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Adding a web search engine to the search bar

In an earlier article we discussed the merits of Notes’ search bar. Now it’s time to customise it – make it even more cool (and useful) by adding your own stuff.

Out of the box, Notes supports web searching using Google and Yahoo!, but adding another search engine is a piece of cake. And when we say “search engine” don’t limit your imagination to Bing, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves and Dogpile (love that name) – it can be any web site that provides search capabilities. Think Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Dictionary.com, your intranet, or Wikipedia.

Let’s look at a Wikipedia as an example. Using the Notes address tool bar open up Wikipedia.

In the widget tool bar there’s a button which looks like a tool box – click on this and you’ll see this dialog box:

Select the ‘Add Search Engine’ option, and you’ll see this final dialog where you can name your search engine and (most importantly) elect to show the engine in the tool bar. Click on Finish and you’re done.

Now repeat this process for the rest of your desired search engines. You may find that some sites work differently to others -  Bing, for example, requires a search to be performed first in order for the widget creation process to understand the context. Don’t worry, it’s one extra easy step.

Having done this you’ll see your search engines available on the drop-down list hanging from the search bar, as in the example seen here.

Now you can select one, type in your search term, and enjoy your results.

Nov 01, 2010
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