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Connect 2013
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 55
Cisco Releases Major Update to Plug-in for Sametime
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 72
CDW Customer Event at IBM Connect
Fri, Jan 4th 2013 54
Invitation to an Open Discussion from Wisconsinites
Thu, May 17th 2012 54
New Cisco Plug-in Demos
Wed, Apr 11th 2012 70
Destructive Analytics
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 60
Cisco PCAP & IBM Sametime - A MAJOR Update
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 71
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Cisco Releases Major Update to Plug-in for Sametime
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 72
Cisco PCAP & IBM Sametime - A MAJOR Update
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 71
New Cisco Plug-in Demos
Wed, Apr 11th 2012 70
Cisco Acquires Lotus Business Unit from IBM
Fri, Mar 25th 2011 68
Poor Man's Unified Messaging for Cisco Unity Connection & Notes
Wed, Apr 13th 2011 65
Destructive Analytics
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 60
Connect 2013
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 55
Healthcare Solutions at Lotusphere?
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 54
Invitation to an Open Discussion from Wisconsinites
Thu, May 17th 2012 54
CDW Customer Event at IBM Connect
Fri, Jan 4th 2013 54

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Recent Blog Posts

Connect 2013
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 9:10a   Phil Salm
You can find a more detailed overview of the conference from me on the CDW Solutions Blog, but here are some personal reflections. I'm not exactly sure which year I first began going to Lotusphere--I believe it was 1999, soon after I began working in the e-Learning field at the University of Wisconsin Learning Innovations. Whoever assembled the big picture mural at the conference -- thank you! It was quite fun looking back and remembering. I think I've missed one since 1999. Like for man [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus lotusphere notes community

Cisco Releases Major Update to Plug-in for Sametime
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 8:12a   Phil Salm
Cisco released a major update in December to their integration with Sametime, which they are now calling CUCI-IBM. The plug-in is a great step forward over previous integration options, and includes: streamlined UIintegrated softphonevideo calls call historycall forwarding, and much more.You can read a more in-depth overview of the plug-in and see several screenshots of it in the posting I made on the CDW Solutions blog. One integration point I didn't mention in the overview is that both phon [read] Keywords: ibm notes sametime integration mobile

CDW Customer Event at IBM Connect
Fri, Jan 4th 2013 9:11a   Phil Salm
Once again CDW will be hosting a customer appreciation event at the IBM Connect conference. This year's event will be held Tuesday evening, January 29th, and will involve great food, bowling and billiards. If you are a CDW customer attending the conference and would like to attend this event, reach out to your CDW Account Manager and ask for an invitation. Or you can email me at phil.salm@cdw.com for more details. I look forward to seeing you there! [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm email

Invitation to an Open Discussion from Wisconsinites
Thu, May 17th 2012 12:12a   Phil Salm
I will likely regret this, but I feel compelled to post my views on the Wisconsin Gubernatorial recall election. Why? I'd like to try to generate an open, respectful, and thoughtful discussion to a potentially wider range of Wisconsinites than doing so solely in a closed environment like Facebook allows. Why do I suspect I'll regret it? Well, I was very active in politics in high school--particularly in the anti-abortion movement. I stopped being heavily involved in politics for two primar [read] Keywords: blogger facebook office

New Cisco Plug-in Demos
Wed, Apr 11th 2012 5:12p   Phil Salm
I've put together a couple of video demos of the Cisco Voicemail Plug-in and the Cisco Phone Control and Presence Plug-in. Hopefully they convey some of the great features that they provide. They are best viewed full screen. The plug-ins require that the user is licensed for Sametime Standard. But the plug-ins themselves are free. So if you have Cisco telephony and a Lotus Notes environment today, you really should be looking at deploying them for your end-users. The only additional hardw [read] Keywords: lotus notes sametime application blogger integration server

Destructive Analytics
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 11:12p   Phil Salm
In this era of big data, we have become infatuated with the promise of how we can improve every aspect of our lives by better collecting data, analyzing it, and managing our lives to various data points. In business if you haven't heard someone in your organization parrot Peter Drucker's mantra that "you can't manage what you don't measure," then you must be running short on fresh MBA's. While I won't argue that there is some truth to this, this path of managing by measurement seems to [read] Keywords: blogger


Cisco PCAP & IBM Sametime - A MAJOR Update
Sat, Mar 17th 2012 11:10a   Phil Salm
At the end of last year, Cisco released an update to the Phone Control and Presence plug-in. At the time, I posted just a quick copy of their announcement, but did not comment beyond that. If you have a Cisco telephony environment with PCAP deployed, you should upgrade to this latest release for one MAJOR reason, it now supports live text in Notes. If you don't have it deployed yet, do it now! So why is this update such a big deal? The number one question we would get from customers we wer [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes notes client sametime symphony application applications blogger development email unified communications

