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Protect yourself, empower your audience
Nathan T Freeman    

After Monday's post on using the lotus.notes.addins package, the mighty Ulrich Krause made an SSJS adaptation of the technique and posted it in XSnippets. Unfortunately, the license statement on my blog (CC-A) did not accurately allow him to do this, as all content posted into XSnippets must be Apache Licensed. I had a brief chat with Peter Tanner at OpenNTF.org, and told him "no problem. I'll just add a global license for all code posted on the blog."

His reply...

Perfect. Wish every blogger had those few words on their site.
Peter Tanner
IP Manager - OpenNTF

Well, what are you waiting for? Copy, paste, done! If you want to tailor your own Creative Commons license, you can do so here.

P.S: You might notice that my formerly cheeky disclaimer has been changed to a "it's just me" statement. I decided the other day that as an executive in a publicly traded corporation, it was a bit irresponsible to keep the same disclaimer that I had when the owner of the company sat at the desk next to me.

Apr 26, 2012
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