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Partner of the Year 2014 – Finalists
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 110
IBM Champions for ICS 2015 announced
Thu, Dec 4th 2014 157
Meet the panagendians: Dan Zebrowski
Wed, Dec 3rd 2014 110
What’s black, white and blue and sticks to just about anything?
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 222
41. DNUG Konferenz 2014
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 177
Unser Partner bluecue und panagenda MarvelClient – eine volle Erfolgsgeschichte für Bischof + Klein
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 202
Timezone Helper by panagenda
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 191
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What’s black, white and blue and sticks to just about anything?
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 222
Unser Partner bluecue und panagenda MarvelClient – eine volle Erfolgsgeschichte für Bischof + Klein
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 202
Timezone Helper by panagenda
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 191
41. DNUG Konferenz 2014
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 177
IBM Champions for ICS 2015 announced
Thu, Dec 4th 2014 157
Notes is Dead
Thu, Sep 18th 2014 121
IBM Collaboration: The Future is Now
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 115
Long live Notes!
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 114
On Bandwidth, Servers, Consolidations and Finding the Magic Formula Between
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 113
10 Tips on Optimizing IBM Notes on Citrix
Fri, Jul 5th 2013 110

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Partner of the Year 2014 – Finalists
Thu, Dec 18th 2014 7:25a   Arne Bergmann
Just like last year, panagenda once again honors a panagenda Business Partner who has delivered exceptional value to a multitude of IBM ICS customers using panagenda products and services. It is with pride that we work together with many great … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

IBM Champions for ICS 2015 announced
Thu, Dec 4th 2014 3:05a   Florian Vogler
Here at panagenda, we make it a habit to hire smart, kind, passionate problem solvers and I am proud to work with a team full of experts in each their respective fields, supporting our customers and partners every single day. … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

Meet the panagendians: Dan Zebrowski
Wed, Dec 3rd 2014 10:25a   Katrin Pascher
1. What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Dan Zebrowski – I’m responsible for new business development and account management for the U.S. and Canada, and am located in Colorado, USA. 2. When did you first … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: development

What’s black, white and blue and sticks to just about anything?
Thu, Nov 27th 2014 6:26a   Francie Tanner
If you have ever seen us at one of our many conferences, you know that we take great pride in our give-aways. They must be useful, fun, represent a topic we’re actively engaged with such as connecting the dots or … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: lotus notes

41. DNUG Konferenz 2014
Wed, Nov 19th 2014 4:06a   Katrin Pascher
Letzte Woche war es wieder soweit. Die DNUG e.V. lud zur 41. Konferenz in Leipzig ein, um der Community eine Plattform für regen Austausch rund um IBM Notes und Domino zu bieten. Wenn es um die Zukunft und Entwicklung von … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes community

Unser Partner bluecue und panagenda MarvelClient – eine volle Erfolgsgeschichte für Bischof + Klein
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 6:05a   Lukas Thoma
Server und Client Aktualisierungs-Projekte trotzen oft jeglicher Aufwands- und Kostenrechnung, da meist sowohl der Überblick, als auch der Einblick in die jahrelang gewachsene IBM Notes/Domino Umgebung fehlt. Inhomogene Client Landschaften oder Anwendungen mit weitreichenden Integrationen und Abhängigkeiten machen die Projektplanung … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes server


Timezone Helper by panagenda
Mon, Nov 3rd 2014 9:45a   Francie Tanner
With customers all over the Globe and our own team working in 6 different time zones, knowing when it’s ok to call or schedule meetings can be really difficult. Twice a year, this becomes even more challenging when Europe switches to/from daylight … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

Long live Notes!
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 10:05a   Florian Vogler
This is an apology to everyone – customers, partners and IBM – who I managed to unsettle or upset with the title of my last blog post. I now well understand that the title was a mistake – and believe … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes

Lang lebe Notes!
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 10:05a   Florian Vogler
Mit diesem Beitrag möchte ich mich bei all jenen entschuldigen – Kunden, Partnern und IBM -, bei denen der Titel meines vorherigen Artikels für Verwunderung oder gar Ärger gesorgt hat. Ich habe verstanden, dass der Titel unglücklich gewählt war – … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes

Notes is Dead
Thu, Sep 18th 2014 8:45a   Florian Vogler
It’s been a while since my last public post. While our team handles our Twitter, Facebook and Blog accounts, I’ve spent a (not so) good amount of time trying to get to Inbox zero and creating, editing, storing and finding … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes facebook twitter

