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Neil Armstrong
Sun, Aug 26th 2012 73
Privacy in the modern connected world?
Fri, Jul 20th 2012 62
Olympus XZ-1
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 61
The new iPad
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 70
Apple Reinvents Education
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 66
Moo cards
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 70
Unable to reliably deploy XPages using XSCD
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 73
Top 10
DAOS – Does LZ1 compression apply to web uploads?
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 106
Java memory issues and HTTPUseNotesMemory
Fri, Jan 28th 2011 95
SXSW (belated review)
Sun, Apr 17th 2011 75
Unable to reliably deploy XPages using XSCD
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 73
Neil Armstrong
Sun, Aug 26th 2012 73
Moo cards
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 70
The new iPad
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 70
Apple Reinvents Education
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 66
Privacy in the modern connected world?
Fri, Jul 20th 2012 62
Olympus XZ-1
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 61

Paul Hudson
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Recent Blog Posts

Neil Armstrong
Sun, Aug 26th 2012 6:13a   Paul Hudson
Most of us fail to make any indelible mark on history. A small selection become a footnote in a history book. A very very small number become a historical nexus, the beginning of a new phase of human history. Neil Armstrong is one of these individuals. Neil’s name will be known to the end of human history as the first person to step on another world. In millennium to come, there will be children who know his name who have never seen Earth. I truly believe that this will happen. I have to, [read] Keywords: facebook twitter wiki

Privacy in the modern connected world?
Fri, Jul 20th 2012 4:09p   Paul Hudson
For the last few week signs have been appearing all round campus that include a ‘no photography’ symbol. In the modern connected world, with the ability to instantly grab and share photographs with all your friends, I think the instant reaction from most of us was ‘is this realistic?’. But I think this opens an interesting debate about the future of our right to privacy when just stepping out in public has the potential to undermined an individual’s privacy. As you [read] Keywords: development facebook

Olympus XZ-1
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 1:13p   Paul Hudson
Cameras for me, are like handbags are for many women. You need the right camera for the occasion. An iPhone for everywhere, a compact for gigs, a mirror less camera for times when I’ve got a small rucksack with me, and a SLR for quality. (I’ve recently upgraded my SLR to a Sony A77). For the last 3 years my I’ve been using a Panasonic TZ-5 as my compact of choice. I bought it because it was a super zoom and I thought it would be great for capturing the stage from further back i [read] Keywords: exchange exchange interface iphone

The new iPad
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 10:10a   Paul Hudson
I bought the original iPad on the UK day of release and have used daily ever since. I was at SXSW last year when the iPad2 was released but decided against buying one in the ‘pop-up’ shop, Apple set up for the conference. Clearly the iPad2 was much better than the original iPad. It was quicker, featured a front facing camera for video conferencing and was smaller and lighter than the original iPad. But despite all these advantages, it wasn’t enough to justify my buying one. The [read] Keywords: apple application applications iphone ipod

Apple Reinvents Education
Mon, Jan 23rd 2012 2:11p   Paul Hudson
… no really it has. It’s come up with this fantastic product, the electronic book. It’s so much more than ‘book v1′, it’s interactive. ‘Books v2′ is so much better for the current generation of students. Apple thinks our current generation of students are too stupid to understand words and need pictures and too stupid to understand diagrams, so they need videos. Seriously Apple, is this meant to ‘change education’? The announcement happ [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere apple mac network wireless

Moo cards
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 7:11p   Paul Hudson
I usually don’t have much call for business cards. Internally they’re not much use, and I don’t get to many conferences. But it’s always a bit uncomfortable at business conferences when you don’t have cards. So at the last minute I decided to get some for Lotusphere. But rather than having the hassle of sorting cards out through work I decided I this was the excuse I needed to play with Moo.com, a service that allows you to create personal business cards through the [read] Keywords: lotusphere apple twitter

Unable to reliably deploy XPages using XSCD
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 5:11a   Paul Hudson
We’re late to the XPages game and it’s only in the last few weeks I’ve felt confident enough to push XPages into our system’s templates. I only allow new Domino tech to be deployed when I’m confident that the technology works because we run on a very constrained 32-bit Solaris Domino install. I was ready to use XPages on 8.5.2 but we ran into issues pushing out a XPage Single Copy Design to websites. I tried using standard Domino single copy design templates but whe [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client xpages database java server


My gigs of 2011 ‘Storified’
Fri, Dec 9th 2011 5:10p   Paul Hudson
One of the things I liked about SXSW were the Accelerator sessions where web startups pitched their ideas to a room full of investors, press and the paying public. The winner of News Accelerator was Storify, a website that allows users to curate tweets, photos, videos and web by dragging them into a single stream of information to tell a story. It’s a bit like gathering news headlines in a scrap book. It’s been used during some of the big events of 2011, such as the ‘Arab Sprin [read] Keywords: development facebook integration iphone

