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IBM Notes Client error: "No Sitemap Error" when opening Inbox
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 618
Transferring Outlook 2010 Calendar to IBM Notes
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 114
Notes client error when archiving locally
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 111
IBM Traveler App updated to
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 102
Lotus Notes - Notes Client error: IBM Notes failed to start successfully
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 383
Renewing Domino SSL Certificate
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 191
Accessing Notes native encrypted email on Traveler device
Tue, Jan 21st 2014 203
Top 10
Lotus Notes Client not starting - Loading... Please wait loop
Fri, Jun 22nd 2012 1195
IBM Notes Client error: "No Sitemap Error" when opening Inbox
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 618
Lotus Notes Client 8.5.3 - Sametime Login Failed - Reason: Unable to log in to the Sametime server x because this client is not authorized. Please contact your system administrator.
Thu, Oct 6th 2011 459
Lotus Notes - Notes Client error: IBM Notes failed to start successfully
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 383
Configuring Q10/Z10 for Traveler Email
Fri, May 24th 2013 373
Blackberry Web Desktop Manager error: "The Internet ID or password is not correct. Please correct the entry."
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 341
Lotus Traveler Upgrade Pack 2 - error "Http Status Code: 404 Reason: File not found or unable to read file"
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 296
Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Lotus Notes
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 292
SQL Server Agent job failure [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 102)
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 282
Disabling Single Sign-on for IBM Notes Client
Tue, Nov 27th 2012 243

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IBM Notes Client error: "No Sitemap Error" when opening Inbox
Fri, Aug 29th 2014 6:14a   Paul Farris
Due to corrupt configuration files. Close down the client Navigate to the Data folder (c:Program Files (x86)IBMNotesData) Rename the Workspace folder Restart the client It should then allow you to open the Inbox without any error mesaages. [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client workspace

Transferring Outlook 2010 Calendar to IBM Notes
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 9:11a   Paul Farris
When transferring an Outlook Calendar to IBM Notes the following instructions can be followed. Run Outlook Open Calendar Select File menu Select Save Calendar Select "More Options" Change "Detail" to "Full details" Change "Date Range" to "Whole Calendar" Press OK Specify ICS filename/location when prompted Run Notes Open Calendar Select File menu Select "Import..." Select the saved file Press Import button [read] Keywords: ibm notes outlook

Notes client error when archiving locally
Thu, Jul 17th 2014 7:12a   Paul Farris
I can across an issue recently when a user was trying to archiving using a local managed replica of their mailfile they receive the error "Error accessing archive information" or "Invalid or Nonexistent document". Archiving from the server replica worked fine. Resolution 1. Deleted Archive Profile. Did not resolve issue. 2. Check ACL of Archive database. Looked Fine. 3. Removed Policy doc [read] Keywords: acl ibm notes notes client updall archiving archive database profile server

IBM Traveler App updated to
Fri, Jul 11th 2014 6:10a   Paul Farris
Your IBM Traveler app for Android may have recently updated to version from the Google Play Store. The new version has removed the Lookup app and replaced it with a new Contacts app. There will be a new icon in your app drawer like the one below. Running this access the new Contacts app. This is an improved contacts editor for Traveler contacts which will also allow you to do remote Lookups against the server Address Book. Other new features Swipe [read] Keywords: ibm traveler email google server

Lotus Notes - Notes Client error: IBM Notes failed to start successfully
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 10:10a   Paul Farris
IBM Lotus Notes Client will not start. After entering the users password it eventually displays the error message "IBM Notes failed to start successfully". Check if it will start in Basic mode (test by appending -sa to the desktop shortcut command line and running). If so then it may be a Java issue. Copy the Framework folder (c:Program Files (x86)IBMLotusNotesframework) from another client which does work and is the same version. Overwrite all files and merge folders wh [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client desktop java password

Renewing Domino SSL Certificate
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 10:10a   Paul Farris
How to renew a SSL certificate on a Domino Web server. Copy .kyr and .sth from Server data folder to local Workstation Open Certsrv.nsf (Server Certificate Admin) on Server from Notes Client (not Administrator) Go to View Certificate Request Log Select Key Ring to Display Enter path to copied local kyr file Enter Password Select "Create Key Ring & Certificates" Select "Create Certificate Request" Copy CSR text Email your CSR to your SSL Certif [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm notes notes client email password server


Accessing Notes native encrypted email on Traveler device
Tue, Jan 21st 2014 6:10a   Paul Farris
If an email is encrypted using the Notes native email encryption then is can be accessed by Traveler devices. A prerequsite is that the users ID File needs to be uploaded or available in the ID Vault. Support for various devices listed below: Android - Supported. Blackberry 7 - Supported when connected to BES. Blackberry 10 - Supported if Traveler server updated to required version ( IF1). more information at: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/Processing [read] Keywords: ibm id vault ldd lotus notes traveler apple bes blackberry email iphone server

Enable QoS in Domino 9
Mon, Dec 23rd 2013 5:10a   Paul Farris
QoS is a useful feature in Domino 9 which will check the Domino server is running and automatically restart it if it fails. Add QOS_ENABLE=1 to DCONTROLLER.INI in Domino Data folder. Add QOS_ENABLE=1 to NOTES.INI file in Domino program folder. Restart Domino server. Further Wiki reading: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/dx/IBM_Domino_Quality_of_Service_lprQoSrpr_Deployment_Guide [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes server wiki

Error 404 when logging into iNotes
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 8:14a   Paul Farris
When logging into iNotes webmail the browser error message 404 is displayed. This is due to a corrupt profile document in the Webmail Redirect database. The profile documents can be deleted using the code below and then the user should be able to log in again. Sub Initialize Dim s As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Dim doc As NotesDocument Dim item As NotesItem Dim profileUserName As String profileUserName=InputBox("Please enter the name of the user in can [read] Keywords: inotes notes database profile