Notes Ist Tot
Wed, Sep 17th 2014 9:28p   Florian Vogler
Es ist inzwischen eine ganze Weile her, seit ich mich das letzte Mal öffentlich zu Wort gemeldet habe – während sich Kollegen um Twitter, Facebook, Blog und Co kümmern, haben mich klassische Inbox und Office-Dokumente fest im Griff. Mit unserem … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes facebook office twitter

On Bandwidth, Servers, Consolidations and Finding the Magic Formula Between
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 6:25a   Stefan Fried
If you’ve ever found yourself tapping your fingers, waiting for a database to open, you know that network bandwidth is an important part of IT. What may not be obvious is the calculation behind exactly how much bandwidth is needed … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes database network

IBM Collaboration: The Future is Now
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 11:25a   Francie Tanner
Cloud migration, consolidation, modernization, mobile efforts, social business and more – the right strategic direction for IT is rarely obvious and often lacking clear, fact-based answers. So how do you gain clarity across an entire collaboration infrastructure made up of … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes mobile

IBM Collaboration: Die Zukunft ist jetzt
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 11:25a   Katrin Pascher
Worum es auch geht – Kosteneinsparungen, Zentralisierung, Konsolidierung, Migration, Modernisierung, mobile Anwendungen, Social Business, Cloud, Browserclients und Co –, oft ist nicht klar wie solche Themenstellungen am besten – wirtschaftlich, effizient und zielführend – anzugehen sind. Die Antwort auf diese … Continue reading → [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes mobile

pangenda Grows Portfolio with new IT Service and Consulting Subsidiary
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 2:05p   Francie Tanner
With their existing software solutions serving over 6 million licensed modules Worldwide, panagenda is well established as an analysis and optimization leader in the IBM collaboration market. Adding to their existing offerings, panagenda now expands its portfolio with a newly founded panagenda Consulting company. To date, panagenda has enabled hundreds of IBM ICS customers by analyzing their infrastructures on all levels (client, server, and application) to identify optimization potential. By [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime application applications consulting email enterprise integration microsoft network server virtualization

panagenda verstärkt sich durch neu gegründete IT-Services und Consulting Tochter
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 6:25a   Katrin Pascher
Mit der neu gegründeten panagenda Consulting baut der Softwarespezialist panagenda sein Angebotsportfolio aus. Neben den im Markt etablierten Lösungen zur Analyse und Optimierung von kollaborativen IT-Landschaften (auf Basis der IBM ICS Produktpalette) wird die panagenda Gruppe nun auch verstärkt IT-Dienstleistungen anbieten. In der Vergangenheit hat panagenda hauptsächlich dabei geholfen, IBM Notes und Domino Infrastrukturen auf Client-, Server- und Anwendungs-Ebene zu analysieren und Opti [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus notes sametime traveler consulting email microsoft server

Exploring new and unknown Statistics on a Domino 9.x Server
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 4:05a   Stefan Fried
Exactly one year ago, IBM Notes/Domino 9 was released. Along with the name change, Notes and Domino 9 is software in the age of Social Collaboration.  Looking beyond the nice front-end features of a Notes 9 Client, you’ll find some very interesting stuff on the Backend Domino Server as well. One of the interesting things of a Domino Server is its Statistics. While I’ll admit to being a statistics geek, it is a major reason I pay close attention, especially when there is a new major release [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes updall application database profile server

Partner of the Year 2013
Mon, May 26th 2014 6:45a   Katrin Pascher
To our dozens of partners all over the World that we have the privilege to work with: Thank you for your input and conversations. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Thank you for your trust and time. You help us make people’s lives easier and with over 7 million licensed modules that’s a lot of reach! Our First Ever Partner of the Year Building our brand is not just based on growth goals, but rather measured by creating sustainable relationships with all those we work wi [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

Performance Boosts through Upgrading the ODS
Wed, May 14th 2014 4:25a   Francie Tanner
For years we have been talking about the importance of the ODS as being the number one “performance win” and with IBM Notes 9.0.1 there is a new ODS 52 available. Our good friend Daniel Nashed wrote a fantastic post about this new ODS, how to get there, issues with encryption and large atachments. Don’t miss the full article on his blog here: http://blog.nashcom.de/nashcomblog.nsf/dx/details-about-ods-52-shipped-with-notesdomino-9.0.1.htm [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client notesdomino ods linkedin

Thank you for visiting us at Engage 2014!
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 6:22a   Julian Robichaux
Hello, roving reporter (and occasional conference speaker) Julian Robichaux here, just returning from Engage UG in Breda, Netherlands. This year, Theo Heselmans has rebranded the BLUG conference as “Engage”, to reflect not only the broader technology scope of the event (it’s not just a “Lotus User Group” any more) but also to make it clear that it’s not just Belgium that is represented by the crowd of attendees. Additionally, “Engage” makes a real [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino foundations ibm lotus mashup notes community linkedin wiki

