selection committee. Now would also be a good time to welcome Oliver Heinz who was recently appointed as the new ICS community Manager. [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community twitter

I feel the need…. the need for speed
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 4:10p   Mitch Cohen
It’s no secret one of my favorite movies is Top Gun, here it is in GIF Format via The Creators Project  where you can also watch Avatar, Up and The Shining as GIFs [read] Keywords: wiki

Best Sports Report Ever
Fri, Sep 13th 2013 8:10a   Mitch Cohen
41 Seinfeld references in a sports report, just brilliant [read] Keywords:

My Google Reader Replacement(s)
Wed, Jun 26th 2013 5:47a   Mitch Cohen
After Google announced the shutdown of Google Reader in March I went through a period of denial, surely Google would change their mind.  By mid May I realized I better start looking for alternatives, and with less than a week to go until Google Reader shuts down I think I have settled on my replacements. I check my RSS feeds on my PC, Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII), and on my iPad.  Having them all in sync is probably the most important feature to me.  After trying a few alternatives her [read] Keywords: apple google mobile

Bad Marketing or Clever Spam?
Fri, Jun 7th 2013 6:40a   Mitch Cohen
This morning I arrived in my office to find an envelope waiting for me on my desk.  Physical mail of any sort is a rarity at the office these days, let alone a hand addressed envelope from someone I don’t know. Curiosity made me open it and look inside where I found this Note the custom URL with my name. NO I did not type that in to a browser and I have no plans on doing so, but it leaves me wondering is this a terrible attempt at marketing something, which missed in both credibility an [read] Keywords: email office

Inside the Internet Archive
Mon, Jun 3rd 2013 9:17a   Mitch Cohen
I enjoyed this video on the Internet Archive Project  it is well worth 12 minutes to watch it. Internet Archive from Deepspeed media on Vimeo. via Mental Floss [read] Keywords: archive

Sun, May 5th 2013 5:21p   Mitch Cohen
Survivor is the only reality TV show I watch. I have been watching it since it went on the air in 1998. Some seasons have been better than others, some of the survivors have been more fun to watch than others, but through the years for some reason I keep watching. This morning we are celebrating real survivors, including my favorite survivor pictured here. Feel free to support our team and raise money for Breast Cancer Research and Support here [read] Keywords:

Speaking at IamLUG
Tue, Apr 30th 2013 8:23a   Mitch Cohen
IamLUG is back in St Louis, MO next week and I will be there and be presenting.  My Session is titled “Fast track users for IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business with Tivoli Directory Integrator“. I will be showing how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator to provision your users in to IBM SmartCloud.  In addition I will be covering the basics of Tivoli Directory Integrator, so if you are working with SmartCloud, IBM Connections Profiles, or have any other Directory Integration needs t [read] Keywords: connections ibm integration tivoli

Traveler for Android is now available on Google Play
Fri, Apr 26th 2013 6:24a   Mitch Cohen
A while back I asked “Why Not Put Traveler in the Android Market?”, things have changed since I wrote that.  For one thing the Android Market is now called Google Play.  As of yesterday IBM Traveler for Android is now available in Google Play.  Thanks for listening IBM. From the IBM Notes and Domino Wiki Traveler for Android is now available on Google Play Traveler for Android on Google Play [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes traveler google wiki

Bitcoin Explained
Wed, Apr 10th 2013 7:13a   Mitch Cohen
If you are looking to understand what Bitcoin is I though this video was a good explanation. [read] Keywords:

Happy Fifth Birthday Abe & Jack
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013 9:14a   Mitch Cohen
Time Flies hard to believe it has already been five years. [read] Keywords:

IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition Product Demo
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition available for Download on March 21, 2013 [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes

IBM Connections 4.5 Demo
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
IBM Connections 4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager available for download on March 29, 2013 [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Farewell Google Reader – The “Free Problem”
Thu, Mar 14th 2013 8:15a   Mitch Cohen
Everyone loves Free products, but just look at the last few weeks/months  here is a list of services or apps I use(d) that are going away Posterous Tweetdeck (Air version) Memolane Google Reader Spool There are others like Otixo which I used which transitioned from Freemium to paid, at which point I made a value judgement that it was not worth it to me to pay for that service.  Ultimately you get what you pay for, and when you are not paying, you are simply hoping the free service you are us [read] Keywords: facebook google mobile wiki

Hacked? Google Wants to Help
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 7:10a   Mitch Cohen
Here was my experience a few months ago [read] Keywords: google

Oxford University Blocks Google Docs
Tue, Feb 19th 2013 6:15a   Mitch Cohen
This story caught e eye this morning, Oxford University made a decision to block Google Docs on the campus network at least temporarily for security reasons.  You can read the article for why Oxford made this decision, the key though is how they say Google’s response (or lack thereof) to Phishing attacks running in Google Docs Unfortunately, you then need to wait for them to take action. Of late that seems typically to take a day or two; in the past it’s been much longer, sometimes on [read] Keywords: email google network security

Automatically Managing Attachments with Gmail & Dropbox
Wed, Feb 13th 2013 9:12a   Mitch Cohen
I mentioned earlier in the year I am focusing on reducing the overall amount of traffic in my inbox, and at the same time the amount of time spent managing my inbox.  In my work life IBM Connections Files has greatly reduced the number of attachments received in email, and the ones I do receive are simply dragged and dropped into Files using the Notes Sidebar plugin. In my personal life no such luck, I still get quite a deal of attachments in email, and I have found a pretty good system for dea [read] Keywords: connections ibm notes email google integration

My IBM Champion Interview at IBM Connect
Wed, Feb 13th 2013 8:10a   Mitch Cohen
My IBM Champion Interview with Justin Liu at IBM Connect 2013 [read] Keywords: ibm twitter

A Clarification on Traveler High Availability
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
Last week at IBM Connect Chris Whisonant and I presented a Show and Tell Session on IBM Notes Traveler High Availability.  One of the attendees at the session was a developer from the Traveler team.  I had worked with Smith (actually his first name not an alias)  many times before during Traveler Betas, and on a couple of PMR, but met him for the first time at a Birds of Feather session on Traveler that morning. While I was confident in my knowledge on the subject, a couple of times while pre [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes show and tell traveler twitter

The Lotusphere Closing Ceremony
Tue, Feb 5th 2013 12:12p   Mitch Cohen
Most people believe that when the Closing General Session ends Lotusphere is over.  Lotusphere isn’t over though until the official closing ceremony much later on that  night. It is not easy leaving ones #happyplace [read] Keywords: lotusphere

20 Random Thoughts from IBM Connect 2013
Tue, Feb 5th 2013 6:59a   Mitch Cohen
1. The batteries on Mat Newman occasionally need recharging 2. They label these things for a reason – double check the sign before entering 3. It’s So Fluffy 4. The only thing better than Minions is Dancing Minions (The person working the gift shop laughed a lot while we were visiting) 5. The Wifi was worthless this year, thank goodness for 4G (and unlimited data plans) 6.  I love Roller Coasters but I skipped the Rocket at Universal which was probably a [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere google twitter wifi wiki

The Wisps of IBM Connect 2013
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 12:11p   Mitch Cohen
Sorry if I missed you, here is this years Wisp Set [read] Keywords: ibm application

What Will IBM Connect be called next?
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 8:12a   Mitch Cohen
During the Closing General Session of IBM Connect 2013 John Hodgman lists off future names for the ‘conference formerly known as Lotusphere’.  Unfortunately I missed the first few seconds of this bit. [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere twitter

Caption Competition
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 6:47a   Mitch Cohen
Mat Newman greeting Andy Donaldson at IBM Connect.  Leave a comment with your caption. [read] Keywords: ibm

