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Leaving IBM Notes arena
Sun, Dec 14th 2014 438
Administrators : Please advice
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 156
You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 193
The grid will it change the way we do webdesigns ?
Sun, Nov 9th 2014 232
Regarding – how to fix IBM
Sun, Oct 26th 2014 382
Get more involved in the XPages community
Sun, Aug 3rd 2014 109
Getting Total Value from View column
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 115
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Leaving IBM Notes arena
Sun, Dec 14th 2014 438
Regarding – how to fix IBM
Sun, Oct 26th 2014 382
The grid will it change the way we do webdesigns ?
Sun, Nov 9th 2014 232
Error uninstalling the BETA IBM Notes 9.0
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 212
You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 193
Export Groups With InternetAddress for each person in Groups
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 160
Administrators : Please advice
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 156
Case Study – CCP Games expands capacity for highperformance gaming
Wed, Jun 12th 2013 130
Getting Total Value from View column
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 115
Get more involved in the XPages community
Sun, Aug 3rd 2014 109

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Leaving IBM Notes arena
Sun, Dec 14th 2014 7:11a   Palmi Lord
Well am at a crossroads right now , I have been in software consultant and development for Nyherji near 6 years but my Notes history goes far longer , around 15 years. But last year I toke over from my brother as sales consultant  and corporate account for large companies here at Nyherji.  My brother was at that time fighting cancer and was going on sick leave Oct 2013 to get better. He past away 14 feb 2014 and I have stayed in his job and i have had less and less time for my previous job fun [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes development planet lotus vmware

Administrators : Please advice
Fri, Dec 5th 2014 5:16a   Palmi Lord
I have been asked about administrating 240 Notes users with Sametime support and 40 Customs Apps. 4 server total. Sametime , App server , 2 mail server (second Failover server ) Kindly give me your feedback . i know there are other factors and the admin does not need to develop any apps.  Basic domino admin. Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.get [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus notes sametime javascript server

You can try but can´t buy #IBMConnections
Fri, Nov 14th 2014 8:18a   Palmi Lord
You can go and sign up for 60 day trail. But you can´t buy it While Office365 ( and it not the same as IBM connection by any means ) you can buy it for Home and Companies anywhere, Anywhere. did I say you can buy Office365 anywhere. they say ” try one of the options ” there is only one option  ? the link takes you to this site totally confusing the customer but it should have taken you to this site IBM WTF ?   [read] Keywords: ibm lotus

The grid will it change the way we do webdesigns ?
Sun, Nov 9th 2014 8:11a   Palmi Lord
This will be interesting to see the Grid [read] Keywords: lotus

Regarding – how to fix IBM
Sun, Oct 26th 2014 1:13p   Palmi Lord
“How to fix IBM” Please read this before you keep reading. I have for so many years talk about IBM lack of educational support. Its not hard to imagine where would we be with some of the IBM Portfolio if they had try it 10 years ago.  Its hard to do business with IBM. They want to have it hard for people if not then they would do something about it right ? Mr Cringely is spot in many areas like when he said. “Under Sam’s leadership IBM began to cut quality, cut corners, and [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus sametime blackberry microsoft skype vm

Get more involved in the XPages community
Sun, Aug 3rd 2014 6:16a   Palmi Lord
Before i start , i have a confession to make , Am a  fan no 1 on Notesin9 and it has help me a lot in my Xpages “want to be a expert” journey. Am also a big fan of David Leedy,  he has helped me out few time when i have some issues and i proud to call him my friend.   He has a great notesin9 video  and he talks about how to get more involved in the XPages community.  And his message in the video,  just ask and if you know the answer  then answer. Blog about the success or fail [read] Keywords: lotus xpages blogging community linkedin openntf skype


Getting Total Value from View column
Sun, Jul 13th 2014 2:11p   Palmi Lord
Am Puzzled, So I looking to you guys , Here is what am trying to do. Getting Total amount  from a flat view with one Column that keeps Total Sales of many documents. Getting Total sale into a XPages form using computedField I have tried this var key = viewRow.getColumnValue(“Totalsale”); var lookup = @DbLookup(@DbName(), “MyTotelSale”, key, 12); return lookup and from Notesin9 from my friend David. His solution is based on Key and its works like a charm where i use a K [read] Keywords: dblookup lotus xpages database

Single Page Application Wizard control from Patrick Kwinten
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 12:09p   Palmi Lord
If you follow PL then Patrick Kwinten  had a  post on Single Page Application Wizard control that has been shown before. I really like to see his version of it but it seem that YouTube does not let everyone see there videos.  Why Iceland is banned from this video is very strange and just rude if you ask me. [read] Keywords: lotus application

IBM : Sametime and UC experts needed at Connect14
Wed, Jan 22nd 2014 1:10p   Palmi Lord
During my stay at Connect i will be looking for some experts on Sametime UC  9,0.  and Sametime media server.  I will need to connect with ether BP or IBM resources. If you think that you can help then please get in touch with me  palmi.lord  AT  nyherji.is and lets schedule a meeting at Connect. looking forward to hearing from you see you in few days [read] Keywords: ibm lotus sametime server