SQL Server Agent job failure [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 102)
Tue, Dec 3rd 2013 8:14a   Paul Farris
When running a SQL Server Agent job it fails on one step with the error message below: Executed as user: DOMAINusername. Incorrect syntax near '-'. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 102) Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'with'. If this statement is a common table expression, an xmlnamespaces clause or a change tracking context clause, the previous statement must be terminated with a semicolon. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 319). The step failed. This is due to the database specified in th [read] Keywords: agent database server sql

Movember again
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 5:10a   Paul Farris
It is that time of the year again when men grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness of prostate and testicular cancer and mental health issues. http://uk.movember.com/ [read] Keywords:

Lotus Notes client shuts down when started
Thu, Oct 3rd 2013 11:12p   Paul Farris
I have had an issue with one of our Lotus Notes clients (v8.5.x) recently. When starting the client it allowed the user to enter their credentials and instead of displaying the homepage it would immediately shutdown and prompt to replicate on shutdown. Repeatedly restarting the client resulted in the same behaviour. Renaming the Workspace folder (under the Data folder) fixed this issue. [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client workspace

Updating Traveler policy changes
Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 6:11a   Paul Farris
After making changes to a IBM Traveler Settings Policy document in Domino, the changes will be updated every 6 hours unless the command below is run the the affected users mail server. tell traveler policy update Further information at: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/dominowiki.nsf/xpDocViewer.xsp?lookupName=Administering+Lotus+Notes+Traveler+8.5.3+Upgrade+Pack+2#action=openDocument&res_title=Creating_a_Lotus_Notes_Traveler_policy_settings_document_A853UP2&content=pdcontent [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus notes traveler server

Blackberry Web Desktop Manager error: "The Internet ID or password is not correct. Please correct the entry."
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 8:11a   Paul Farris
When logging into Blackberry Web Desktop Manager the error below is displayed in the browser and the login fails. The Internet ID or password is not correct. Please correct the entry. To fix ensure the DIIOP Domino task is loaded on the Blackberry Enterprise Server. For further information see the Blackberry Knowledge Base article KB22389. [read] Keywords: domino blackberry desktop enterprise password server

Extracting contacts from Blackberry BBB file
Fri, Sep 6th 2013 7:10a   Paul Farris
I needed to extract the contacts from a Blackberry .BBB backup file and my old trusty Blackberry Converter did not like the new format which the Blackberry Desktop Manager saves the files into. Rather than buying one of the many converter programs that are available a quick Google allowed me to find a free utility written by Mike McDonough. The free IPDEXTRACT utility can be used to extract the individual IPD files from the BBB file. This can be downloaded for free from: https://sites.google.c [read] Keywords: ibm notes blackberry desktop google

Domino web application error: You are forbidden to perform this operation
Wed, Jul 31st 2013 7:13a   Paul Farris
The error "You are forbidden to perform this operation" when accessing a Domino web application after authenticating. The user has full access in the ACL of the database. The Domino console displays the error message "HTTP Web Server: You are forbidden to perform this operation" with the users name. This is caused by the user being in the "Not access server" field of the Server document. After they were removed form this they could access the web application fine. [read] Keywords: acl domino application database server

BB10/Traveler Password Expiry Issue
Tue, May 28th 2013 6:18a   Paul Farris
We have been experiencing an issue with Traveler where Blackberry 10 devices are forcing the users to change their device password every day rather than the period set in the policy (90 days). Disabling the password expiry setting in "Traveler Device Settings -> Security Settings -> Apple -> Password Expiry Period" has worked around this issue. [read] Keywords: traveler apple blackberry password security

Configuring Q10/Z10 for Traveler Email
Fri, May 24th 2013 6:16a   Paul Farris
Applies to Q10 and Z10 handsets or any other with BlackberryOS 10+. Swipe down to access Settings. Select "Settings" Select "Accounts" Select "Email, Calendar and Contacts" Select Advanced icon at bottom Select "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" Enter Description eg "Work Email" Leave "Domain" blank Enter Username (email address) Enter Email Address Enter Password (should be Notes Internet/Sametime/Webmail password) Enter Server Addre [read] Keywords: notes sametime traveler blackberry email exchange exchange microsoft password server

IBM Traveler for Android now available from Google Play store
Mon, Apr 29th 2013 6:17a   Paul Farris
The IBM Traveler for Android app is now available for download directly form the Google Play Store. It can be installed by searching the Play store for "IBM Traveler" or using the direct link below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lotus.sync.traveler Please that that this is the latest version (v9.0). It requires a IBM Traveler server of version or the client will not configure. An advantage of using the Play Store version is that the client will be auto [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus traveler google server wiki

Fix Pack 4 for IBM Domino/Notes 8.5.3
Tue, Apr 23rd 2013 6:18a   Paul Farris
Download options for Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Fix Packs - http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg24032242#FP4 [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes

After upgrading Domino Server to the (Java) Domino Console does not connect
Fri, Apr 19th 2013 7:18a   Paul Farris
The error "Domino controller: server controller is not running on host" is displayed with the Domino Console application is ran. This is due to the server having multiple network adapters installed and the adapter which Domino is using is not the default. To reorder the adapters on Windows 2008 Server R2: Open Control Panel Select "View network and status" Select "Change adapter settings" Press ALT key and the N key Select "Advanced Settings" In C [read] Keywords: domino ibm application java network server

Domino Error "There is not '"
Fri, Apr 19th 2013 6:18a   Paul Farris
One of our 8.5.3 Domino servers crashed last week with the error "There is not'". Not a very useful error message. A reboot seemed to work around the issue and it has not reoccurred. [read] Keywords: domino ibm

Gmail Rejecting Emails from DominoTeamMailbox
Thu, Apr 18th 2013 8:16a   Paul Farris
It seems that Google has recently changed some of the checks which are carried out on incoming emails causing them to be rejected when sent using the DominoTeamMailbox template. They are rejected with the message below: ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... while talking to gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com.: >>> DATA [read] Keywords: ibm lotusscript google openntf smtp

