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Microsoft's "Secret" Mail Migration Tool
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Microsoft's "Secret" Mail Migration Tool:

'via Blog this'

V&M Home Page 

When it comes to email migrations, one of the hidden gems is under Microsoft's Lotus Notes Migration Tools.

This software was posted in April of 2012 and I stumbled upon it in October 2012. I've never seen it referred to anywhere else. So, I thought that I would share.

MONTI does a great job at looking at the high level overview of the scope and size of a migration. MONTI will warn the administrators of potential problems. It does not deep dive into the mail files and report on things like the number of encrypted emails or the number of rules in a mail file. 

Microsoft Online NoTes Inspector (MONTI)
The tool is described here:

You can download it here:

Every time that you start MONTI it opens to this screen.

Once you run Monti, you get a wealth of information. This is the people view, where we have a break down of the types of content in the mail files. 

Here we have the time line for each database's usage.

The Troubleshooting View is very helpful.

We have the same information about Mail-In Databases.

Not only can you view the information on the screen, you can receive a email report.
MONTI Reports < click here to see a sample.

With a few tweaks, it can look like this.
We only need the Getting Started information when we first open the Application. Let's open the application to the people view. Then if we want to see the Getting Started document we can select it in the left side navigation bar. 

The Legend was taking up too much space on the screen. After a while the user wouldn't need the constant reminder.

Click on the Legend choice

Click the Close button to close the display.

If you would like some more information about MonTi or the customisations. Send JV an email 

Author's Background
I am a Notes/Consultant with twenty five years of experience (almost exclusively with Lotus Notes / Domino). My experience with Notes began when I worked as a Senior Computer Consultant for Price Waterhouse. In 1993, I went to work for Lotus Development Corporation as a Senior Notes / Domino Instructor. I started teaching Application Development and System Administration with Version 3. Helped to develop the course materials for Version 4.x and Release 5.x When LotusScript, Javascript and Java were added to Notes/Domino I started teaching these programming languages.

In 1995, IBM acquired Lotus. For several years we were left alone and the culture did not change. It was a lot of fun to work for Lotus. In 1999 the handwriting was on the wall and I decided it was time for me to leave. So I established V&M to do Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development, System Administration and Training. I've been at it ever since. The life of the consultant is constantly changing. It has given me the chance to travel across Canada and the United States, Scotland, England, Bermuda, Jamaica, Barbados and Hawaii. No travel to the Far East yet. Anyone?

For the last six years I have been helping companies move their data from Lotus Notes to the Microsoft platform. 

Some thoughts on Notes to Exchange Migrations
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If you would like to see my resume 
Click Here

Email John

Nov 16, 2014
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