Sun, Dec 29th 2013 5:11a   Palmi Lord
[read] Keywords: lotus

Connect 2014 – I will be there
Tue, Dec 24th 2013 5:10a   Palmi Lord
Its been a while from my last visit (2010) to IBM Connect formerly knows as Lotusphere. So am really looking forward to be there in 2014.  Dolphin and Swan hotels are fully booked so am looking for hotel near by , any suggestions would be appreciated. See you there. [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Domino admin 2 day class sold out in 48 hours
Mon, Dec 2nd 2013 7:14p   Palmi Lord
Its has been long over due that we had a domino administrator class here in Iceland. I have been hearing for some time now within the community that people are looking for more education in the IBM Domino world.  After few talks with IBM and internally here at Nyherji, We decided to get some talent to Iceland to teach the new stuff that 8.5 and 9.0 brings to the table.  So the goal was to get 8 – 9 administrators. I send out a email to the Community telling everyone about the upcoming event [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus xpages community email google

Bug or feature ?
Wed, Nov 27th 2013 6:16a   Palmi Lord
Notes 9.0.1  – I noticed that if you press on insert button when you have one email selected in Inbox ,  the total email  goes up by one on left hand side menu  .   I bet (hope) someone has reported this to IBM. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes bug email

Are there any emotions about Notes at IBM?
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 1:11p   Palmi Lord
Christian Tillmanns Wrote : Whatever we do and say, it’s of no use. IBM does not listen, because if they would, they would have to turn around about 137 degrees and admit, that they are wrong.  You will not see that happen. Oh yes, there are those high level meetings we (or at least I, you might be lucky one day) will not be invited to, but you can not talk about it. Oh, I had meetings like that. You leave happier than ever, but you can bet on it, a few weeks later everything is forgotten an [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes apple iphone ipod microsoft office

Few Pointers To IBM
Sun, Nov 3rd 2013 6:11a   Palmi Lord
It not about the email anymore its about way we think so do the following : Have Domino and IBM Smart cloud free for every education institute in the world. ( With local support ) Offer the Mail Client free just like the Designer. Basic and standard. Mac or PC IBM , You do understand that the users of the future technology are the ones that are in high school right now. Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/ [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus email javascript mac

Results : Have you use Smartupgrade in Domino ?
Mon, Oct 21st 2013 3:12p   Palmi Lord
I understand that is not a perfect fit for all environments and there are other tools that will do this. We have used this with less than 5 % fail rate. (260 users). Now that is amazing money-saving feature if you ask me. Thank to you who dissipated in this poll. [read] Keywords: domino lotus smartupgrade

Have you use Smartupgrade in Domino ?
Sun, Oct 20th 2013 6:10a   Palmi Lord
I like to know if this feature in domino is widely used. Take Our Poll (function(d,c,j){if(!d.getElementById(j)){var pd=d.createElement(c),s;pd.id=j;pd.src='http://s1.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/shortcodes/js/polldaddy-shortcode.js';s=d.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(pd,s);} else if(typeof jQuery !=='undefined')jQuery(d.body).trigger('pd-script-load');}(document,'script','pd-polldaddy-loader')); [read] Keywords: domino lotus smartupgrade javascript

Custom picklist – code here
Sun, Aug 25th 2013 8:14a   Palmi Lord
So lets go to the code. What needs to happen to make the picklist work for more then one field. If you use the Sample from Mark then change the CC value as :  ”onReturn” set to Scope Value add the ID of the TR that you like to refresh Copy paste the JS  that is here below into “ssjsSelectfuntion” “datasc” should be the VIEW that you are pulling from Add as many Column into viewcolumn that you are pulling from. “select” should be UNID Thats it & [read] Keywords: lotus xpages database

Custom picklist – sample coming
Wed, Aug 21st 2013 7:13a   Palmi Lord
When i was doing my pet project. I had the need to have picklist functions , I knew that there was a great example from Mark T Hughes  (OpenNTF ) .  It was very easy to use and a great addon to Xpages usability. I highly recommend it.  Here is a video of it on youtube. But this solution only let you populate one field with many items  or just one item.  To populate many FIELDS  you would need to use the  SSJSFunction. I will be blogging about that in next blog and give you an sample db ho [read] Keywords: lotus xpages blogging openntf

John Jardin video on notesIn9 – signing DB via Xpages
Thu, Jul 11th 2013 8:18a   Palmi Lord
John Jardin shows how to do this with Xpages and that is owsome to have it “on the run” when you are in development , just add button on top and you can sign it very quickly and it takes less time then going into admin , right mouse click and sign. plus you don´t need to have the admin running.  i have a homemade db that signs the db i select but the agent needs to be signed my server , Here is how to do this : Create view  name on signdbview add view formula done != “1R [read] Keywords: admin adminp agent lotus xpages database development java server

Samsung buying Boxee Team
Sat, Jul 6th 2013 3:14p   Palmi Lord
We’re pleased to announce that the Boxee team will be joining Samsung. Samsung is the #1 consumer electronics company in the world.  They produce all of the screens we watch entertainment on – TVs, laptops, phones, and tablets.  We’re excited to collaborate with Samsung on how each of these devices can deliver a more integrated TV experience. We’re working behind the scenes to ensure there’s minimal impact to your Boxee Box during this process. The Boxee Box holds a special place [read] Keywords: lotus

My thoughts on PlanetLotus.org
Mon, Jun 24th 2013 7:18a   Palmi Lord
Every now and then PL just does not work, it give an error 404 . I don´t know where the problem lies but its annoying. Plus there are some website that are posting “Pictures “that just have nothing to do with Lotus ( now as Notes)  like John James  posts mostly Instagram pix on his site and he is on PL. Why ? Do we really want to see odd pictures of old cars ?. Not me. I do now and then click on his link just for curiosity and am disappointed every time. PL has and should be one [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes planetlotus planetlotus.org