Farewell and Thank You IBM Connect 2013
Fri, Feb 1st 2013 5:12a   Mitch Cohen
Seven Days, 426 Tweets, 1620 pictures and videos, and very few hours of sleep, I am headed home from IBM Connect 2013. As I have in past years I always like writing down a few thoughts and thank yous on my way home. Thank you to my wife Elisa, every year I spend a week in the warmer climate of Florida, while Elisa stays home and takes care of the kids. This year I was thrilled that Elisa was able to join me in Orlando for a couple of days, and meet so many of the people that makes Lotusphere s [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere show and tell community

Live Blog IBM Connect Ask the Product Managers
Thu, Jan 31st 2013 9:12a   Mitch Cohen
Thanks for joining me for live coverage of Ask the Product Managers at IBM Connect 2013 feel free to comment or ask questions will do my best to answer. [read] Keywords: ibm

Slides for Show 100 Making Traveler Highly Available
Thu, Jan 31st 2013 7:11a   Mitch Cohen
Slides from the session Chris Whisonant and I presented on Installing, Configuring, and Migrating to Traveler High Avaialbility. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Snt100 from Mitch Cohen [read] Keywords: traveler

The (unofficial) Blogger Open: Where to Hangout After then Closing Session
Wed, Jan 30th 2013 6:39a   Mitch Cohen
There is no officially planned or sponsored Blogger Open this year, thanks to those who generously offered to sponsor, unfortunately I was not able to raise the dollars needed to officially run the event. The unofficial community hangout after the IBM Connect Closing Session will be Splitsville bowling Alley at Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is located conveniently close to the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, and Beach Club. Disney offers shuttle buses or it is a short cab ride away. Splitsville offers [read] Keywords: ibm blogger community

Live Blog: Messaging & Collaboration Roadmap
Mon, Jan 28th 2013 10:16a   Mitch Cohen
[read] Keywords: collaboration

Live Blog: IBM Connect 2013 OGS
Mon, Jan 28th 2013 6:15a   Mitch Cohen
Thanks for joining me for live coverage of the IBM Connect 2013 Opening General Session, feel free to comment or ask questions will do my best to answer. [read] Keywords: ibm

Sonny and Cher at IBM Connect 2013
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 9:14p   Mitch Cohen
Tom Duff and Andy Donaldson back on stage again at IBM Connect 2013. [read] Keywords: ibm

Paul Mooney Delivers on a Promise Made at Lotusphere 2012
Sun, Jan 27th 2013 8:53a   Mitch Cohen
Last year while the idea of Elisa coming to Orlando for IBM Connect 2013 was being formed, Paul Mooney promised her a motorcycle ride. This morning before the hogride set out for the day he made good on his promise. [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Keep Calm and Travel(er) On
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 9:15a   Mitch Cohen
The Show and Tell session that Chris Whisonant and I will be presenting at IBM Connect has been featured on the IBM Social Business Insights Blog, read all about it here. If you are interested in High Availability for IBM Lotus Notes Traveler here are the details Show100: Making IBM Traveler Highly Available – Part 1: IBM Traveler Design When: Tuesday January 29th 10:30 AM Where: Swan Osprey 1 & 2 Social Business Insights Blog:Keep Calm and Travel(er) On [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes show and tell traveler twitter

Worlds Collide (What a Difference a Year Makes)
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 7:14a   Mitch Cohen
Last January I headed down to Orlando for Lotusphere with very mixed emotions, on one hand I wanted to be there, in some ways I needed to be there, and at the same time I was a little worried about leaving home one week after Elisa had major surgery.  It was Elisa who months earlier knowing what was ahead insisted I make my plans and go to Lotusphere as I have been doing for years now. It was around this time that the idea was born that Elisa should come to Lotusphere 2013.  Over the course of [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere twitter

