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Niklas Heidloff
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65 2019-06-11 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from WeAreDevelopers
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73 2019-04-24 Niklas Heidloff How to develop your first cloud-native Applications with Java
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24 2019-04-09 Niklas Heidloff Authorization in Cloud-Native Apps in Istio via OpenID
34 2019-04-09 Niklas Heidloff Implementing Health Checks with MicroProfile and Istio
24 2019-04-09 Niklas Heidloff Configuring Microservices with MicroProfile and Kubernetes
75 2019-04-08 Niklas Heidloff Authenticating Web Users with OpenID and JWT
19 2019-03-28 Niklas Heidloff Prometheus Metrics for MicroProfile Microservices in Istio
85 2019-03-27 Niklas Heidloff Sample Application demonstrating Istio Traffic Management
22 2019-03-26 Niklas Heidloff Replay of Blue Cloud Mirror Webinar
102 2019-03-21 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from JavaLand 2019
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69 2019-03-12 Niklas Heidloff Implementing and documenting REST APIs with JavaEE
32 2019-03-11 Niklas Heidloff Using Quarkus to run Java Apps on Kubernetes
31 2019-03-11 Niklas Heidloff Developing resilient Microservices with Istio and MicroProfile
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38 2019-03-05 Niklas Heidloff Debugging Microservices running in Kubernetes
52 2019-03-04 Niklas Heidloff Setup of a Local Kubernetes and Istio Dev Environment
95 2019-02-18 Niklas Heidloff Developing and debugging Microservices with Java
66 2019-02-12 Niklas Heidloff IBM announced Managed Istio and Managed Knative
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37 2019-01-31 Niklas Heidloff Three Minutes Demo of Blue Cloud Mirror
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153 2019-01-25 Niklas Heidloff Awesome Developer Experience with Vue.js
49 2019-01-23 Niklas Heidloff Introducing Blue Cloud Mirror, a Fun IBM Cloud Showcase
48 2018-12-11 Niklas Heidloff User Authorization in Serverless Web Applications
58 2018-12-11 Niklas Heidloff Authentication of Users in Serverless Applications
48 2018-12-07 Niklas Heidloff Hosting Resources for Web Applications on the IBM Cloud
56 2018-12-05 Niklas Heidloff Developing Serverless Web Applications on the IBM Cloud
46 2018-11-09 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from W-JAX 2018
36 2018-10-15 Niklas Heidloff Hosting Static Web Application Resources on OpenWhisk
35 2018-09-28 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from data2day
30 2018-09-24 Niklas Heidloff Using Docker Containers in the Deep Learning Platform FfDL
48 2018-09-20 Niklas Heidloff Installing Knative on the IBM Cloud
26 2018-09-17 Niklas Heidloff Training TensorFlow Object Detection Models
40 2018-08-03 Niklas Heidloff Deploying Machine Learning Models in the Cloud
25 2018-08-02 Niklas Heidloff Training AI Models on Kubernetes
33 2018-08-01 Niklas Heidloff Reusing Open Source Models in AI Applications
30 2018-07-25 Niklas Heidloff Building Models with AutoML in IBM Watson Studio
32 2018-07-09 Niklas Heidloff Deploying TensorFlow Models to Edge Devices
52 2018-06-29 Niklas Heidloff Deploying Models from IBM’s Model Exchange to Kubernetes
39 2018-06-26 Niklas Heidloff Hyperparameter Optimization with IBM Watson Studio
26 2018-06-18 Niklas Heidloff Training TensorFlow.js Models with IBM Watson
39 2018-06-06 Niklas Heidloff Building VR Applications with Unity and IBM Watson
52 2018-05-29 Niklas Heidloff Building AR Applications with Unity and IBM Watson
61 2018-05-22 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from We Are Developers in Vienna
63 2018-04-30 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from JAX 2018
54 2018-04-16 Niklas Heidloff Developing Polyglot Applications with OpenWhisk
54 2018-04-12 Niklas Heidloff Serverless and Kubernetes Demos
49 2018-03-28 Niklas Heidloff Developing Polyglot Serverless Applications
66 2018-03-27 Niklas Heidloff Develop protected Serverless Web Applications
100 2018-03-26 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from JavaLand 2018
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51 2018-03-09 Niklas Heidloff Developing OpenWhisk Functions with Kotlin in IntelliJ
38 2018-03-02 Niklas Heidloff Developing OpenWhisk Functions with Spring Boot
83 2018-02-26 Niklas Heidloff Transforming JSON Data in Serverless Applications
53 2018-02-22 Niklas Heidloff Data Flows in Serverless Cloud-Native Applications
62 2018-02-20 Niklas Heidloff Deploying Angular, React and Vue Apps on Kubernetes
67 2018-02-19 Niklas Heidloff Slides: When to use Serverless? When to use Kubernetes?
48 2018-02-15 Niklas Heidloff Accessing Machine Learning Models via REST APIs
42 2018-02-13 Niklas Heidloff A/B Testing with Kubernetes and Istio
66 2018-02-09 Niklas Heidloff Developing Serverless Functions with TypeScript
68 2018-02-09 Niklas Heidloff Pictures from OOP in Munich
54 2018-02-02 Niklas Heidloff Presentation how to create Alexa Skills with IBM Watson
80 2018-02-01 Niklas Heidloff When to use Serverless? When to use Kubernetes?
22 2018-01-10 Niklas Heidloff Debugging Apache OpenWhisk Functions with VS Code
1 2017-12-18 Niklas Heidloff Invoking Business Logic from Watson Conversation Dialogs
2 2017-12-14 Niklas Heidloff Visual Recognition for Anki Cozmo with TensorFlow
3 2017-12-11 Niklas Heidloff Deploying TensorFlow Models to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud
4 2017-12-11 Niklas Heidloff Tutorials how to build Solutions on the IBM Cloud
2 2017-12-01 Niklas Heidloff Sample Application how to use TensorFlow in OpenWhisk
2 2017-11-28 Niklas Heidloff Deploying the TensorFlow Inception Model on the IBM Cloud
1 2017-11-27 Niklas Heidloff Visual Recognition with TensorFlow and OpenWhisk
2 2017-11-21 Niklas Heidloff Watson Conversation How-Tos have been published
2 2017-11-16 Niklas Heidloff Building Facebook Messenger Bots with Botkit and Watson

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