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Apple watch – The game changer
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 196
Ensuring that your email isn’t considered spam and Office365
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 162
Office 365 mail servers on Spam Blacklists?
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 280
FIX – OS X YOSEMITE mail.app The Exchange Server “null” is not responding
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 1680
Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 94
Lync for MAC 2011 keeps crashing
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 384
Connect 2014
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 101
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FIX – OS X YOSEMITE mail.app The Exchange Server “null” is not responding
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 1680
Lync for MAC 2011 keeps crashing
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 384
Office 365 mail servers on Spam Blacklists?
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 280
Apple watch – The game changer
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 196
Ensuring that your email isn’t considered spam and Office365
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 162
Outlook 2011 for OSX and Mountain Lion Performance Problem
Wed, Dec 26th 2012 161
Dlink – Router/Access point Wireless Restart problem
Mon, Apr 30th 2012 131
Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes
Mon, Aug 27th 2012 111
Connect 2014
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 101
Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 94

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Apple watch – The game changer
Tue, Dec 16th 2014 6:11a   rob
I’m a big fan of apple products.  I have ipads, iphones, macbook pros and ipods.  Apple is the company that seems to always show up at the party late but always leaves the party as the most popular person there.  Even though they may not have the best product there. I don’t think that OSX is the best OS in the world.  I think that Windows does alot of things better.  So I use both PC’s and my Mac to work with.  On paper there have always better phones, music and video pla [read] Keywords: apple google interface iphone mac macbook

Ensuring that your email isn’t considered spam and Office365
Thu, Dec 11th 2014 4:12p   rob
Since I started noticing some of my mail messages bouncing back as spam I’ve been trying to correct the issue.  The biggest problem when you start getting bouncebacks is that you really don’t know how many message are being rejected.   Most companies won’t generate a bounceback.  Their philosophy is that its better to reject the mail and not let the spammers know that they got rejected. So I’ve taken a number of steps and made a few changes to the my Office365 environm [read] Keywords: administration email server

Office 365 mail servers on Spam Blacklists?
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 7:10a   rob
Since we’ve been migrating companies off IBM Lotus Domino we made the decision a couple of years ago to migrate ourselves.  We decided that we no longer wanted to host our own mail servers.  Why should we.  The cost of a cloud based email provider was so cheap.. I’ve long suspected that some of my mail was not being delivered to clients.  Most anti-spam products silently delete mail.  The recipient doesn’t get it and the sender doesn’t get notified.  But I started n [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus email exchange exchange microsoft office security

FIX – OS X YOSEMITE mail.app The Exchange Server “null” is not responding
Wed, Sep 24th 2014 1:12p   rob
I love my MAC. With the introduction of Hand Off I wanted to be able to move between my Rivit Mail on my iphone to my Rivit Mail on my MAC workbook pro.  Easy enough – Right?   Not if your an office365 or exchange user. Handoff currently only works with the OS X mail.app.  Outlook doesn’t support it yet.  Maybe when Microsoft gets around to updating Mac Office (come on Microsoft – 2011?  That’s ancient in computing years) it will work.  I have to use the Mail.app. [read] Keywords: calendaring notes bug email exchange exchange iphone mac microsoft office outlook password server

Excel 2013 no longer opens files on doubleclick
Tue, Sep 16th 2014 1:10p   rob
I started working with Office 2013 a few months back.  Really hate the recent interface design changes that seem to be sweeping the current IT world.  I find the minimalist presentation a little too bright and it actually makes things a little to difficult to find on the screen. Doubleclick doesn’t open excel spreadsheets anymore Recently I ran into a problem where doubleclicking on an excel file in the file system no longer opened the file in Excel.  Excel opened but would just give me [read] Keywords: google interface microsoft office

Lync for MAC 2011 keeps crashing
Wed, Feb 12th 2014 10:17a   rob
Ever since I upgraded to Mavericks I’ve been having a problem with Lync 2011 crashing.  It seems to happen most often when my macbook pro goes to sleep.  However it will also happen  during a lync call or a lync screen sharing.  I’ve gone through the normal upgrade steps with no success.  Recently I did a complete clean reinstall by doing the following steps: 1.  Use the following technote from Microsoft to delete LYNC from your MAC 2.  Deleting the  OC__KeyContainer__ in y [read] Keywords: mac macbook microsoft office password