Results of The 2013 IBM Connect Tablet Survey
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 1:14p   Mitch Cohen
The results are in, thanks to all who responded this year.  There was 155 responses, and not surprisingly the iPad rules at IBM Connect.   I was surprised that there were not more iPad Minis,  I thought there would be more of them in the mix. The presence of only one response of Microsoft Surface tablet did not surprise me, for a while it looked like it was going to finish at zero. In the “Other” Category there was one  Lenovo Yoga, one ”Etch a Sketch” and one “ [read] Keywords: ibm apple laptop microsoft

The IBM Connect 2013 Sonny & Cher Playlist
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 8:18a   Mitch Cohen
Thanks for all the great suggestions for the Sonny & Cher reunion at IBM Connect. [read] Keywords: ibm google widget

Heading to IBM Connect? Consider Yourself Warned
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 6:38a   Mitch Cohen
Talk about setting the bar high, Mat Newman wants to hug even more this year and I have no doubt he will succeed. New Year’s Resolution: Hug More, Complain Less, Live Life and Love every Moment. — Mat Newman (@matnewman) December 31, 2012 The Dolphin Rotunda…. at 2 AM [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere twitter

The ODBC DSN could not be registered” when adding a database from DB2 Configuration Assistant
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 7:39a   Mitch Cohen
A while ago I documented how to connect the DB2 Client to a remote database, which is useful if you want to run the DB2 client on your local machine and connect to various DB2 servers.  Recently I came across this error trying to add a database  using the DB2 Configuration Assistant. CCA3054N The ODBC DSN could not be registered After checking and re-checking my Database configuration and deciding I had all the information correct I started searching and found the anwer The error is caused by [read] Keywords: ibm database db2 microsoft odbc vista

Planning Your IBM Connect Calendar
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 7:13a   Mitch Cohen
Later this week I will be heading down to Orlando for IBM Connect.  This is my 9th Lotusphere/Connect and over the years I have come up with a method for planning my schedule and keeping up with it while at the event.  I warn you in advance this involves printing (yes printing) and despite all the mobile devices and calendars, I have stuck with this system as it works for me. Step 1: Plan your schedule Thanks to Mat Newman and his team there is once again a Notes Database for planning your sc [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotusphere notes database email mobile

Lotusphere 20th Anniversary Reception at IBM Connect
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 1:58p   Mitch Cohen
Glancing through the FAQ at the Conference site I came across this event Will mark it on my calendar and try to stop by, I wonder how many “20 year ” attendees there are. [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

The 2013 IBM Connect Tablet Survey
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 7:39a   Mitch Cohen
Once again this year I am asking you take a moment and share with me your gadget plans for IBM Connect. In addition to asking about tablets there is also a second question this year  asking about a laptop.  I am hoping for the first time to travel to Orlando with out a laptop, I wonder how many others might be planning the same.  Feel free to drop a comment why you require or don’t require a laptop. Poll is open until January 23rd, results will be published on the 24th 2012 Survey Resu [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere gadget google laptop

IBM Lotus Traveler, Android, and Browsers
Tue, Jan 15th 2013 7:52a   Mitch Cohen
This is documented in the IBM Lotus Traveler Documentation, but it is worth pointing out.  If you are using IBM Lotus Traveler on Android the browser used to download the client on the device will determine which information is populated in the client. What this is saying is that if you download the Traveler client using the Browser that came with the Android OS (Usually labelled simply ‘Internet’) the Server name and Username will fill in and after installing the configuration s [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes traveler firefox google server

Fri, Jan 11th 2013 6:48a   Mitch Cohen
One of the things I have been looking at recently is the volume of email I receive how to cut it down.  No this is not a email is evil we must stop using it post, rather a focus on using it more efficiently. There are two problems I am trying to solve: 1. Keep my inbox manageable and clutter free 2. Reduce the number of notification I receive on my phone (turning email notifications off altogether is just not an option) To accomplish this I am taking a few specific steps 1. Unsubscribe: When em [read] Keywords: community email