Notes 9 Tip: Enable message snippets in inbox
Mon, Mar 25th 2013 6:14a   Paul Farris
One of the Notes 9 client's new features is to display the first sentence of an emails body in the inbox view. This was not enabled by default on my install but can be switched on as follows: Go to "View" menu at top of Notes client Select "Show" Select "Beginning of Message" Then the first x words of the body will be displayed under the subject like Gmail does. [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client

Notes 9 Released
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 6:17a   Paul Farris
Notes/Domino version 9 has been released today. Available for download from the IBM Passport Advantage site. Here we go!... [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes

Plantronics Savi 440
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 6:17a   Paul Farris
I have been testing a new headset, the Plantronics Savi 440, to replace my old Plantronics Voyager Pro. It is a mono-aural wireless bluetooth headset which connects to a USB bluetooth dongle which it attached to a pc. Pro's Great charging cradle to slot it into when not in use Much clearer than Voyager Pro Different attachments for over-the-head, over-the-ear and behind-the-head wearing Con's The £150 puts it in the upper cost bracket for [read] Keywords: office wireless

Top Annoyances in Lotus Traveler client
Sat, Mar 16th 2013 6:15a   Paul Farris
While Lotus Traveler is a great product it is not perfect. Here is my list of the most annoying things about the Android client (8.5.3). Date Picker. Does not display day name when selecting dates. Save button. It is at the button of the form in Cal/Todo apps. Why do I have to scroll down to the bottom of the form to press it. Does not sync when over quota. It does not display a message explaining telling the user that they are over quota and that is why the sync is failing. Fon [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client traveler email widgets

IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition demonstration
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 6:10a   Paul Farris
A demo video for IBM Notes 9 has been posted on Youtube by IBMSocialBiz. It looks like an incremental improvement over v8.5.3. While all the new features look great I am hoping for improved client performance and stability. [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes

Google Announce "retirement" of Reader
Fri, Mar 15th 2013 6:10a   Paul Farris
Google have posted an announcement on their blog about the retirement of a number of their products/services http://googleblog.blogspot.de/2013/03/a-second-spring-of-cleaning.html The only product which I use is the Google Reader which has a great web interface and Android apps. I use it every day so will miss it when they shut it down. I am sure that other companies will provide an alternative but it is a real shame that Google decided to discontinue such a great product. Whi [read] Keywords: google interface

Limit on Domino Program document Command Line?
Wed, Feb 20th 2013 5:11a   Paul Farris
I have an agent which I am running from a Program document on one of my Domino 8.5.3 FP2 servers. It is display the error below when invoked. 20/02/2013 07:30:48 Running Program document for 'nserver -c "tell amgr run 'Whereabouts\Engineering South Whereabouts.nsf' 'Import mail' > tell amgr run 'Whereabouts\Engineering South Whereabouts.nsf' 'Import mail 20/02/2013 07:30:50 AMgr: Syntax for run command: tell amgr run "db filename" 'agent [read] Keywords: agent domino

4G MiFi - EE's Huawei Mobile WiFi E589
Sat, Feb 16th 2013 6:10a   Paul Farris
A package arrived the other day from EE - the new 4G UK mobile phone network. It contained a Huawei Mobile WiFi E589 and sim card. The letter with it explained that it was a free 2 month evaluation unit which I can keep afterwards. After trying it out for a few days I have found the following. Pro's Speed. Blazingly fast when it has a 4G connection. 16-17MB/s download, 22MB/s upload. Display. Signal strength. Speed. Battery. Network. Transmitted data. Sim card slot. Normal siz [read] Keywords: laptop mobile network wifi

Blackerry 10 Released
Thu, Jan 31st 2013 5:11a   Paul Farris
Blackberry have released the first of their next generation Blackberry smartphones, the Z10, running their new BB10 OS. It has had good reviews but there is a question over the apps. The Blackberry apps support was one of the reasons I switched to Android and I think the new platform will have the same apps issues. Great handson demo and review from Chris Miller and Kathy Brown: http://youtu.be/nFTCN4h-WCw [read] Keywords: blackberry

Microsoft Surface Pro on Sale February 9th
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 3:14p   Paul Farris
Microsoft have announced that their Surface Pro tablet will be on sale on the 9th of February. For $899 you get a tablet with an i5 core processor, 64GB SSD and a full HD screen. Unlike the ill-fated Surface RT tablet the Pro version has standard Windows 8 Professional installed so can run any normal Windows application. Looks like the first great all-rounder tablet (tablet + desktop replacement) rather than a companion device. [read] Keywords: application desktop microsoft

Java crapware
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 2:14p   Paul Farris
Interesting article by Ed Bott on the deceptive practices employed by Java updates. Yet another reason to avoid installing it where possible. http://www.zdnet.com/a-close-look-at-how-oracle-installs-deceptive-software-with-java-updates-7000010038/?s_cid=e539 [read] Keywords: java oracle

Lotus Traveler Upgrade Pack 2 - error "Http Status Code: 404 Reason: File not found or unable to read file"
Fri, Jan 18th 2013 6:13a   Paul Farris
After installing Lotus Traveler Upgrade Pack 2 the error "Http Status Code: 404 Reason: File not found or unable to read file" is displayed when accessing the URL http://servername/servlet/traveler From Upgrade Pack 1 the URL for the Traveler site has been changed to http://servername/traveler. Site Rules should be automatically generated to redirect any traffic sent to the old URL but if you have your own rules or a non-standard config then this may stop Traveler from working properly. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus traveler

Notes client error "You are trying to access a roaming user id which has not been properly roamed. Please re-roam"
Mon, Jan 14th 2013 5:17a   Paul Farris
When a Roaming User attempts to log into the Notes client, they get the error message "You are trying to access a roaming user id which has not been properly roamed. Please re-roam". Edit the Notes.INI file and correct the line KeyFileName= to change it backup to the filename of the users ID file. [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client roaming

Zero day exploit in Java
Sun, Jan 13th 2013 3:13p   Paul Farris
US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team), has advised that Java Runtime Environment 7 should be temporarily disabled after publishing details of a zero day exploit which affects the latest version. More details of this are on the US-CERT website at: http://www.us-cert.gov/ I wish Lotus had not chosen to base their Notes client on Java and usually avoid any application which uses it at all. [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client application java security