Connect 2014
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 8:09a   rob
So for the first time since 1996 I did not attend Lotusphere.  Yup, this year was a no show for Rivit.  Last year we questioned the value of attending but IBM asked us to attend.  This year we looked at the value of the show and decided that we could use our marketing dollars elsewhere. I tried to stay away from reading up on the show activity only cause I thought I’d feel like I missed out.  I read Wild Bill’s update this morning and got the sense that my decision was a right on [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere

So how does your market perceive Notes?
Wed, Sep 4th 2013 9:14a   Rob Salerno
Just wondering how your local markets perceive Notes these days. So before everyone starts ranting I just want to clarify a few things: I’ve worked with Notes since 1993. I’ve been to every Lotusphere except the 1st one. metaLogic was an IBM Premier Business Partner. Rivit Continues to be an IBM Business Partner. Rivit Continues to work with their client base on Domino related projects. Notes/Domino is still a better environment for development applications then the alternative. Ho [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes applications development

79% of malicious attacks on mobile phones are on Android
Thu, Aug 29th 2013 9:14a   Rob Salerno
Reading the news (http://tinyurl.com/q83helf ) this morning that showed some interesting statistics concerning malware on mobile devices.  I have yet to see an attack on my IPhone.  Come to think about it, I never saw an attack on my blackberry either.  But, according to statistics 79% of all malicious attacks happen on android devices.  That’s a huge number.  Especially when you compare it to Apples number of 0.7% of all attacks. The article goes on to state that 44% of all Android [read] Keywords: apple blackberry google iphone mobile

Blackberry Continues its plummett
Thu, Aug 15th 2013 6:12a   Rob Salerno
OK… So its been a long time since I Blogged.  Its actually a good thing.  Things have been incredibly busy at Rivit.  We’ve been migrating more clients to Microsoft every month.  Our forecast is looking good.  Thank you to all of our customers! This morning I was reading the Newspaper and saw an article on Blackberry.  The news last week was that Blackberry continued to slide even after they released their new phones.  In fact they had lost 4 million subscribers in that same p [read] Keywords: apple blackberry desktop enterprise microsoft mobile

Migrations Migrations Migrations…
Fri, May 24th 2013 4:15p   Rob Salerno
Damn. Its been a while since I blogged. Rivit has been really busy the last couple of months. Our core focus is now Migration. Migrating people from one platform to another.  Typically we are seeing IBM Lotus Domino clients moving their mail or applications to another platform.  However, we also see companies moving between archiving products.  But We’ll talk about archiving migrations in a later blog. We see numerous IBM clients that have made the management decision to migrate.  We g [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus application applications archiving

Connect 2013 – General Observations
Mon, Feb 4th 2013 7:09a   Rob Salerno
I’ve attend every Lotusphere since 1995.  I’ve been a vendor for 15 of those years.  The last few years we’ve questioned the return on our investment as we saw Domino losing Market share   With this years change in direction we, like most of the community, were very skeptical about the show.    Last minute planning and some aggressive pushing from IBM got us to attend as attendee’s.  We didn’t go as a vendor. For the first time in a long time I was able to a [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere community microsoft

Outlook 2011 for OSX and Mountain Lion Performance Problem
Wed, Dec 26th 2012 1:12p   Rob Salerno
Ever since I upgraded to Mountain Lion my Outlook client’s performance absolutely sucked!.  I was surprised that Microsoft did not have a solution for this nor could I find any resolution from Apple.  I eventually came across this solution -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4149013?start=0&tstart=0 I thought I would rewrite the instructions to make it easier for people. The problem is identified as a botched update which leaves multiple preference settings which are seen by [read] Keywords: apple applications database mac microsoft office outlook

Just got my Iphone 5
Fri, Oct 26th 2012 8:09a   Rob Salerno
So I just got my Iphone 5.  Yup, I’m a Apple junky.   Ipad’s, Ipod touches, Macbook Pro, Nano’s, and Iphone are all over my office and house.   I sidestepped the jump to the 4S.  Didn’t think that Siri or a faster process was significant enough to make the jump.  But when the 5 was announced I jumped on the list with my service provider.  1 month later I get a knock on the door.  That’s right, a 1 month waiting list. I like Apple products, but I don’t c [read] Keywords: apple application iphone ipod macbook network office