Sonny and Cher Return for IBM Connect 2013
Thu, Jan 10th 2013 9:05a   Mitch Cohen
Last year at the conclusion of Lotusphere those who were lucky enough to be in Kimonos on Thursday night saw Tom Duff & Andy Donaldson do their best imitation of Sonny & Cher with their rendition of “I got you babe“.  Tom and Andy will be back (there might even be two shows this year) and we need your help picking a song for them. Please make your suggestion (if the form does not appear below click here) I Got You Babe – Lotusphere 2012 [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere google twitter

Roll Your Own Netflix
Thu, Jan 10th 2013 8:13a   Mitch Cohen
I have had my Roku box for a little over a year now, I mainly use it to connect to Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, and occasionally Pandora.   I have always known there is more to do with a Roku but never took the time to explore. Over the holiday season I was reading many of the “Got a new_____ Here are some tips” posts and found this one on Roku, which introduced me to the Plex Media Server. Plex took 5 minutes to install on a machine at home, and less time to configure and p [read] Keywords: integration linux mac mobile server

The Blogger Open, There Might be Life in this Thing Yet
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 8:34a   Mitch Cohen
I delivered the bad news last month that the Blogger Open would not be back for IBM Connect 2013.  I appreciated all the feedback, and it is clear that there is interest in a post Closing Session event so I followed up on some suggestions. I have good news and bad news. The Good news The new bowling alley at Downtown Disney is the perfect location to hold and event, they will reserve a section of the bowling alley, and serve food.  While it is a bus ride away from the Swan & Dolphin, ther [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm blogger community

2012 By The Numbers
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 7:08a   Mitch Cohen
My usual look back at the past year, by the numbers Blogging Blogging was a bit down this year, especially in the second half of the year, I am not sure exactly why but a combination of being incredibly busy, and working on some projects that did not lend themselves to blogging definitely contributed. I have a list of posts I want to write or need to finish, hopefully some of them will get done in January. Twitter January’s twitter explosion can be easily explained as the combination of [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogging google twitter

IBM Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Update Pack 2 adds To Do’s
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 10:24a   Mitch Cohen
IBM Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Update Pack 2 adds To Do functionality to the Traveler family. After a quick update to my dev servers this morning here is what it looks like on Android To Do now appears as a sync option Here is the To Do app (before any of my To Dos had a chance to sync, trust me you don’t want to see that list) As Mr. Newman said “a whole lotta blue” (*The Blue Traveler icons were introduced in UP1) A Traveler To Do app for iOS should appear in the App Store [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus notes traveler

We are The Champions Again
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 9:13a   Mitch Cohen
During the December IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Webcast IBM announced the 2013 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions.  I am honored to be on the list again for 2013 and happy to see many others return as well as some new names added to the list. I would like to thank those who nominated me, and IBM for the recognition. Congratulations to all the Champions. IBM Champion Program [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community

Speaking at IBM Connect 2013
Fri, Dec 7th 2012 7:04a   Mitch Cohen
I am excited to be back in the Show and Tell track again this year at IBM Connect (for my friends outside the IBM world IBM Connect is the conference formerly known as Lotusphere). Chris Whisonant and I have teamed up again to present on High Availability for IBM Notes Traveler. Making Traveler Highly Available: Part 1 Traveler Design So, you have IBM Notes Traveler deployed in your organization.  Deployed quickly, easily and at minimal cost to you.  Of course now  is has become mission criti [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere notes show and tell traveler mobile network twitter

Will the Real Blog Addict Please Stand Up
Tue, Dec 4th 2012 3:11p   Mitch Cohen
Having already lost the title of ‘family blogger’ to Elisa last year she just keeps raising the bar. Elisa actually tweets now too, but today she really outdid herself. Today was a very special day for me and my family. Today was the day that my port was removed! Those who have dealt with a port themselves, or had a family member with a port, will understand the significance of having it removed. Many patients will leave their port in for a year, or more, after chemo. It is a decisio [read] Keywords: blogger