The database attempted to access a missing file .nlo File does not exist
Thu, Jan 3rd 2013 10:14a   Paul Farris
Server console displays error "The database attempted to access a missing file xxx.nlo File does not exist". 1. Run load fixup -f -D mailfilename at the server console. Missing document should be deleted without creating a deletion stub. 2. Replicate to restore deleted document. An alternative is to restore the missing file from backups. [read] Keywords: lotus database server

Append My Vcard. Server is Currently Unavailable
Tue, Dec 18th 2012 9:11a   Paul Farris
The error message is displayed when accessing the Mail Preferences and trying to append a VCard on the Signature tab. This appear to be a bug due to the Lotus Notes client having Local Address Books which include a Mobile Directory Catalog. Go Preferences Expand Mail Select Sending and Receiving Remove the name of the Mobile Directory Catalog from the Local Address Books field Press Ok and then try attaching the VCard again This problem appears to affect 8.5.3 including l [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client bug mobile server

Notes 8.5.3 Client install error CWPPR0516W
Tue, Dec 18th 2012 7:12a   Paul Farris
Lotus Notes client 8.5.3 install error - Verifying com.ibm.notes.roaming.provider.feature_1.5.3.20110916-0921 or CWPPR0516W Run NICE (Notes Install Executable Cleanup) to uninstall client (removing Program Files not Data files) Update Java to the latest version from www.java.com Install Client 8.5.3 again Install latest Fix Patch This only appears to occur on machines with certain versions of Java installed. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client roaming java

GMail ActiveSync no longer free
Sat, Dec 15th 2012 5:10a   Paul Farris
Google Sync (Google's implementation of the Microsoft ActiveSync protocol) is being phased out for users with free accounts. This will mean that iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone users will no longer be able to setup new device email accounts unless they move from free Gmail to the paid service of Google Apps for Business. iOS users will be able to install the Gmail app to continue using their email sync services but Google has not been interested in writing apps for the Windows Phon [read] Keywords: lotus notes email google iphone microsoft

Disabling Single Sign-on for IBM Notes Client
Tue, Nov 27th 2012 5:11a   Paul Farris
If the Single Sign-On feature is installed, with the IBM Lotus Notes client, and you would like to stop using it then follow the instructions below. Go to control panel and select Administrative Tools and Services. Locate the "Lotus Notes Single Sign-On" service and press the stop button. To permanently disable the feature right click on the service and select "Properties". Change the start-up value to "Disabled". Press OK to save the change. To re-enable Single Sig [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client properties

Domino console error "Database should be re-enabled for IMAP support."
Mon, Nov 26th 2012 7:11a   Paul Farris
An error message similar to "Note NT00057CA6 was not updated in the IMAP btree for folder FolderX (NT0004284E) in database E:datamailuserX.nsf. Database should be re-enabled for IMAP support." is displayed on the Domino Server Console. To fix, run the command below at the Domino Server console. load convert -e maildirectorymailfilename This will re-enable the mailfile for IMAP access again (even if they do not use IMAP to access their email). [read] Keywords: domino ibm database email server

Duplicate sub-groups created for auto-populating group
Wed, Nov 21st 2012 5:11a   Paul Farris
When auto-populating groups reach a certain size limit (32k?) it automatically creates sub-groups to split the membership across several groups. The sub-groups are named X-APG00001 etc. with X the original groupname and the number number incremented for every sub-group created. The description is set as 'WARNING! - This group is an auto-created subgroup of group X, DO NOT DELETE!'. The issue I encountered was that the populate process seemed to be creating new sub-groups whenever the p [read] Keywords: ibm server

Thu, Nov 15th 2012 7:11a   Paul Farris
This month is Movember. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. - http://www.movember.com/ Wear your Mo with pride this month men! [read] Keywords:

Special Broadcast: IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition Preview and Announcements
Thu, Nov 15th 2012 5:13a   Paul Farris
On the 13th November IBM ran a webinar about the next version of IBM Notes, version 9, which is due for a 2013 Q1 release. http://w.on24.com/r.htm?e=536640&s=1&k=C6BEF855CF8CB5C47F10A8779CD2A431 The demos look like an incremental change to 8.5.x and not the Project Vulcan vision which was shown previously. Interesting but possibly too little too late. [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes

Microsoft release Windows 8 and Surface Tablets
Fri, Oct 26th 2012 6:11a   Paul Farris
The new version of Microsoft Windows, version 8, has finally been released to the market. Impossible to ignore as there is really no other viable alternative for business PC's. Hopefully this version will build on the excellent previous release of Windows 7 and not be another Vista. It has some useful new feature, like File History for automatically backing up your data, and it's ability to be controlled by touch should allow Windows to finally become a viable tablet OS. More infor [read] Keywords: apple google microsoft vista

UKLUG 2012 Sessions now available for download
Fri, Oct 19th 2012 6:09a   Paul Farris
The session from this years UK Lotus User Group conference are now downloadable from the UKLUG website at the address below. http://uklug.info/ [read] Keywords: ibm lotus

Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 Download
Wed, Aug 15th 2012 8:15a   Paul Farris
If you have problems finding the Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 download on the Passport website then try searching for the description "traveler". It should then be listed as: "IBM Lotus Notes Traveler V8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 for Windows and Linux Multilingual eAssembly(CRI9BML)" It is a 343MB download, for Windows, and you may also need the DB2 download which is even larger. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes traveler db2 linux

TechRadar website users information hacked
Mon, Aug 13th 2012 11:12p   Paul Farris
Another website, www.techradar.com, has had it's user database hacked "following a compromise of the TechRadar user registration database in June the TechRadar forums were closed and registration, log-ins and commenting were suspended.". Password reset time yet again. Further information at: http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/techradar-site-announcement-1088018 [read] Keywords: database password security

