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Speaking at IBM ConnectED 2015
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Mitch Cohen    

IBM ConnectED 2015 is a little over a month away and it is shaping up to be a busy week for me.  Here are my sessions looking forward to seeing you there.

Scott Souder and I will attempt to answer all your questions about IBM Verse

MAS102: Mail As You’ve Never Imagined It Before: IBM Verse

At a time when organizations are striving to be more efficient, we are faced with an overwhelmingly large volume of email that outpaces productivity. But IBM is changing all of this by re-imagining what mail should be and transforming the way we work. Enter “IBM Verse.” Optimized for web and mobile, Verse gets to know you — by identifying the people and patterns of how you work — and draws your attention to the messages, meetings and tasks that you care about. Join Scott Souder and IBM Champion Mitch Cohen for a candid discussion, overview and demos as we kick-off a great week where Verse is sure to be one of the hottest topics!

Interested in provisioning users into IBM Connections Cloud? I will share my experience and tell you everything you need to know to get started

BP210: Sunny Days, (Smart)Cloud-y Users (this title was better when SmartCloud was still the branding, but the content is good)

Learn how you can leverage the data in your existing on-premises or cloud systems (LDAP, Profiles, Active Directory, and others) to automatically provision users in IBM Smart Cloud for Social Business. This session will provide a basic introduction to Tivoli Directory Integrator, and how to connect to multiple data sources to create users in IBM SmartCloud. We will cover user the automation of user creation, changes, and deletions, as well as explain different enrollment and log in methods available to your users.

Finally I will also be participating in this customer panel

INV402: Strategies for Connecting the Global Workforce through Cloud – Customer Panel

Hear directly from companies how they’re using social cloud to connect employees to each other, to partners and to customers to energize their work. This customer panel will discuss their experiences in starting their social cloud journey, their insights on how to best use cloud to drive social adoption across diverse workforces globally, and share best practices for what works and what doesn’t. Gain insights on how to be successful using cloud to connect employees so they can be more effective in their daily work and learn where these companies are going next.

Should be a fun, busy, and hopefully warm few days in Orlando, what are you waiting for Register Now.


Dec 16, 2014
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