Farewell Blogger Open… Thanks for the Memories
Mon, Dec 3rd 2012 6:48a   Mitch Cohen
For the past four years following the Lotusphere Closing General Session, the Blogger Open has taken place at the Disney Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Course.  If you are not sure what the Blogger Open is was you can find out all about it here. I am sorry to announce that the Blogger Open is done, history, finished. Why you may ask? Simply put I can not come to an agreement with the folks at Disney to run the event this year, The facts are as follows: Disney will not (for any price) grant u [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere notes blogger openntf twitter

Known issues with using Lotus Notes Traveler on iOS 6 devices
Fri, Nov 30th 2012 10:15a   Mitch Cohen
If you are running Traveler and have iOS 6 users you should know about these 2 issues documented in technote 1610736 Item #1 is actually fixed in iOS 6.0.1 as documented by Andy Donaldson Technote 1610736: Known issues with using Lotus Notes Traveler on iOS 6 devices [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler

As God is My Witness I Thought Turkeys Could Fly
Mon, Nov 19th 2012 1:10p   Mitch Cohen
See the famous Turkey Drop clip here, not surprisingly I got 100% on this one. A WKRP Thanksgiving Quiz Score: 100% (9 out of 9) The Mental Floss “As God is My Witness I Thought Turkeys Could Fly” lunchtime quiz [read] Keywords:

I think I got their attention now
Thu, Nov 8th 2012 5:14p   Mitch Cohen
[read] Keywords:

Hurricane Tales part 2
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 10:14a   Mitch Cohen
Part 2 of some of the more humorous moments from the past week, this one is about a simple task we all take for granted, filling our gas tanks. Before the hurricane hit I had filled both of our cars with gas, which turned out to be a good thing.  I knew that stations might be without power and unable to pump gas, but had no idea how bad the search for gas would be after the storm passed. New Jersey instituted an odd/even gas system reminiscent of the early 1970 gas crisis in the US.  The rati [read] Keywords:

Do I need to be registered to vote?
Tue, Nov 6th 2012 7:50a   Mitch Cohen
Classic West Wing Scene from Election Night (Thanks to Rabbi B for finding the clip, it was on my mind but with power outages and no internet I had forgotten about it) [read] Keywords: wiki

Hurricane Tales part 1
Mon, Nov 5th 2012 11:14a   Mitch Cohen
I am going to attempt to share some of the funnier moments from the past week while we were without power and displaced from our home. Here is the first installment. On Tuesday when We realized we would be without power for a while, we packed up our refrigerator and freezer, grabbed some clothes and headed to my parents in Brooklyn who fortunately had power. We consider ourselves very lucky to have a place to go, not everyone without power is so lucky, but apparently the accommodations were no [read] Keywords:

The City Geeks Hurricane Survival Guide
Fri, Nov 2nd 2012 6:53a   Mitch Cohen
For the second time in a year we find ourselves with out power for an exteneded period of time. Last year after escaping hurricane Irene with no issues at all in August, we lost power for a week in the crazy October snowstorm. Ironically one year later to the date hurricane Sandy blew through and knocked out our power, to be restored who knows when (Best Estimate is at least a week). We are very lucky for a number of reasons 1. No one in our family was hurt in the storm 2. We did not suffer any [read] Keywords: apple google wifi wireless

Hacked! Now What?
Wed, Oct 24th 2012 7:21a   Mitch Cohen
Earlier in the week a couple of friends were nice enough to let me know that Google was reporting that my site contained malware.  Unfortunately when I investigated it appeared that malicious code had found its way on to my site. Fortunately I take regular backups, and the easiest way to fix was to restore the WordPress files from a backup (after of course confirming that the backup was Malware free).  My Database was not impacted so I did not have to restore it. I am still trying to determine [read] Keywords: database google password

