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My Lotusphere Predictions
Peter Presnell    

Lotusphere is now less than ten days away.  The extended weather forecast for Disney World now covers the start of the big  event. As the most of us in the yellowverse know, Lotusphere marks the true start of each year.  2011 the year of Get Social Do Business is drawing to an end giving way to 2012 the year of Business Made Social. Thousands of the yellow faithful are now starting to pack in preparation for the annual pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Kimonos, BALD, the Beach Party, Nerd Girl events, and the Product Showcase. The following is the extended forecast for Swan/Dolphin over the New Year Period

Satellite photos show a continued reduction in the area now covered by the once popular Lotus brand. As the brand (and the size of the backpacks) melts away we are starting to see the emergence of a new IBM Connect landform. If the Lotus brand continues to melt at its current rate it is likely that this time next year all life in the area will only have the choice of spending their time at the IBM Connect event. Matt Newman you have 12 months to save for a new colored suit!

The winds of change are likely to be a regular feature in this area during the week much as they have been at this time of year in 2011 and 2010. The Vulcan fog from 2010 lifted only briefly in 2011. The fog should finally disappear in 2012 as real products are announced  incorporating many of the capabilities first promised in the midst of the Vulcan fogs. Last year around 500 students arrived for the first day to study the fog and its effect on the environment. This year the numbers of students are expected to grow even larger.

Despite some general concern over the climate change and who is to blame, a bright sunny day is forecast for the OGS. There is a possibility of a few clouds emerging during the day, including some newly formed hybrid clouds. Unlike the past few years the threat of endless panel sessions are likely to be precipitated by early bursts of sunshine (aka Ron Sebastion doing demos).  E-mail, once flourished across the Lotus landscape. During the OGS, IBM scientists are expected to announce the discovery of some new e-mail species. These will include a new social mail client that will survive by drawing its nutrients through an underlying Notes client.  The first sightings of e-mail lifeforms within Connections are also likely, possibly as a member of the same genus as the social mail client itself.  

The social software meteor that stuck recently has caused many IBM scientists to scramble to protect its Jurassic Notes client. The efforts to sustain life of the client will most likely be on display. This will be in the form of a Notes client plug-in for Web browsers.  It is not clear how long this approach may extend life for the Notes client, hopefully it will prove more life sustaining than Composite Applications or XPiNC.

Some new and unusual weather patterns are likely during the week. Mobile devices will be falling from the sky at almost every presentation that is given.  It is likely that IBM will be on hand to offer social business umbrellas for all of those under attack from a constant hailstorm of Microsoft CALs.

We can expect isolated thunderstorms to develop later in the week centered around the Meet the Product Manager session. Pedestrians in the area should stay alert for peacocks crossings their paths to regurgitate questions from previous years, previous sessions, previous blogs etc.  All going well product managers will announce a rainbow of product announcements at this event.

Visitors may have the chance to purchase a few souvenirs at a new application store that is unveiled during the week.

Finally, the weather outlook for the week suggests ideal conditions for drinking beer on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and again on Thursday.

Travel Warning: Sleep now. Once Lotusphere starts sleep will be for February.

Jan 05, 2012
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