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Data Binding and React with Dojo
Mon, Apr 24th 2017 7

Data Binding and React with Dojo
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If you have developed with XPages, this might have been your first experience with the Dojo framework.  However, for many the experience have been frustrating and negative. Unfortunately, IBM's implementation of Dojo into XPages was limited and really restricted the potential of Dojo. It never implemented the newer AMD design approach nor the many of the capabilities of Dojo.

Many developers who went towards the JavaScript Framework/REST approach with Domino implemented Angular, React, and even Vue for interfacing to the Domino server and bypassed frameworks like Dojo.  One of the big buzzwords for these newer frameworks is react and single/two-way data binding.

As a designer and developer who uses Dojo to create UIs  that work with RESTful APIs /Domino, it is frustrating to see all this attention to Angular and React when all the cool things they are known for has been in Dojo for years and in many ways before these frameworks.

Recently, I presented a session called "Unleash the Power of Dojo" where I showed that there are four different ways of doing data binding and reacts with Dojo including:

  • Observables
  • On/emit
  • Topic/subscribe
  • Watch
With four different ways, Dojo provides developer more options on how to implement data binding and reaction to better match their needs.

As part of the presentation, I walked attendees through the process of creating Dojo controllers in combination with Bootstrap, Fontawesome, ChartJS and other open source projects to create dynamic and reactive interfaces.  I have enclosed the presentation and demo source code here which includes the Bootstrap, Dojo, ChartJS, and Fontswesome distribution files which are owned by their respective owners and are licensed accordingly.  Included in the demos are a number of examples on how to use Dojo to perform one and two way data-binding which was the craze when developers were demonstrating Angular, plus react with Charts and also data-binding with data models.  

I will be presenting a more comprehensive session called "Unleash the Power of REST APIs with Dojo" at the Engage Conference in Belgium May 8-9, 2017, https://engage.ug/engage.nsf/Pages/Event20170508_Sessions5. Hope to see you there.



Apr 24, 2017
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