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Extending lotus.domino.Document....is there a way?
Patrick Picard    

div Recent discussions regarding Xpages/SSJS/Beans and Java have led me to choose Java for the implementation of the libraries found in a href=http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?action=openDocumentamp;name=.Domino%20FrameworkDominoFramework/a/divdiv /divdivAt first, I was thinking SSJS, but it would be too tedious to implement considering the OO support in JavaScript. Its not that it doesnt exit....its just that I find it clumsy and wasnt designed to be OO from the beginning.br /br /Also, a href=http://xmage.gbs.com/blog.nsf/d6plinks/TTRY-8ABUMCTim Tripcony/a mentioned that the performance will be better under Java (since everything in an Xpage is turned into Java anyway./divdiv /divdivHaving done plenty of Java in university, I am ok with making the move to java development for Xpages. Ive read a lot about the infamous recycle() so ill have to be cautious about that while I develop.br /br /One the things that really annoyed me in OO-LS was the inability to extend the NotesDocument class. Now that I look at the Java API......lotus.domino.Document is a bloody interface...so I cant extend it./divdiv /divdivbAre there concrete classes of Document/Database that I can extend (and hopefully not final!) ?/b Id rather extend than do composition and include a document object inside my DominoDocument class./divdiv /divdivAlso, what are your favorite Java resources (related to domino)? I dont really need Java resources that arent domino related as I already have the books i need (thinking in java, design patterns, Wrox Java 2 SE, etc etc) br //div

Oct 27, 2010
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