The Video Mega-Conference with Polycom and IBM
Tue, Jan 24th 2012 9:10p   Phil Salm
I had the good privilege of attending a launch event at the Polycom Solution Center in Chicago today. Not surprisingly, they have an amazing video-conferencing facility. We had over 300 attendees conferenced together for today's event, from locations including: Santa Clara, Seattle, Dallas, New York, Atlanta and more. If you've not had the good fortune to see one of these Polycom Solution Center's in person, it is worth the time. The video is amazing, and the audio is crystal clear. It [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger integration

Healthcare Solutions at Lotusphere?
Tue, Jan 10th 2012 10:11p   Phil Salm
As 2012 kicks off, I have some new excitement brewing for me in addition to the annual Lotusphere anticipation. This year I will have a new focus on IBM software solutions for healthcare. This is extremely exciting to me as I get to spend time in a field where information technology can make significant improvements to people's lives, not just bottom lines. And I'm very fortunate to enter this space at a time when leading-edge technology based on IBM's Watson is being transformed and appli [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere blogger

Nice Shoes, IBM
Sun, Jan 1st 2012 6:12p   Phil Salm
An old manager of mine used the following approach for providing feedback to his reports. Any constructive criticism was to be delivered in-between compliments, such as, "Nice shirt. You suck. Nice shoes." In that vein, here are my reflections on some of the "nice shoes" IBM Collaboration Solutions modeled in 2011, followed by what I'd like to see from ICS in 2012. Good ICS Moves in 2011 Connections Entitlement with Notes. The entitlement of Connections Files and Profiles services wit [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino foundations ibm lotus notes notes client protector quickr sametime blogger desktop email enterprise exchange exchange integration microsoft mobile outlook server social software

Cisco Releases Updates to Sametime Plug-ins
Fri, Dec 23rd 2011 10:11p   Phil Salm
"Ciscohas posted version 8.6updates to our free IBM Sametime plug-ins on Cisco.com. Theupdate includes our client-side Phone Control and Presence with IBM Sametimeplug-in and our client-side Unified Messaging with IBM Sametime plug-in.Updatesto the Phone Control andPresence plug-in include ...· Support for IBMSametime 8.5.2 and Lotus Notes 8.5.3 · Support for UC Manager8.6 & Unified Presence 8.6 · Support for 6945, 8941, 8945 IP Phones, as well as Cisco Cius · Cl [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus notes sametime blogger email enterprise security unified communications xml

Don't Miss the CDW Party at Lotusphere!
Wed, Dec 21st 2011 7:09a   Phil Salm
[read] Keywords: lotusphere ntf blogger email

Reflections from the Intersection of Technology and Liberal Arts -- A Reprise
Wed, Nov 2nd 2011 10:13a   Phil Salm
This is a repost of an entry I made a few days ago that for some unknown reason was not picked up on Planet Lotus. So I'm giving it one more shot. --- The death of Steve Jobs has put me in a reflective mood, thinking back over the years to my own journey with technology. Peering into the looking glass, there is much I am indebted to Steve Jobs for. It turns out that most of my time has been spent at this intersection that Steve really made possible. My first computer was neither an Apple nor [read] Keywords: connections dxl ibm lotus notes quickplace R7 R8 sametime apple application blogger mac planet lotus social software virus vm

LotusLive Engage: Reaches 'Ludicrous' Pricing
Tue, Nov 1st 2011 12:10a   Phil Salm
Back in 2010, I did a series of blog posts on the various LotusLive service offerings, and what a great value they are. I ended that series with a post on LotusLive Engage, and described how the multiple services of Engage are smartly integrated, and a steal at $120 a user/year. That was then. The price on Engage later dropped to $96/user/year, making the economics for using Engage even more compelling. [read] Keywords: ibm nd8 notes R4 R6 R7 application blogger instant messaging outlook vm

Dear IBM: Email is Not a Commodity
Fri, Sep 23rd 2011 12:09a   Phil Salm
I've been in many IBM presentations by many IBMers where I've heard the mantra, "Email is a commodity." Often times this is stated with a picture of the Notes 8.x client along side of the Outlook 2007 client, and a mention of, "why would an organization spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to move from one to the other?" This has the effect on me like fingers scraping down a blackboard. Look, if email were a commodity, LotusLive iNotes (the software formerly known as Outblaze) would o [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm inotes notes notes client quickr sametime application blogger community email enterprise exchange exchange google interface iphone microsoft outlook social software unified communications widget widgets