Case Study – CCP Games expands capacity for highperformance gaming
Wed, Jun 12th 2013 7:17a   Palmi Lord
Improving the user experience with IBM BladeCenter and the IBM Storwize family Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, CCP Games is one of the world’s leading independent developers of massively multiplayer online games. CCP is the creator of the critically acclaimed science-fiction game “EVE Online,” which is celebrating its tenth consecutive year of subscriber growth. CCP Games_Case Study_BLC03102-USEN-00 http://www.ccpgames.com/en/home [read] Keywords: ibm lotus

Thu, May 30th 2013 7:17a   Palmi Lord
Volker Weber  just bloged about the news about  Lync-Skype connectivity available today. This step from MS is not unexpected and was know  pretty much from the start after they bought Skype.  This gives Lynk users have capabilities to connect to the hundreds of millions of people who use Skype even if they are not using MS product and it will be great tool for then connect to local business and have huge advanced over the competitors. IMOP. This is something that IBM need to look at very car [read] Keywords: ibm microsoft planetlotus planetlotus.org profile skype

Social Business Event with Louis Richardson (Iceland)
Thu, May 16th 2013 6:13a   Palmi Lord
Louis Richardson will  talk about the hottest topic in marketing and technology sector, “Social Business”. Then follow with a cool bonus experts from IBM and TM Software. Social media has revolutionized communication network and use whole generations in a short time. Such media have contributed to challenge and even overturn the government, enhance information flow and cause brought closer to the people. the Event was fully booked as of 16:00 yesterday with 400 people coming to see [read] Keywords: ibm lotus network

Here is how to skip signature on reply
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 6:18a   Palmi Lord
Here is the code that lets you skip the signature on reply Add check mark FIELD  in calendar profile above the  “Send me a Return Receipt when recipients read mail” named it “NoSignToReply” add “No signature on reply|1″ goto scriptlibrary find “CoreEmailClasses” add this code under the  sigExt = True line 711 Dim noreply As Variant Dim formname As Variant formname = m_noteMemo.Form(0) If m_calprofile.hasitem(“NoSignToReply”) Then [read] Keywords: lotus scriptlibrary profile

This Can be True today With Nine :) IBM are you there ?
Fri, Apr 19th 2013 12:18p   Palmi Lord
[read] Keywords: ibm lotus

My Big Xpage project
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 1:21p   Palmi Lord
As anyone can tell you , if you need to learn something new then best way to learn is to go and get some classes  based on what you need to learn. Java , Xpages, etc . Or get a project that you have time to go though the leaning curve of trial and error.  That is what I did. Well with some help from the Lotus community ( you know who you are ) But I like to thank Tim Pistor.  He come over to Iceland for week or so and spend whole day with me on this project. Thanks Tim. What is this project , [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages community email java

Export any DB to XML with attachments
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 11:16a   Palmi Lord
I was looking for quick solutions to a small project that was coming my way and that was taking DB with 400 plus documents and export them to XML but the attachment needed to be “linked” within the XML.  Karl-Henry Martinsson saw my post / Twitter and got in touch with me. He has the tool to do that and if you have a project that need this kinda export then get in touch with him. It’s not a free tool for thousands of documents and it should´t be ether.  Its fast and does the [read] Keywords: lotus twitter xml

New domino http screen in Domino 9
Fri, Mar 22nd 2013 9:15a   Palmi Lord
Someone will be missing the back screen am sure but it would have been nice to have the Server version and SP number there also. [read] Keywords: domino lotus server

Error uninstalling the BETA IBM Notes 9.0
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 9:15a   Palmi Lord
When uninstalling the BETA 9 I got Cannot upgrade AllClient installation to Notes Client. The upgrade you are attempting is not supported. Solution :  Change the notes.ini InstallType= 2  to  InstallType=6 Uninstall successfully [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client

IBM new fetures – Outlook Connections sidebar plugins
Tue, Mar 19th 2013 9:14a   Palmi Lord
With the new Outlook Connections sidebar plugins there are some NICE features that we need to have in Notes. Like: Single sidebar plugins that you can get to files , Communities , Status updates and ect. Drag doc straight into email ( not link) Add Photo in to the status update While am on the page of asking then please make our client SMART like : If you put the word “Attachment” or “Attachments” into the body of an email and there is no attachment then ASK if you for [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime email outlook

Why are they using Google plus ? #SocBiz Expert Chat
Sun, Mar 17th 2013 10:14a   Palmi Lord
Watching the great talk about Notes 9 I saw that there is a Google plus on the screen ! What Happend to Sametime ? Why are not using IBM own software and getting Sametime name on the screen.  Or did Google pay for advertisement ?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vnROMTdy8o [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes sametime google

Sample : Random string values for accessing files
Sun, Mar 3rd 2013 7:11a   Palmi Lord
There are many samples on the web that will do these kinda random string values. @Unique would not create a secure sting for me as it always starts with same 3 -4 letters. i have been using this one for some time. Am not the original author of this code but i have made some modifications to it to make it fit my app. I use this code mainly to give people access to Documents / files based on URL that they get by email. sample  servename/dbname.nsf/XpagesForm.xsp?accesscode=TWPkfFiK8v Function Ge [read] Keywords: lotus email

Erik Brooks : Comment on Ethann Castell post
Wed, Feb 27th 2013 8:09a   Palmi Lord
Eric , You are spot on . It’s exactly these kind of mind-blowing rubbish comparison aka “apples to oranges”  that people keep coming up with,  that does not hold drop of water. Link P.S.  I have some issues login in to answer  your post there. [read] Keywords: lotus bleedyellow bleedyellow.com