My iPad – 3 years later
Wed, Aug 29th 2012 11:11a   Rob Salerno
In May, 2010 I picked up my first Ipad.  It was a first generation model.  32gb.  I bought it so that we could start expanding our mobile offering at metalogic.  My vision was to provide Insurance industry applications for the Ipad. So here we are.  Three years later.  My Ipad has gotten daily use.  Its been charged over 1000+.  Its been taken on trips.  Its been used in meetings.  Its been used to read books, watch movies, play games, develop mind maps, develop mockups, surf the web, [read] Keywords: apple applications facebook iphone macbook mobile twitter

Synchronizing Contacts with iNotes
Mon, Aug 27th 2012 12:09p   Rob Salerno
We have a number of clients who have been reducing their notes client footprint the last couple of years.  iNotes has become a great alternative for the notes client.  Highly functional, providing as near to the notes client experience as you can get. We also have some clients who use it as an alternative for accessing mail.  It’s the “Travelling Persons” email client.  Easy to access from a hotel or internet cafe.  However, they always come back with the same question: &# [read] Keywords: inotes lotus notes notes client email

Microsoft didn’t kill Wordperfect – Novell Did…. Sounds Like history is ready to repeat itself.
Mon, Jul 16th 2012 5:12p   Rob Salerno
An outstanding anti-trust suit existed against Microsoft on whether they had acted inappropriately in aiding in the demise of Wordperfect.  Microsoft took action and asked for the case to be closed.  The judge in the case found that it was not the actions of Microsoft that killed Wordperfect.  It was the actions, or rather, the inaction of Novell that killed the product. At the time that Windows98 had been released, Novell delayed the next release of Wordperfect.  Their inability to bring it [read] Keywords: microsoft research in motion rim

Speed up Dropbox
Thu, Jul 12th 2012 11:10p   Rob Salerno
Just learned something new today. Dropbox automatically limits your upload speeds. Fact is you can only upload as fast as your connection will allow it. But why let Dropbox automatically set that. Go to Dropbox in the menubar, click on Preferences – Network – Bandwidth and change your Upload rate to “Don’t limit”. [read] Keywords: network

Domino Social Edition – Hype?
Wed, May 16th 2012 9:11a   Rob Salerno
I’ve been looking at all the hype around the Domino Social Edition and trying to understand its positioning.  Coming out of Lotusphere I saw this as a way for IBM to slow the leak.  Inevitably, lack of position in the market would lead companies to migrate away from Domino.  Mail would be first.  Applications soon after.   One of the biggest inhibitors to migrating away from Domino is how to get rid of the applicaitons.  If I can’t get rid of Notes Client than what is the real [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client xpages applications community email exchange exchange leak linux sharepoint

Dlink – Router/Access point Wireless Restart problem
Mon, Apr 30th 2012 7:10a   rob
Dlink dir-655 - restart problem - Configuration screen I have a Dlink DIR-655 router.  On paper the router sounds great.  However, it has a nasty access point problem.   The access point seems to continually go offline.  The only way you can get it to work when this happens, is to either reboot it or physically turn it off and on. Like most devices, Dlink is no longer providing Firmware updates for this.  Weird because it still a big seller at the stores.  The last Firmware version was 2.0 [read] Keywords: wifi wireless

So maybe Domino isn’t dead yet…
Fri, Apr 13th 2012 10:13a   rob
Since becoming Rivit we’ve been focused more and more on the transition of our clients away from Domino or the notes client.  We’ve been working with Binary Tree (BTW. great people and great software – www.binarytree.com) on migrating email and working with our friends at DLI to move Domino Applications to a browser based domino framework using DOCOVA (www.docova.com). However since November we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Domino World.  Especially on our product [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes notes client application applications archive blackberry email

Social Experiment – a bust…
Fri, Apr 13th 2012 8:10a   rob
So I was forced to go with out my Iphone.  I was resolved to go Old School.  It was tough.  I heard phantom rings and vibrations.  I kept checking my pockets so that I could get my Iphone and check for email.  But by the third day I started feeling good.  The sense of urgency to life was gone.  I spent more time getting things done, meeting with people face to face, actually being engaged in a conversation with out being rude and checking for messages.  My kids absolutely loved it. All g [read] Keywords: apple email iphone