Meet the panagendians: Hafi
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 7:22a   Katrin Pascher
Since our latest blogpost about Port Compression Analysis was written by a pangendian you all don’t know yet, we would like to introduce you to the author: 1. What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Michael Hafner, Senior Software Engineer, Weißenkirchen in der Wachau (www.weissenkirchen-wachau.at, www.weissenkirchen.net) 2. When did you first start getting involved with technology? First Computer: Atari 800 XL (+Datasette, + Atari Artist Touch Tablet) & [read] Keywords: ibm laptop

Port Compression Analysis: A (hidden) math problem revealed
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 5:22a   Michael Hafner
Port compression was originally introduced to IBM Notes/Domino 6 as a way to significantly reduce the amount of network traffic sent/received by IBM Notes and Domino devices. To enable port compression on servers, simply go to the Server tab in the Domino Administrator, while on Notes clients the same can be done via a setup or desktop policy setting. Port compression must be enabled on both sides of a network connection in order for it to work, but that’s a pretty small price to pay for a [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes desktop network server

Veni, Vidi, Vires
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 10:22a   Francie Tanner
We came, we saw and we got energized last month in Orlando, Florida at Connect2014 along with a few thousand of our friends, customers and partners. Thanks to everyone who came to our booth, spoke to our team, came to our sessions or panels and stopped by to pick up one of our very popular power banks. We took a (totally unofficial) poll and we’re proud to say that we had the best and most useful give-away on the show floor. And seriously, we do spend a lot of time coming up with a meanin [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes applications

Energize, Optimize and Doublecheck
Sun, Jan 26th 2014 4:42p   Katrin Pascher
Greetings from Connect2014 in Orlando, where the show floor is about to open our booth to the few thousand attendees here at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort. Just a quick heads up before the opening party tonight, if you are one of the many customers who took advantage of IBM’s Domino Doublecheck, powered by Trust Factory, be sure to stop by booth 101 or drop us a line here to let us plot an execution path around the Doublecheck recommendations. For those of you not familiar with [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes application

Connect 2014 – Here We Come!
Wed, Jan 15th 2014 8:42a   Katrin Pascher
The time has come again to get ready for our annual pilgrimage to Connect2014 in Orlando, Florida, January 19 – 23. We’re excited to once again be Gold sponsors of the event, which means we once again take you all to the park on Tuesday night, Disney’s Hollywood Studios! (You’re welcome!) We are honored to have several technical sessions this year, please come see our panagenda experts at the following sessions: JMP 101: Java for XPages Development Paul Calhoun (panagen [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm notes notes client xpages development java mobile

Meet the panagendians: Lukas
Thu, Dec 5th 2013 3:22a   Katrin Pascher
1. What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? My name is Lukas and I’m responsible for all kinds of technical authoring. I go to work (or stay in my homeoffice) in Vienna. For anyone who hasn’t yet worked in the field of technical authoring, below are a few examples for what exactly I do. At a high level, I organize the written output of the entire panagenda knowledge and experience . This includes, the design, as well as the textual and medial re [read] Keywords: apple

Notes 9.0.1 und MarvelClient – eine starke Kombi!
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 10:42a   Stefan Fried
IBM Notes/Domino  9.0.1 wurde vor einigen Tagen veröffentlicht und neben diversen Fixes bietet es auch zwei interessante neue Möglichkeiten: Zum Einen kann man nun in der Execution Control List (ECL) des Notes Clients das Starten von Java Code restriktieren und des Weiteren kommt man mit 9.0.1 in den Genuss, die ODS auf ODS52 anheben zu können. ODS 52 Aktuell sind die Informationen diese neue ODS betreffend seitens IBM noch etwas rar. Man kann jedoch davon ausgehen, dass erneut eine Perform [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client ods policies xpages consulting desktop eclipse java linkedin profile security workspace

Notes 9.0.1 + MarvelClient = Powerful Squared!
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 11:02a   Stefan Fried
IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 was released recently and in addition to some fixes, it also provides two new features which are rather interesting: an ODS update to  ODS52 starting of Java Code can now be restricted in the Execution Control List (ECL) of the Notes client ODS 52 The good news is that each new ODS version brings performance improvements due to a reduced transations and disk i/o requirements. The bad news, however, is that IBM has so far not published concrete performance statistics abo [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client ods xpages consulting desktop eclipse java linkedin profile security workspace

