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XPages Extension Library Stocking Filler
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 111
XPages Goes Responsive
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 302
Latest Release of Extension Library Brings Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design and More
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 318
OpenNTF at November User Groups
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 208
Cast, Counted and Audited - Here are the results of the OpenNTF Board Election!
Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 191
OpenNTF Election will end October 1.
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 103
The OpenNTF Vote is next week!
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 100
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IBM Connect 2014 - BP207 - Don’t Reinvent the Wheel - (Re)use Open Source Software From OpenNTF
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 335
Latest Release of Extension Library Brings Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design and More
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 318
XPages Goes Responsive
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 302
OpenNTF at November User Groups
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 208
Cast, Counted and Audited - Here are the results of the OpenNTF Board Election!
Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 191
OpenNTF Board Elections
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 137
XPages RDBMS Support - Recent Improvements
Thu, Aug 21st 2014 136
On OpenNTF: PC Config - easy inventarisation of hard- & software
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 133
Latest Release of XPages Extension Library Improves RDB Support
Tue, Jul 1st 2014 132
Announcing the Winners of the XPages Development Contest
Thu, Jun 27th 2013 123

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Recent Blog Posts

XPages Extension Library Stocking Filler
Fri, Dec 19th 2014 9:11a   Padraic Edwards
Hopefully the eleventh XPages Extension Library release for Notes/Domino 9.0.1 will serve as a nice stocking filler for you all as 2014 draws to close. It's been a great year for XPages on OpenNTF with a total of nine releases delivering lots of new features and fixes. This new release is notable for two things in particular. First, it contains a bunch of fixes and improvements relating to the Bootstrap-based responsive design offering that shipped in the previous release (901v00_10.201 [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages community openntf

XPages Goes Responsive
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 10:11a   Padraic Edwards
As was recently announced, Bootstrap is now part of the OpenNTF XPages Extension Library, added in release 10. The ExtLib includes a new plugin that contains Bootstrap 3.2.0, providing new renderers for the XPage core controls, the ExtLib controls, and two new Bootstrap themes. An added benefit of supporting Bootstrap is that the ExtLib now includes jQuery 2.1.1, giving XPages developers the power to use jQuery in their apps as well. As most XPages developers know, Responsive Web Des [read] Keywords: ibm xpages applications blogging desktop development openntf

Latest Release of Extension Library Brings Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design and More
Thu, Nov 20th 2014 4:11p   Paul Withers
For the XPages community, this week has seen some significant announcements and releases on OpenNTF. Indeed, I don't think it's hyperbole to say this is the most significant addition of functionality since the Extensibility API and the Extension Library itself. Covering everything was a webinar yesterday reviewing progress on the Extension Library this year. If you missed it, the webinar is available on replay. The Extension Library was at the core of the announcements. The latest [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application bug community database development eclipse integration java openntf xml

OpenNTF at November User Groups
Thu, Nov 13th 2014 5:16p   Paul Withers
Next week two board members, Christian Guedemann and Nathan T Freeman, will be representing OpenNTF at DanNotes. On Wednesday 14:30 Christian and Nathan will be presenting a session together entitled "OpenNTF and open source for developers", detailing plans for OpenNTF over the year to come. On Thursday, there are three more sessions by Nathan or Christian: 09:30 OpenNTF, Graphs, and Revolutions by Nathan T Freeman Problem: Your Domino domain has thousands of isolated dat [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages application community database development enterprise openntf profile

Cast, Counted and Audited - Here are the results of the OpenNTF Board Election!
Thu, Oct 2nd 2014 2:06a   Peter Tanner
The votes have been cast, counted and audited, and OpenNTF has a renewed slate of Directors, five of whom are joining the Board for the first time. Member Directors: Serdar Basegmez - Developi Information Systems Jesse Gallagher – I Know Some Guys Christian Guedemann - WebGate Justin Hill – Prominic Martin Rolph - Oval Contributor Directors: Oliver [read] Keywords: openntf

OpenNTF Election will end October 1.
Fri, Sep 26th 2014 7:12a   Peter Tanner
Ballots have now been sent to representatives of each OpenNTF Member and to all OpenNTF Contributors. If you didn't receive a ballot, please contact the ip-mamanger at openntf.org. Votes are due by October 1. [read] Keywords: openntf


The OpenNTF Vote is next week!
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 3:14p   Peter Tanner
Ten people involved in OpenNTF's software development activities have decided to run for the eight Director positions. Six are running for the five posiitons reserved for employees of Member companies, and four are running for positions reserved for OpenNTF Contributors. The vote will be held next week. All people eligible to vote should have received an email with candidates statements. If you haven't, please contact ip-manager at openntf dot org Member Candidates' State [read] Keywords: admin collaboration domino ibm lotus notes xpages community development email openntf twitter

OpenNTF Board Elections
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 1:12p   Peter Tanner
Nominations are now open for the OpenNTF Board Elections. Several Board members will not be standing for re-election – so there is certainly room for new blood. There are five board positions open for Member Directors (those representing OpenNTF's member companies) and three board positions open for Contributor Directors. Member Directors are elected for two years and Contributor Directors for one year. So, if you work for an OpenNTF Member company or if you are an [read] Keywords: openntf

XPages RDBMS Support - Recent Improvements
Thu, Aug 21st 2014 6:11a   Niklas Heidloff
Below is a video from Brian Gleeson from the XPages team about improvements to the relational database support. "In recent releases of the XPages Extension Library, there have been a number of changes and additions to the feature that supports Relational Databases in XPages applications. To ensure that the XPages community is aware of these changes and their impact, the XPages development team has created the video below. The video is in two parts and each part covers the [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages applications community database db2 development microsoft mysql openntf server sql

On OpenNTF: xspless - a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer
Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 6:12a   Mark Leusink
LESS (Leaner CSS) is a dynamic stylesheet language that allows you to use variables, nesting, functions (and more) in your CSS file. LESS files can be compiled into plain CSS file. xspless is the name of a new project that Jesse Gallagher created. It is a LESS CSS Builder for Domino Designer. From the documentation: "This is an Eclipse builder plugin for Designer. By installing this plugin, right-clicking on an application, and choosing "Add/Remove LESS CSS Nature", it allows Desi [read] Keywords: domino application css eclipse openntf