Connect 2013 Open General session
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 7:13a   Palmi Lord
Like everyone knows that visits  planetlotus,  IBM connect 2013  is around the corner. Last year they streamed the OGS and i hope that they will this year too. Anyone like to collaborate on that ?  Everyone there this year , enjoy it and all my friends will be singing  ” Wish you were here” ……….. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus planetlotus

IBM Connections Toolbar for Firefox
Fri, Dec 21st 2012 10:11a   Palmi Lord
very nice addon to Connections Plugins [read] Keywords: connections ibm firefox

How to integrate D3 graphic library in Lotus Domino environment (aka Xpages)
Sat, Dec 15th 2012 12:14p   Palmi Lord
I was reading Keith´s post about 3d.js and found this Xpages sample about 3d.js in domino environment. Nice job. http://blog.redturtle.it/2012/10/18/how-to-integrate-d3-graphic-library-in-lotus-domino-environment Thanks Keith . [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages

Migrating from Outlook to Notes Social Editon 9.0 – its a smart move
Sat, Dec 15th 2012 11:15a   Palmi Lord
I have some code snippets that will copy from Outlook contacts to Notes 9.0 (names.nsf). just ask for it . Its a smart move. This link will help you get started. http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/31082009171715WEBSYC.htm [read] Keywords: ldd lotus notes outlook

Notes/Domino 9.0 Social Edition – Roadmap from Ed Brill
Fri, Dec 14th 2012 5:09p   Palmi Lord
[read] Keywords: domino lotusnotes notes notesdomino

Getting started with IBM Worklight
Wed, Nov 7th 2012 5:13p   Palmi Lord
I have been spending some time setting this up on my server , but my daytime work gets in the way .  But developers and IT professionals can get started with the latest version of IBM Worklight (V5.0.0.3) by using the materials on this page. You will find step-by-step guidance on using the different parts of the IBM Worklight V5.0 product in the modules (PDF files) below. Some modules include exercises; the solutions to those exercises are in the accompanying code samples (ZIP files). You can [read] Keywords: ibm lotus applications mobile server

Websphere portal help needed
Mon, Oct 1st 2012 6:10a   Palmi Lord
I have a question for all of you WebSphere portal super users. I have a domino form that am using via domino application portal How do i get type ahead or name lookup into server address book using above method. i have tried Jakes codestore code and basic Xpages typeahead  and both work as standalone but not in the portal . [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages application server websphere websphere portal

Mail Signature – Openntf
Mon, Sep 24th 2012 7:09a   Palmi Lord
We use Cross signature from crossware but I am a big fan of open source software and was surprised to see Mail Signature on OpenNTF by Ulrich Krause . I desisted to try it out.  Mr. Krause  explains it very well. Copy the addin too the root of the domino binary dir and add the following lines to notes.ini ;======  MAIL SIGNATURE START ===== EXTMGR_ADDINS=ntrigger64.dll MAIL_SIGNATURE_CONFIG_DB=signature.nsf MAIL_SIGNATURE_DEBUG_AGENT=1 MAIL_SIGNATURE_DEBUG_LEVEL=99 MAIL_SIGNATURE_LICEN [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes openntf profile server

Working With DHTML
Mon, Aug 6th 2012 3:12p   Palmi Lord
Take a look at http://www.dhtmlx.com.  I have been going thought the many Components that they have.  They have DB Admin  where you can connect to SQL DB .Great XML Editor . Then a DHTML designer  that is really good to start your project. Here is a Video if how it works. They also have FilesCommander This application demonstrates Norton Commander-style file navigation built with DHTMLX components. Components used. Here more Demo Applications. Here is a snapshot from my web Calender that am [read] Keywords: admin lotus notes application applications dhtml sql wiki xml

Tim Pistor Author of !Help
Tue, Jul 17th 2012 11:10a   Palmi Lord
    Tim Pistor contacted me in end of Mai and told me he was going to spent the summer here in Iceland. He is working from Iceland remotely for some part of the summer . We meet for lunch one Friday and had a very nice chat about his work and what Xpages are a  great tool to work with. Xpages is giving us opportunity  opens a lot of doors. We talked about how sad to see lot of good companies going away from Domino over to MS and the knowledge we have is going away where there is less and le [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages application openntf

Lotus Traveler as ASP – license Issue ?
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 6:14p   Palmi Lord
On a meeting i was asked if there was any different requirement for using Lotus Traveler as an ASP for various customers.  Can you setup a domino server and have CAL license  for each and everyone plus they have access to Lotus Traveler  on there mobile ?  I could not find any restriction on this . If you have done this,  can you shear any dos and dont on the setup. [read] Keywords: domino lotus traveler facebook mobile server twitter

PhoneMeeting in Calender entry
Mon, Jun 4th 2012 5:10p   Palmi Lord
I thought i shear this with you Now days online meetings are more and more being used. I have made a button for our users to press to create all the necessary information for the user to log in to the meeting. And its simple for our users to create. Our System use the person that sends out the invite phone number (four digits) to hold the meeting. 1. Create button in “_Calender Entry” form 2. paste the code from below link  into the button. 3. Change the text to reflect your compa [read] Keywords: lotusscript facebook twitter

Export Groups With InternetAddress for each person in Groups
Sun, Apr 22nd 2012 7:10a   Palmi Lord
I was looking for some information on web few months ago and saw DB sample that would let you verify users in a groups done by David Jamieson. Knowing that i had a project coming up where i needed to export groups from Domino address book into AD I downloaded the db. I modifyd the script to get the Internet address email address into txt file along with Type Group Davids DB is here: SAMPLE TXT OUTPUT “[Mail Only]“,”GROUPNAME”,”INTERNET ADDRESS” Thanks David [read] Keywords: access control list domino lotusscript email facebook openntf server twitter workspace

