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Live text

Feature available since Lotus Notes version 8.01

Live text is Lotus Notes’ ability to recognise a set of characters and associate an action with them. Out of the box Notes will recognise people’s names and e-mail addresses… the obvious thing to do with a name is click on it and look up the person in a solution such as IBM Lotus Connections Profiles. You can also teach Notes to recognise things like post codes, and then perform associated actions like find the place on a Google Map, look at the local weather, or find the nearest restaurant or wi-fi hotspot. You can teach Notes to recognise account numbers, part numbers, projects codes, flight numbers… anything that is formed of a recognisable string of characters.

Live text turns a plain ol’ e-mail into a hot-bed of extra content ready to reveal more information, but it doesn’t end there. Let’s go back to our humble post code – you can create widgets which will perform a number of actions based on the post codes, but instead of just looking up one piece of information, a dashboard will piece together a number of information sources. So from that one post code you can see the map location, the nearest car park, the nearest eating establishment of your choice and the local weather.

But there’s more. When you create a widget which invokes live text you can add that functionality into a composite application (more information to come soon). For example, a Notes application listing customer details can be extended so that when you click on each customer record their location can be plotted on a map… or you can see their nearest coffee shop… or both.

Oct 19, 2010
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