On OpenNTF: PC Config - easy inventarisation of hard- & software
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 6:12a   Mark Leusink
Dominic Shields just released v0.23 of PC Config. This Notes client application can collect all types of information from the PC it runs on with a single click. It allows you to easily get an overview of the hard- and software in your organisation. Out of the box it shows you the collected information in various views (by OS, CPU, RAM, User, Drive space, etc.). It can also create (Excel) charts from the data it collected. Examples of the information it collects are: OS, CPU, [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client application mac network openntf vm

Latest Release of XPages Extension Library Improves RDB Support
Tue, Jul 1st 2014 12:12a   Peter Janzen
The 7th 9.0.1 release of the XPages Extension Library is now available on OpenNTF. Besides providing a number of fixes for existing features, this release focuses on improving support for using Relational Databases as a data source. First and foremost, the Relational Database plugin has been moved out of ExtlibX and into the main Extlib branch. This now means that when you install v901_r07 of the Extension Library or subsequent releases, relational database support in XPages will be inst [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages database openntf

On OpenNTF: ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company using IBM SmartCloud Notes
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 12:55a   Niklas Heidloff
Shankar Venkatachalam and J. Rajendran have published a new project on OpenNTF, called SCN ID Vault Scanner for a Hybrid Company. Below is their short description. Read the documentation to learn more. "The tool is programmed to compare the Company directory and the .csv file(IBM SCN Vault users list ) to identify, how many users doesn't have their ID file on the vault on a single document . The tool will also identify user's whose ID files are not in the synchronization state , [read] Keywords: domino ibm id vault lotus notes application database openntf password

On OpenNTF: WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror
Fri, Jun 27th 2014 12:51a   Niklas Heidloff
Eric Morentin and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called WCM Sample Custom HTML Editor with CodeMirror. "In IBM WebSphere Portal v8.5 a new extension point was exposed within the Web Content Manager (WCM) Authoring portlet to support replacing all HTML fields with a custom editor. The extension works in the same way as all other custom fields of WCM. The extension is documented with a sample here. CodeMirror is described on their web site as “a versatile [read] Keywords: ibm javascript openntf portlet server websphere websphere portal

On OpenNTF: RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal
Fri, Jun 6th 2014 12:22a   Niklas Heidloff
Thomas Steinheber and Jonathan Booth have published a new project, called RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal. See below for their description and check out the screenshots. "Starting with Version CF11 IBM WebSphere Portal includes the Digital Data Connector framework. It introduces the pattern of using IBM Web Content Manager design components to render data from arbitrary sources such as Atom feeds and RSS feeds. This sample builds on top of t [read] Keywords: ibm community integration java openntf websphere websphere portal xml

On OpenNTF: Theme PAA for IBM WebSphere Portal
Wed, May 28th 2014 12:14a   Niklas Heidloff
Stephan Hesmer and Jonathan Booth have open sourced a new project, called Theme PAA for IBM WebSphere Portal which provides access to the Portal 8.5 Theme as a PAA (Portal Application Archive) deliverable. Below is their description. Stephan also blogged recently about the theme enhancements in 8.5. "This project provides access to the IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 Theme as a PAA deliverable. The Theme PAA is a great tool to quickly get started with your own theme as well as a grea [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus application archive openntf websphere websphere portal

On OpenNTF: Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory
Tue, May 20th 2014 11:34p   Niklas Heidloff
Shankar Venkatachalam has published a new project “Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory”. "We have created an application called “Change Tracking for IBM Domino Directory”. As the name indicates, the application tracks the changes in person and group documents in the IBM Domino Directory. The application reports what has changed, who has made the change and when the change has happened. The application works for IBM Domino version 6 to 9 as well as i [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes application openntf

OpenNTF.org remembers Tim Tripcony #codefortim
Tue, May 20th 2014 2:11p   OpenNTF
The entire OpenNTF.org community was shocked last week to learn about the death of Tim Tripcony. Tim was a prolific contributor to OpenNTF.org, both with his own projects and his collaboration on the XPages Extension Library and the OpenNTF.org Domino API. Tim was a big supporter of open source and the IBM XPages community. His death touches every one of us personally. In an effort to remember Tim’s amazing contributions to our community, the OpenNTF.org board would like to inv [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm xpages community openntf

On OpenNTF: User Rename Readiness Tool for IBM SmartCloud Notes
Tue, May 6th 2014 12:58a   Niklas Heidloff
J Rajenderan and Shankar Venkatachalam have contributed a new project called User Rename Readiness Tool for IBM SmartCloud Notes. The tool helps to rename user names, for example when people got married, in both the on premises applications and IBM SmartCloud Notes. Below is the description from J Rajenderan and Shankar Venkatachalam. You can find out more by reading the documentation. "What is this tool and when is it to be used? This tool is programmed to look at the relevant o [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications openntf

IBM Social Business Toolkit News
Tue, Apr 29th 2014 2:25a   Niklas Heidloff
There are a lot of news related to the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Below are some of the blogs that IBM has published this month. Social Business Toolkit functionality: API for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business Resellers to manage Customers User Interface Extensions for IBM Connections in the Cloud Reuse the SmartCloud for Social Business Banner in Apps PHP and the Social Business Toolkit: Some Newsworthy Updates Community related news: All abo [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm application applications community css development enterprise integration interface javascript openntf

Register Now for the OpenNTF Annual General Meeting
Mon, Apr 14th 2014 6:11a   Christian Guedemann
On Thursday, April 17, 2013 from 11am-12pm EDT, OpenNTF will host its Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the activities and direction of OpenNTF to participate in discussions on the future of OpenNTF. Use the following link to register for the AGM and join us on April 17. We have a lot of interesting topics to share and discus with you! I'm looking forward to see you Christian [read] Keywords: openntf

On OpenNTF: Script Portlet Samples for IBM WebSphere Portal
Wed, Apr 9th 2014 12:41a   Niklas Heidloff
Jonathan Booth has contributed a new project, called Script Portlet Samples for IBM WebSphere Portal. See below for his description. Attend the webinar on April 30th to learn more about script portlets. You can find details about the project in the documentation. "With the recently-released IBM Script Portlet for WebSphere Portal, you can use JavaScript/HTML/CSS to create new portlets without deploying code on the server. You can take an existing script application, copy/paste into [read] Keywords: domino ibm application applications css javascript openntf portlet server websphere websphere portal