Sony A77
Sun, Nov 27th 2011 3:12p   Paul Hudson
Sony recently released a new camera that may turn out to be a game changer, the Sony A77. This new 24 Mega pixel APS-C camera is a DSLT camera. Instead of using a standard mirror like a DLSR. DSLT cameras use a fixed semi-translucent mirror. 70-80% of the light passes through the mirror while the rest is bounced up to an auto focus sensor and because there’s insufficient light for an optical viewfinder, the main sensor is used to generate a live view on an Electronic Viewfinder. The new we [read] Keywords: mac

Unresponsive iPhone4 button
Sat, Nov 26th 2011 6:13a   Paul Hudson
For the last few months my iPhone’s home button has been unresponsive. Double clicking would often take me to the search pane and not the multitask bar. This is getting to be very annoying. I’ve been hoping that the button would hang on until the iPhone 5, next summer, but in the last few weeks it seems to have got worse. So much so, I’d even started to use the assistive technology in the iPhone to by-pass the requirement of using the home button. Doing some research this mo [read] Keywords: apple iphone

Dojo Date Picker – setting the date format
Wed, Nov 23rd 2011 1:10p   Paul Hudson
We’ve just implemented a Dojo Date picker to replace an old calendar tool we were using. In testing, the date picker correctly defaulted to the European date format of dd/mm/yyyy. However, all this testing was on PCs. Testing the same code on my Mac in Safari, the date format has switched to US format. My Mac is setup as a UK machine with UK date format, but it’s still defaulted to incorrect date format. As we’re a University with many international staff and students, assuming [read] Keywords: domino dojo mac oracle

Agents ignoring Readers Fields in 8.5.3
Fri, Nov 4th 2011 12:09p   Paul Hudson
We’ve just upgraded a server to 8.5.3. We have an agent that runs as a ‘web user’ but has ‘full admin rights’. The agent basically reads a view with documents that have readers fields and assembles them for display to the user. The agent needs to grab info from a protected database so has ‘full administration rights’. Previously the documents were read with the ‘users’ access permissions. So readers fields were obeyed. Various versions of thi [read] Keywords: admin administration agent database server

XPages Single Copy Design
Fri, Sep 9th 2011 11:09a   Paul Hudson
I’m posting this on behalf of my colleague David Harding (@dharding) who’s been investigating XPages Single Copy Design. I think it’s best I leave it to Dave to explain: We are looking to roll out XPages Single Copy Design to several thousand databases.  So far, we have not been able to find a recommended practice for rolling out the XPages Single Copy Design flag and template path to all of these databases. Documentation on the Lotus Notes and Domino Application Development w [read] Keywords: domino ldd lotus notes ntf xpages apple application applications best practice database development properties wiki

Run Disk Utility before installing OSX Lion
Thu, Jul 21st 2011 10:10a   Paul Hudson
I ran into a problem installing Lion on my Mac Pro. The install screen appeared to be stuck at 33 minutes with no sign of progress. Several reboots later and still no luck, I noticed that there were a lot of disk errors in the install log that appeared to stop the installer in it’s tracks. It appears the installer doesn’t validate your hard disk before installing and is unable to report failures when encountered. So before installing, run ‘Disk Utility’ and save yourself [read] Keywords: mac

DAOS – Does LZ1 compression apply to web uploads?
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 12:12p   Paul Hudson
We’re in the process of planning our move to DAOS and we’re confused about whether or not to use LZ1 compression. I’m wondering if anyone can help clarify how compression works for web content. In our environment, we have no Notes clients, everything is web-based. All the recommendations I’ve read say that we should switch on LZ1 compression. However, when we switch on compression for web uploads, our test files appear to be compressed using Huffman and not LZ1. So when w [read] Keywords: notes

Problems with Google Search Appliance and Domino’s compressed HTTP output
Fri, May 6th 2011 7:11a   Paul Hudson
If you use Domino’s HTTP GZIP compression, you may have issues with your Google Search Appliance reporting: Malformed HTTP header: empty content It appears that the Google box will tell Domino that it accepts compressed content in the HTTP headers even though it is unable to process the content. Luckily I found an easy solution on the Google Search Appliance support forum. (http://groups.google.com/group/Google-Search-Appliance-Help/browse_thread/thread/1cf310764e25a778?pli=1) The solution [read] Keywords: admin domino google interface