My Social Experiment – Status so far….
Wed, Feb 22nd 2012 9:13a   Rob Salerno
If you read my Blog yesterday than you know that I’m “smartphoneless”.  My smartphone stopped working and I can’t get a replacement for a couple of days. So I’ve decided to rough it and go with out one.  I’ve decided to go old school and do things that way we used to do them. Now I didn’t just lose my smartphone… I lost my Iphone.  That’s a huge difference.  The Iphone provides so much more to its owner and therefore it’s loss, I be [read] Keywords: blackberry google iphone

My Social Experiment – No smartphone for 5 days.
Tue, Feb 21st 2012 10:10a   Rob Salerno
Over the weekend my Iphone 4 Died.  I was able to get an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar fairly quickly.  Good thing I bought Apple Care.   They quickly decided that it was dead and would replace it free of charge.  The “Genius” then told me that they were out of stock.  Apple’s warranty states that they have to replace “like” for “like”.  That means – No Upgrades and not switching colors. “Great… How long’s the waitR [read] Keywords: apple email facebook google iphone linkedin office twitter

Setting up Sharepoint Foundations on your own workstation
Tue, Jan 31st 2012 10:11a   Rob Salerno
We’ve been doing more and more work on SharePoint these days.  It’s not as nice as Domino.  It requires more effort to develop applications.  The simple things that we take for granted in Domino require some work.  But, once you get started working with it you can see why companies like it.   A lot of our client base has started to develop applications in Sharepoint or they are moving their Mission Critical Domino Applications over. The nice thing about the Domino development [read] Keywords: administration domino foundations ibm lotus applications database development microsoft server sharepoint sql xml

Lotusphere 2012 is officially open and Rivit is here!
Mon, Jan 16th 2012 11:10a   Rob Salerno
Lotusphere 2012 is open and Rivit Technology Partner is an Exhibitor.  Following on a fantastic 2011, Rivit is announcing our new DCOM – Domino Application Archiving product, and it is making waves! We are also demonstrating our Enforcer and Pursuit products which provide Email Risk Management and Archiving. Come by booth 201 and see a demo.  If you can’t make it book and attend a demo we will send you an itunes card.  Click here to book a demo [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere application archiving email

Xbox 360 – Microsoft’s Trojan Strategy win’s the battle for the living room
Wed, Dec 14th 2011 12:10p   Rob Salerno
I’m an avid Gamer.  I’m a true Xbox fan, spending many hours playing Gears of War or Call of Duty.   But years ago I also recognized the Xbox strength as a Media Center.    I have a vast library of media that includes Music, photos and video that I share to my Xbox driven family room.  In recent years we’ve had to augment the entertainment unit with PS3′s and Wii’s but everyone still prefers to use the Xbox. Well it seems I’m not the only one. Over the [read] Keywords: apple microsoft

Can RIM find a way to be successful?
Mon, Dec 5th 2011 8:11a   Rob Salerno
Ok. I already said I’m an IPhone bigot. To add to that my next laptop will be an Apple product. Yes, I think I drank the koolaid. But I still have to find some way of supporting a successful Canadian IT company. Right now its the biggest and best IT Company in Canada. With the loss of Nortel, RIM became its only successor as the leader in the Canadian IT industry. But in recent times it has been floundering. The playbook launched in April , 2011.  Based on QNX and providing Adobe AIR S [read] Keywords: apple blackberry email iphone laptop network rim

RIM plan to open its network services to iPhones and Android.
Thu, Dec 1st 2011 9:11a   Rob Salerno
Research In Motion (TSX:RIM.TO) stock price rose 7.6 per cent on Tuesday after they released plans to offer software to companies and governments that would open up its secure network to iPhones and other mobile devices.  The service, named BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, will be available in March after a test run. Ok., as all of you are probably aware of,  I’ve become a Iphone bigot.  Didn’t think I could, or would, but it happened.  But being Canadian I have to support the largest I [read] Keywords: apple blackberry email iphone mobile network research in motion rim

The move towards a Tablet world
Tue, Nov 29th 2011 6:13a   Rob Salerno
Back in 1997 Lotus introduced Kona.  Kona was a set of javabean based applets intended to help reduce the cost of developing and deploying business application on the internet.  This would later evolve into Lotus E-suite.  E-suite was billed as a way of providing users with the software that they needed when they needed it.  IBM would later try to sell Network Workstations with E-suite.   These workstations were intended to be light weight PC’s that basically used the e-suite applicat [read] Keywords: ibm lotus symphony apple application applications desktop google iphone microsoft network server wifi