Crash Course in Rudi-ish + (90 minutes x 2) = 130% Spaß
Thu, Oct 10th 2013 9:42a   Christoph Adler
Es fühlt sich zwar an, als wäre es gestern gewesen, aber das AdminCamp ist jetzt auch schon wieder zwei Wochen vorbei – vom 23. bis 25. September 2013 fand es im Maritim Hotel in Gelsenkirchen statt. Für mich war es das erste „RudiCamp“ und das Abenteuer begann bereits bei der Vorbereitung meiner zwei Sessions: Zwei Wochen vor der Konferenz erfuhr ich, dass ich nicht 45 oder 60, sondern ganze 90 Minuten Zeit haben werde, um mein panagenda Wissen mit anderen zu teilen  – und in 90 (in [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes notes client eclipse linkedin networking profile server twitter

Crash Course in Rudi-ish + (90 minutes x 2) = 130% Fun
Thu, Oct 10th 2013 9:02a   Christoph Adler
It feels like only yesterday, but it’s already been two weeks ago that AdminCamp 2013 took place in the Maritim hotel in Gelsenkirchen (Germany)on September 23rd to 25th. It was the first time I attended a “RudiCamp” and the adventure had already started a couple of weeks prior. When I began to prepare my sessions, I found out that I wouldn’t have the usual 45 or 60 minutes to share my panagenda knowledge with others, but a whole 90 minutes! And with 90 (ninety!!!) minutes you can share [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm lotus notes notes client eclipse linkedin networking profile server twitter

15 Minute Upgrades Webinar
Tue, Oct 8th 2013 2:02p   Francie Tanner
IBM Notes 9 Social Edition is full of new features, but even the best laid upgrade plans tend to end up with lengthy support calls, keeping costs high and users from being productive. Join Francie Tanner and Daniel Reimann as they will show you how our Social Business Enablement Edition helps you analyze, standardize and transparently dispatch exactly what your users need for their IBM Notes 9 upgrades! Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 (5:00 – 6:15 pm, GMT+1) Thursday, October 10th, 2013 (10 [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus notes notes client sametime eclipse widgets

ICON UK and Other Things to do while in Europe
Thu, Sep 12th 2013 8:22a   Dan Zebrowski
Last week we had a great time sponsoring, attending, and presenting at ICON UK (the conference formerly known at UKLUG). This year the event was held at the Grand Hotel in Brighton, a beautiful seaside location with an interesting history, just across the street from the beach. As always, Warren and Kitty Elsmore put together a fantastic show with top notch speakers and rooms full of attendees. panagenda’s very own Julian Robichaux and Paul Calhoun each gave technical sessions for develo [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes consulting java wiki

Getting 10 new employees up to speed
Tue, Sep 10th 2013 9:42a   Felix Vogler
Working at panagenda can mean being confronted with some unusual challenges: In the first 6 months of 2013 alone, 10 new employees joined the panagenda team (all additions to our staff, no replacements). Integrating our “newbies” into the various panagenda teams is a constant challenge, not made easier by the fact that we work in four different time zones between Europe and the US West Coast. One great way to sync everyone at panagenda has been our company meetings held twice a year [read] Keywords: connections notes development exchange exchange

Meet the panagendians: Dominik
Wed, Aug 7th 2013 4:02a   Katrin Pascher
1. What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Dominik Lübbe, Sales Manager, Stuttgart Germany What I do? Selling panagenda solutions and working with business partners Being part of the customer facing team, I discuss our solutions with prospects, customers and partners remote, on-site or during conferences. Simply, being their first contact in case they have any questions. 2. When did you first start getting involved with technology? When I was little, my Dad once [read] Keywords:

GroupExplorer Release Preview
Wed, Jul 31st 2013 9:02a   Paul Calhoun
When troubleshooting a mail routing or security problem, time is of the essence! And time is the one commodity that Domino Administrators covet most. Administrators don’t have time to manually determine which Groups a user belongs to, which applications a user can access on which servers or how many recipients a particular email would been sent to. Not only that, in some cases, building a list of who is part of which nested group and has access to apps in which ways is close to impossible! [read] Keywords: acl domino ibm notes application applications email security

“Trial and Error” is so 2012… introducing SmartChanger 3.50!
Wed, Jul 10th 2013 5:02a   Francie Tanner
Doing a thorough analysis at the start of a project is essential. This is especially true when dealing with user or server renames, recertifications, consolidations or mergers. But regardless of your level of planning, some issues just aren’t predictable – or are they? One easy way to expose potential issues before they impact your users is to run our new SmartChanger in Simulation mode. Simulations allow you, for instance, to determine the number of name changes needed in the course of [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes sametime application applications server