Sametime Server error: HTTP JVM: Traveler: Lotus Traveler task did not respond within the allotted time frame (65,000 milliseconds) for action sync and operation key
Mon, Aug 6th 2012 8:15a   Paul Farris
The error "HTTP JVM: Traveler: Lotus Traveler task did not respond within the allotted time frame (65,000 milliseconds) for action sync and operation key" is displayed on the server console. This is caused by the traveler task binding to the wrong IP address in a server with multiple network interfaces. It can be fixed by specifying explicitly which IP address that the task should use by modifying the following Sametime server configuration files. Add the following lines to t [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes sametime traveler network properties server

Office365 Fail #2: Sharepoint Usage Unknown
Fri, Jul 27th 2012 8:11a   Paul Farris
All Microsoft Online services should have now been "upgraded" from BPOS to Office365 this year. While the upgrade was quite painless the functionality in Office365 can be described at best as basic. While Business Productivity Online Service had a seperate Admin site to provide Administrative functions Office365 has had the Admin site combined into the main Office365 Portal. I have not been able to find any way providing any information, in Sharepoint Online, about a users last login (or if th [read] Keywords: admin microsoft sharepoint

Disable Slide In Lotus Notes client new email notification
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 9:12a   Paul Farris
New in version 8.5.3 of the Lotus Notes client is the slide in email notification (like below). One of the most common requests I have had is how to disable this new notification. If would be nice if this actually worked as a new mail notification rather than notifying you of unread messages which are not actually new emails. To disable this notification: Open File menu Select Preferences Expand "Mail" Select "Sending and Receiving" Change Alerts s [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client email

Remove Security Policy from Blackberry Handset
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 6:13a   Paul Farris
Once a Blackberry Enterprise Server security policy has been applied to a connected handset it is not easy to remove. A security wipe does not remove the policy. The only way that I have found to reset the Blackberry handset to it's original state using the Loader as follows: 1. On a machine with Blackberry Desktop Manager, open a command prompt. 2. Type the following command: - For Windows 32-bit cd C:Program FilesResearch In MotionBlackBerry Enterprise ServerBASetcd [read] Keywords: blackberry desktop enterprise research in motion rim security server

SQL Server setup error: "The credentials you provided for the SQL Server Agent are invalid"
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 7:12a   Paul Farris
When running the setup wizard for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 it displays the error message "The credentials you provided for the SQL Server Agent are invalid" when you try to specifiy the user accounts used for the services. This is due to the setup being run using a local account (even local Administrator). Running the setup using a domain account (with local Admin access) does not display this error and completes the setup. [read] Keywords: admin agent microsoft server sql

UK O2 mobile outages
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 6:11a   Paul Farris
UK mobile telecoms provider has been mostly unavailable since yesterday at 1pm after experiencing problems with their infrastructure. Hopefully full data service will be restored today at some time. Very poor show from O2 following outages earlier this year for Blackberry services. Status from O2 print on staus.O2.co.uk today: 11:00 - Following the previous update that our 2G network service has now been restored, our 3G service has been restoring gradually. We expect full serv [read] Keywords: blackberry mobile network

Updating Domino Server Access quicker
Fri, Jun 29th 2012 6:15a   Paul Farris
If you have updated the Domino Server Access and the users are still blocked then this may be due to caching of the access. To force the server to update the access more quickly run the following on the Domino server console: load updall names -t "($Users)" -r load updall names -t "($ServerAccess)" -r load updall names -t "($Users)" -r The user may have to use F5 to force reauthentication or restart their Notes client. This will hopefully help. [read] Keywords: domino notes notes client updall server

Lotus Notes Client not starting - Loading... Please wait loop
Fri, Jun 22nd 2012 8:14a   Paul Farris
The Lotus Notes client displays the splash screen and accepts the username/password and then does not complete loading. Progress bar keeps looping around with the message "Loading.. Please wait" displayed. This is probably due to a plugin issue. It can be fixed by following the steps below: Run command prompt Change directory to Lotus Notes client program folder (C:Program FileIBMLotusNotes by default) Enter "notes.exe -RPARAMS -resetconfig -clean" Lotus Notes client sho [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client google password workspace

Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Lotus Notes
Tue, Jun 19th 2012 8:14a   Paul Farris
The transfer is executed in two parts. The first part exports the Outlook contact data into a text file. The second part imports the text file into Lotus Notes. Part 1 - Export Contacts from Outlook Run Outlook and open the Contacts section Open File menu and then select "Import and Export" Select "Export to a file" and then press the "Next" button Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" and then press the "Next" button In "Select Folder to Export" se [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client desktop outlook

Running Lotus Traveler on PC using Bluestacks
Sun, Jun 10th 2012 7:12a   Paul Farris
It is possible to run Lotus Traveler on a PC using the Bluestacks Android App Player. To do so follow the steps: Install the Bluestacks App Player (beta) from http://bluestacks.com/ on the Windows PC. Search for Browsers and install the Dophin Browser HD from the available Apps. Run Dolphin HD and then enter the URL address of the Traveler server. Install Traveler as you would on any Android device. The only issue I have seen is the icons created are all named Lotus T [read] Keywords: lotus traveler server

Samsung Galaxy SIII v Blackberry Bold 9900
Sun, Jun 10th 2012 6:13a   Paul Farris
I have replaced my main Blackberry Bold 9900 phone with a new Samsung Galaxy SIII. After O2 reported problems supplying the Blue version they sent me 4 of them and the white version. Unfortunately at over £400 a unit the others will have to be returned. Pro's Lovely 4.8in display. Twice the size of the Blackberry screen. Web browsing very fast compared to the slow Blackberry browser. Browser compatible with more web applications than Blackberry browser. Lotus [read] Keywords: lotus policies traveler applications blackberry email enterprise google rim

Linkedin Passwords Hacked
Fri, Jun 8th 2012 12:11a   Paul Farris
Linkedin, the business social network, have admitted that their defences have been breached and millions of passwords compromised by hackers. They are sending out emails to those affected. I suggest that if you use this service then change your password now. Reference: http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/linkedin-confirms-passwords-hacked-50008171/ Also eHarmony has also had a security breach and lost millions of user passwords. [read] Keywords: linkedin network password security