Xpage : Hide but using getQueryString
Tue, Feb 28th 2012 4:11p   Palmi Lord
Hi everyone Am using getQueryString as a  KEY to fill in some information on the form. I really don´t want to use CSS to hide this Field . I have tried to use the CORE hide( see picture) here is the getQueryString(); CODE. q = facesContext.getExternalContext().getRequest().getQueryString(); k = “input”; if (q.indexOf(k+”=”)>-1) { v = q.substring(q.indexOf(k+”=”)+k.length()+1, q.length()); v = (v.indexOf(“&”)>-1?v.substring(0,v.index [read] Keywords: lotus css facebook twitter

Hitler switches to Lotus Notes
Fri, Feb 17th 2012 6:11a   Palmi Lord
Now we know why Adolf Hitler toke his life [read] Keywords: lotus notes facebook twitter

Sandy Carter IBM Vice President, Social Business Sales in Iceland
Tue, Feb 7th 2012 9:10a   Palmi Lord
Sandy Carter, IBM Vice President, Social Business Sales and evangelism Will discuss why social media is important to the future, at the University of Reykjavik on Wednesday 8th February at 12:10 to 13:00. Why it is important to harness the power of social media inside companies and institutions? How can companies utilize social media to achieve a competitive advantage? Why social media the next leap in the development of information technology? [read] Keywords: ibm lotus development facebook twitter

Another win for MS – Icelandair Group
Thu, Jan 12th 2012 5:12a   Palmi Lord
Icelandair Group is in first steps of  implementation of the Microsoft solution for mail and groupware, documentation, quality and communication. Icelandair Group is a group of 2,500 people in nine business travel and tourism, operating worldwide. Icelandair Group  was one of the biggest Lotus notes users in Iceland. They will be using  Microsoft Office, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint og Lync. [read] Keywords: lotus notes exchange exchange facebook microsoft office outlook sharepoint twitter

Happy New Year everyone / LS2012
Sat, Dec 31st 2011 8:10a   Palmi Lord
2011 was in part a heavy year,  both at work and making ends meet, I have been very fortune to have kept my job for last four year.Now as we are seeing changes in the Economy Im hoping that telling us that 2012 going to be alot better than the year 2011. There are also other changes in the air that may affect my work . I will post later on that topic.   I will not be going to LS2012 and part of me is relieved  as you all know that have been there.  its HARD work for 5 full days and you wil [read] Keywords: lotus facebook twitter

Drag and drop into Workingset
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 5:10a   Palmi Lord
To my surprise i found out that you can open up designer , then open up file explorer, navigate to Data folder , there you can pick ether template or database then drag and drop them into sidebar in workingset . if you pick more than one then you will be asked for each one what workingset you like to place them into , very nice. [read] Keywords: lotus database facebook twitter

Before Mail arrives & Prompt to user
Thu, Oct 20th 2011 6:10a   Palmi Lord
Does anyone know if this is possible ? . The coal : Prompt user if the Email address he/she  puts in his/her  calendar profile is True runs on : Before Mail arrives CODE: Sub Initialize Dim Session As NotesSession Dim DB As NotesDatabase Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim docProfile As NotesDocument Dim strAction As String Dim strFolder As String Set Session = New NotesSession Set doc = Session.DocumentContext Dim ErrorHandler As Variant ‘If doc.HasItem(“SMTPOriginator”) T [read] Keywords: lotus email facebook profile twitter workspace

Daisy chaining the 2 Apple 27″
Sun, Sep 18th 2011 6:11a   Palmi Lord
Ideal work environment with Domino designer (With WM).  I will have this setup SOON Source http://www.macrumors.com/2011/09/16/apple-thunderbolt-display-with-multiple-monitors/ [read] Keywords: domino apple facebook twitter

Shame on you IBM !
Thu, Sep 15th 2011 5:12p   Palmi Lord
I know that the country i live in is small and we don´t have millions of people ( i would´t be living here then ). But there is no reason NOT to add Iceland in the drop-down list of countries, if it was done by age of the country we would be top teen.  Does IBM not know that there is IBM business partner in Iceland ?  Adobe did this in here past ,  they use to have “Denmark/Iceland”  together in the drop down. Well maybe they thought that Denmark still “owned” Icela [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler facebook twitter

Create and update Calendar reminders from Notes document Part II
Thu, Aug 11th 2011 6:11p   Palmi Lord
Karl-Henry posted a sample to create and update calendar reminders from Notes document and I have been using similar solution but my solution make also an Ical file that can be made available via web ( link) or have it emailed as attachment . Karl , I will take your code and add some code to it .  Send me an email to palmi at lord dot is  and i vill send you the code (db) for testing. then we can add this to OpenNTF. Game ?  Nice job [read] Keywords: lotus notes bleedyellow bleedyellow.com email facebook openntf twitter

OpenNTF Development Contest
Thu, Aug 11th 2011 10:09a   Palmi Lord
OpenNTF Development Contest My take on the ODC . There are some really great samples  that should have been part of Xpages from start , don´t get me wrong, I really appreciated the effort and time they put into it . Thank you. Here are some of the plugins that I belive is going to be fighting for the 1st price. ZK Spreadsheet Control By: Dennis Chen Asynch Files Upload Control By: Ferry Kranenberg Calendar Plan Controls By: Kateryna Czerniachowska JQuery Library Control By: Declan Lynch Searc [read] Keywords: lotus xpages development facebook openntf twitter

