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Drag a message into an EML file

Feature available since Lotus Notes 8.5.2

Sometimes users have a need to create a copy of an e-mail and save it as a file. This is very simple to do with attachments – you just drag and drop them into the required folder. But there are use cases, such as following legal discovery, where there is a need to have the whole message including the header, text and any attachments preserved in a single file. In Lotus Notes you can now drag a message from your mail view onto the desktop or into a folder and it will create a copy of that message as an .eml document. EML is the industry standard for message storage.

Even though this has been one of the most requested features to be included in Lotus Notes it is also worth considering that some organisations do not like the idea that full fidelity copies of messages may be proliferating on their file shares rather than in search-able and discoverable collaborative solutions like Lotus Quickr and Lotus Connections Activities. So for these customers Domino includes a policy (Desktop / Preferences / Miscellaneous) to allow them to disable this feature.

Oct 30, 2010
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