Friggin’ Blog Spammers solved….. For now.
Fri, Nov 18th 2011 6:10a   Rob Salerno
Akismet - comment spam prevention I recently got hit by a blog spammer from Europe. Left me about 20 lenghty spam messages. I decided, enough was enough. Here is my dilemma. I want to allow people who read my blogs and to write comments freely. I don’t want to review and approve them. That’s what I’ve been doing to date. I don’t believe in editing them or rejecting them based on view point. So I want to allow comments to be left freely. I also don’t want to make the [read] Keywords: blogging email security

Friggin’ Blog spammers…
Thu, Nov 10th 2011 12:10p   Rob Salerno
Since I started re-blogging the traffic to Rivit has gone way up.  Thanks! I also noticed that the number of comments on my blogs has increased as well.  Wow., I must be writing some intelligent, witty stuff.   Right?  Nope, like everything else spammers have figured out that posting ficticious comments with back links adds to their credibility, their google index, etc…  But they are totally meaningless to me.  They actually make no sense what so ever. So I now reject all comments of [read] Keywords: blogging google

Moneyball – The drive for using Statistics… Can the same idea improve Domino?
Mon, Oct 31st 2011 11:13a   Rob Salerno
I just finished reading the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis. Moneyball tells the story of the Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane and his approach to putting a ball team together. Saddled with the problem of having no money, Billy breaks conventional wisdom and begins to put a ball team together using undervalued players with certain characteristics. Using new statistical data he finds that offense is better then defense.  So he now starts looking at people who have better offense numbers.  He [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes applications microsoft network office sharepoint

Intelliscreenx – ok.. I guess I do want to jailbreak my IOS5.
Mon, Oct 31st 2011 4:54a   Rob Salerno
Intelliscreenx Intelliborn has just announced Intelliscreenx. A couple of weeks ago I had stated that ios5 had enough functionality that I didn’t need to jailbreak anymore. Intelliscreen had been the only jailbreak app that I found to be invaluable before ios5 introduced the notification center. It collected all your information and presented it in the lock screen. Well Intelliscreenx gives me a reason to jailbreak. It now is integrated with the notification center and does it one step bet [read] Keywords:

Musical discoveries -The quest for new music
Fri, Oct 28th 2011 11:11a   Rob Salerno
I love music. I spend a great deal of time looking for music that I might be interested in. I used to love listening to the alternative rock station in toronto because it always played music that you would never hear on mainstream radio. Once the music I listened to made it to mainstream I wasn’t interested in it anymore. Well, the alternative rock station is mainstream now. Mainstream radio is boring. So I no longer listen to radio. Finding new music is a challenge. Tower records is gone [read] Keywords: blogging desktop interface iphone myspace networking wireless

Huge Domino Loss – Sales force lands $28M GSA-wide cloud contract
Thu, Oct 20th 2011 10:13p   Rob Salerno
Sales force has just landed a huge deal.  The US General Services Administration will be moving its 17000 employees to the Force.com development Platform and chatter collaboration suite.  The agency will move applications built in IBM Lotus Domino and then retire Domino. [read] Keywords: administration collaboration domino ibm lotus applications development

Chome Inspector – Great web development tool.
Thu, Oct 20th 2011 2:12p   Rob Salerno
I’ve done a lot of web development over the years.  I’ve used IE and had to install products like Fiddler Web Debugger.  I’ve used Firefox and had to install Firebug.  Chrome has rapidly become by browser of choice.  It does have its quirks.  However, I’ve come to like it’s lightening fast speeds and the apps and extensions that are available to it through the Chrome web store. Being a developer at heart, I started looking at tools that would help in web develo [read] Keywords: cascading style sheets development firefox

Siri – Now that’s worth Jailbreaking for.
Tue, Oct 18th 2011 7:12a   Rob Salerno
A couple of days ago I stated that I was done with Jailbreaking.  I had enough functionality in the base IOS that I didn’t have to augment it anymore.  Well, never say never. Last night I was going through my twitter feed and came across a tweet stating that Siri, the IPhone 4S personal Assistant, will be able to run on your IPhone4 shortly.   Thanks  to the hard word of developer Steven Troughton-Smith.  The port of the was accomplished by using the 4S Siri and Springboard files. Ok [read] Keywords: iphone twitter