Does your San Not work with your Mac Os 10.7 (Lion) ? Workaround.
Thu, Jul 21st 2011 11:10a   Palmi Lord
Aftur a successful upgrade i found out that my SAN did not work with Lion 10.7 , My Synology servers are NOT supported after DMS3.1 and on their website they say that support for Lion is coming in 3.2 of DMS.  But Google found a solution that i used and am up and running with my 2 Syno server. link [read] Keywords: lotus facebook google mac server twitter

Microsoft Gave Customer $250,000 To Choose Office 365 Over Google Apps
Wed, Jul 6th 2011 8:14a   Palmi Lord
Here’s one way Microsoft can beat Google Apps: by buying customers. The University of Nebraska is scrapping Lotus Notes for a cloud-based system, and was trying to decide whether to go with Google Apps or Microsoft’s recently launched competitor, Office 365. The University chose Microsoft’s product — and told InformationWeek that Microsoft gave them $250,000 for making that choice. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-gave-customer-250000-to-choose-office-3 [read] Keywords: lotus notes facebook google microsoft office twitter

Xpages:getDocumentByKey in viewentry
Sat, Jul 2nd 2011 6:13a   Palmi Lord
Am doing some Search by key that works fine , now am looking to export to excel , found this code (Nathan code, thanks) and my attempt to make it work with Key is not working I have added getFirst after getDocumentByKey but no luck , am getting a blank screen , anyone see whats wrong with this code ? var writer = facesContext.getResponseWriter(); var response = exCon.getResponse(); var viewNav:NotesViewNavigator = database.getView(‘TreeContent’).createViewNav(); var searchKe [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application database facebook twitter xml

XPages: How to you use Query_String in XPages ?
Wed, May 25th 2011 4:09p   Palmi Lord
Am working a xpages App that need to fill in 15 fields based on Key. In xpages i would use  Key = document1.getItemValue(“AccessCode”); var result = @DbLookup(@DbName, “viewname”, key, 1); (typeof result == “string”) ? “No result” : result But how do i get the KEY from URL String Like this String http://thissite.server.com/ar.nsf/Sk?OpenForm&Settings=1234RT  to get the Value of the KEY by using @Middle(Query_String_decoded;”&Setting [read] Keywords: dblookup ldd lotus xpages facebook server twitter

Tungle has been acquired by RIM
Wed, Apr 27th 2011 9:11a   Palmi Lord
just got email from them     Wow.  What a ride it has been!  And it’s about to get wilder. Today, we’re excited to announce that Tungle has been acquired by RIM. What does this mean for you?  It means that Tungle is about to get even better.   Learn more about this announcement and the future of Tungle.me > We couldn’t have done this without you, our customers.  Your support, encouragement and feedback have helped us get to where we are today.  And we intend to keep you at [read] Keywords: lotus email facebook rim twitter

Xpages and cache issues. How do you do this ?
Fri, Apr 22nd 2011 6:09a   Palmi Lord
Hi Everyone and happy easter. I like to ask the hardcore xpages developers how they handle the cache issues . Am working on 3 – 4 different servers at any given day and some of the servers i can´t stop the HTTP to clean out the cache so i have to take the work to my local server and then send the template to have the admin deploy it. (Pain) . So how do you  handle this ? any pointers ? [read] Keywords: admin xpages facebook server twitter

IBM – Do Business, Get Social – Reykjavík Iceland
Thu, Mar 17th 2011 10:13a   Palmi Lord
Being able to connect with the right people and build the right relationships to expand your business network can create strategic advantage for you and your company. Being able to “see” more information, data, patterns and trends, makes this collaboration even more useful. Today, a business that relies on these highly interconnected networks, inside and outside of their traditional organisation, stands out. We call this Social Business.   The journey to a Social Business is one we& [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus facebook network twitter

Small OfficePool From a Button
Thu, Mar 10th 2011 7:10a   Palmi Lord
Create a mail-db , Assign email address to it,   Create an new view , categorizes  the Subject  ,  create button Add this code to the LS section of the button Change EMAIL to the one you are using . your done . simple  huhh ?   its just a demo and HR would never ask thease kind of  questions.   Sub Click(Source As Button)    Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace  Dim session As New NotesSession  Dim prompt As String  Dim db As NotesDatabase  Dim doc As NotesDocument  Dim Q [read] Keywords: lotus email facebook twitter

Create Calendar ics dynamically – DEMO
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 9:25a   Palmi Lord
Create Calendar invite dynamically  Chris Toohey has demonstrated how to do a „Add to Calendar“ link  with some embedded view with some JS and formula, great demo and works great . But we had another scenario. The user that creates this event need to make sure that „Register via Web“ is checked and on the “Thank You” email that goes out to everone will be a Link to ics file that is tied to that event. Works both for Lotus Notes and Outlook. We have completed this projec [read] Keywords: lotus notes email facebook google openntf outlook twitter

Am now Certified Advanced Application Developer
Sat, Feb 26th 2011 8:10a   Palmi Lord
Am now Certified Advanced Application Developer – Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 Any suggestion on next cert ?   What would you take ? maybe MS stuff ? [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes application facebook twitter

Apple Statistics – Quite an impressive set of numbers! – what about domino ?
Mon, Feb 21st 2011 3:10p   Palmi Lord
We have the first Blackberry Playbook First Domino Database on Blackberry Playbook and only few Domino apps are on Apple store that i know of – Are there many apps coming to Iphone done with domino ?  Is Blackberry Playbook the options for us ? better then IOs ? From Sept 1 . 2010 Some statistics about the company. Number included the amount of iOS devices being shipped, activated as well as details about the app store and iTunes. The numbers are quite impressive and show where Apple is [read] Keywords: domino apple blackberry database facebook iphone ipod planetlotus planetlotus.org twitter