Notes client error: "An error occurred while saving: Special database object cannot be located"
Mon, May 28th 2012 4:11p   Paul Farris
When trying to save a calendar entry in the Notes client the following error is displayed: "An error occurred while saving: Special database object cannot be located". This is due to the client being unable to save the calendar entry's alarm information into the folder ($Alarms) - probably due to design corruption. Editing the mailfie design and then resaving the ($Alarms) folder fixes this issue. [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client database

TVCatchup for Android
Sat, May 12th 2012 7:11a   Paul Farris
TV Catchup have release a beta version of an Android app, for phones and tablets, to allow access to their TV streaming service. http://tvcatchup.com/android.html Great looking app that is better than other TV companies apps (I am looking at you Sky). Please note that I beleive this service is only accessible in the UK. [read] Keywords:

Traveler Authentication
Sun, Apr 29th 2012 3:11p   Paul Farris
I have recently been running some tests with Traveler to see if the client can be configured to use Active Directory credentials rather than a Notes username and Internet password. An easy way of doing this is to add the domain username to the users person document and set/sync the same password. This works but is not an acceptable option. While it is possible to configure the Traveler server to authenticate using AD when accessing it via a browser this does not work from an Android Traveler [read] Keywords: notes traveler email exchange exchange password server

Google Drive is here (sort of)
Wed, Apr 25th 2012 6:11a   Paul Farris
The long awaited Google Drive is finally here. At least you can access the website and request to be notified when your drive is available for use. https://drive.google.com/start?authuser=0#home It looks more like a renaming of the Google Docs service rather than a replacement for Dropbox. Hopefully it will allow syncing of files. Edit: Googel Docs App in Android seems to have been renamed as Google Drive. [read] Keywords: google

Pebble E-paper Watch
Thu, Apr 12th 2012 6:11a   Paul Farris
Very cool new watch which runs apps and connects to iPhone and Android handsets using bluetooth. The e-ink display, as used in ebook readers gives the device a useful 6 days between charges. Watch the video above. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-e-paper-watch-for-iphone-and-android For $100 it looks great. The Kickstarter project needs to raise $100,000 to get going. Already had over $600,000 pledged so I think people know a good thing when they see one. [read] Keywords: iphone widget

Introducing Gmail Tap
Sun, Apr 1st 2012 6:12a   Paul Farris
Gmail have introduced a innovative new keyboard to speed up text entry on mobile devices. It reduces the number of keys from 26 on the standard qwerty keyboard to just 2 keys. Different letter are produced by a combination of various dots and dashes. Gmail Blog URL: http://gmailblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/introducing-gmail-tap.html Great for noobs ;-) [read] Keywords: google mobile

Traveler Error: The UUID for the profile is not unique
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 6:13a   Paul Farris
When configuring Lotus Traveler on a iPhone/iPad/iPod device it displays the error message "The UUID for the profile is not unique" when trying to install the profile. This is due to the device already having a profile for a Traveler service installed. Go to Settings -> General -> Profile "Lotus Traveler" -> Remove will delete the current profile. Then you can install the new one. [read] Keywords: lotus traveler iphone ipod profile

Cloud price war looming
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 6:13a   Paul Farris
Microsoft have announced reductions in the cost of their cloud Office365 services. It is passing on savings to the customer apparently but I think it is more likely it is trying to undercut Google Apps and Lotus Live to gain more market share. If Google and IBM fight back then this could start a price war, for cloud services, which could really drive pickup with businesses. Source: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft_office_365_blog/archive/2012/03/14/new-lower-prices-for-office-365.aspx [read] Keywords: ibm lotus archive google microsoft office

Traveler 853 widgets
Thu, Mar 15th 2012 12:11p   Paul Farris
It Is great that we have have Lotus Traveler widgets now but could they please be resizable. [read] Keywords: lotus traveler widgets

Windows 8 not compatible with iNotes shock
Thu, Mar 15th 2012 12:11p   Paul Farris
I have downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer preview to test and found that it will not allow access to my iNotes account. Internet explorer 10 compatibility in the next fix pack hopefully. [read] Keywords: inotes lotus notes

New iPad available for preorder in UK
Thu, Mar 8th 2012 11:12p   Paul Farris
The new iPad (3) is available for preorder in the UK. You can preorder now for delivery after 18 March. Available in UK Apple Retail Stores from 16 March. http://store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/shop_ipad/family/ipad Very tempting with the new retina display and updated processor. Justifying another tablet is the difficult part when the old one works fine. Testing compatibility with Lotus Traveler? [read] Keywords: lotus traveler apple

iNotes broken after upgrading to Domino 8.5.3
Mon, Mar 5th 2012 5:17a   Paul Farris
After upgrading to Domino 8.5.3 (from 8.5.2FP4) iNotes stopped working on the upgraded servers. Using the Webmail Redirect application the user is allowed to log in but when they are redirected to their mailfile it returns an error to the browser. Other web enabled databases work fine and it looks like changes to Webmail forms may have caused this issue. A workaround it to remove the setting iNotes_wa_DefaultUI from the Notes.ini configuration settings. To do so run the following at the co [read] Keywords: domino inotes notes application

Error "Truncating attendee lists during iCalendar creation at 32768 Bytes to prevent exceeding SUMMARY limit."
Fri, Mar 2nd 2012 9:11a   Paul Farris
Emails getting stuck in Mail.box and message below displayed on console. iCalendar: Logging conversion of request from non-Notes source. Product ID: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Not converting SMTP addresses to Notes addresses in AddAttendeesToNote. Router: Unable to deliver message 00565EE9, 43047BCD to Recipient@RecipientDomin.com from Sender@SendingDomain.com Field is too large (32K) or View's column & selection formulas are too large Truncating attendee lists during iCa [read] Keywords: agent domino ibm lotus notes exchange exchange microsoft server smtp