On OpenNTF: Agendas for Meeting Rooms displayed in front of the Rooms
Tue, Apr 8th 2014 12:32a   Niklas Heidloff
Itay Cohen, Boaz Mizrachi, Yaniv Agam and Asher Chen have contributed a new project, called Resource Agenda Presenter. Here is their description: "The RAP application is a system which works in collaboration with the Rooms & Resources application and supplies an on-line rooms/resource agenda on displays located next to the room/resource and includes the time of event, event owner and event subject (can be disabled). The system is an HTML based and therefore supports any OS usin [read] Keywords: collaboration domino application openntf

REST API to read Projects from OpenNTF
Wed, Mar 26th 2014 2:25a   Niklas Heidloff
There are more than 850 projects on OpenNTF and many different types of projects which makes it sometimes hard to find the projects certain types of developers are looking for. In order to address this OpenNTF introduces the notion of "project spaces" to group similar types of projects together. Example spaces could be everything related to social or everything related to IBM WebSphere Portal. OpenNTF contributors can request spaces if they have contributed several projects and hav [read] Keywords: connections ibm openntf security websphere websphere portal

Over 100 Days as OpenNTF Chairman - a short recap
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 3:15a   Christian Guedemann
My first 100 Days as OpenNTF Chairman where absolute awesome. Let's have a look back and see what's happened in this time! [read] Keywords: openntf

On OpenNTF: IBM Web Experience Factory Builder for creating JavaScript-based Portlets
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 1:12a   Niklas Heidloff
Jonathan Booth has contributed a new project to OpenNTF - Script Application Builder for IBM Web Experience Factory. "This is a builder for IBM Web Experience Factory that automates a common pattern for building JavaScript-based portlets that run on IBM WebSphere Portal. With a single builder you can implement a script-based portlet or page within a portlet using JS/HTML/CSS that you provide. Additionally, the builder automatically generates JavaScript variables that enable JSON/RES [read] Keywords: domino ibm application css javascript openntf portlet websphere websphere portal

Please join us for the OpenNTF Annual General Meeting
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 3:11p   Per Henrik Lausten
On Thursday, April 17, 2013 from 11am-12pm EDT, OpenNTF will host its Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the activities and direction of OpenNTF to participate in discussions on the future of OpenNTF. As the Agenda shows, there will be reports from the various groups within OpenNTF, and more importantly be time to ask questions, make suggestions, and get involved. The meeting will be held via a teleconference and the dial in numbers are listed [read] Keywords: openntf

Overview of the XPages Scaffolding Project on OpenNTF
Thu, Mar 20th 2014 6:11a   Jesse Gallagher
A little while ago, I created a new project from one of my GitHub repositories: XPages Scaffolding. At its core, Scaffolding is the template that I use when creating new XPages projects, and it contains a number of features that I've built up over the years to make the process of building a clean XPages app easier. These range from small utility features like a flashScope object to larger frameworks such as the current versions of my controller and model frameworks. More specificall [read] Keywords: notes ntf xpages bleedyellow bleedyellow.com bug database openntf properties

New Functionality in the Single Page Application Wizard for XPages
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 1:13a   Niklas Heidloff
Gary Marjoram has provided a video demonstrating the new functionality of the Single Page Application Wizard that is available in the latest version of the XPages Extension Library. [read] Keywords: xpages application openntf

On OpenNTF: Automated Dead Mail Deletion App
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 12:23a   Niklas Heidloff
Shankar Venkatachalam has contributed a project to OpenNTF, called Automated Dead Mail Deletion App. "This application helps IBM Domino administrators in clearing/purging the dead emails from one or more domino servers of their organisation automatically. Design Algorithm: 1) The application server first read it's configuration document, and take a connection to that server. 2) The application also reads the configuration document to understand, how many mail.box are availa [read] Keywords: domino ibm application openntf server

New Release of the XPages Extension Library
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 2:15a   Niklas Heidloff
Paul Hannan has uploaded a new release of the XPages Extension Library. "This release is the fourth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. Again it closely matches the XPages Extension Library that is currently in Notes Domino 9.0.1 and contains new support, enhancements and a number of bug fixes. This release continues the improvements 9.0.1 ExtLib which we hope you will enjoy. The MOBILE area is continuing theme with this release [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications bug mobile openntf

2000 XPages Questions on StackOverflow
Wed, Feb 19th 2014 12:10a   Niklas Heidloff
What a great story. Two years ago the XPages community decided to use StackOverflow for XPages related specific questions and answers. Since then 2000 questions have been asked and 84% of them have been marked as answered. One advantage of StackOverflow is that XPages developers can get help from other developers who might not even know anything about XPages. For example questions about Java are often answered by Java developers. Another advantage of StackOverflow is the nice [read] Keywords: xpages community java openntf

On OpenNTF: Demo code for C&S APIs
Thu, Feb 13th 2014 12:17a   Niklas Heidloff
Nathan Barry and James Cooper have published the sample code they used in their IBM Connect session "AD204: What's new in the IBM Domino Objects: By Example". Abstract: "Through a series of demos, we will showcase and explain use cases for the major enhancements to the back-end classes included in release IBM Domino 9.01 and 9.0 in the areas of Calendar & Scheduling and View Navigation." [read] Keywords: domino ibm openntf

On OpenNTF: XPages Unit Test Samples
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 12:03a   Niklas Heidloff
Padraic Edwards has published the samples he, Brian Gleeson and Martin Donnelly used in their IBM Connect session "AD208 - End to End Quality Processes for Top Notch XPages Apps". "When it comes to getting XPages apps ready for production there's a lot to know. Do you have a web test automation suite in place to drive your apps through the browser and guarantee quality? Do you have a JUnit test framework to exercise your XPages components? Is your application accessible to the lat [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application openntf

On OpenNTF: Social Edition of the Trouble Tickets App
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 11:43p   Niklas Heidloff
At Connect a new version of the trouble tickets app was demonstrated. Below Brian Gleeson describes the new version. "The Social Edition is a further evolution of the Trouble Tickets application, showing the power of the Social Business Toolkit (SBT) XPages library in an application. By leveraging the SBT, you can seamlessly integrate IBM Connections content & functionality into XPages applications. As well as that, an XPages mobile interface has been added to the application, s [read] Keywords: connections ibm xpages application applications interface mobile openntf

