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Chances are your next job will require Salesforce skills
Fri, Feb 10th 2017 63
Meet me in Prague on Feb 16th if you want to hear about Lightning and SalesforceDX
Tue, Feb 7th 2017 5
Speaking at London’s Calling about Salesforce Einstein
Tue, Jan 3rd 2017 3
Reached the ranks of a Trailhead Ranger
Thu, Dec 29th 2016 2
Preparing customers and partners for cloud updates done right
Mon, Nov 7th 2016 4
Time flies by – my first 6 months with Salesforce.com
Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 3
My 1st Dreamforce – it was a blast
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 11
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Chances are your next job will require Salesforce skills
Fri, Feb 10th 2017 63
My 1st Dreamforce – it was a blast
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 11
Vaadin certified
Tue, Jan 13th 2015 7
IBM Notes 9.0.2 for Mac OS X is there (yeah, you read it correctly, 9.0.2)
Tue, Sep 29th 2015 7
Three in a row – speaking at SUTOL, ISBG and meetIT
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 7
IBM Collaboration QuickStart image on SoftLayer – stumbling setup process
Fri, Feb 7th 2014 6
Using remote TLS/SSL systems with untrusted Certification Authorities in IBM Domino 9+
Tue, Jun 2nd 2015 6
IBM Traveler available – with support for iOS 9 and Windows 10 Pro
Wed, Aug 26th 2015 6
Need to change Eclipse JRE for OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Fri, Jun 20th 2014 5
Vaadin does client-side debugging right
Wed, Jan 7th 2015 5

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Chances are your next job will require Salesforce skills
Fri, Feb 10th 2017 11:29a   Rene Winkelmeyer
A new Burning Glass report showcases that the job market for people Salesforce skills grows 1.3times faster than the overall market. And that Salesforce skills are the 7th highest tech skill in demand (ahead of .Net or C++ i. e.). Read the summary on Medium. The full Burning Glass report can be accessed here. Want to learn Salesforce – go to Trailhead!
Meet me in Prague on Feb 16th if you want to hear about Lightning and SalesforceDX
Tue, Feb 7th 2017 9:55a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Next week I’m joining the Salesforce User & Developer Group in Prague for their February meetup to speak about Lightning and SalesforceDX. A hot topic for developers across all audiences is how get the most out of the available frameworks and technology in their day-to-day work. That includes, but is not limited to, having a great development experience in terms of tools and workflows. During the meetup we will address both needs by talking about Lightning and SalesforceDX.
Speaking at London’s Calling about Salesforce Einstein
Tue, Jan 3rd 2017 12:25p   Rene Winkelmeyer
I’m happy to announce that you can find me on February 10th at London’s Calling – Europe’s largest community led event for Salesforce professionals. The event will take at CodeNode (last year a badger has been seen there). I’ll speak about why, where and how to use the Predictive Vision service on the Salesforce Einstein platform. Do you have visions? Good – Einstein can help! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the big buzzwords nowadays. It is an
Reached the ranks of a Trailhead Ranger
Thu, Dec 29th 2016 8:49a   Rene Winkelmeyer
One of my personal goals that I set for myself for 2016 was to become a Trailhead Ranger. Since yesterday evening I’ve reached it. Learning – the fun way When I joined Salesforce in May I used Trailhead to start learning about the products and the platform. Some may say that I’m biased – but it’s really THE fun way to learn Salesforce. It’s not like you go through some tech documentation and just read stuff. It’s really about getting introduced to how
Preparing customers and partners for cloud updates done right
Mon, Nov 7th 2016 8:53a   Rene Winkelmeyer
One thing that always bothered me in the past when working with cloud-based products was the “surprise factor”. While it’s a big advantage of a cloud solution that an update is immediately available for all users – it can also be a big pain. When I talk about the “surprise factor” I’m talking about the availability of new features, changed UI or changed behaviour. Depending on the friendliness of your provider you may get an information that an update
Time flies by – my first 6 months with Salesforce.com
Wed, Nov 2nd 2016 10:06p   Rene Winkelmeyer