Domino Auto Populated Group losing member
Fri, Feb 10th 2012 5:12a   Paul Farris
When Domino groups use Auto Populate Method, which is set the the Home Server, we have noticed that very occasionally a member is dropped from this group. Looking at the usernames, of the members which are dropped, it appears to be the last member if the group is sorted by surname for that Home Server. I have raised a PMR but there does not appear to be a fix for this issue. This affects Domino 8.5.2 FP4. [read] Keywords: domino server

Notes gets bad press from Techradar
Mon, Feb 6th 2012 5:13a   Paul Farris
Techradar's Gary Marshall has put together a list of the top 10 most hated applications. Lotus Notes makes number 4 in the list. http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/the-10-most-hated-programs-of-all-time-1060129?src=rss&attr=all Please show your support for Notes. Thanks. [read] Keywords: lotus notes applications

Use Dropbox Beta for additional free space
Sat, Feb 4th 2012 5:13a   Paul Farris
Dropbox is a useful utility for sharing file between Windows, Android, Blackberry and Apple devices. A new beta is available which allows photos to be automatically uploaded to your dropbox storage. Dropbox forum announcement: http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=52900 Link to Android beta client: http://db.tt/4ZL2gCdt 500MB of free additional space for your first upload and for every 500MB you upload you automatically get another 500MB free additional storage (capped at 5GB). [read] Keywords: apple blackberry

Evil Empire?
Thu, Feb 2nd 2012 11:12a   Paul Farris
http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/is-it-time-for-microsoft-to-relinquish-the-evil-empire-crown-to-google/11792?alertspromo=&tag=nl.rCOMBINED Mary Jo Foley makes an interesting point that it may be time for Microsoft to relinquish the title of Evil Empire and pass this on to Google. I think that Microsoft should lose the title but it is not Google but Apple who is the new Evil Empire. Their draconian app policies and legal battles has done more harm to Open Source software and standards t [read] Keywords: policies apple google microsoft

BES for Office 365 now available
Tue, Jan 31st 2012 5:11a   Paul Farris
As announced a while ago hosted Blackberry Enterpise Services is now available for Office 365 users. http://uk.blackberry.com/business/software-and-services/cloudservices/ Administration is integrated into the Office 365 Admin portal. [read] Keywords: admin administration bes blackberry office

Cannot restore Blackberry .BBB backup file
Sun, Jan 15th 2012 5:12a   Paul Farris
After upgrading my Blackberry Bold 9900 to version 7.1 of the BlackberryOS, to test the new mobile hotspot functionality, the upgrade process was interrupted and I was left with a Blackberry without any of my data. When I tried to restore my backup, which was created at the beginning of the upgrade process, the Blackberry Desktop Manager 6 was unable to find any backup files. A check in the My Documents folder, using Windows Explorer, showed that there was a backup file there with the extension [read] Keywords: blackberry desktop mobile

Send to Kindle
Thu, Jan 12th 2012 3:11p   Paul Farris
As one of the millions who received a Kindle for Chistmas I have been exploring the joys of reading ebooks. Amazon have now released a useful application for Windows pc's (sorry mac users) which integrates directly into windows explorer to allow you to right-click on any document and send it directly to your Kindle. Documents are uploaded and automatically converted to Kindle format then downloaded to the device over it's wifi connection or whispersync. http://www.amazon.com/sendtoki [read] Keywords: application mac wifi

Blackberry App Review - deToday
Thu, Dec 29th 2011 5:12a   Paul Farris
Blackberry App Review - deToday The original Blackberry handsets allowed your next calendar entries to be displayed on the homescreen. A very useful feature which Apple has recently copied and added to the latest release of iOS (5). Research in Motion's latest version of the Blackberry OS, release 7, has decided to remove this functionality - in their wisdom - which was always present in previous versions. DeToday allows you to display a number of upcoming calendar entries on your home s [read] Keywords: apple blackberry integration research in motion rim

Merry Christmas All and a Happy New Year!
Wed, Dec 28th 2011 5:10a   Paul Farris
Best Wishes to all for the holidays. [read] Keywords:

Troubleshooting Blackberry Handset Activations
Sun, Dec 11th 2011 5:11a   Paul Farris
The following checklist can be used to confirm that everything has been correctly setup to allow a successful Blackberry handset activation on BES. Check SIM is blackberry enabled and GPRS/EDGE/3G in UPPERCASE on the handset display. If not, call telecoms service provider to ensure on Blackberry tariff and get them to check settings have been successfully updated to SIM card. Check Notes mail account has been setup. If not, ensure mail account is created before trying again. Che [read] Keywords: acl notes bes blackberry email server

Sky No-Go
Sun, Nov 27th 2011 11:10p   Paul Farris
Sky TV's Go service allows multimedia devices like computers, tablet and iphones to stream satelite TV channels to their multimedia devices. This service used to work well but after changing, from Sky Player, earlier this year it has now become an unusable service. The service has decreased the number of devices which can access the service to two. It also now limits the changing of registered devices to only one change per month. This would be fine if it did not forget which devices w [read] Keywords: laptop microsoft

Installing SalesForce Connect for Lotus Notes
Sat, Nov 12th 2011 5:10a   Paul Farris
When installing the SaleForce Connector for Lotus Notes you must configure the following settings or the Notes client will just hang on startup. 1. Edit the file "C:Program FilesIBMLotusNotesframeworkrcpplugin_customization.ini". Add the following entries (replacing any current security lines). com.ibm.rcp.security.update/VERIFICATION_LISTENER=com.ibm.rcp.security.update.DefaultVerificationListener com.ibm.rcp.security.update/TRUST_CERTIFICATE_AUTHORITIES=true com.ibm.rcp.secur [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client desktop integration password security

Lotus Notes Appliction property "Display images after loading"
Sat, Nov 12th 2011 5:10a   Paul Farris
Enabling the Lotus Notes application (database) property "Display images after loading" seems to have some unforeseen consequences. When this property is enabled inline images are treated as file attachments by the Lotus Notes client. If this is used on a mailfile and an image used, within the email signature, then every sent email will contain an attachment. [read] Keywords: lotus notes notes client application database email

