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7 Insights into Change Management Part 2
Wed, Jun 1st 2016 3
7 Insights into Change Management Part 1
Wed, Jun 1st 2016 4
Canada lags behind U.S. in digital transformation, study finds
Thu, May 26th 2016 5
Building a Successful Change Network
Wed, May 25th 2016 3
Can Being Happier Help Your Work and Life in General?
Tue, May 24th 2016 2
How to Become a Customer Obsessed CIO #STLG2I
Tue, May 24th 2016 4
Infographic: 5 Customer Experience Trends You Need To Know
Thu, May 19th 2016 2
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The UK Gets It’s First Digital Bank
Fri, Jan 16th 2015 14
IBM Portlets Running on Liberty Profile on IBM Bluemix
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 12
Cool Tools by Gartner
Mon, May 5th 2014 9
A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager
Mon, Sep 29th 2014 9
Digital Transformation is All Around Us…Again.
Tue, Nov 11th 2014 8
Is There a Place for “Headless CMS” in Digital Transformation?
Thu, Feb 11th 2016 8
Brands Must Move to Digital Experience
Wed, Apr 20th 2016 8
Adobe Summit: Open Architecture in the Marketing Cloud
Tue, Mar 25th 2014 7
Adobe Summit: Top new features in Adobe Experience Manager WCM
Wed, Mar 26th 2014 7
Adobe Summit: Reimagining Digital Marketing in Financial Services
Thu, Mar 27th 2014 7

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Recent Blog Posts
7 Insights into Change Management Part 2
Wed, Jun 1st 2016 7:51a   Chuck Bach
At the 2016 Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) 2016 Conference, one of the talks that caught my eye was called Top 7 Insights, Taking ECM to the Next Level by Jacqueline Iny.  This post represents part 2 of 2.   5.       Let the client do the work.  I had to really think about this one for a minute and then it hit me when the presenter said “stick with your expertise”.  I must admit, I am quite guilty of this from time to time.  In an effort to move things forwa
7 Insights into Change Management Part 1
Wed, Jun 1st 2016 7:49a   Chuck Bach
At the 2016 Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) 2016 Conference, one of the talks that caught my eye was called Top 7 Insights, Taking ECM to the Next Level by Jacqueline Iny.  While at first glance, many of these 7 insights seemed a bit off to me and with the limited presentation time, you were left to draw some of your own conclusions, after hearing the whole presentation and thinking about it that evening, I have found that many are really good.   1.       Sponsorshi
Canada lags behind U.S. in digital transformation, study finds
Thu, May 26th 2016 10:35a   David Sheets
Many U.S. businesses still have miles to go on their digital transformation journeys, but Canadian businesses appear to lag even further behind. According to research by International Data Corp., just over 2 percent of Canadian businesses surveyed on digital transformation readiness considered themselves “digital disruptors” – aggressively exploiting digital technologies and innovating to create new business models. More than 60 percent were “digital resisters” struggling to define the
Building a Successful Change Network
Wed, May 25th 2016 9:49p   Chuck Bach
Building a Successful Change Network One of the most valuable tools at the disposal of a Change Management Consultant is the Change Champion and Change Agent Network they create at the beginning of an engagement. When stood up properly, this group can make your change effort a success in so many ways and can also lead to sustainment of the change within the client organization for years to come.  During a recent engagement with a large manufacturing company, I was fortunate enough to have creat
Can Being Happier Help Your Work and Life in General?