AppleTV 2 – My source of Mediaplayer
Mon, Feb 14th 2011 2:10p   Palmi Lord
After been spoiled with road runner in Orlando for 5 years it’s really hard to go another service specially if you live in Iceland where there is no competitions here in the TV market . So the service is really bad and price is high. So I have been using AppleTV and using Apple Itunes gift cards to enjoy the VOD from my livingroom .  One of the great option with AppleTv is XBMC. There is no other media player with the quality and power that XBMC bring you , plus its open-source , Loads of [read] Keywords: lotus apple facebook linux twitter wiki

OGS attended by 500 university students
Wed, Feb 9th 2011 5:12a   Palmi Lord
Lotusphere 2011 Opening General Session attended by 500 university students from across Florida as part of a University Challenge hosted by Group Technology and IBM. And big ”thanks” goes out to Group for doing this . But what now ? Can we expect to hear what they thought about LS2011 – IBM  ?  What do they think about our beloved product Lotus Notes ? How many are going to take better look at Designer ? [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes facebook twitter

Appcelerator has acquired Aptana
Tue, Jan 18th 2011 1:13p   Palmi Lord
Today is an exciting day for web developers worldwide and especially for the Appcelerator and Aptana developer communities. We are pleased to announce that Appcelerator has acquired Aptana, the company behind Aptana Studio, the world’s most powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for web application development. Best of all, the new Appcelerator/Aptana IDE will be a free offering for our entire community. Read more here [read] Keywords: lotus application community development facebook twitter

Ckeditor and Source code view in Xpages
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 6:17a   Palmi Lord
Am looking to use the build in X pages  Ckeditor and can´t seam to get “Source code view” to be enabled am using this information but no luck Any help would be appreciated [read] Keywords: ldd lotus xpages facebook twitter

Wow Factor, It’s just an idea
Mon, Dec 27th 2010 9:21a   Palmi Lord
As you can see  Alan Lepofsky just wrote  about If Notes was introduced today, would it be a huge hit?   Well we just celebrated 21 year of Lotus Notes and that has to say something about LN. With over 130 millj users using it its a HUGE market. But its declining that is for sure. Am going to suggest that in 2011 , if your clients are in 8.5.x version then all of use take steps to improve our clients environment by taking advanced of Xpagas and getting most of the Old DB that out there into [read] Keywords: lotus notes xpages facebook openntf twitter

Thu, Dec 23rd 2010 7:17p   Palmi Lord
Who’s There Mary Mary who? Mary-Christmas! [read] Keywords: facebook twitter

My Xmas present early this year.
Sat, Dec 18th 2010 7:14p   Palmi Lord
After some thought about what i should get in the line of Mac computer it was between Mac book pro 15 ” or an Imac . I did write about this earlier and had some good information coming for the Lotus community. So after i realized that i really don´t need to travel with it and I do have a laptop from work (T61) i resided to jump on IMAC 21.5 ” with 8 gb memory . I had bought earlier Parallels 79$ and Lightroom 3.0 for Mac .(used it on my hacking-tosh) the setup was a snap and it find [read] Keywords: foundations ibm lotus xpages community development facebook laptop mac network server twitter

TWIT bashes Howard Stern for using Lotus Notes
Sat, Dec 11th 2010 8:18a   Palmi Lord
What a load of crap these guys are talking about – ” Lotus Notes is a closed system “  I don´t think so [read] Keywords: lotus notes facebook twitter

Free Domino ?
Thu, Dec 9th 2010 5:17p   Palmi Lord
Karl-Henry Martinsson has some very interesting ideas and it really makes sense to have a FREE web domino server More on this idea here [read] Keywords: domino lotus bleedyellow bleedyellow.com facebook server twitter

That was said about Apple too
Sat, Dec 4th 2010 12:21p   Palmi Lord
There have been lot of writing about what IBM/Lotus should do to get behind the wheel again on the calibration solutions. Some have said “that ship has sailed “but that was said about Apple too. MS has been taking a lot of our market and it’s because of their huge marketing department and strategy that makes them successful.  Now Google has made our market their market and are basically selling like crazy the Google Cloud concept and Lotus customers are buying it , hook, [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes notes client notesdomino xpages apple eclipse facebook google ideajam ideajam.net interface office twitter

XPages Extension Library – Need help
Fri, Dec 3rd 2010 9:20a   Palmi Lord
Hi Everyone -  I’m using this great XPages Extension Library that is on OpenNTF and i have added to my designer as talked about in the documentation that comes with it  and i can use it in my local client ( except for browser )  Now i would like to test this with my users and ones i port it to the server at Location C:LotusDominodatadominoworkspaceapplicationseclipse”  i get this  I rebooted and even restarted the server just in case   I unzipped the updatesite file [read] Keywords: domino lotus xpages applications eclipse facebook openntf server twitter workspace

Adding your Inbox into Lotus connections ?
Tue, Nov 30th 2010 7:18a   Palmi Lord
Is there away to add your Inbox into Lotus connections ?  I like to see a Tab saying (Inbox) in Lotus connections [read] Keywords: connections lotus facebook twitter