ShoreTel Begins Field Trial
Mon, Aug 1st 2011 10:09p   Phil Salm
[read] Keywords: domino lotus notes R8 sametime symphony applications blogger

How to Win the XPages Development Contest
Sat, Jul 9th 2011 10:14p   Phil Salm
The OpenNTF Alliance is currently running a contest for development of the best reusable Xpages controls. The controls must be submitted by August 19th, and the 3 winners will each receive an iPad. If you use my suggestion below and win, all I ask is that you send me the Apple stickers that come with the iPad. :-) The contest is going to use the following criteria for judging submissions. Reusability, consumability and documentation"Wow" factor and completeness of solutionOverall business v [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2011 notes R4 R5 R6 sametime xpages apple application applications blogger community development dojo openntf widget widgets

Domino & Sametime: RADest Platform for CEBP?
Thu, Jul 7th 2011 1:13p   Phil Salm
A few months ago, David Leedy posted a great video showcasing showcasing Domino's Rapid Application Development capabilities by creating an XPages application with Create, Read, Update and Delete capabilities in less than 4 minutes. Domino combined with Sametime may also provide the fastest platform for implementing CEBP. What is CEBP? CEBP stands for Communication Enabled Business Process. Michael Finneran explains it this way, "CEBP involves embedding UC functionality into existing busines [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus R7 R8 sametime xpages application applications bes blogger development email openntf unified communications vm

New Cisco Video Integration with Sametime
Thu, Jun 9th 2011 7:10a   Phil Salm
With the release of Sametime 8.5.2 and the new SUT Lite client, there are now new options available for integrating Sametime with Cisco Tandberg video. The new SUT Lite client acts not only as a basic soft phone for placing audio calls, but it also functions as a SIP end point for video calls. Unlike the full version of SUT which requires the additional TAS and TCS servers to integrate with the telephony environment, SUT Lite does not add any additional server infrastructure. Instead, a SIP t [read] Keywords: R4 R8 sametime blogger integration server vm

I wonder if it made the final draft
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 11:14p   Phil Salm
Interesting article on IBM's history with networked business and collaborative technology in Informationweek's Brainyard. One paragraph that caught my attention: "Lotus is a big name in the history of online collaboration, thanks to Lotus Notes, the email and document sharing system introduced in 1989, but it didn't rate a mention in the draft of the IBM article on the history of networked business I reviewed, which jumps straight from PROFS to W3." [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus notes blogger email

Get Social Cleveland with Plantronics
Fri, Jun 3rd 2011 6:14a   Phil Salm
[read] Keywords: ibm R5 sametime blogger laptop network

Get Social Cleveland with ShoreTel
Thu, Jun 2nd 2011 6:11a   Phil Salm
[read] Keywords: foundations ibm notes R8 sametime blogger network

New Unified Messaging Solution for Cisco & Notes
Wed, Jun 1st 2011 10:14p   Phil Salm
Donoma Unify 8 for Lotus Notes -- currently in it's final beta. Works with Cisco Unity Connection 7.1(2), 7.1(3), 8.0(1-3),8.5, Lotus Domino Server 8.x (32 & 64 bit Windows). You can learn more at www.donomasoftware.com. [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger server

Get Social Cleveland with Dialogic
Wed, Jun 1st 2011 12:14a   Phil Salm
We're very pleased that Dialogic will be joining us at the IBM Get Social Roadshow on June 16th in Cleveland. Dialogic makes the gateway appliances that make it possible for Sametime Unified Telephony to connect to older TDB based PBXs, as well as non-certified SIP trunks. Below is a diagram of illustrating one of their products in use with SUT to provide connectivity across both SIP and TDB PBXs. Stop by their table at the Roadshow to learn more, including how their products can be leverage [read] Keywords: ibm R4 R6 R7 sametime blogger network

Get Social Cleveland with Polycom
Tue, May 31st 2011 12:20a   Phil Salm
Polycom will be hosting a table at the IBM Get Social Roadshow in Cleveland on June 16th. Stop in to talk to them and get an understanding of some of their great complimentary solutions to Sametime. I've blogged before about the Polycom offering that allows you to connect Sametime audio and video with ANY standards compliant room-based video conferencing endpoint. Now with all of the enhancements in Sametime 8.5.2, you can do even more with Sametime and Polycom. Highlights include: Direct v [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger network