Tue, May 24th 2016 9:30p   Chuck Bach
I recently attended the opening session of Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) yearly conference and was immediately drawn to keynote speaker John Achor’s thoughts on “The Happiness Advantage” and how positive thought can not only make you happier, but can provide a myriad of other positive impacts in your life. Not only can it have an impact on your life, the “ripple effect” of your happiness impacts everyone around you as well. I think the first mistake that people
How to Become a Customer Obsessed CIO #STLG2I
Tue, May 24th 2016 12:49p   Mariana Huber
David Meyer, VP and CIO of Graybar, sat down with Perficient’s Managing Principal for Strategic Advisors Mike Porter to discuss customer centric IT trends inspired from Forrester’s 2016 predictions, “With digital now reaching deeper into the domain of business operations and products, 2016 will be the tipping point where a new breed of Customer-Obsessed CIO becomes the norm.”  This fireside chat, held during the Gateway to Innovation conference, focused primarily on how to leverage tec
Infographic: 5 Customer Experience Trends You Need To Know
Thu, May 19th 2016 9:29a   Kate Tuttle
Customer experience, or CX, is the sum of all interactions a customer can have with a brand. What a customer thinks of a brand becomes the overall brand perception and trumps the company’s view of itself. For more and more organizations, digital transformation is the process that drives customer experience advancement. Digital transformation is a means of modernizing the systems used to create, deliver and sustain meaningful customer experiences, and to ensure the business is attuned to its m
Digital Transformation: Understanding Where You Are
Thu, May 12th 2016 2:04p   Kate Tuttle
Digital transformations are journeys, not destinations. Adopting a means of modernizing the systems used to create, deliver and sustain meaningful customer experiences, and at the same time ensuring the company is attuned to its most digitally savvy customers, takes time and determination. A clear digital vision shows everyone in the company the path toward constant revitalization and renewal. The path has two levels: one populated by companies that choose to pursue excellent customer experience
Digital Transformation: Crafting a Vision for Change
Wed, May 11th 2016 9:40a   Kate Tuttle
Digital experiences change expectations among business customers. Companies see this and strive to do something different, something unique to retain and gain those customers. But where should they start? What must companies do different to meet those changing expectations? Simply put, they must create products and services that have value. Meeting customer expectations gives a company’s products more value. However, companies must be aware – from the top down – how to create that value, a
Vision Best Practices with Digital Transformation
Thu, May 5th 2016 10:21a   Michael Porter
Vision comes up a lot and I’ve had many chances over the years to work with companies in defining their digital vision.  There are a variety of ways to go about it but regardless of what tools you may use, here are a few things I would suggest: 1. Align Your Digital Vision to Company Strategy Every company should have a strategy.  It should have a niche and a way in which it intends to compete. Company executives usually set and communicate the strategy although you’d be surprised
A Fireside Chat with a Customer Obsessed CIO
Tue, May 3rd 2016 12:19p   Mariana Huber
Join Perficient and Graybar for a fireside chat at the 2016 Gateway to Innovation Conference in St. Louis on: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 | 10:45 Breakout Session | Room 240, 2nd Floor America’s Center Convention Complex | America’s Ballroom, 220 Complex – 2nd Floor 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63101 Graybar CIO David Meyer and Mike Porter will be discussing customer centric IT Trends inspired from Forrester’s 2016 Predictions, “With digital now reaching deeper int
Infographic: 9 Steps for Digital Transformation Success
Sun, May 1st 2016 8:00p   Kate Tuttle
Trends analyst Altimeter defines digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.” Note that this lifecycle encompasses the entire progression of customer interaction, from consideration of a product through its purchase and use on through the maintenance of loyalty surrounding that product. Simply put, business success in a digital age re
What Tools Are In Your Marketing Wallet?
