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Traveler and Samsung Galaxy fingerprint lock
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One of the cool features of new smartphone are that some of them have integrated fingerprint sensors which can be used to secure the device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 handset and this allows you to easily unlock the screen by swiping the home button.

Unfortunately this unlocking method does not work with Traveler when a require device password policy is set. It results in the error message "Error: Sync is disable because of a device security poicy violation".

I have logged a PMR with IBM SUpport and here is their response:

We have the following statement from development regarding the fingerprint scan:
"The reason for this is that Traveler supports the Android Operating system, not specific phones.   The Android OS does not provide apis relating to figerprint s canners, which is why the fingerprint security is categorized as "unrestricted".     
When we initially tested this support, we found that even when "unrestricted" was  specified, the Android OS was still reporting the device as non-compliant when the fingerprint scanner was enabled.       
After a lengthy correspondence with Samsung on t his issue, we found that they require that we set the minimum password length to 0 in our calls to the Android OS.  We modified our code to set the minimum password length to 0 when the setting was "unrestricted" and at that point, the Samsung device reported compliant with the fingerprint scanner was enabled.     
Traveler will not have a specific setting for fingerprint or any other biometric u ntil the Android OS provides explicit support for it. The device passcode settings  are direct passthrough to the Operating System. "         
Samsung modified the api (few months ago) and Marshmallow Android offers new APIs to let authenticate users by using their fingerprint http://developer.android.com/about/versions/marshmallow/android-6.0.html
In light of this we created Enhancement request for them to be added (this is internal, so you won't be able to open it but I'm posting it so it's present in the text of the PMR and others would be able to see it):                                                                    

Hopefully a new version will be release soon to provide the functionality.

Jan 15, 2016
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