Let them Eat CAKE!
Fri, May 27th 2011 6:10a   Phil Salm
The IBM Get Social Roadshow in Cleveland is being held on the actual 100th birthday of IBM. According to IBM's "Our History of Progress." "A merger of three 19th-century companies—the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale Company of America—creates the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) on June 16, 1911. CTR is the precursor to IBM."In recognition of IBM's big day, we'll have birthday cake for everyone! Yet another g [read] Keywords: ibm blogger

Get Social, Cleveland, and Register Today!
Mon, May 23rd 2011 7:12p   Phil Salm
If you're in the Cleveland region, please be sure to register for the up-coming Get Social Roadshow. It is being held June 16th at the Embassy Suites in Independence, OH. We've got a great set of topics, as well as several tables that will be hosted by vendors of solutions that enhance IBM Collaboration Solutions! Agenda 8:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast 9:00 am Keynote 10:00 am Break 10:15 am Enhanced Unified Communications & Collaboration with Sametime 8.5.2 and Sametime [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm notes sametime blogger unified communications

Widget Credentials -- Not Poor Man's Afterall
Fri, Apr 22nd 2011 6:17a   Phil Salm
One of my favorite features of the Notes client is the ability to create widgets. In some of my previous posts, I've shown how simple it is to use this capability to create custom UC widgets for things like click-to-call or access to voicemail. A feature of widgets is the ability to store and pass credentials. When I first experimented with widgets, I'm not certain if I was doing something incorrectly or not, but I found that widgets I created with authentication did not work when given [read] Keywords: notes notes client blogger widget widgets

LifeSize Adds Skype Video Integration To Passport Line
Thu, Apr 21st 2011 4:10p   Phil Salm
If LifeSize can manage this, surely IBM could add this to Sametime. :-) LifeSize has added Skype video calling integration to LifeSize Passport, the vendor's portable telepresence system. It's a move that according to LifeSize will open up new opportunities for partners thanks to the ubiquity of Skype and the ease of compatibility with LifeSize video endpoints. Source: CRN More> [read] Keywords: ibm sametime blogger integration networking skype

Cisco releases updated plugins for Sametime
Mon, Apr 18th 2011 8:11p   Phil Salm
From the Cisco announcement below... "Cisco has posted version 8.5 updates to our free Lotus Sametime plug-ins on Cisco.com. The update includes our client-side Phone Control and Presence with IBM Lotus Sametime plug-in, our client-side Unified Messaging with IBM Lotus Sametime plug-in and our server-side Click to Call & Conference with IBM Lotus Sametime plug-in. Updates to the Phone Control and Presence plug-in include ... Support for Lotus Notes 8.5.2Support for UC Manager 8.5 & [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes sametime blogger server xml

Poor Man's Unified Messaging for Cisco Unity Connection & Notes
Wed, Apr 13th 2011 11:10p   Phil Salm
If your company uses Cisco Unity Connection for voicemail, you may be looking for options for integrating that voicemail into Notes. This is particularly the case if you previously used the DUCs client which is not supported on Windows 7. One option you have is to use a free Unified Messaging plug-in from Cisco that I blogged about several moons ago. The plug-in has great functionality, particularly when paired with the Phone Control and Presence plug-in from Cisco. In order to use these plu [read] Keywords: ibm notes notes client sametime blogger email exchange exchange mobile security server widget widgets

Survey says...
Tue, Apr 5th 2011 12:14a   Phil Salm
The results of the CDW 2011 Unified Communications Tracking Poll are in. The survey gathers results from 900 IT professionals, and you can get access to the report at http://newsroom.cdw.com/features/feature-04-04-11.html. The linked page has several highlights from the report on it, or you can download a copy of the report as well (you will be prompted for some information first for the full report). I did not have access to the report before it was published today, so my post the other day a [read] Keywords: ibm R5 R8 sametime apple blogger email mobile skype unified communications vm

Looking for Unified Messaging with Domino? AVST has an offering.
Fri, Apr 1st 2011 1:10p   Phil Salm
I had the good fortune of attending the UC Summit conference this past week in beautiful San Diego, put on by the folks from UC Strategies. (It was so nice to have a few moments between sessions to feel the sun and enjoy the gardens and the hummingbirds when my own backyard in Wisconsin was still covered in ice and snow!) I sat in one session by a company called AVST, that sells enterprise voicemail systems. Going into the session, I was under the assumption that most companies used the voicem [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes blogger email enterprise exchange exchange