Fri, Apr 29th 2016 3:00p   Kate Tuttle
My colleague, Beth Martin, Marketing Director, Digital Platform Solutions at Perficient recently wrote a blog post called What’s in Your Marketing Wallet? In her post she talked about the evolving role of marketers and how the marketing landscape is changing. As marketers we are no longer just the creatives with the catchy headline … we need to be the strategists, creatives, writers, technologists and data scientists to be at the forefront of customer engagement.  We need to be sav
Digital Transformation and The Impact of Customer Experience
Fri, Apr 22nd 2016 7:44a   Kate Tuttle
Customer experience, or CX, is the sum of all interactions a customer can have with a brand. The sum of these interactions shapes your brand and can decide the fate of your business. What a customer thinks of a brand becomes the overall brand perception and trumps the company’s view of itself. Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research described it this way: “More than any other factor, customer experiences determine whether companies thrive and profit, or struggle and fade.” The result is that CX
Digital Transformation in Life Sciences
Thu, Apr 21st 2016 12:55p   Michael Porter
Marin Richeson seems to be on a roll in the Life Sciences blog with multiple topics on the implications of digital to Pharma.  I’ve talked to more than one Life Sciences firm who is rethinking their entire approach to customer experience and moving towards addressing a full journey.  What makes it more fun for these firms is that they need to address a digital channel and do it globally with many different consumers. Anyway, take a look at a few articles I find interesting. 30 Examples o
Brands Must Move to Digital Experience
Wed, Apr 20th 2016 8:53p   Michael Porter
I read an article on CMO.com about a variety of marketing execs highlighting the needs to move to a digital experience.  Now this was from the recent Ad Age Digital Conference so keep in mind that the main focus is still on ads but at least it’s on ads that provide an experience.  In reality, a digital experience would include much more than that like: Useful content rather than just ads collaborative sites to gain information and answer questions (relevant to some but not all of you)
Modern Cloud and the Impact on Digital Transformation
Wed, Apr 20th 2016 8:38p   Albert Qian
Modern business moves faster than ever, with more access than ever to innovative hardware and software solutions. To counteract the competitive landscape, savvy business executives must do what they can to adjust to changing climates and remain adaptable through technology and strategy. As a result of these changes, many businesses are considering cloud computing solutions to augment their day-to-day activities. Much like how the rise of the personal computer contributed to digital transformatio
Escaping the Digital Media Click Trap
Wed, Apr 20th 2016 7:00a   Michael Porter
I ran across an interesting article at the Information.com site.  It’s about how using ‘tricks’ to generate more views ultimately fails.   The main target are the news generators and the examples they use include Mashable and BuzzFeed but the lessons learned are completely relevant to anyone trying to create a great customer experience.  A lot of times when we discuss digital transformation with clients, this is what digital marketers are thinking in order of importance: Di
Infographic: 8 Ways to Jumpstart Digital Transformation in 2016
Tue, Apr 12th 2016 5:00p   Kate Tuttle
Digital transformation is not just a buzzword, it is a business imperative. Understandably so, digital transformation can be an intimidating phrase. What is it? What does it mean for me and my organization?How do we get started? These may be a few of the questions swirling in your heads. Our new infographic takes a look at 8 ways to jumpstart digital transformation in 2016. Perficient has also produced a series of digital transformation guides that provide additional information around each of t
Riding the Digital Tidal Wave in Telecommunications
Mon, Apr 11th 2016 3:08p   Kate Tuttle
Like all industries, the digital tidal wave is quickly transforming the telecommunications industry. Thanks to digital, operators are witnessing an evolving customer journey and a significant shift in the way customers and operators engage. The customer journey is increasingly becoming multi-channel as customer interactions integrate physical, online, and mobile digital touch points throughout the purchasing journey.  The reality is, technology is changing consumer behavior and the telecommun
3 Reasons Digital Transformation is a Business Imperative
Sun, Apr 10th 2016 9:30p   Kate Tuttle
There has been a lot of buzz across industries about digital transformation and lets be honest, the reality is that digital transformation is a business imperative. Organizations that delay transformation or ignore it altogether risk being irrelevant. According to trends analyst Altimeter, digital transformation as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touch point in the customer experience lifecycle.”
4 Challenges Inherent in Digital Transformation
Thu, Apr 7th 2016 8:30a   Kate Tuttle
A core set of digital technologies — mobile, social, the cloud and data, among others — are transforming companies at both an operational and a strategic level. Upon committing to digital transformation, the first concern becomes obvious: What are the challenges inherent in digital transformation? There are four trends driving real change across industries today and I’m sure many of you are experiencing these trends, both as business leaders and also as consumers. RISE IN CUSTOMER EXPECTA
Driving Digital Transformation with a Solid Mobile Foundation
Tue, Apr 5th 2016 9:00a   Albert Qian
Mobile technology has infiltrated every part of modern living, enabling us to pay our bills, keep in touch with friends, and enjoy the latest entertainment. Much like desktop computers in the 1980s and 1990s, mobile devices have revolutionized work and play, creating new mediums and interactions. For innovative and engaged businesses, the popularity of mobile technology has offered an opportunity to maintain lines of communication with customers and employees regardless of industry. According to
CMO.com’s State of Digital Marketing 2016 by Industry
Fri, Mar 25th 2016 10:06a   Mark Polly
CMO.com, which is published by Adobe, provided an infographic on the state of digital marketing by industry. Although they list only five industries, the insights presented are interesting.  I have linked to the infographic on SlideShare.net below.  Here are some interesting tidbits if you don’t have time to look through the infographic right now: Naturally, retailing leads the way in the amount of ad spending.  The spend is split almost in half between desktop devices and mobile d
Onboarding as part of Digital Transformation
Wed, Mar 23rd 2016 4:39p   David Price
If you have attending any of our Digital Transformation webinars, this quote will be familiar. “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.” – Altimeter  In this Perficient webinar The Internal Impacts of a Digital Transformation: How to Effectively Manage Culture, Collaboration, and Knowledgewebinar The Internal Impacts of a Digital Transformation:
Is Now a Good Time to Start Crafting Your Digital Strategy?