Google Apps Fail
Sat, Oct 22nd 2011 6:11a   Paul Farris
The city of Los Angeles migration to Google Apps, started in 2009, is still incomplete after failure of Google to answer reservations about it's security. 17,000 of the total 30,000 users have been migrated. The actual security requirements should have been taken into account, before selecting the new system, and weighed up against the apparent cost savings of Cloud computing. Further information is on ZDnet at: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/google/dark-clouds-in-la-as-google-apps-faces-citys- [read] Keywords: google security

RIP Dennis Ritchie
Sat, Oct 15th 2011 6:12a   Paul Farris
Dennis Ritchie sadly passed away on Oct 12th. The creator of the C language and one of the key developers of the UNIX operating system a large number of modern programming languages (C++, C# etc) and operating systems (Android, iOS) can trace their roots back to Dennis's early work. I still have my dog-eared Kernighan and Ritchie books from my University days. For more information on Dennis please access his Wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Ritchie [read] Keywords: wiki

Blackberry Outage again
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 6:13a   Paul Farris
Blackberry services are still unavailable again today in the UK. [read] Keywords: blackberry

Sharepoint Onine error - "Mutual Authentication failed. The server's password is out of date at the domain controller."
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 6:13a   Paul Farris
When opening a Sharepoint document, in Office 2007, the error "Mutual Authentication failed. The server's password is out of date at the domain controller." is displayed and the document fails to load. This seems to be a webdav problem affecting Windows 7 systems. To resolve do the following: Run Internet Explorer. Select the "Tools" menu and "Internet Options". Select the "Content" tab. Press the "Clear SSL state" button. Press OK is save the changes [read] Keywords: office password server sharepoint

Blackberry Outage in UK
Tue, Oct 11th 2011 7:11a   Paul Farris
Due to a problem with RIM's UK servers, yesterday, there has been no service again for today. According to O2 this should be resolved and the backlog cleared by the end of business today. [read] Keywords: blackberry rim

Lotus Notes Client 8.5.3 - Sametime Login Failed - Reason: Unable to log in to the Sametime server x because this client is not authorized. Please contact your system administrator.
Thu, Oct 6th 2011 6:12a   Paul Farris
After upgrading Lotus Notes Client to version 8.5.3 it cannot connect to Same Server. Displays error message "Sametime Login Failed - Reason: Unable to log in to the Sametime server x because this client is not authorized. Please contact your system administrator." This is due to the Sametime server being configured to restrict the client types which can connect and not having the new 8.5.3 client in the list. To Fix this: On Sametime server edit the Sametime.ini in the Domino progr [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes notes client sametime server

Lotus Notes (8.5.2 FP1/2) client error - "Notes error - Target frame is ancestor of script object"
Tue, Oct 4th 2011 6:12a   Paul Farris
Lotus Notes client (8.5.2 FP1/2) error - "Notes error - Target frame is ancestor of script object" The error message is displayed when accessing a view/frame. This is a regression bug introduced in 8.5.2 FP1. To fix install the latest Fix Pack (which is 8.5.2 Fix Pack 3 in Oct 2011). For further information see APAR LO58817: ATTEMPTING TO OPEN DOCUMENT IN A TARGET FRAME RETURNS "TARGET FRAME IS ANCESTOR OF SCRIPT OBJECT" [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes notes client bug

Amazon announce new Kindles
Sat, Oct 1st 2011 6:11a   Paul Farris
This week have announced a new range of 3 new Kindle models. Kindle Kindle Touch/3G Kindle Fire Kindle 30% lighter than previous model. 18% smaller with same size screen. $79 in US. £89 in UK. Kindle Touch/3G 8% lighter and 11% smaller than previous Kindle. Buttonless infrared touch screen. $99 Wifi. $150 3G. Not available in UK. Kindle Fire 7" full colour multi-touch display Android based OS Silk cloud accelerat [read] Keywords: lotus traveler apple blackberry wifi

Error "Server Error: You are not authorized to perform that operation" when using Extract ID from Vault
Fri, Sep 23rd 2011 6:11a   Paul Farris
When using the "Extract ID from Vault" command in Domino Administrator it fails at the final stage displaying the error message "Server Error: You are not authorized to perform that operation". This is due to your user account not being assigned the role "Auditor" in the ID Vault's NSF CL. Add this role and it should then work fine. [read] Keywords: domino id vault lotus notes server

Windows 8 Developer Preview Released
Sun, Sep 18th 2011 6:10a   Paul Farris
A Pre-Beta Developer Preview of Windows 8 has been released by Microsoft. It can be downloaded, for x86 and x64 based systems, at the URL below: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/home/ It looks like an interesting hybrid between Windows 7 and Windows Phone's Metro Interface. Engadget has a great detailed review here. The full release, which could be very different, is expected some time next year. [read] Keywords: interface laptop microsoft

Blackberry Bold 9900 v Blackberry Torch 9800
Sat, Sep 3rd 2011 6:11a   Paul Farris
Blackberry have started releasing their new generation of smartphones, with the Blackberry Bold 9900, running the new BlackberryOS version 7. Version 7 is intended as the last version of the BlackberryOS before the release of the QNX based OS on future handsets. The new Bold goes back to a form factor like to great 9000 Bold with the larger screen and keyboard than the last few Bold models (which had the form factor of the Curve models). I have compared the 9900 Bold to my current 9800 Torch t [read] Keywords: blackberry enterprise rim server

Notes/Domino 8.5.3 Coming
Sat, Sep 3rd 2011 6:11a   Paul Farris
There should be new Fix Pack for Domino released soon. Lots of new features of which here are a few which I am particularly interested in: New Email Alert. Sliding out instead of a dialog which steals focus. Users hate this. Embedded Sametime client 8.5.1 (up from version 8.0.1 previously used) Symphony 3.0. We do not use this as MS Office is still the standard office package. IE9 Support. Increasingly useful as Windows 7 is replacing Windows XP. Traveler iOS partial wipe. M [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes sametime symphony traveler apple blackberry bug email interface office widgets

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