Infinite Scrolling in Mobile XPages Apps
Mon, Feb 10th 2014 1:03a   Niklas Heidloff
At Connect 2014 the XPages team showed the new infinite scroll feature for views in mobile apps. See the video from Dario Chimisso and Tony McGuckin to see this feature in action. Here is Dario's description: "Infinite Scroll is a new feature included in the extension library release as part of the OpenNTF project. You've probably seen the nice work done by Keith Strickland about wrapping a dataview with a dojo scrollablePane, we've taken the same approach and improved [read] Keywords: xpages dojo mobile network openntf server

Wizard to create XPages based Mobile Apps
Wed, Feb 5th 2014 11:55p   Niklas Heidloff
At Connect Gary Marjoram, Jonathan Roche and Eamon Muldoon demonstrated the new wizard in IBM Domino Designer to create typical mobile business apps with views and documents. Gary's description: "The Single Page Application Wizard allows you to create an initial design framework for your XPages mobile application. It was published to OpenNTF.org on the 13th Dec 2013 as part of the XPages Extension Library." Below is a demo from Gary. Here is the deck from t [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application mobile openntf

IBM Connect 2014 - BP207 - Don’t Reinvent the Wheel - (Re)use Open Source Software From OpenNTF
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 1:20a   Niklas Heidloff
Below is the deck from the OpenNTF IBM Connect 2014 session. [read] Keywords: ibm openntf

Some Pictures from IBM Connect 2014
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 1:28a   Niklas Heidloff
OpenNTF booth: Christian Guedemann and Niklas Heidloff before the OpenNTF session: OpenNTF BOF session at 7:00 AM: OpenNTF stickers: Lars Buntrock, Henning Schmidt, Nathan Freeman, Serdar Basegmez and Christian Guedemann: [read] Keywords: ibm openntf

Great OpenNTF BOF Session, even at 07:00 AM
Tue, Jan 28th 2014 12:11p   Christian Guedemann
Having a Birds of Feather Session at 07:00 AM is hard. Even with coffee and Swiss chocolate. But I'm very proud of the large crowd we had and the vibrant discussion. Our main topic was the planning of the new app dev contest. We will outline the ideas in detail later, but here some ideas and visions: 1. Virtual Conference with top speakers from the community and some home work 2. The Sprint Contest. You got 2 weeks to fulfill a specific task, you can do it as team or as individua [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community openntf server

OpenNTF - Touchable @ IBM Connect
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 2:21a   Christian Guedemann
OpenNTF will have a strong presence at IBM Connect 2014. 1. Most of our board members are at the conference. This is a great changes for you to meet them face 2 face. Ask question and give us feedback to our work for OpenNTF. 2. We have a booth! Find us at the Solution Showcase. Our booth number is 308. Thanks to all the volunteers who will work on our pedestal. 3. We have a session! Niklas and I are glad that we can talk about the latest and greatest from [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm sametime community openntf server

IP Policy and OpenNTF Essentials and other OpenNTF-sponsored projects.
Fri, Jan 17th 2014 7:16a   Peter Tanner
Since 2009, OpenNTF has been scanning many of the contributions for IP issues. If we found problems with a release, we worked with the author to try to fix them. Once the problems were dealt with, the project was “cleared” - and this was indicated on the release page. One shortcoming of our process was that we did not check the IP of 3rd party components that the author used in the contribution – simply due to a lack of resources. However, for projects that are s [read] Keywords: eclipse email openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Partner Community built via XPages leveraging SmartCloud
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 12:23a   Niklas Heidloff
I've uploaded the code of my sample scenario Partner Community. Henning Schmidt and I will present at IBM Connect (Wednesday at 5:30 PM) how this app has been built. [read] Keywords: ibm xpages community openntf

On OpenNTF: AppXtender to extend Notes Apps to mobile Devices without Programming
Wed, Jan 15th 2014 12:23a   Niklas Heidloff
Graham Acres and Chris Coals have contributed a new project to OpenNTF, called AppXtender. Graham wrote that they are working on screenshots and documentation. Below is their description. "Lotus Domino administrators and developers can now put access to Lotus Notes databases into the hands of remote staff. Increase productivity by streamlining workflow approvals, extending project tracking, allowing remote access to variety of business functions such as CRM, approvals, purchases, [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes xpages interface mobile openntf

Awesome Collaboration Today Survey Responses
Tue, Jan 14th 2014 12:50a   Niklas Heidloff
Last week we started a survey about Collaboration Today. Since then we've received 158 responses. The feedback we've received is very motivating and shows that many people appreciate this service which is a clear sign for us to continue this. 144 people have responded that they use Collaboration Today and some left comments like "great quality service" (see below). We've also received feedback that people want to see more technical content (110 people) and some people sugges [read] Keywords: collaboration desktop openntf

www.openntf.org - New! Fresh! Dynamic!
Sun, Jan 12th 2014 10:11p   Christian Guedemann
It's done. OpenNTF wears its new clothes. I want to thank Bruce (@belgort), Per (@perlausten), Niklas (@nheidloff) and Martin(@MartinRolph) for their work! Martin you and your Team from Oval have done an amazing job! I've asked Martin to say some words about his experience working with openntf.org "Working with the OpenNTF board on their website redesign has been thoroughly enjoyable, from the first concept discussions, right up to launch. It hasn't been entirely without i [read] Keywords: ibm application facebook integration openntf twitter

On OpenNTF: JavaScript API to access IBM Domino from Appcelerator Apps
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 1:06a   Niklas Heidloff
John Jardin has contributed a project to OpenNTF, called TiDomino. Below is his description. You can find out more via his developer guide and on his blog. "TiDomino is a JavaScript module that allows Appcelerator Titanium developers to use IBM Domino programming patterns to structure local data sets and integrate with IBM Domino and XWork Applications. TiDomino consists of 1 JavaScript file that you place in your Titanium Mobile project, and 1 Notes Database (nsf) that gets [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications database javascript mobile openntf server

Please let us know how to proceed with Collaboration Today
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 12:08a   Niklas Heidloff
OpenNTF is evaluating about how to proceed with Collaboration Today. Since the manual content curation process takes time, we'd like to be ensured that people utilize and appreciate this service. Alternatively we could automate this process but Collaboration Today would then contain more noise and wouldn't have categories. In terms of content we're considering to completely focus on technical information as opposed to all IBM Collaboration Solutions related content. We could also broaden [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm openntf

Christmas Greetings
Mon, Dec 23rd 2013 5:11a   Christian Guedemann
[read] Keywords: openntf