Yesterday I had my “6-months anniversary” with Salesforce.com. I hardly noticed. Why? Because time flies by in this company. It’s now (a bit more) than 6 months ago that I made the decision to change – once again – my profession when I joined Salesforce.com as Senior Developer Evangelist. It was and is a blast. The company has a vibe across all levels. I didn’t have a single, boring moment. Here’s an excerpt of some of the things I did – so you
My 1st Dreamforce – it was a blast
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 10:38a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Dreamforce 2016 is now a few days ago. It was my 1st one. It was a blast. By any means. I am still sorting out all the impressions, all the ideas, all the talks. It is an experience on it’s own. Here are a few of my takeaways (for you and myself). Trailhead Does Trailhead need an explanation? We presented a massive experience for developers and admins in our very own Trailhead zone. The zone covered the whole Moscone West ground level (approx 130,000 sqft/12,000 sqm). Open Theaters, an I
Three in a row – speaking at SUTOL, ISBG and meetIT
Thu, Oct 20th 2016 6:33a   Rene Winkelmeyer
The year starts to wrap-up – so it’s a great time to finish it with some speaking engagements. So I’m happy to say that I’ll be present at in Prague, Oslo and Milan in the upcoming weeks. Prague – SUTOL – 10.-11.11.2016 I’ve been in Prague last year – and it was a great event. This year it has been extended from a one day event to two days. Oslo – ISBG – 30.11.2016 That’s a first timer for me. I’ve never been to Oslo
TrailFindr – or how we’re helping visually impaired to navigate at the Trailhead Zone
Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 11:53a   Rene Winkelmeyer
One of our core values at Salesforce is, that we believe in giving back to the community. We also believe that technology should be leveraged for the best purpose – for helping people, every day. At our recent Salesforce World Tour in London we organized a CoderDojo to teach visually impaired kids how to code (kudos to the BBC for joining us). Have you ever thought about or experienced what challenges are the visually impaired facing day to day in environments they don’t know? Like:
Developer eXperience is important
Wed, Sep 28th 2016 9:08a   Rene Winkelmeyer
During the last weeks I had a lot of fun stuff to code. And I was able to use the tools, the methods, the languages that I like. And that’s awesome, because a great Developer eXperience when working with systems and code is important. But what does that mean – “Developer eXperience”? To me it is basically one thing: make my life as a developer easy! Don’t force me to use only single IDE (but if so – make it rock solid and state-of-the-art) As as a deve
Modernising an app (dev platform) can be like refurbishing your house
Tue, Sep 27th 2016 4:53p   Rene Winkelmeyer
Recently I read a lot of blog posts and other communications about “app (dev platform) modernisation”. In some areas it’s an ongoing talk. When I read and hear about that I’m always remembered about refurbishing a house. Imagine you’ve your house. It’s 25 years old. You lived in there for a long time. You like it (otherwise you won’t live there). And from time to time you’re going to improve it. New lights in the entrance, a new and more secure f
What’s your companies culture?
Wed, Aug 31st 2016 7:46a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Upcoming webinar – Take a REST by integrating Salesforce into Vaadin
Mon, Aug 22nd 2016 4:43a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Over the last two years I worked a lot with the Vaadin framework which I really like for Java WebApp UI development. I’m happy to announce that you can learn now how to bring the power of the Salesforce App Cloud to Vaadin in an upcoming Vaadin-hosted webinar. Take a REST by integrating Salesforce into Vaadin Join Vaadin Expert Matti Tahvonen and Salesforce Developer Evangelist René Winkelmeyer for a tour on how to integrate and interact with the Salesforce App Cloud using your Vaadin a
Thank you, Pete!
Fri, Aug 19th 2016 6:57a   Rene Winkelmeyer
An era ends. Pete(r) Janzen’s last working day at IBM is TODAY. Time to say the most important things… Pete, it was always a pleasure to work (and party ;-)) with you. I want to say THANK YOU – for everything you’ve done! You were and will always be part of the community. PS: Those who don’t know him – Pete was the product manager mainly for IBM Notes and Domino (server and AppDev) in the last 16 years. So everyone can fairly say that an era ends now.