Installing Firefox 3 plugins in Firefox 4
Thu, Apr 28th 2011 6:11a   Paul Hudson
I use the Firefox plugin, ‘LiveHTTPheaders’ to view the http headers received by the browser. Unfortunately this add-on is not yet certified to run on Firefox 4.0. Luckily I found an useful Firefox config setting that switches off the plugin compatibility check so that I can install the plugin. Enter about:config in the address bar. Locate extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0 in the ‘Perference Name’ column. If it’s not in the list, right click and add a new boolean. S [read] Keywords: firefox

SXSW (belated review)
Sun, Apr 17th 2011 10:08a   Paul Hudson
A few weeks ago I took the opportunity to visit Austin for SXSW 2011. With the conference being a darling of the tech media, I thought I’d sample the whole thing, SXSW Interactive, Film and Music. I may blog about music on my gig blog so this blog will concentrate on the Interactive and Film element. This was my first trip to SXSW, my first trip to Austin, and my first trip to Texas. With no direct flight to Austin, I decided to visit Houston before travelling the short hop to Austin. This [read] Keywords: ibm apple archive database development google interface iphone mac microsoft mobile networking profile sql vista

$Dir on Solaris
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 11:13a   Paul Hudson
If you are one of the few Solaris users and use the ‘Dir$’ function to read directories in your administrative routines to process databases in a directory. Be aware that it doesn’t work for databases over 2GBs in size. They’re omitted from list. We PMRed it. But it’s already been closed. Apparently it’s a code limitation and won’t be getting fixed. I expect it will be all that 32-bit Solaris code we’re still having to use. Don’t you just lov [read] Keywords: domino

Watson video in HD (15 minutes)
Tue, Feb 8th 2011 6:14a   Paul Hudson
The amazing Watson playing and beating human competitors at Jeopardy. [read] Keywords:

Lotusphere 2011 – ‘That’s Not My Name’. Photo review
Mon, Feb 7th 2011 6:14p   Paul Hudson
Some photos taken at Lotusphere With no mention of Lotus during the conference I thought ‘That’s Not My Name’ by the ‘Ting Tings’ would be appropriate. All the photos have been added to the Flickr ‘Lotusphere 2011 – Official Group’ [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere

Java memory issues and HTTPUseNotesMemory
Fri, Jan 28th 2011 11:19p   Paul Hudson
We’ve been suffering from various http memory related issues. We run on Solaris and Domino on Solaris is 32bit (and apparently staying this way). So despite having 64GB of memory in our servers, we’re constrained by the 4GB shared memory limit. The issues seem to relate to Java. At various times agents stop working due to memory issues. Despite going through every Java agent with a fine tooth comb, the issues still re-occur. Increasing the Java pool size doesn’t help because th [read] Keywords: agent domino lotus lotusphere email java leak server

What to expect at Lotusphere – A Lotusphere 2009 conference report
Mon, Jan 17th 2011 6:15a   Paul Hudson
I was searching through old Lotusphere resources preparing for this year’s conference and found a conference report from Lotusphere 2009. If you will be new to Lotusphere this year, it might give you an insight into the conference.   Lotusphere 2009 [Redacted] and Paul Hudson attended the annual Lotusphere conference at Disney’s Dolphin and Swan conference Centre in Orlando, Florida. This is a conference where 8000 administrators, developers, IBM Business Partners and IBM staff, spe [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus lotusphere symphony xpages application community development javascript linux microsoft office server

Gravatar – the LotusScript solution
Sun, Jan 16th 2011 6:15p   Paul Hudson
On the XPages Blog, there’s an article by Jeremy Hodge, ‘Gravatar – XPages Managed Bean‘. Gravatars are those little images of people that you see in blog comments that seem to work across most blogs. For those of us who haven’t upgraded our servers to 8.5.x, I thought I’d post the LotusScript solution that we use that can be. In our case we have a central LotusScript Agent that takes a username as parameter and then checks the user’s record to see if th [read] Keywords: agent lotusscript xpages email server

Playing iPlayer content via the AppleTV2
Sun, Jan 16th 2011 5:14p   Paul Hudson
The new AppleTV is a great little device if the majority of your content is stored in your iTunes library. But there’s one serious limitation for UK users. It cannot access any of the BBC iPlayer’s content. I’m sure a solution is forthcoming using an iPhone or iPad as a proxy broadcaster using Airplay. But if you want a solution now, I’ve found a great little app that offers a solution. For the last year, I’ve been using iPlayer Downloader. However, in the last week [read] Keywords: iphone security