Webinar Replay: A Deep Dive into the Essentials Project from OpenNTF
Tue, Dec 17th 2013 11:39p   Niklas Heidloff
TLCC and Teamstudio have published the recording of the webinar "A Deep Dive into the Essentials Project from OpenNTF". " [read] Keywords: admin xpages openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Mindoo XPages2Eclipse for Rich Client XPages Apps
Tue, Dec 17th 2013 12:08a   Niklas Heidloff
Karsten Lehmann and Tammo Riedinger have contributed a new project, called Mindoo XPages2Eclipse. Below is Karsten's short description. There is more information on the Mindoo website. "XPages2Eclipse is a language extension for XPages-development within the Lotus Notes Client. [...] With the help of this extensive toolkit you will be able to develop applications, which exhaust the full potential of the local client. [...] - Integration of existing Notes applications: filling [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusscript notes notes client symphony xpages applications desktop development integration java javascript linux mac openntf server

New XPages ExtLib Release with Single Page Application Wizard and infinite Scroll
Mon, Dec 16th 2013 4:24a   Niklas Heidloff
Paul Hannan has uploaded a new release of the XPages Extension Library. Below is Paul's description. "This release is the second IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib) to OpenNTF. Again it closely matches the XPages Extension Library that is currently in Notes Domino 9.0.1 and contains new features, enhancements and a number of bug fixes. The intention of this release is to continue to improve the 9.0.1 ExtLib which we hope you will enjoy. The [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications bug mobile openntf properties

New OpenNTF Project: Forgot Password Functionality for IBM Domino
Wed, Dec 11th 2013 11:39p   Niklas Heidloff
Vikas Tiwari has contributed a new project, called Forgot Password Functionality for Domino. Read his blog for a detailed description. "This tools aims at minimizing Support Calls by encouraging users to Register for Self Password Reset application. Users need to do one time registration and set their secret questions and answers. Once registered, users can use this application to Reset their Webmail/Notes Client passwords without engaging the Support team." "Feature [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm id vault notes notes client xpages application interface openntf password profile twitter

Ready for a deep dive into OpenNTF Essentials?
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 2:11p   Christian Guedemann
OpenNTF Essentials - The last time, we showed you why, now it's time for the how. The new OpenNTF Essential project combines key OpenNTF projects together into one easy to deploy project that is "essential" for any XPages developer. Come take a deep dive into several of these projects and learn from the project developers themselves about why every XPages developer should be using these projects to save time and money! Join us for a deep dive into OpenNTF Essentials this Thur [read] Keywords: admin xpages openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Open Eclipse Update Site with Mac Support and more
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 12:02a   Niklas Heidloff
Karsten Lehmann has contributed the project Open Eclipse Update Site. Below is Karsten's description: "The Open Eclipse Update Site database is based on the OpenNTF project "Eclipse Update Site (updatesite.ntf)" from IBM with additional functionality, e.g. - Mac Notes Client support (no SWT error messages like in the original template) - View action to delete selected features from the database (no need to delete all like in the original template) - Support for headless b [read] Keywords: agent ibm notes notes client ntf database eclipse mac openntf server

New OpenNTF Project: Web Components Samples for IBM Domino Access Services
Thu, Dec 5th 2013 1:35a   Niklas Heidloff
Akira Sudoh has contributed a new project Web Components Samples for Domino Access Services. Below is Akira's description. "This project contains some sample code that demonstrates how a combination of Domino Access Services, a standardized set of REST services to access Domino data, and Web Components, a set of emerging web standards, would help making Domino applications rich and interactive with components with the next level of reusability and ease of composition. This proje [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus applications openntf

Winners of the latest XSnippets Contest
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 8:48a   Serdar Basegmez
OpenNTF continues to award high quality code contributions made to the XSnippets site. Today we are happy to announce the sixth set of winners of the contest who will each receive $100 (US). Four snippets have been selected among all that have been submitted within the last quarter (Jul.1 to Sep.30). The judging panel of Mark Leusink, Per Henrik Lausten and Serdar Basegmez selected the following snippets based on originality, technical value, reusability and wow factor: [read] Keywords: dojo openntf

XPages Demonstration Application for IBM Domino 9.0.1
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 12:16a   Niklas Heidloff
Paul Hannan contributed a new version of the Demonstration Application for XPages which demonstrates some of the new functionality in IBM Domino 9.0.1. Below is his description. "This version (2.0.1) of the XPages Demo App demonstrates some of the additional XPages features and enhancements in IBM Domino Notes 9.0.1, and since the last release the main developments have been to the View Navigator and new mobile features. Not to be confused with the Navigator controls or how an [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications bug mobile openntf properties server

Philippe Riand: Help Wanted for Bootstrap 3.0 Support for XPages
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 12:15a   Niklas Heidloff
Philippe Riand posted a new release of Bootstrap4XPages with an experimental 3.0.0 theme. "This release features several enhancements: - Bug fixed in the outline menu renderer (thanks to Colin McDonald for reporting the issue). It also no longer relies on the blank gif image from oneui, but uses its own copy. - New 2.3.2 theme, as this is the latest 2.x release of Bootstrap. 2.3.1 is still provided, but will be removed soon, so use 2.3.2 instead. - Experimental 3.0.0 theme. [read] Keywords: xpages bug openntf

Meet OpenNTF at IBM Connect 2014
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 12:30a   Niklas Heidloff
IBM has announced some of the IBM Connect 2014 sessions on the Social Business Insights Blog. Our OpenNTF breakout session has been accepted! As in the last three years we will present the latest and greatest projects and efforts from OpenNTF: "Don't reinvent the Wheel - (Re)use Open Source Software from OpenNTF Speakers: Christian Guedemann, OpenNTF / WebGate Consulting AG, Niklas Heidloff, IBM Abstract: OpenNTF is THE open source community for IBM Collaboration Solutions with [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community consulting openntf server

OpenNTF Essentials available today!
Wed, Nov 20th 2013 1:27p   Christian Guedemann
We have made a lot of noise about OpenNTF Essentials. Thanks to all that joined our webinar. It's really a good sign of our community. Technically OpenNTF Essentials combines a set of projects into a single updatesite and delivers this with all the example databases for each individual project. But the technical aspect was not the challenge. It was hard to define our starting point. Will we displease people because we have chosen the wrong projects? But it's a bit like doing a sightseein [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm community eclipse openntf