Announcing the next major release of MarvelClient, available end of Summer / early Fall!
Tue, Jul 9th 2013 9:22a   Markus Sablatnig
What do you have to look forward to? Plenty, with more than 70 enhancements and new MarvelClient features ranging from performance improvements to an updated UI, and more! Our new Mail Blocking feature gives you total control over the impact your users messages are allowed to have on your infrastructure. This means that instead of draconian limits to attachment sizes, you can limit the precise volume of traffic an email will create by allowing your users to send a large attachment to a coworker, [read] Keywords: connections lotus notes notes client roaming sametime eclipse email network profile server widgets xml

10 Tips on Optimizing IBM Notes on Citrix
Fri, Jul 5th 2013 4:02a   Francie Tanner
Performance tuning the IBM Notes client is a topic we at panagenda are rather passionate about. So passionate, in fact, that we’ve presented about this topic no less than 30 times! Now it’s time for a slightly different angle – virtualization of the Notes client on Citrix XenApp! All the below tips are written for the IBM Notes MULTI-USER CONFIGURATION client on Citrix on IBM Notes releases 8.x to 8.5.3FP2. While it’s possible to use some of the below tips with other vers [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client ods policies citrix desktop eclipse java properties virtualization

Shedding Light on the Future
Wed, Jun 5th 2013 10:19a   Francie Tanner
Remember the kind of phone you had access to when you were growing up? Rotary, public phone or push button with a reeeeally long cord? And I’m sure you remember making your first  phone call on a cell phone, however monsterously big that may or may not have been. Am certain if anyone told you back then about the digitally saturated World we live in now, you couldn’t have imagined. A global society with ubiquitous access to different smart phones,  numerous avenues of instant  mess [read] Keywords: applications email integration mobile security server

Meet the panagendians: Christoph
Thu, May 16th 2013 3:39a   Katrin Pascher
Meet Christoph – one of our Technical Account Managers. All of you visiting ISBG next week will also have the pleasure to see him presenting live on stage! 1. What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Christoph Adler Technical Account Manager Heppenheim, Germany I’m working at panagenda as a direct technical contact person for all of our customers and business partners, mostly for MarvelClient and GroupExplorer. I give online presentations, visit customers [read] Keywords:

panagenda MarvelClient Roaming
Mon, May 13th 2013 10:04a   Francie Tanner
To date roughly 5.5 million licensed users in over 70 countries are using MarvelClient to deploy, upgrade, manage and streamline their IBM Notes clients.  While the technical capabilities of our 9 modules are incredibly varied, we wanted to break each module down into a short, 2 minute video with little technical detail in order to learn more about MarvelClient capabilities, without a huge time investment. You can find the Marvel Client Migrate video here and the MarvelClient Analyze video her [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes roaming

Für unsere deutschsprachigen Leser – Leica, Belsoft und MarvelClient
Tue, Apr 2nd 2013 4:13a   Francie Tanner
Auf unser Partnernetzwerk sind wir besonders stolz. Gemeinsam mit unseren 38 Business Partnern, die uns und unsere Produkte auf allen Kontinenten vertreten, betreuen wir über 5,5 Millionen lizenzierte User in über 70 Ländern. Ganz besonders freut es uns, wenn einer unserer Business Partner eine Erfolgsgeschichte veröffentlicht. Wir möchten Ihnen die Success Story unseres Partners Belsoft aus der Schweiz und dessem Kunden Leica natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Belsoft Leica MarvelClient Suces [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

Meet the panagendians: Felix
Wed, Feb 20th 2013 7:12a   Katrin Pascher
It’s that time of the year in Europe, where the snow falls and (hopefully) the sun is shining. While most panagendians are busy working with customers and past/future attendees of all the Connect/Lotusphere comes to you events, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the most snow-loving panagendians today! What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Felix, CFO – I count the money When did you first start getting involved with tech [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Connect2013 Here We Come!
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 5:28a   Francie Tanner
panagenda is thrilled to be represented in Orlando at IBM Connect2013 again, with Gold Sponsorship, 5 sessions, 4 booths, IBM staff sponsorship and nearly 30 panagendians! To start the show, come see us on Sunday, January 27 at 630pm on the Showfloor booths B17, B18, B19 and B20 to find out our newest product updates, give-aways and the release of our newest product developed in conjunction with the newly acquired Trust Factory. On Monday, January 28, panagenda will be features in the App Deve [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm notes

Press Release: panagenda Announces Acquisition of Trust Factory
Mon, Jan 14th 2013 12:49p   Francie Tanner
VIENNA, Austria – 14 Jan 2013: panagenda, leading solution provider for IBM Notes and Domino environments, announced the acquisition of Netherlands based IBM partner Trust Factory today. Both companies have earned a solid reputation over the years in the areas of client-side, server-side and application management, analysis and optimization, with panagenda’s flagship MarvelClient desktop management solution and Trust Factory with their DNA analytics service. This strategic acquisition en [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus notes application consulting desktop development server

