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Nathan T Freeman    

There's some tuning left to do, but I wanted to get this out to the world before Lotusphere.

I've created an XPages SDK for Eclipse RCP, so you can install the latest version of Eclipse and easily set up Notes or Domino as your target platform for your Java code. I assigned myself the task of documenting this internally for GBS in January, and I realized that I could spend a day documenting it, or spend two days writing a program that would do it automatically.

It was really no contest.

I'll add some documentation to the project soon (unless someone else wants to do it,) but the really short version is that once you install the plugin, you go to your Eclipse preferences and point to your Notes and/or Domino installations, and it automatically configures your JREs. It also provides Plugin Target Platform templates, so you can create target platforms for either Notes (and Designer) or Domino. The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

There's still some tuning to do on the platform settings for Domino installs. That's why it's not version 1.0 yet.

I can easily use this baseline to create a Domino Designer SDK as well. In fact, I'll definitely do that internally -- but I've yet to see anyone outside GBS asking for this. Is there demand?

Eventually, I'd like to add project wizard support so that creating your own XPages library (like the Extension Library) is as simple as New - XPages - Library. I haven't explored the wizard templates for this yet, so I don't yet know how big a task it is. But if I can make it work, I might link it to the XPages Starter Kit project so that you could select what base XPages concepts you'd like to implement, and it would automatically set up the context for you.

If you're unfamiliar with all this stuff -- well, I would simply encourage you to go to OpenNTF, grab the projects, and dive in.  If you have been historically resistant to using Java as your language of choice as a Domino developer, I strongly suggest that you re-evaluate that position.

I'm 90% sure that you could use this SDK natively on a Mac. It should be the case that if you copy an installation of Designer or Domino on to your Mac environment, then if you install the Mac version of Eclipse 3.7, you can point it to the proper installation folder. If that doesn't "just work" it's probably because I messed up the directory separators. At any rate, those with Apple platforms should try it out and see!

Thanks so much for your time. Happy coding!

Jan 10, 2012
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