New OpenNTF Project: XPT / XPages Toolkit
Mon, Nov 18th 2013 10:20a   Christian Guedemann
I've released the Version 1.0.0 of the Project XPages Toolkit, in short XPT. Like the Extension Library or POI4XPages, the XPT is a plugin. A example database shows the different capabilities of the XPT. To give you an overview of the features of the XPT I've made this short video. Hope this gives you a first impression, what the XPT is. [read] Keywords: xpages database openntf

@DNUG: Niklas Heidloff speaks about OpenNT
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 2:15p   Christian Guedemann
Niklas Heidloff, Technical Chair at OpenNTF has the honor to opens the second day of the DNUG "Social Collaboration 39" Conference. He will talk about the newest ideas and plans at OpenNTF and give you an update about all the things that has happen 2013. If you have any question about OpenSource or OpenNTF, try to meet him. Are you planing to contribute software, or have you an idea for a cool project? A short chat with Niklas will help you to see all the opportunities and prevent you [read] Keywords: collaboration openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Social Portlets Samples
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 6:56a   Niklas Heidloff
Manish Kataria and Nagendra Shukla have contributed some social portlets samples. Below is their description and a screenshot. Over the next days they will publish a new article in the Web Experience Factory wiki with a tutorial how these samples have been built via the IBM Social Business Toolkit. Tomorrow IBM will host a webinar about social digital experiences where this project will also be described. "Developing social applications on Portal specially using IBM WEF ( or othe [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm ldd lotus sametime application applications development interface network networking openntf social software wiki xml

On OpenNTF: WebGate Mail Signature Manager
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 6:08a   Christian Guedemann
Marco Baumann, Peter Luder and Christian Guedemann has released the WebGate Mail Signature Manager V 3.0.0 on OpenNTF. See this video for a short demonstration: [read] Keywords: openntf

On OpenNTF: New Trouble Tickets App using the Social Business Toolkit
Mon, Nov 11th 2013 12:28a   Niklas Heidloff
Padraic Edwards has released a new version of the trouble tickets application. Below he describe the new functionality. "The Trouble Tickets application shows how to integrate with a Connections community through the XPages SDK library. As the application has now been rebased to the XPages SDK library, you will notice some code changes with this release. On the welcome page you will find your Forum entries from an associated Trouble Ticket Connections Community (which you will need [read] Keywords: connections xpages application community openntf

IBM Connect 2014: Call for Help
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 7:47a   Christian Guedemann
OpenNTF intends to participate in the IBM Connect 2014 Solutions Showcase. You will able to find Christian Guedemann, Niklas Heidloff and other directors at the OpenNTF booth. We are also interested in having community members volunteer some time during IBM Connect to help us at the pedestal, perhaps 2-3 hours. OpenNTF has two exhibitor staff badges (will probably get you into the Sunday night party, Monday's OGS and the Wednesday night party) that are available to people wanting to [read] Keywords: ibm community email openntf

Replay: What’s new for XPages Developers in IBM Domino 9.0.1
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 12:22a   Niklas Heidloff
Yesterday Martin Donelly, Padraic Edwards, Tony McGuckin and Jonathan Roche presented in the IBM Social Business Toolkit webinar the new features for application developers in IBM Domino 9.0.1. Watch the video and read the slides. [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages application openntf

On OpenNTF: Customization Samples for IBM iNotes
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 1:08a   Niklas Heidloff
The project Customization Samples for IBM iNotes contains the samples presented by Eric Spencer in the IBM Social Business Toolkit webinar on October 23rd 2013: IBM iNotes and SmartCloud Notes Web Customization. [read] Keywords: ibm inotes notes openntf

First 9.0.1 XPages Extension Library Release on OpenNTF
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 10:02a   Paul Hannan
This is the first release of the IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 ExtLib OpenNTF code stream. It matches closely the ExtLib that is now part of the core release and it includes the Extended Components features – ExtLibX. This release also includes a small number of fixes which are not in the IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 release. Installation of this release can be done as before with previous versions of the ExtLib – it can be done manually or via the OSGi bundling database (Eclipse Upda [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes ntf xpages bug database eclipse openntf

There is something essential to share
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 12:47a   Niklas Heidloff
Attend the webinar on November 20th at 10:00 AM EST to learn about an essential new OpenNTF initiative. Add webinar to your calendar. Christian Guedemann CTO @ WebGate Consulting AG Started with Notes Version 2 or 3 First Application: Polyurethane Mixture Management Database Father, Husband and passionate reader Nathan Freeman Chief Software Architect at Red Pill Development IBM Champion linkedin.com/in/thentf Niklas Heidloff [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes application consulting database development linkedin openntf twitter

The Power of IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and XPages App Dev
Wed, Oct 23rd 2013 4:08a   Niklas Heidloff
I've developed a sample scenario that shows how to leverage the great capabilities available in IBM SmartCloud for Social Business and it shows how to extend this functionality via (XPages) apps to implement specific business requirements. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides a big set of out of the box functionality. For example you can easily invite guests to your organization without having to add these people to on premises directories first. IBM SmartCloud for Socia [read] Keywords: ibm xpages community interface mobile openntf

New Release of the XPages Extension Library
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013 11:37p   Niklas Heidloff
There is a new release of the XPages extension library. Paul Hannan describes the release below. "This release is the third to OpenNTF of the IBM Notes Domino 9.0 versions of the XPages Extension Library (ExtLib). The primary change in this release is the removal of the XPages Social Enabler, which was a feature in the Extended Components (extlibx) of the ExtLib, and its inclusion in the IBM Social SDK. And this release includes new features and enhancements to the REST service [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application bug dojo openntf

Updatesite.ntf 9.0 has been open sourced
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013 12:41a   Niklas Heidloff
The updatesite.ntf that comes with IBM Domino 9.0 has been open sourced under the Apache 2 license. The update site template can be used to deploy XPages extension libraries (and DOTS plugins) easily onto IBM Domino by deploying NSFs (and modifying an ini parameter). With the Apache licensed update site template OpenNTF developers can now put their own extension libraries in update site databases and package them in their project releases. [read] Keywords: domino ibm ntf xpages eclipse openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Firebug JavaScript Mirror Tool Add-on for IBM iNotes
Tue, Oct 22nd 2013 12:15a   Niklas Heidloff
Shu Qiang Li has contributed a new project - Firebug JavaScript Mirror Tool Add-on. See below for his description. "The Firebug JavaScript Mirror tool add-on provides a 'Mirror JS'panel to mirror JavaScript code in a Firebug script panel. Users can define map files to mirror key words in JavaScript to more meaningful words. For iNotes, all source code is obfuscated and key words are not easy to understand, which makes it hard to debug through Firebug. Through this Firebug [read] Keywords: ibm inotes firefox javascript openntf