Apple IMac or Macbook Pro
Mon, Nov 22nd 2010 2:16p   Palmi Lord
Mac users -  I’m going to be ordering ether Mac Pro 15.4 or IMac 27″. I really don´t need to travel with it so am leaning for the Imac 27″ but if I need to take it somewhere it’s not so difficult as its only one item to move. (Mouse and keyboard wireless). Do you have Imac ?  Are you doing Domino designer work on it ? How is that working  for you? [read] Keywords: domino apple facebook mac macbook twitter wireless

noteswidgets ? Where is the server
Tue, Oct 19th 2010 6:30a   Palmi Lord
Anyone know where I can connect to the notes widgets that was on   www.noteswidgets.com ? [read] Keywords: lotus notes facebook server twitter widgets

vowe.net – not for me anymore
Thu, Oct 7th 2010 7:27p   Palmi Lord
I don’t like his attitude anymore.   Trying to be funny on others expense. get a life. good bye -  vowe.net [read] Keywords: lotus facebook twitter

IBM back in networking
Wed, Sep 29th 2010 8:29a   Palmi Lord
IBM is buying Ethernet switching company Blade Networking Technologies and so returning to the networking business. Why? Big Blue says “BLADE specializes in software and devices that route data and transactions to and from servers.” With Blade; “IBM can drive innovation at the systems networking level to enable clients to speed the delivery of key information from system to system – for workloads such as analytics and cloud computing – while also reducing data centr [read] Keywords: ibm lotus facebook networking twitter

Mary Beth:Why do we have to pay for this information ?
Tue, Sep 21st 2010 9:26a   Palmi Lord
Mary Beth wrote article about ” Meet the New Features that Increase Productivity for You and Your Users ” and its published in the  View and if you are not paying for subscription then your out of luck reading this.Why can´t we get this information for free Mary Beth  ? Don´t you get paid from IBM for this kinda write-up ? [read] Keywords: ibm lotus facebook twitter

Ubundu or MacOs
Sun, Sep 5th 2010 5:27a   Palmi Lord
I have been looking to get one of the Mac Pro 15.4  Laptop for some time now. And as am working on setting up MW´s on Foundation server where i have Ubundu , XP running atm. I know am going to need a mobile solution with similar setup where I can do my work anywhere. Like in my cabin I just bought in the maintain (See pic) I have taken parallels 5 for test drive on hachingtosh and I really like how the Win7 runs within Mac OS and I had Designer running smoothly there but this is like I said [read] Keywords: lotus notes development facebook laptop linux mac mobile server twitter

Will the iPad support a mouse as well?
Sat, Aug 28th 2010 6:33a   Palmi Lord
source http://www.cultofmac.com/the-ipad-gets-a-keyboard-dock/28060 [read] Keywords: lotus apple facebook twitter

Lotus Notes Client on IPAD
Fri, Aug 27th 2010 8:32p   Palmi Lord
Would that be great if you could install thick Lotus Notes Client on Apple IPAD 64gb 3G Wifi  It would be like this [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client apple facebook twitter wifi

Installed 8.5.2 – my findings
Tue, Aug 24th 2010 1:32p   Palmi Lord
Clean Thinkpad T61 3 gb mem Install on Admin / Dresigner toke forever but its up and running. Upgrade One OS68 Laptop from 8.5.1 was smooth. Upgrade Suse Linux Laptop from 8.5.1 was pretty smooth. Upgrade One OS68 Server from 8.5.1 was smooth. Speed test is going to be my next test – I hope that IBM did this right now i hate to go back to 8.5.0 Speed. [read] Keywords: admin ibm lotus facebook laptop linux server twitter

Notes/Domino 8.5.2 electronic download today
Tue, Aug 24th 2010 5:37a   Palmi Lord
Happy Days [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notesdomino facebook twitter

LOT 954 Results of my test today
Mon, Aug 23rd 2010 1:34p   Palmi Lord
I toke the LOT 954 today my last one of 3. Lot 952 was easy , Lot 953 was hard and i just passed it , 954 was medium hard but I scored 90 but i saw some names in the test and its was kinda funny , here are few. Nathan is adding the ability to upload files to his XPages application. Declan needs to create a new theme for his application. How can he do this task? Bruce is working on a Lotus Domino server that has a third-party Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Gayle has a rich text fiel [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes rich text xpages application facebook server twitter

Last Exam ( LOT 954 )
Sat, Aug 21st 2010 12:34p   Palmi Lord
Am been reading and reading for the final test this coming Monday. I already pushed it ahead ones as I was not feeling that I have read enough. Am not going to be taking this again so i better pass. Anyway I will let you guys know how I did. [read] Keywords: lotus facebook twitter

32k limitation – Does it still exists on groups in Domino 8.5.2
Thu, Aug 19th 2010 9:27a   Palmi Lord
does anyone know if this has been changed  in 8.5.2?  I don´t see anything about it in IBM partner world [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus facebook twitter

Explain why they are moving to Notes
Sat, Aug 14th 2010 5:27p   Palmi Lord
Anyone can tell you that most of the lotus to outlook is not because of exchange but because of outlook Lotus is more them email lot more , but lot of people don’t care about that. If their email is not Outlook then they bring up lot of  issue why they can´t use Notes. Take 200 survey on people who have used Notes in the past and 200 that are using Notes today and ask them 20 questions then compare them to each other. You will find out that MS outlook does one thing very well and that is [read] Keywords: lotus notes show and tell email exchange exchange facebook outlook twitter

Quickr: problems with with HTTP cache.
Wed, Aug 11th 2010 5:27p   Palmi Lord
Friend of mine is having some issues with Quickr: Windows 2003   -  Quickr 8.1  - Domino Server 8.02 Issue :  Having problems with  HTTP cache. Server gets real sluggish. Places just hang for while and timeout Rebooting server helps for a short period of time. Logs do not really point to anything that could be wrong. Any pointers from you quickr guys ? Thanks [read] Keywords: domino lotus quickr facebook server twitter

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