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Thu, Jul 3rd 2014 279
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Working with LinkedIn in XPages – People Search
Patrick Kwinten    

Here is another example for accessing LinkedIn’s API’s in XPages. This example contains code for performing a people search within your network.

I will include the example later in the next release of LinkedIn controls.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<xp:view xmlns:xp=”http://www.ibm.com/xsp/core”
xmlns:xc=”http://www.ibm.com/xsp/custom” createForm=”false”>
<title>LinkedIn JavaScript API Sample Application</title>
<xc:ccLinkedInAPIKey key=”//your  domain key here”></xc:ccLinkedInAPIKey>
<script type=”IN/Login”></script>
<xp:scriptBlock id=”scriptBlock3″>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[function PeopleSearch() {
// Call the PeopleSearch API with the viewer's keywords
// Ask for 4 fields to be returned: first name, last name, distance, and Profile URL
// Limit results to 10 and sort by distance
// On success, call displayPeopleSearch(); On failure, do nothing.
var keywords = dojo.byId("#{id:searchBox}").value;
.fields('firstName', 'lastName', 'distance', 'siteStandardProfileRequest')
.params({'keywords': keywords, 'count': 10, 'sort': 'distance'})
.error(function error(e) { /* do nothing */ }
<xp:scriptBlock id=”scriptBlock4″>
<xp:this.value><![CDATA[function displayPeopleSearch(peopleSearch) {
var div = document.getElementById("peopleSearchResults");
div.innerHTML = "<ul>";
// Loop through the people returned
var members = peopleSearch.people.values;
for (var member in members) {

// Look through result to make name and url.
var nameText = members[member].firstName + ” ” + members[member].lastName;
var url = members[member].siteStandardProfileRequest.url;

// Turn the number into English
var distance = members[member].distance;
var distanceText = ”;
switch (distance) {
case 0: // The viewer
distanceText = “you!”
case 1: // Within three degrees
case 2: // Falling through
case 3: // Keep falling!
distanceText = “a connection ” + distance + ” degrees away.”;
case 100: // Share a group, but nothing else
distanceText = “a fellow group member.”;
case -1: // Out of netowrk
default: // Hope we never get this!
distanceText = “far, far, away.”;
div.innerHTML += “<li><a href=”" + url + “”>” + nameText +
“</a> is ” + distanceText + “</li>”
div.innerHTML += “</ul>”;


<h1>Find People on LinkedIn</h1>
<xp:inputText id=”searchBox” defaultValue=”xpages”></xp:inputText>
<xp:button value=”Search” id=”button1″>
<xp:eventHandler event=”onclick” submit=”false”>
<div id=”peopleSearchForm”></div>
<div id=”peopleSearchResults”></div>

Custom control ccLinkedInAPIKey you can find in the LinkedIn controls project.

Without any styling your result could look something similar like this:

Mar 20, 2012
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JQM & Domino Data Service (3)
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 6:08a   Patrick Kwinten
In a previous post I demonstrated how to populate a listview for jQuery Mobile from a Notes view via Domino Data Service. In this post I will show how to include a ‘More’ button to load additional loading of more items for the listview and display them. For this you need to make changes in 2 places: mobile.xsp employeelist.js employeelist.js In the JavaScript file we need to modify the initial getEmployeeList function and include a new function to load more employees from the li [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes javascript mobile

JQM & Domino Data Service (2)
Tue, May 27th 2014 4:45a   Patrick Kwinten
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listview in JQuery Mobile via Domino Access Service
Tue, May 20th 2014 4:05a   Patrick Kwinten
Here follows an quick example how to create a listview in JQM created with data from a view via DAS. As data source I have used the infamous Fake Names Address book which you can (still) can find on Codestore. In the example you can navigate between the view (People view) and details (Person view). I have not really find out (yet) how to add the next set of documents when you scroll down the list (to be continued, or drop the solution in the comments or send me an email). $.ajax({ url: 'ht [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus ajax css email mobile network xml

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