Two more Weeks to Win $1000 in the IBM Connections App Dev Contest
Mon, Oct 21st 2013 1:17a   Niklas Heidloff
Contribute your open source project until November 3rd and have a chance to win one of five $1000 prizes. Learn more about the contest. All types of OpenNTF projects can be nominated that utilize IBM Connections in any possible way: REST API, SDK, cloud, on prem, customization, gadgets, iWidgets (e.g. XPages iWidgets), etc. etc. Submissions don't have to be sophisticated. Check out this video series to learn how to build simple samples utilizing Connections in less than 1 [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus xpages applications openntf

OpenNTF Tutorial: Use GitHub Source Control for your XPages Apps
Fri, Oct 11th 2013 12:50a   Christian Guedemann
GitHub has become very popular for the OpenNTF Community. The following tutorial will show you how to: - Create a new repository on GitHub - Create a database - Export the design of the database as on-disk project - Add your on-disk project to your repository - Push the design to GitHub [read] Keywords: xpages community database openntf

Video: The Power of XPages Extensibility
Wed, Oct 9th 2013 12:12a   Niklas Heidloff
Yesterday Christian Guedemann and Peter Luder presented in the OpenNTF webinar the extensibility capabilities of XPages. They described how they've built their extension library POI for XPages and why they have open sourced it. [read] Keywords: xpages openntf twitter

Happy Birthday Collaboration Today
Tue, Oct 8th 2013 12:56a   Niklas Heidloff
In September 2012 OpenNTF launched Collaboration Today, THE news site for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals. Collaboration Today aggregates high quality content from various sources making it easy for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals to learn about announcements, best practices, new documentation, events and much more. Since September curators from the community have added 3000 news entries from 400 different authors ! In order to follow Collaboration Today su [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm xpages application community java openntf twitter

Tue, Oct 1st 2013 11:06p   Christian Guedemann
It was Bruce Elgort who inspired me to contribute code to OpenNTF. His enthusiasm and engagement has unleashed the wish in me, to be a part of the great OpenNTF community. Every time a had the privilege to talk to him via skype and over time zones, I was more inspired. The work with Bruce in the OpenNTF Board of Directors was fun and driven by his pace. Things that we talked about were transformed from dreams to plans and finally to results. Bruce, without you, OpenNTF wouldn't be w [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm community openntf skype

New OpenNTF Project: XPages JDBC Driver Wrapper
Tue, Oct 1st 2013 12:33a   Niklas Heidloff
Andrejus Chaliapinas has contributed a new project - XPages JDBC Driver Wrapper. Below is his description. "For quite a while XPages Extension Library v9.0 for OpenNTF contained functionality for connectivity to Relational databases. That connectivity required so far additional manual and not very intuitive step to wrap specific JDBC driver into Eclipse update site properly recognizable by IBM Domino platform. This XPages JDBC Wrapper plugin for Domino Designer simplifies thi [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages applications database eclipse openntf

Slide Deck: The Latest and Greatest from OpenNTF
Fri, Sep 27th 2013 5:22p   Bruce Elgort
Ullrich Krause posted his slide deck from his presentation at Domino Days 2013: Dd13.2013.milano.open ntf from Ulrich Krause Follow Ulrich on Twitter > [read] Keywords: domino ntf openntf twitter

Next OpenNTF Webinar: The Power of XPages Extensibility
Wed, Sep 25th 2013 1:57a   Niklas Heidloff
On October 8th at 10:00 AM EST OpenNTF chairman Christian Guedemann and Peter Luder from WebGate Consulting AG will demonstrate the power of XPages extensibility based on their experience when building the OpenNTF project POI 4 XPages. Add this webinar to your calendar. Topics: - From the business need to an idea and an extension - Why we open sourced it and why we did this decision at the starting point - Don't reinvent the wheel - good research matters - Take c [read] Keywords: collaboration notes xpages application consulting database openntf twitter

A tutorial about how to clone a project from github
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 10:12a   Christian Guedemann
30 OpenNTF Project are currently hosted on gitHub.com and GitHub has become very poplar for the OpenNTF Community. The following tutorials will show you how to: - Clone a project from GitHub - Make your own branch to work on - Import the project into eclipse and the domino designer - Commit your changes - Push the changes to GitHub - Merge the changes into the development branch A personal note: This is my first attempt :) [read] Keywords: domino community development eclipse openntf

Developers, check out the IBM Social Business Toolkit Videos and News
Tue, Sep 24th 2013 5:05a   Niklas Heidloff
The IBM Social Business Toolkit can be used to build social applications, e.g. via XPages, and to extend IBM Collaboration Solutions, e.g. IBM SmartCloud Connections. In order to learn more about the toolkit visit the landing page on IBM developerWorks. IBM is hosting webinars about various app dev related topics. For example tomorrow will be a webinar about the available development environments. Over the last three months videos with a total length of over 10 hours have bee [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm xpages applications development openntf twitter wiki

OpenNTF Gains Nonprofit Status
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 8:02a   Peter Tanner
OpenNTF has received word from the US Internal Revenue Service that its nonprofit corporate status application has been approved. We requested, and were granted 501(c)(4) status. A 501(c)(4) company is one that exists "for the promotion of social welfare". In other words the IRS recognizes that we do good stuff that benefits others. The importance of this is that it greatly simplifies the annual financial/tax reporting that we need to do. Basically, we just have to file a simp [read] Keywords: application community openntf

On OpenNTF: FileSilo Application to share Files
Mon, Sep 16th 2013 2:07a   Niklas Heidloff
Oliver Busse has contributed a new project called FileSilo. See below for his description and screenshots. You can also try the application live (key: openntf). "This is a simple XPages application to share files with others without using any login or user management. The access to the downloads is filtered by a customer ID only. You can provide the ID to your customer so he can see his downloads only. In addition you can provide readers and authors fields to restrict internal Notes [read] Keywords: notes xpages application openntf

New Release of the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK on OpenNTF
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 12:55a   Mark Wallace
A new release of the Social Business Toolkit SDK is available for download. The focus for this release was on delivering some new Service API’s and UI controls that were requested by the community. The team also focused on stabilizing our Continuous Delivery infrastructure which will enable us to release more regular stable builds of the SDK. What’s new in the Social Business Toolkit SDK: 1) Forum Service: Programmatically create, update, read and delete Forum [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm xpages applications community java javascript openntf profile