Fri, Mar 18th 2016 9:35a   Mark Polly
With all the tintinnabulation about customer experience and digital transformation, its natural to wonder, “Do we need to create a digital strategy for our business?”  Certainly, we’ve seen a lot of interest in “Digital Strategy” across a broad swath of industries.  But is investing the time and energy in building a digital strategy really worth it for your company right now?   In a recent Harvard Business Review post, “Don’t Draft a Digital Strate
How Advanced Analytics Can Protect Revenue
Thu, Mar 17th 2016 3:55p   Sharon Suchoval
Utilities nationwide are experiencing flat or declining revenue. This is due, in part, to the fact that the public steals 1% of the energy created by electric companies by re-configuring their meter or re-routing energy around the meter. Perficient created a theft detection solution built on analytics platforms and tools, such as SAS and R, designed to uncover anomalies in customer meter and usage data. This solution leveraged custom machine learning algorithms to perform pattern recognition ana
Change Management: Soft or Tangible ROI
Tue, Mar 8th 2016 7:42a   Beth Martin
“…When we think about projects particularly with technology implementations, we are all about getting technology right…unfortunately that doesn’t always define success.” David Chapman Strategic Adviser – Perficient Change Management helps to ensure that the “people” in your organization are ready, willing and able to function effectively as part of the technology implementation and it can be one  of the larger factors in achieving a solid ROI in any technology implem
Facebook at Work is a Game-Changer, Folks
Thu, Mar 3rd 2016 2:40p   Rich Wood
In the world of enterprise social networks, Facebook’s somewhat stealthy new offering has the potential to be a real game-changer.  According to TechCrunch, the product, known simply as “Facebook at Work”, is slowly building up a long waiting list of interested corporate customers. Of course it is.  And why wouldn’t it?  Most everyone these days is working social, or at least giving lip service to the idea of trying– that revolution was fought and won several yea
A Program Framework for Digital Transformation
Wed, Mar 2nd 2016 1:37p   Eric Roch
Digital Transformation Program Management Technology alone cannot create a Digital Transformation (DT) Strategy that will lead to sustainable business growth. There must be IT alignment with a market-driven DT business strategy that defines the mission, goals and roadmap for business service implementation. IT must have a shared DT mission with the business. There must be an understanding of how IT and business goals intersect and how IT will facilitate the implementation. Yet many IT organizati
Evolving Your Business to Avoid Becoming a Digital Dinosaur
Tue, Feb 23rd 2016 2:36p   Stephanie Gallina
Digital transformation is more than an aspirational goal for organizations. Elevated customer expectations and the rapid pace of business means this evolution is necessary for not only thriving today but also for succeeding in the decades to come. CMS Wire published a solid recap of Perficient’s latest webinar on overcoming the five barriers to digital transformation. Among the key takeaways is that Digital Transformation: Requires more than upgrading technology and architecture Starts with t
How to Improve Customer Experience – The Volkswagen Story
Fri, Feb 19th 2016 12:05p   Mariana Huber
Volkswagen Group of America is no stranger to Innovation. With leading brands such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and Volkswagen, it comes as no surprise that their slogan “Innovation.  Sophistication.  Optimization.” would not only be showcased in their automobile technology but would also translate to their technical infrastructure supporting sales within their 1000+ dealer network. Driving a better customer experience with digital transformation VWGoA has committed to 1 million
Leading Organizational Transformations: A Digital Perspective
Thu, Feb 18th 2016 6:22p   Michael Porter
McKinsey has a long but great article on Leading Organizational Transformations.  It’s very focused on the generic need of transformation rather than my more specific focus on digital transformation but the description of the problem and recommendations on approach make sense in both use cases. The problem Let’s face it, most attempts at transformation of any kind either fail miserably or fail to reach their potential. The problem lies in the single faceted approach most companies t
The Changing World of Customer Experience with Frito-Lay CMO
Thu, Feb 18th 2016 9:17a   Michael Porter
I considered naming this blog post An Interview with Frito-Lay CMO but after thinking about it, decided that Ram Krishnan is really talking about Customer Experience (CX).  CMO interviewed Ram Krishnan about his views on marketing and data.  His twitter handle is @ramalytics after all.  Mr. Krishnan is all about the data in the marketing world but he emphasizes data for a purpose. Here’s a few quotes to make my point. Customers want a two-way communication with brands Consumers are qui
Is There a Place for “Headless CMS” in Digital Transformation?