Fixing my WordPress blog
Fri, Jan 14th 2011 12:17p   Paul Hudson
My blog’s been unavailable for most of the day due to a problem. The blog is hosted on MediaTemple. I was playing with their ’1 click’ install of Drupal and because it wouldn’t install I tried changing various database passwords (I know poke and hope) to complete the process, updating my password in the wp-config.php files on this site and on my Gig blog. The site was working fine last night, but this morning, this site was returning a blank page with no html content. I t [read] Keywords: database password

Apple EU Education Summit 2011
Thu, Jan 13th 2011 6:14p   Paul Hudson
On Tuesday, I spent a fascinating day at Apple’s EU Education Summit. The summit explored how mobile learning has the potential to act as a transformation agent in European Higher Education. (and in doing so push Apple’s products) The day started well, with Apple providing all delegates with an iPad for the day, fully loaded with educational applications. A nice touch was that Apple had contracted CampusM, a company specialising in educational app development, to develop an iPad appl [read] Keywords: agent apple application applications development iphone ipod microsoft mobile podcast

A decade with Domino
Sun, Jan 9th 2011 4:14p   Paul Hudson
This blog post has been a long time in writing. From about 1998, my team was responsible for supporting learning technology projects within the University. The range of projects was diverse from programmable computer chip simulations to supporting more traditional computer aided learning packages such as CD-ROMs or web-based ‘interactive’ learning objects. We also had a responsibility to identify technologies that could be implemented as University services. A number of our early dis [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus notes notes client xpages database development email integration interface mobile server virus

iPad six months on
Sat, Jan 1st 2011 10:16a   Paul Hudson
I bought an iPad on the UK day of release so have now been using it for about 6 months. So I thought it was about time to reflect on how the iPad is working for me. I know many people have bought the iPad and then found that they had no use for it. But I find that I’m always pawing at it and on reflection, I think with the iPad, content is king. Out of the box all it really does is email, video, music and web. It does them very well, but I’m not sure the basic functionality is enough [read] Keywords: notes apple application applications bug email facebook interface iphone ipod laptop mac macbook twitter wireless

Sony NEX-5
Tue, Dec 14th 2010 8:13p   Paul Hudson
Like many, I have found that I really enjoy digital photography and over the last five or six years developed from using ‘point and shoot’ camera to ‘using’ SLRs. My current SLR is a Sony A700 accompanied by an ever expanding and ever improving range of lenses. (28mm f/2.8, 30mm f/2.8 macro, 50mm f/1.4, 70-300G, 28-300, 90mm macro). But there are times when an SLR isn’t convenient, or in the case of gigs, allowed. So it’s useful having a more pocketable camera [read] Keywords: apple interface mac

Muting the Mac ‘bong’
Sat, Oct 30th 2010 8:28p   Paul Hudson
I know I’m not alone in finding the Mac startup ‘bong’ extremely annoying, especially if you have to start your computer in a meeting or public place. Pre-Intel hardware, the ‘bong’ was muted if you plugged in headphones. Since the change to Intel, Apple have not provided a way to stop the sound. But there is a third party solution. ‘Startupsound.prefPane’ allows you to mute your Mac when it starts up. It’s one of the first pieces of software I ins [read] Keywords: apple mac

11″ MacBook Air
Sat, Oct 30th 2010 8:28a   Paul Hudson
My first personal Mac was a 12″ Powerbook. It was purchased for testing purposes but it quickly became my computer of choice for the majority of work. The only reason for keeping a PC was my requirement for Domino Designer. I loved the 12″ form factor. The size was perfect for travelling and it had a full size keyboard. The new MacBook Air is it’s natural successor I’ve purchased the base 128GB 11″ model. I did consider the 4GB version or the 13″ model, but I& [read] Keywords: domino apple applications iphone laptop mac macbook network office

How do you deal with hacks?
Thu, Sep 9th 2010 10:27p   Paul Hudson
You’ve been hacked and it appears the hack could effect your users computers. What would you do? Do you tell your users that your site has been compromised and point them to tools to fix any problems? Do you investigate the hack to see if it has compromised end-users and decide the risk is small, so you keep quite. After all, why undermine the integrity of your website, if everyone’s safe? Do you keep quite no matter what? I ask this because a page on a very big website (that̵ [read] Keywords: domino google mac security system i virus

RTMP Streaming Fix for Real Helix 14
Mon, Aug 30th 2010 3:25p   Paul Hudson
We’ve just upgraded one of our Helix servers to the latest version (V14). The latest update includes support for streaming H264 video to Flash players via RTMP as well as the bonus of streaming to iPhones. Unfortunately the latest Flash player update breaks RTMP streaming. After much head scratching, I finally gave in and contacted Real who provided a quick fix. To re-enable Flash streaming add the following lines to your rmserver.cfg [read] Keywords:

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