Video: How to consume and how to extend Bootstrap4XPages
Wed, Sep 11th 2013 12:06a   Niklas Heidloff
Yesterday Philippe Riand presented in the OpenNTF webinar how to consume and how to extend his project Bootstrap4XPages. Watch the video or read the slides [read] Keywords: openntf twitter

Two excellent technical IBM and OpenNTF Webinars this Week
Mon, Sep 9th 2013 8:50a   Niklas Heidloff
As a quick reminder there will be two excellent webinars this week that IBM Collaboration Solutions developers shouldn't miss. Tomorrow (Tuesday, September 10th) Philippe Riand will present how he has developed his Bootstrap4XPages OpenNTF project. Add the webinar to your calendar and visit the OpenNTF webinars page for e-meeting information. On Wednesday, September 11th, Ryan Baxter will demonstrate how to add your own gadgets to the embedded experience in IBM Connections. A [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm openntf

New OpenNTF Project: Orphan Database Detector
Mon, Sep 9th 2013 1:20a   Niklas Heidloff
Shankar Venkatachalam has contributed a new project - Orphan Database Detector. In some IBM Domino environments, Domino administrators might forget to delete the mail files for users, when they remove these users from the Domino Directory. This application will help administrators to identify such orphan databases. The administrators then can delete those orphan databases to free up some disk space. Read the documentation. [read] Keywords: domino ibm application database openntf

Jesse Gallagher: Progress on the org.openntf.domino Design API
Sat, Sep 7th 2013 10:01a   Bruce Elgort
Jesse Gallagher gives an update on the Design API he's working on for the org.openntf.domino project: "The primary focus of my recent work with the OpenNTF Domino API has been the implementation of a fleshed-out design API. I've done a lot of work in my Domino-programming career manipulating design elements, usually via DXL (such as with my Forms 'n' Views app), and my aim is to codify all of that into the API itself, eventually growing it to cover almost every design element th [read] Keywords: domino dxl openntf

Eight Community Members Elected to OpenNTF Board of Directors
Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 9:24a   Peter Tanner
The nomination period for the OpenNTF Director elections is over – and we have eight nominees for the eight positions. This means that all the nominees are elected by acclamation. The newly elected or re-elected Directors are: Member (corporate) Directors, elected for two years: Corey Davis (re-elected) Nathan Freeman (had served as Director in the past) John Head (re-elected) Mikael Orn (had served out Brent Peter's term, and [read] Keywords: community office openntf

myWebGate Scrum Version 1.0 Released
Mon, Sep 2nd 2013 1:11p   Christian Guedemann
The myWebGate - Team has released myWebGate Scrum. The Projects covers some aspects of software development and is inspired by the book Head First - Software Development and Scrum You can create projects. Collect user stories. Assign user stories to iterations. Define task for each user stories and track the progress of you work. Without loosing the focus of your own tasks and bugs: The myWebGate Scrum Application is also a showcase, how to build application which depen [read] Keywords: application development openntf wiki

Learn how the Bootstrap for XPages Library has been built
Thu, Aug 22nd 2013 12:45a   Niklas Heidloff
On 09/10/13 at 10:00 AM EST Philippe Riand will present in the next OpenNTF webinar how he has built the project Bootstrap4XPages. Philippe Riand, IBM IBM Collaboration Solutions Social Application Development Architect @philriand Add the webinar to your calendar. Visit the webinars page for access information. Bootstrap4XPages contains two new themes which can be deployed globally on an IBM Domino server and used in XPages applications without having to import any [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm xpages application applications development openntf server twitter

New on OpenNTF: Find nearest Locations based on Data stored in Notes Databases
Wed, Aug 21st 2013 1:42a   Niklas Heidloff
OpenNTF contest winner Karsten Lehmann has contributed a new project to OpenNTF, called Mindoo Geohash Demo. The project provides efficient indexing of geographical data stored in NSFs so that users can quickly find the nearest locations that are stored in Notes databases to a given address, e.g. the users' current locations. In his implementation Karsten uses an interesting geohash technique, similar to how other databases are using it. Karsten describes the project on his bl [read] Keywords: notes openntf wiki

Image with IBM Connections 4.5 available for OpenNTF Developers
Tue, Aug 20th 2013 1:22a   Niklas Heidloff
OpenNTF is hosting an IBM Connections App Dev Contest sponsored by TIMETOACT GROUP. Contribute your open source project between now and November 3rd and have a chance to win one of five $1000 prizes. In order to make it easier for developers to get started with IBM Connections app dev, OpenNTF provides an image with Connections and Domino preinstalled and preconfigured. This image comes now with IBM Connections 4.5. If you want access to this image, please contact me (@nheidl [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm xpages applications openntf

New on OpenNTF: Bootstrap for XPages as Extension Library
Mon, Aug 19th 2013 4:10a   Niklas Heidloff
Philippe Riand has contributed yet another incredible project to OpenNTF: Bootstrap for XPages. The project contains an extension library which can be deployed on IBM Domino so that the Bootstrap look and feel can be used in various XPages applications without having to import design elements into Notes databases. In order to use Bootstrap, developers can simply switch to one of the two new Bootstrap themes (normal and responsive version). All existing code and controls like the application [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages application applications openntf

Watch Demos how to enhance Email with Embedded Experiences in IBM Domino 9
Thu, Aug 15th 2013 1:37a   Niklas Heidloff
As part of the IBM Social Business Toolkit webinars Ryan Baxter and Stanton Sievers recently presented how to enhance email with embedded experiences in IBM Domino 9. Watch the video or read the slides Yesterday Vincent Burckhardt demonstrated in another webinar how to extend communities and profiles in IBM Connections via iWidgets. Watch the video or read the slides On August 28th there will another webinar how to access the activity stream in IBM Connections and in Se [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm email openntf

How did you do that? Hear from the Winners of the XPages App Dev Contest
Wed, Aug 14th 2013 12:21a   Niklas Heidloff
Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar "How did you do that? Hear from the Winners of the XPages App Dev Contest". Jens Bruntt, Oliver Busse and Paul Withers presented some of the key patterns how they've built their contest winning projects. If you missed it, you can watch the video or read the slides (bootstrap, logger, DomDisc). [read] Keywords: xpages openntf

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