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Newsgator in Good Mobile Browser
Jonathan Distad    

One of the great add-ons to the Sharepoint stack is Newsgator Social Sites.  I was on a recent client who is a highly regulated healthcare company and even though the Newsgator has a great mobile app, it wouldn’t work within their security model.  That model required that all BYOD (bring your own device) employees needed to  use Good.  Fair enough and we see that rather consistently – that is what Good is great at.  But the out of box experience with Newsgator didn’t looks so perfect.  It defaulted to the standard Sharepoint mobile experience – which didn’t meet the UX requirements of the client.  So they came to us and asked to develop something that could be used in the Good mobile browser.  Being the Newsgator partner of the year, I think we could handle that.  So after some technical magic we came up with the following:

It should be noted that the Good browser has some funkiness and ALSO that this is how it renders in Blackberry natively as well.  Once you get the code updates deployed you have to clear cache on the browser every now and again.  This is a bug that Good knows about within its browser and I trust they are working on it.  If you are interested in learning more about how this happens or would like a similar situation, let me know and I will connect you with our Microsoft team


Apr 18, 2012
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Digital Tipping Point: McKinsey Releases Survey
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 8:15p   Michael Porter
Mckinsey released their digital survey and it’s chock full of information.  They note that this years survey focuses on digital spend and how companies organize themselves.  Not surprisingly, most companies are investing in digital to build a competitive advantage or to grow a business. Strategic objectives to digital investment There’s a lot more information in their survey including strategic priorities within the business. It’s worth a good 15 m [read] Keywords:

The Changing Nature of Search
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 8:12a   Michael Porter
CMSWire has a thought provoking article about the “Changing Nature of Search” The author Gerry McGovern notes that search changes over time and changes based on our behavior with applications and sites.  Once we find a site to apply to a specific task like cheap airfare, then we stop hitting Google or Bing for example.  But most intriguing was the relationship in how you modify your site based on insight gained from search analytics. The BBC intranet used to analyze its top search [read] Keywords: notes applications google twitter

Are Portals Really Dead?
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 6:11a   Michael Porter
So lately I’ve been seeing a new class of web site that leans more towards custom development than a horizontal portal.   The factors influencing  a custom development approach mainly fall into the proliferation of Web/RESTful services and better front end tooling in AngularJS, Bootstrap, and similar items.  Both Forrester and Gartner have labeled horizontal portals dead although not as explicitly as I just stated.  With continuing evolution of best practices, we have to question the p [read] Keywords: ibm applications development integration microsoft mobile networking portlet

Upcoming Webinar: Advanced Content Targeting
Mon, Jun 16th 2014 12:12p   Robert Sumner
Next week, on June 26 at 1 pm CDT, the team and I will be presenting a free webinar on Advanced Content Targeting using Adobe Experience Manager.  Below is a description of the webinar and a link to register.  We’ll be demonstrating a new technique for managing content and targeting website visitors within AEM. I encourage everyone to attend. Meeting Information: As online resources become more essential to reaching customers, organizations are looking for creative and effective ways [read] Keywords: interface

Myths and Facts About WebSphere Portal UI on our Spark Blog
Fri, Jun 13th 2014 7:12a   Mark Polly
I missed the following post on Perficient’s Spark Blog, but it is a good read for anybody connected to WebSphere Portal.  Older versions of portal had a reputation of not working with the latest advances in user interface tools and techniques, such as responsive design, jQuery, etc.  Starting with v7 and really taking off in v8, IBM has enabled WebSphere Portal to work with all the latest UI advancements. In this post - Myths and Facts- WebSphere Portal and UI - Harish Bhavanichikar i [read] Keywords: ibm interface javascript websphere websphere portal

Why Will Your Health Portal Company Succeed?
Thu, Jun 12th 2014 9:12a   Mark Polly
I came across the following article at Forbes.com: If Google Health Failed, Why Will Your Health Company Succeed? The first thing that caught my attention was the premise of the headline: Google is big, smart and has a lot of resources. If they can’t get a health portal right who can? I immediately thought, “Well lots of big, smart and resourceful companies attempt new ventures and fail miserably.”  Often times it requires agility, freedom from past investments and timing th [read] Keywords: database google office

Perficient discusses Salesforce Communities
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 5:15p   Brendon Jones
Brendan Callum of Perficient’s Salesforce.com practice introduces Salesforce Communities and how clients can gain business value by injecting mobile and social features securely into their business processes. Communities go beyond portals by adding social collaboration, extensive branding, customization, and mobile access while retaining both enterprise security and tight integration with business processes. Salesforce provides two general types of communities that can be used for a broa [read] Keywords: collaboration community enterprise integration mobile security

Upcoming Webinar: Going Mobile with Your Liferay Portal
Fri, Jun 6th 2014 10:15a   Mark Polly
Next week, on June 12 at 1 pm CDT, I will be presenting a free webinar on Going Mobile with Liferay Portal.  Below is a description of the webinar and a link to register.  If you have Liferay Portal or are considering it, you will want to see what are your options for making sure that your mobile experience is a pleasant one. Going Mobile with Your Liferay Portal Mobile technology is expanding, and many marketing and IT organizations are working to catch up with their customers’ mobile dema [read] Keywords: development mobile

Marketers Need to Move Beyond One-hit Wonders
Fri, Jun 6th 2014 8:16a   Michael Porter
CMO.com had an article on a speech given by David Edelman, Principal at McKinsey.  I loved the premise of the article.  If a marketer relies too much on one-off marketing efforts, they will be left in the dust of their competitors.  Rather than focus on the negative, David chose to give positive examples. But before getting into that, let me highlight something we’ve been doing in our interactions with Marketers on the same subject. Illustrates decreasing value of one hit wonders In t [read] Keywords: community enterprise mobile network networking


Digital business models and the E2E economy
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 12:15p   Brendon Jones
IBM has a intro explainer video on Digital Disruption. This is also something the analyst firm Forrester is covering. The short video succinctly explains the key ongoing processes of digital disruption and transformation, as we move from an “individual-centered economy” to an “everyone to everyone” economy. The key disruptive technologies are of course: social media, mobility, analytics, cloud [read] Keywords: ibm

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