The Next Big Thing…. and It’s Already here
Wed, Sep 19th 2012 2:10p   Mitch Cohen
A little over a month in I am still very happy with my Galaxy S III [read] Keywords: application

Important Links for IBM Connections 4.0
Fri, Sep 7th 2012 5:58a   Mitch Cohen
IBM Connections 4.0 is available for download today, just so I have all these in one place: Technote 4033179: Download IBM Connections (includes all the part numbers) Technote 7035893: IBM Connections 4.0 Detailed System Requirements IBM Connections Wiki: Connections 4.0 Documentation and of course always remember to check Fix Central for the latest fixes. [read] Keywords: connections ibm ldd lotus wiki

Back to School (Part 2)
Thu, Sep 6th 2012 9:11a   Mitch Cohen
Following yesterday’s sendoff of their big sister the boys returned to school today, their last year in preschool. They chose to sit in the corner we didn’t put them there. This was their mother after dropping them off at school this morning [read] Keywords:

Back to School (Part 1)
Wed, Sep 5th 2012 8:13a   Mitch Cohen
Molly’s first day of fourth grade and her 9th birthday* I don’t know why but Molly likes the sign on the sneakers picture every year Off to 4th Grade Back to school is a little different than when I was in school This is what we actually did on our summer vacation. Back to school part 2 tomorrow. *Yes there will be Carvel Cake later to celebrate [read] Keywords: twitter

Formula One car drives the Lincoln Tunnel
Thu, Aug 30th 2012 5:11p   Mitch Cohen
I wish I could get through the Lincoln Tunnel that quickly. [read] Keywords: wiki

Curious George and the Nexus 7
Wed, Aug 29th 2012 1:21p   Mitch Cohen
Nice Nexus 7 ad from Google featuring Curious George [read] Keywords: google wiki

What is your J-Score?
Wed, Aug 22nd 2012 11:15a   Mitch Cohen
One of the apps that I installed on my new phone is Carat Carat is a research project that aims to detect energy bugs—app behavior that is consuming energy unnecessarily—using data collected from a community of mobile devices. After running Carat for about a week, you will start to receive personalized recommendations for improving your battery life. We are based out of the AMP Lab in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley, collaborating with the University of Helsinki [read] Keywords: apple community google mobile

Migrating from Posterous to WordPress
Wed, Aug 22nd 2012 8:12a   Mitch Cohen
For the past few years I have used a site on posterous.  I liked posterous easy approach to posting via the web or e-mail and it’s ability to display photo albums.  Add to that the iOS and Android apps it was a great place to easily post, and not spread photos around a variety of services (twitpic, twitter, yfrog and others). Then came the acquisition by twitter and the vague acquisition FAQ which makes it clear that at some point they will shut the service down.  This is when I d [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

Notes and Domino 8.5.4 Ship Date
Fri, Aug 17th 2012 12:44p   Mitch Cohen
Looks like the target to ship 8.5.4 has moved a little Notes/Domino Fix List [read] Keywords: domino dominonotes ldd lotus notes

Classic Domino Admin
Thu, Aug 16th 2012 7:15a   Mitch Cohen
This used to be a mainstay in my Notes client toolbar, and for some reason I forgot all about it, until someone was nice enough to remind me yesterday. In preferences customize your toolbar and add a new button with a Formula of @Command([AdminRemoteConsole]) Make sure that button is in a visible toolbar, and you now have an instant classic domino remote console I am sure this is documented elsewhere, but leaving it here as a reminder to myself. [read] Keywords: admin domino notes notes client

Was Steve Jobs Right?
Tue, Aug 14th 2012 2:48p   Mitch Cohen
RIP Adobe Flash on Android curious.li/OWS7Us — Mitch Cohen (@curiousmitch) August 14, 2012 Thoughts on Flash Steve Jobs April 2010 [read] Keywords: apple twitter widgets

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