Speaking at Dreamforce about Lightning and Office 365 – with Marky
Tue, Aug 16th 2016 8:04a   Rene Winkelmeyer
With more than 2.000 sessions and over 170.000 attendees in 2015 Dreamforce is the largest software conference in the world (it shut’s down San Francisco). A great opportunity to share knowledge, to learn, to connect with people that you know – and that you don’t know yet. I am thrilled to speak this year – my first time – in the Developer Zone. We’re expecting tens of thousands of people from across the world only in that zone, which will be located in Mosc
How to start learning Salesforce Development – Join the Community
Mon, Aug 15th 2016 3:52a   Rene Winkelmeyer
When starting with learning a technology one always asks him-/herself: “Where to start?” Since I joined Salesforce in May I received lots of those requests/questions. In my personal opinion there are two important ways, which are partially complementary: Community – people that enjoy to work day-to-day with the technology Trailhead – the Salesforce online learning platform As the topic of “Community” is personally very important to me I’ll focus in t
Diversity and Inclusion in Technology
Thu, Jul 28th 2016 3:37a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Diversity and inclusion is important. It’s what makes our world so colourful. Listen to my colleague Mary (YOU ROCK). I’m sure you’ll get goose pimples as I do when listening to her. (Video can also be found here). Everyone of us can make the same difference. Today! Now! Be it by supporting Girls Who Code, run CoderDojo’s for Kids or just encourage your co-workers, your friends to step out. There are great examples like my friends Amanda, Gab and Kathy (even i
Seamless change – moved my WordPress blog to Heroku
Wed, Jul 27th 2016 3:42a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Once in a while it’s necessary to change. So it was last week. I moved my blog to Heroku – read here why and how. Over the last 10 years I ran two different blogging system. First I ran a blog based on an IBM Domino database. It was for fun, for geeking, for tweeking, for fiddling around with the tech. I changed the underlying stack quite a few times. But it became tedious. Not because of the stack – but because every little change like adding comment spam check became a time-c
Simplifying Salesforce App Cloud OAuth2 for Java apps with Scribe
Tue, Jul 26th 2016 4:51a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Authentication and authorization is always a key challenge when connecting different systems. It can be simple when having all systems connected to the same Identity Provider (IdP), but it can be challenging if not. With the rise of cloud-based applications different approaches have been established. The majority of enterprises uses SAML when/where possible. In most other cases services like OpenID or OAuth are used. In this post we’ll focus on the latter – OAuth as of version
My take on Mobile Device Management (aka MDK) changes with iOS 10
Thu, Jun 16th 2016 5:46a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Yesterday Apple has shown what new capabilities are planned (it’s still beta, so things may change as we know) in the Mobile Device Management space for iOS 10. My personal takeaway is: all focus is on education and less on enterprise this year. And this is nothing unexpected. Anyone remember the massive launch of Apple for School in spring? Apple introduced major changes to iOS and supporting systems – outside of a major release. That was huge. And WWDC shows the benefits and the
TrailheaDX – Lightning, LockerService, Lenny Kravitz and meeting Steve Wozniak
Fri, Jun 10th 2016 3:12a   Rene Winkelmeyer
It has been a blast – two days of Salesforce Developer action at our brand new developer-focused conference TrailheaDX. With some special bonuses like a Lenny Kravitz concert and Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak. Let’s start with the most important message… (Shashank from our team in India and I) The conference had a great attendance. Be it in person – or with the 100+ viewing parties around the globe, hosted by our developer community). We saw some
Becoming Salesforce – a personal recap