IOS5 – No need to Jailbreak anymore.
Thu, Oct 13th 2011 10:12a   Rob Salerno
I thank the stars that my Blackberry broke down a few years ago and my Service Provider decided to gouge me for the cost of a new Blackberry.  I decided to try an IPhone.  I can actually say that this was a life altering experience.  I’m a techie.  I love toys.  But the IPhone had to be the first product that touched so many parts of my life.  It actually enhanced it and made me more productive.  Or did it make more of a geek?  I think my wife would say the latter. Anyway, I always [read] Keywords: apple applications blackberry email iphone wifi

Apple – Goodbye Steve Jobs.
Wed, Oct 12th 2011 8:10a   Rob Salerno
Okay, I know I’m going to date myself, but… Back in 1988 I started working my first job after University.  I supported a government agency.  At the time, I was supporting “bleeding edge” technologies for engineers and Graphic artists.  The graphic artists were used to working with paper.  I brought in a first generation Apple MacIntosh…  and things changed. I absolutely  loved the technology.  I was always under the impression that if Apple had taken to bein [read] Keywords: apple macbook macintosh

Xpages server – Its Here
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 1:12p   Rob Salerno
Back in March, 2011, I blogged about an idea that Carl Tyler had about stripping the domino and notes out of a the Domino server and leaving the Xpages behind.  (I’ve taken the liberty of editing out the rest of the comments I had in there for you). Well its here.  Xpages Server!  Here’s Ed Brills’ Post explaining it. http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/dx/introducing-ibm-xwork-server [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes xpages server

Microsoft 365 vs LotusLive – Part 1.
Mon, Oct 3rd 2011 12:10p   Rob Salerno
With the launch of Rivit we decided to rethink the way we do business. We had a number of ideas about how the company had to be run: Stay small. Try to do the best job you can with the right number of people. A large number of employees doesn’t make a better company. Stay light. It is important to move with the market. Know what your clients want and try to get there before they want it. Avoid politics. There is no room for arrogance. Only hire good people. Ok.. This one is easier said th [read] Keywords: ibm blackberry community email enterprise google iphone microsoft mobile office outlook server virus

The Domino Reality Check
Wed, Sep 28th 2011 6:13a   Rob Salerno
Rivit recently launched a new product and service. We called it the Domino Reality check. We really struggled with the message. I’ve been in the Lotus world since 1993. That’s a long time. We based a company around the strength and our personal beliefs in Lotus Notes. But in current times we see it struggling in the market. So we developed a service around giving people the reality of their situation. Are they using the right product? Is domino providing me what I need? If I decide t [read] Keywords: domino lotus notes application applications email exchange exchange network

Rivit and Notes Code presenting an E-discovery Demonar – September 21, 2011
Mon, Sep 19th 2011 7:09p   rob
Rivit and Notes Code  are proud to present a Pursuit Demonar on September 21, 2011  at 12:00 (GMT -5). Pursuit provides administrators, compliance officers, and human resource personnel with a quick and efficient means to search and manage Lotus email and Domino application content across servers, mailboxes, and geographies, directly supporting discovery, content removal, content monitoring, and policy audits. Demonars are an ongoing series of product demos featuring excellent solutions for yo [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes application email

What the heck is a Rivit?
Tue, Jul 26th 2011 11:21a   Rob Salerno
After 14 years of running metaLogic, we decided that it would be better to split off the product division and the associated talent into a separate company.   However we didn’t just stop there we looked at all that was good and bad in metalogic.  The good we made better and the bad we eliminated.   Our key philosphy is to move quickly with market momentum.  That means that we will move more quickly with customer and market needs. It hasn’t been easy and like any changes like this there h [read] Keywords:

Introducing Rivit Technology Partners
Fri, Jul 1st 2011 11:23a   Rob Salerno
Effective July 1, Rivit Technology Partners, a company created from metaLogic, will take full responsibility of the product division of metaLogic.  A decision was made recently to create a new company that would remain focused in the Lotus Domino arena.  Our product division is important to us and we feel this spin off will give us all the ability to provide you and our products the important focus and attention required.  The core group of people that have worked with you over the years w [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus application applications archiving development email exchange exchange iphone microsoft

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