We have the Champions, my friends!
Wed, Dec 19th 2012 8:49a   Katrin Pascher
In 2011, IBM launched the IBM Champions program for IBM Collaboration Solutions to recognize and reward 63 community members who contributed to organizing, answering, writing and fostering the Collaboration community as a whole. panagenda has always made it a habit to work with the best, brightest and most fun people, so it’s no surprise to us that once again, two of our team members were recognized for the second time as IBM Champions. Just last week, IBM and Joyce Davis officially announ [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community

Meet the panagendians: Franz
Thu, Dec 13th 2012 8:34a   Katrin Pascher
What’s your name, position and location? And what exactly do you do? Franz Walder, Senior Systems and Software Engineer, Vienna When did you first start getting involved with technology? I first got in touch with computers when I was about 10 or 12 years old. While a Sega MegaDrive brought me in touch with technology, my first “computer” was, soon after, a C64 and later an IBM 8086. What do you consider the greatest invention EVER!?!? I honestly cannot name a single thing that I wo [read] Keywords: ibm

Lotus Notes 360 Video and Slides
Mon, Nov 19th 2012 6:37p   Francie Tanner
For those of you who missed our webinar on “Lotus Notes 360″, you can watch the entire video presented by Francie Tanner below and learn how to manage IBM Lotus Notes clients at any point in their lifecycle. The slides are also attached and are available for downlad on the bottom of this post. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes

Got Puzzled?
Mon, Feb 6th 2012 1:23p   francie tanner
Puzzled by the panagenda giveaway puzzles from Lotusphere 2012? Still can't figure out how to take one apart or put it back together? Turns out, the Hamayama metal puzzles we gave away are quite difficult to solve, and even once you manage to take them apart, putting them back together may seem virtually impossible! But fear not, our local resident geeks at panagenda have solved and re-solved every.single.one of those Hamayama puzzles and we're here to tell you - it IS possible! [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Mary Beth Raven: Finding the Balance Between too much and not enough information
Mon, Jan 30th 2012 11:23a   francie tanner
Today’s world is filled with an ever growing about of information to be processed. How do you determine what to focus on and what to tune out? How do you best organize this information to persuade your management team to make purchases or agree to de-commissioning of certain hardware or software? These were two of several questions that Florian Vogler and I discussed with attendees at a "Birds of a Feather" (BOF) session during Lotusphere 2012. Our discussion included agreement that [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere email mobile network server

Thank you. No, really.... (and Lotusphere Slides too)
Tue, Jan 24th 2012 2:43p   francie tanner
Just a quick post to express our gratitude.... thank each and every one of you that stopped by our booth last week at Lotusphere 2012. Thank you to everyone who came to any of our sessions. Thank you to each and every one of you who stopped us in the hall, sent us emails, responded on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or anything else. Thank you to everyone that reached out and shared your opinion, provided us with feedback, came by to grab bucky balls or the metal puzzles. As a company with [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2012 notes notes client facebook google server twitter

Bacon, Chocolate AND Java
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 12:43p   francie tanner
If your response to this blog post title is "Things I love to eat for $500, Alex", then you're exactly the kind of Lotusphere 2012 attendee we want to talk to! Come by our booths 507/508/509 tonight between 6pm and 8pm to see the lovely panagenda crew including Mary Beth Raven and Julian Robichaux. We'll be happy to talk to you about our FREE MarvelClient Analyze or GreenLight Database Analyzer licenses, bacon, chocolate, java coding, yellow capes, bucky balls and tropical islands. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere database java password

Guest Blogger Mary Beth Raven: "Finding the Balance Between Too Much and Not Enough Information"
Wed, Jan 11th 2012 2:22p   francie tanner
Mary Beth writes: "Hello! I am excited to join panagenda at Lotusphere 2012 handing out Austrian chocolates and other fun stuff at booth 507/508/509. I am also presenting a BoF with the panagenda CEO Florian Vogler. Please come by and see me and say hello. I will be easy to spot with my hard-to-miss yellow cape! Finding the Balance Between Too Much and Not Enough Information Today's world is filled with an ever growing amount of information to be processed. In this "noisy" environme [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger server

Shhht, Super Secret Give-Away Unlock Code
Wed, Jan 11th 2012 2:22p   francie tanner
Psst, over here.... Do you remember the super duper give-aways we had last year at our Lotusphere 2011 booth? I'm not going to say the words out loud but they were a huge hit and got snagged up before the conference ended. Pic courtesy of Vowe This year at Lotusphere 2012, we have another give-away, not the above, but still very cool. Come by and check it out, but for those of you with the intel, we have a very small number of limited panagenda mini bucky b....., well, you know [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere

Neodymium and a Three-for-One Special: Admin2011/PacLUG/Developer2011 Two-for-One Special: PacLUG and Admin 2011
Wed, Jun 8th 2011 8:02p   francie tanner
We barely got our luggage back from the last trip and we're already packing our bags again to go to Vegas. And for once, what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas as this deal is just too good to keep to yourself! Join us for PacLUG/Admin2011/Developer2011, taking place at PlanetHollywood in Las Vegas, NV on June 21st - 24th, 2011 and if you're not already registered for this three-for-one combo, then hurry up and sign up here and here! panagenda is not only sponsoring all three co [read] Keywords: admin domino lotusphere notes application server

UKLUG Slides, iPad2 and LCTY
Mon, Jun 6th 2011 5:22p   francie tanner
We're back from UKLUG 2011 (without luggage as usual), a huge thank you goes out to the organizers, sponsors and attendeed who made it to Manchester, UK. Francie Tanner had the priviledge to present "The Definitive Guide to Client Management" and if you attended, please do submit your evals here and let the organizers, sponsors and speakers know what your favorite session or topic was. Slides for "The Definitive Guide to Client Management" are enclosed and as always, post a comm [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes email lotususergroup.org openntf planetlotus planetlotus.org

"Oooh Pretty" for your IBM Lotus Notes Client
Wed, Jan 19th 2011 4:46p   francie tanner
It's been around for years, but in case you're not privy to having an "Oooh pretty" IBM Lotus Notes client workspace yet, then here is your chance for FREE company branding or just personal beautifulcation of your client. All you need is any version IBM Lotus Notes client, then download the zip file here and follow the instructions in the enclosed "Read Me" file. The FREE panagenda MarvelClient Skinning edition works with any language and setup / install type supported by IBM [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client citrix workspace

Lotusphere Scheduling and the Great Geek Challenge
Thu, Jan 13th 2011 9:23a   francie tanner
If you're working on your Lotusphere 2011 schedule, here a few resources for you to consider while you're trying to figure out how to fit 10 sessions and events per day, into a mere 24 hours. First of all, get Ben Langhinrichs' Lotusphere Agenda Database here, then get the Turtle Partnership's iPhone or Blackberry apps which can be found by going to the Apple App store or the Blackberry AppWorld. Next add "The Great Geek Challenge" to your schedule per Gab's blog post [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple blackberry database iphone

All About Lotusphere 2011 - Are you going?
Sun, Jan 9th 2011 8:02p   francie tanner
panagenda is once again proud to be presenting and representing this year at Lotusphere 2011 in Orlando, Florida, January 30 - February 3 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Finding us will be easy at booths 409/410/411 as well as the two Best Practice sessions and one Birds of a Feather sessions below: "CSI Domino": Investigating Server Crashes and Deciphering NSD's - SW 7-10, Wednesday February 2nd 4:15pm, Francie Tanner and Susan Bulloch Don’t press the panic [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client nsd ods policies smartupgrade applications best practice database enterprise podcast server swat

ILUG Slides, Congrats and Admin2010
Thu, Dec 2nd 2010 12:01p   francie tanner
We're back from ILUG 2010 in Belfast and like those of you who attended - we had a great time and learned lots! Once again, the "Green Team" put on an excellent and FREE conference which we were proud to sponsor. panagenda was represented with a session, give-away drawing, SpeedSponsoring, a vendor session as well as SpeedGeeking. CONGRATS to our winner Theo Heselmans whose name was drawn during the Closing General Session. Enjoy the $250 Amazon Gift Certificate, Theo! [read] Keywords: domino ilug notes nsd archiving email server

Sneak Peak - MarvelClient 2.0
Tue, Nov 9th 2010 5:02a   francie tanner
Psst, over here.... check out what we're putting in our upcoming MarvelClient release 2.0: GroupExplorer integration GroupExplorer is our stand-alone ACL and group analyzation product, which sheds light on people, group and nested group usage with groups and ACL's. MarvelClient release 2.0 will include GroupExplorer integration to allow MarvelClient to manage user icons based on the users' rights. This means that for existing GroupExplorer customers, MarvelClient will be able to au [read] Keywords: acl formula language notes notes client application desktop integration

We're "Ready for Lotus", are you?
Fri, Nov 5th 2010 6:14a   francie tanner
From our most recent press release: "Vienna, Austria – November 1, 2010 – Panagenda, creators of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino administration solutions, announced today that IBM has validated it’s flagship Lotus Notes client management solution MarvelClient, as being “Ready for IBM Lotus Software”. The Ready for IBM Lotus Software denotation means that MarvelClient has met the compatibility and integration specifications for IBM Lotus software as established b [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus notes notes client roaming desktop integration workspace