Is Voicemail relevant?
Wed, Mar 30th 2011 5:13p   Phil Salm
Do you still use voicemail? Is it important for you to have it unified into your email inbox (or do you wish it was)? Had an interesting discussion while at the UC Summit conference this week. Another attendee indicated that corporate voicemail was irrelevant because with single number reach, calls will always reach you. I don't agree, but am interested in what others thoughts on this are, so please comment. Voicemail and UM are still relevant to me because: 1) I'm on the phone a lot, so e [read] Keywords: blogger email

Cisco Acquires Lotus Business Unit from IBM
Fri, Mar 25th 2011 12:12a   Phil Salm
Cisco purchased the Lotus software business unit and all of its products from IBM corporation today for an undisclosed sum. Ok, I'll probably see IBM advertise a Lotus product by name and show it on TV before this would happen, but really I think it would be in the interest of both Cisco and IBM to pursue this. Ideally, the two companies would have come together long ago to form a serious partnership, and gone after the market together. And to be fair, they've tried. Years ago they initiall [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus notes sametime blogger email microsoft social software unified communications websphere

Cisco kills SaaS Email Offering
Tue, Feb 22nd 2011 9:13p   Phil Salm
"...The positive disruption represented by the cloud computing transition was what led us to introduce a Cisco hosted email product in November 2009. ...In the thirteen months since, we’ve been market testing Cisco Mail via a controlled release. The product has been well received, but we’ve since learned that customers have come to view their email as a mature and commoditized tool versus a long-term differentiated element of their collaboration strategy. ..." http://blogs.cisco.com/collab [read] Keywords: collaboration blogger email

Watson, Please Meet IBM Collaborative Software
Mon, Feb 14th 2011 5:19a   Phil Salm
OK, I admit, when I first heard that IBM Research had developed a computer to play Jeopardy, my initial reaction was, "there's a great use of people's time." Then I saw some of the IBM commercials, and I was angry. "Here goes IBM marketing again, can't spend a dime to show Lotus software, but Lord knows how much they've spent marketing this stunt. (At least the IBM hardware folks had to be happy that the Power7 logo was displayed.)" Then I watched the Nova episode on Watson last week, [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus notes application applications blogger database development email linking network outlook

Polycom's Solution is not just for Polycom Video
Thu, Jan 20th 2011 6:17p   Phil Salm
Congratulations to Polycom for winning the Enhancing Business Value through UC2™ Solutions this year! Their solution is a great way to extend the value of videoconferencing solutions that would otherwise be siloed. Historically, many companies invested in high-quality room-based video conferencing systems. The down side to these systems had been their cost and the fact that they required another similar end point to function, typically put in another conference room. Polycom's solution a [read] Keywords: ibm lotus sametime blogger desktop integration laptop

Plantronics Sounds for Sametime Program (and a Sneak Peak)
Tue, Jan 18th 2011 7:13p   Phil Salm
The push for personal video conferencing in the enterprise is clearly going to intensify in 2011. Skype has been leveraged by families globally to keep in touch with relatives, and now this level of personal communication has jumped from the desktop to mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones as well. As with so many other technologies, as they take off with consumers at home, the clamor to have these tools at work intensifies. For organizations that may have leveraged Sametime only [read] Keywords: sametime blogger desktop enterprise instant messaging laptop mobile office skype wireless

CDW Customer Reception at Lotusphere
Mon, Jan 3rd 2011 4:16p   Phil Salm
CDW is excited to once again be hosting a customer reception at Lotusphere. If you are a CDW customer and have not received an invitation, please ask your account manager for one, or email me at phil.salm@cdw.com. I look forward to seeing everyone down in Orlando once again, and to another fantastic conference! [read] Keywords: lotusphere blogger email

Now Hiring
Mon, Jan 3rd 2011 4:16p   Phil Salm
If you are an experienced Lotus software professional in the United States, CDW is now hiring and we'd love for you to apply online. Strong experience in Sametime and telephony is a big plus. Apply Online at https://cdw.taleo.net/careersection/10002/jobdetail.ftl?lang=en&job=82591 [read] Keywords: lotus sametime blogger

Thank You, Skype!
Fri, Nov 12th 2010 4:08a   Phil Salm
This has been a very amazing week for me.nbsp; I've been in Minnesota assisting my sister who has been in the hospital for over six weeks now.nbsp; She had her colon removed, and her recovery had not been going well.nbsp; Actually, it had been going awful.nbsp; Last week she was transferred to the University of Minnesota hospital with a bad infection and she was very weak. I traveled in from Wisconsin to assist with her recovery.nbsp; (A big thank you to my employer for allowing me to take this [read] Keywords: blogger laptop skype wifi

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