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Engage – signed up
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Single Page Application tutorial
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Go Connect Go!
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Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control (some sort of transcript)
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Local development environment
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Using Bootstrap in XPages – The ultimate incomplete guide
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Single Page Application tutorial
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 286
Go Connect Go!
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Capturing geodata in XPages
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Navbar with dropdown menu from Notes view in Twitter Bootstrap (with XPages)
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#oldschool @formula to check for attachments
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 151
Engage – signed up
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 139
Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control (some sort of transcript)
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 132

Working with LinkedIn in XPages – Presenting a User’s Network Stream
Patrick Kwinten    

Here is another example for accessing LinkedIn’s API’s in XPages. This example contains code for a custom control that will present the users network stream:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp=”http://www.ibm.com/xsp/core”
<xp:styleSheet href=”/stream.css”></xp:styleSheet>
<xp:scriptBlock id=”scriptBlock1″>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[function loadData() {
// we pass field selectors as a single parameter (array of strings)
.result(function(result) {
var streamHTML = "";
for (var update in result.values) {
var thisupdate = result.values[update]

// Build each individual stream update item
person = thisupdate.updateContent.person
var thisHTML = “<div>”;

// Person’s picture, linked name, and status
thisHTML += “<div>” ;
thisHTML += “<img align=’left’ height=’50′ src=’” + person.pictureUrl + “‘></a>”;
thisHTML += “<a href=’” + person.publicProfileUrl + “‘>”;
thisHTML += “<span>” + person.firstName + ” ” + person.lastName + “</a></span>”;
thisHTML += “<p>” + person.currentShare.comment + “</p></div></div>”;

// Slap this onto the HTML we’re building
streamHTML += thisHTML;
dojo.byId(“stream”).innerHTML = streamHTML;
<div id=”stream”></div>
<script type=”IN/Login” data-onAuth=”loadData”></script>

Also here remember to include the LinkedIn domain API key. The result could like something as this:

Applying some oneUI classes could improve the presentation… :-?

Mar 19, 2012
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#oldschool @formula to check for attachments
Mon, Apr 7th 2014 7:45a   Patrick Kwinten
I have started at a new company and they didn’t have an XIC (XPages Information Center) so my XPages Knowledge db needed to be installed (a regular Notes db for quickly copying & pasting rich text, snippets, storing sample applications, multiple media files). The database is a couple of years old so it needed some updates. One was to hide a “files section” from printing in case there are no files attached. I noticed embedded images start with an “ST” naming in [read] Keywords: notes rich text xpages applications database linkedin

Engage – signed up
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 4:22a   Patrick Kwinten
Funny, but a motive when moving to Sweden was to combine work with a bit of holiday. Recently I signed up for the Engage event and will do it the other way around in the Netherlands: combine holiday with a bit of work. I am looking forward to the event because of it’s great line-up. I am curious how the ‘collaboration market’ nowadays looks like in the Netherlands and Belgium and what the opportunities are. [read] Keywords: collaboration

Single Page Application tutorial
Mon, Feb 17th 2014 8:02a   Patrick Kwinten
After watching the video on YouTube on the Single Page Application wizard I became curious and decided to take a test and mobilize an application myself. I choose the infamous “fake names” application for this. I have written a blog article/tutorial about it. Here you can read it: ‘Single Page Application Wizard‘. Summary With the Single Page Application control you can rapidly mobilize a Notes application. The wizard is intuitive although you need to understand some b [read] Keywords: notes notes client application development mobile

Go Connect Go!
Sat, Jan 25th 2014 3:02a   Patrick Kwinten
With IBMConnect about to start I updated my collection of blog posts about the XPages technology. I started collecting in 2009, directly after Lotusphere where it was one of the highlights at the show. I remember that the blogosphere exploded after/during Declan Sciolla-Lynch‘s tutorial. The earliest post about XPages I have collected is  HND 102: IBM Lotus Domino Designer in Eclipse: Create and Work with XPages Hands On (January 2008). The latest post that I added yesterday is ‘ [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere xpages eclipse wiki

Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control (some sort of transcript)
Thu, Jan 16th 2014 3:02a   Patrick Kwinten
I bet everybody enjoyed David Leedy’s Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control video-tutorial. At the time I was looking at SourceTree so David’s guidance came in the right time. To assist my fellow colleague developers I wrote a document or some sort of manual on using SourceTree for source control and I used David’s tutorial for a transcript. I hope you enjoy reading it. Use SourceTree for better XPages Source Control Job Wanted Looking for a creative brain? Choose me [read] Keywords: xpages

Local development environment
Wed, Jan 8th 2014 7:02a   Patrick Kwinten
I needed to setup a new development environment because we moved recently from Windows XP to Win7 (yihaa! I am a corporate developer). Because my ‘closest to administrator’ like co-developer (an ex-admin who we have convinced to development!) is on parental leave I had to clear the job myself. This is how far I came so far: Virtualbox machine Virtual hard drive of 25 GB; will probably create a new clone from this machine for each new project OS: win7 IBM Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition [read] Keywords: admin administration domino ibm notes xpages development server


Using Bootstrap in XPages – The ultimate incomplete guide
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 3:05a   Patrick Kwinten
This document describes how to integrate the popular front-end framework Twitter Bootstrap with XPages. The purpose is to provide developers an introduction to use Twitter Bootstrap in XPages development projects by building an actual application. Below you can find a document/manual I started to write a while ago but I never finished (I guess there is no finish since new boundaries are explored every day). At least the document should give you a head start with using ‘raw’ (Twitter) [read] Keywords: xpages application development openntf twitter

Tech sessions as IBM Connect 2014 (aka Where’s the meat?)
Tue, Dec 10th 2013 3:03a   Patrick Kwinten
I believe all sessions for IBM Connect 2014 have been published now. While IBM had as strategy t0 publish the list of sessions in waves some people did ask what in the package for techies? Below is a list of sessions tha tcould be of interest for you. I did not take with me commercial sessions from third party vendors. Making Your Development Team More Productive with IBM Domino Designer In this session you will learn how best to use IBM Domino Designer for team-based development. See how sou [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino foundations ibm notes notes client sametime xpages apple application applications bleedyellow bleedyellow.com community css desktop development dojo eclipse enterprise integration interface java javascript mobile openntf security server twitter widgets

Updated eCard app on OpenNTF
Mon, Dec 9th 2013 2:22p   Patrick Kwinten
I received some comments on the eCard app on OpenNTF: A overlooked the middle fingers suggestion a Santa makes on the default image (dumb dumb). I never tested in IE (out of scope). Now these 2 items have been fixed: http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?action=openDocument&name=eCard Happy Holidays! [read] Keywords: openntf

eCard XPages app – Time for your seasonal greetings !
Wed, Dec 4th 2013 3:06a   Patrick Kwinten
The last days I have spent some hours in the evenings to learn me Bootstrap in combination with XPages as bit more. The result is a basic eCard application on XPages which utilizes Bootstrap 2 for UI. Since the Advent Calendar has started I guess you are allowed to start sending out your seasonal greetings You can find the app as a project on OpenNTF (link to project). I noticed a card is not working properly in IE yet (what did I expect?). I will see if I can fix this on the short term. O [read] Keywords: xpages application openntf wiki

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