Thu, Feb 11th 2016 11:01a   Mark Polly
The term “Headless CMS” has come up in the past year and it has started to generate some buzz in the industry.  “Headless CMS” is basically a concept and not a product or technology. But it has potential to help in our digital transformation efforts by making content delivery and marketing more flexible. Traditionally, content management systems have been built not only to create and manage content, but also to manage the entire web experience, from displaying content,
Digital Transformation: It’s a journey, not a destination
Fri, Feb 5th 2016 5:04p   Beth Martin
You have probably heard this statement before—“it’s a journey, not a destination,” and chalked it up to a simple cliché. But the drive toward digital transformation mirrors this statement. Digital transformation does not occur in a day or a month and it is not only front-end but includes all of the back-end solutions and integration strategies that are far reaching inside your company. It is a journey that impacts every area of the organization from vision and strategy to architecture,
What Separates Digital Transformation Leaders from Laggards?
Tue, Feb 2nd 2016 3:52p   Beth Martin
We all know it’s a time of rapid change for businesses – the number of articles on digital transformation and rationale for change are in the news constantly. B2B and B2C Companies are realizing that embarking on strategic, transformational change, where all focus is around the customer, is not an option. It is a necessity to be a successful company. Yet, the digital transformation initiative is creating wider gaps between leaders and the laggards and there are some predictions that this gap
Where to Start With Digital Transformation
Wed, Jan 27th 2016 7:33a   Michael Porter
Not all of our Digital Transformation content resides on this blog. Marin Richeson has a DT blog post over in our Life Sciences blog on where to start with Digital Transformation. It has a life sciences flavor, of course, but you can easily translate to any industry. Journey mapping connects the dots from your customer’s initial interaction with your brand, through their entire experience with your brand via multiple channels (e.g., website, mobile app, phone call, direct mail coupon), to the
Top 5 Digital Transformation Best Practices: 4. Organize
Wed, Jan 27th 2016 6:30a   Michael Porter
Don’t forget the other parts of this series: Gain Insight Vision and Goals Culture In some ways, this topic is related to culture and highlights that so much of digital transformation does not deal directly with technology.  Our reality is that a change means dealing with people.  People organize in a variety of ways.  Those organizations have very specific explicit (bonus….) and implicit (culture) inducements to action.  Just starting down path and announcing, “Today we
#NRF16: Uncover What Customers Value, Deliver Reliable Experience
Tue, Jan 26th 2016 11:38a   David Hess
Focus on what your customer wants, for they are all that truly matters. But let’s come back to that. Spending time at the National Retail Federation’s 2016 annual convention meant exposure to a staggering collection of gadgetry, hardware, technology, and an impressive gathering of some of the retail industry’s greatest thought leaders. Whether the goal of the NRF attendees was to come away with new ways to improve operational efficiency, leverage technology to connect to their customers, o
Integration Strategy in a Digital World
Mon, Jan 25th 2016 5:25p   Eric Roch
In the report CIO Call to Action: Shake Up Your Integration Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation Gartner says, “Most CIOs have yet to recognize that their traditional, established integration strategy cannot cope with digitization’s fast technology innovation and accelerated pace of business.” IT integration competency centers  (ICC) and the software they use grew out of the complex requirements of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). But with the movement to Service-Oriented Ar

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