GreenLight 2.4.0 - Now with more Vitamin R
Thu, Oct 28th 2010 1:45p   francie tanner
GreenLight, our server monitoring product for Domino, BES, Sametime and any TCP/IP available server, now has even more features to help you monitor, analyze and get alerted of server problems with release 2.4.0. In addition to the visually pleasing dashboard, live monitor and charting, we've added new features to help you analyze, detect and prevent server issues, before they cause issues with your Service Level Agreements (SLA). Live Monitor A new graphical server overview ha [read] Keywords: domino sametime applications bes database properties server

Blogsphere Stress Test
Tue, Oct 26th 2010 6:14p   francie tanner
Stress test 'cause dealing with images in Blogsphere is stressing me out... [read] Keywords: blogSphere

"SpeedSponsoring, Herding Cats and Tuning Servers"
Mon, Oct 25th 2010 4:35p   francie tanner
In the "What is panagenda doing at ILUG 2010" category, we have quite the lineup arranged for those visiting Belfast, November 10 - 12, 2010. First up, on Wednesday at 2:45pm our vendor session titled "How to Herd Cats - Client Management Done Right" is presented, followed by SpeedSponsoring from 6pm to 7pm. On Thursday, Francie Tanner co-presents "Domino Overhaul: Server and Data Tuning" with our friends from MartinScott Consulting. And for one lucky attendee of the Closing [read] Keywords: domino ilug consulting server

"SpeedSponsoring, Herding Cats and Tuning Servers"
Mon, Oct 25th 2010 3:14p   francie tanner
In the "What is panagenda doing at ILUG" category, we have quite the lineup arranged for those visiting Belfast November 10 - 12, 2010. First up, on Wednesday at 2:45pm is our sponsor session titled "How to Herd Cats - Client Management Done Right", followed by SpeedSponsoring from 6pm to 7pm. On Thursday, Francie Tanner co-presents "Domino Overhaul: Server and Data Tuning" with our friends from MartinScott Consulting. And for one lucky attendee of the Closing General Sessio [read] Keywords: domino ilug consulting server

This Week In Lotus Episode 23
Thu, Oct 21st 2010 2:14p   francie tanner
Be sure to tune in to This Week In Lotus episode 23, being recorded tomorrow. The weekly roundtable podcast by Stuart McIntyre and Darren Duke features Andrew Pollack, Scott Sullivan, Bruce Elgort and yours truely and can be found here [[ [read] Keywords: lotus podcast

MarvelClient Solution Spotlight - Salvation Army
Wed, Oct 20th 2010 4:14p   francie tanner
The problem with something being infinitely adaptable is that summarizing it's capabilities is quite difficult. While "So what exactly can MarvelClient do" is easily answered with "anything you want it to", we thought it would be interesting to tell you about some specific usage cases. Enter our new "Solution Spotlight" series which is where our customers tell in their own words, what MarvelClient helped them accomplish. "Here's how we've used panagenda MarvelClient, [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus notes notes client policies sametime application applications database server workspace

Admin2010 Europe - panagenda's representin'
Thu, Oct 7th 2010 8:44p   francie tanner
Just a quick note about Admin Europe 2010 in Copenhagen on December 8 - 10, where I am presenting sessions on Client Management, Server Troubleshooting and NSD's, Domino Mail Archiving and Server Performance Tuning. The lovely people at TheView are currently offering a 300 discount off registration, Hurry and go to http://www.admineurope2010.com/ as this special price is only available until Friday October 8. [read] Keywords: admin domino nsd archiving server

DDive DominoPoint Day
Tue, Sep 28th 2010 2:13p   francie tanner
We've gotten a few inquiries about slides presented at DominoPoint Day in Folgaria, Italy - Sept 3 - 5. Funny how fast time moves when you're busy helping people solve business problems :) To recap, DDive was a stunning event in the Italian mountains, organized by Giuseppe Grasso, Daniele Grillo and Claudio Meregalli and their amazing team and sponsors. This was the first year the event took place outside of Milan and on a weekend and all of it was structured to include families, which was re [read] Keywords: notes

Resurrection, IamLUG, Session Slides and
Mon, Aug 16th 2010 2:13p   francie tanner
Hard to believe our poor blog has been neglected for so long. We do have lots to share but until recently lacked the resources to get the word out in between our new product releases, working with out awesome customers and partners and meeting many of you at various conferences and user group events. But we're back with a few exciting announcements, so be sure to update your RSS feeds! For those of you that missed it, IamLUG - the Iam Lotus Users Group conference - took place August [read] Keywords: lotus

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