Tue, Jun 7th 2016 5:19a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure to attend “Becoming Salesforce” in one of our office locations in San Francisco. But what does that exactly mean – “Becoming Salesforce”? Besides the regular new hire induction in your first days at Salesforce in our local offices we get the opportunity to attend a one day event “Becoming Salesforce”, followed by a 4-day bootcamp (more on that at the end of this week), both held at the companies headquarter in Sa
The 43. DNUG conference is happening soon – (22 years of DNUG!) – join us
Wed, May 4th 2016 2:45a   Rene Winkelmeyer
Yes, 22 years of DNUG! Isn’t that awesome?! It’s like a full millenium in the technology world. Let’s celebrate that with the 43. DNUG conference which will take place on June 1st to 2nd 2016 in Hamburg. We’ve worked hard in the different tracks to put together a great lineup. Checkout the full agenda on http://43.dnug.de. Registration can be done via EventBrite. Special thanks here to Niklas Heidloff, Andreas Rosen and Jochen Prieß who worked with me in the AppDev
If you’re a speaker or want to be a speaker – listen to this guy
Thu, Apr 14th 2016 1:37a   Rene Winkelmeyer
This is what it is all about… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwYcVqIjbb4 I can still taste the haggis on my first speakers dinner ever (where I met “Dr. Evil” aka Fabrizio Marchesano). And my nervousness of my first speaking session. Plus I got my first speakers LEGO sculpture (thanks to Kitty and Warren for that, see the pattern). Stand up and speak! At a conference, at a user group or at a local meetup. Don’t be afraid! It was – and is – all worth i
Join the “first” IBM Social Business Community Meeting on April 13th
Fri, Mar 18th 2016 2:35a   Rene Winkelmeyer
With the change from the 3rd party hosted community site (formerly ran under socialbizu.org, now down) to an IBM hosted site it’s time for the first Community Meeting. IBM’s awesome Community Manager Amanda Bauman has announced the very first meeting on the new site to introduce the new site and her goals for User Groups in general. It’s the kickoff for a new series of upcoming meetings. If you haven’t joined the Community till now – do it! Just go to the comm
IBM Traveler is available now
Tue, Mar 15th 2016 12:55p   Rene Winkelmeyer
IBM Traveler 9.0.10 has been released right now and is available on FixCentral. See the included fixes below. APAR # Abstract LO87777 Ghosted view of rescheduled event may be missing a previous information update. LO87835 Warning messaged displayed on server when a user tries to update an event they are not the chair for from iOS 9.x native calendar. LO87837 Calendar event with DBCS characters in description may sync slowly to IBM Verse mobile client. LO87872 Sent By may be incorrec
First impressions of IBM Verse Offline Mode
Tue, Mar 15th 2016 7:24a   Rene Winkelmeyer
As IBM has announced on this years IBM Connect conference the long awaited offline functionality for IBM Verse is now available. So I activated it to see what’s in (and what’s not). Login When switching to the Offline Mode you’ll be asked to enter your offline password (you can read on Matteo’s blog how to enable the Offline Mode in your account, there you’ve to define your password). The dialog pops also up when first opening Verse, so that you can decide if yo
Developers – put your thinking hat on – the 43. DNUG conference is happening on June 1+2 in Hamburg
Tue, Mar 15th 2016 2:45a   Rene Winkelmeyer
If you’re a developer and want to speak at one of the worlds oldest ICS related User Groups it’s time to put your thinking hat on. The German Notes User Group (DNUG, obviously not only about “only” Notes anymore) has opened it’s call for abstracts. What is it about? I’m running the development track for the conference with Niklas Heidloff, Andreas Rosen and Jochen Priess. We’re looking forward to your highly technical content. Here is a personal list o
Speaking at engage.ug – Moving from Java 6 to Java 8
Mon, Feb 29th 2016 2:27a   Rene Winkelmeyer
It’s speaking season. And it’s engage.ug – the largest ICS User Group meeting in Europe. This time I’ll be speaking about a – in my opinion – very important topic for any developer that does Java development. Especially in the ICS space. As IBM has announced last year (and re-announced at IBM Connect in February) they’ll make concurrency updates to the IBM J9 JVM. Finally they are moving from Java 6 to Java 8. That brings great enhancements to a develope

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