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Robert Farstad
Blog Title Roberts TechWorld
Blog Description My small tips&tricks in an ever growing IT-world. Lotus and TDI rulez!!
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Location Oslo, Norway

Recent Blog Posts
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2 2017-11-02 Robert Farstad Brainfart from me! ssl_enabled=true is really, really important even though the service is disabled!!
4 2017-10-31 Robert Farstad IBM Docs 2.0 CR3 is out!
1 2017-10-18 Robert Farstad Here´s my presentation I gave at Social Connections 12 in Vienna 17. October 2017.
2 2017-09-15 Robert Farstad I´m speaking at Social Connections 12 in Vienna
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2 2017-04-07 Robert Farstad IBM Docs 2.0 CR2 upgrade issue with the Conversion app. Deja vu with a twist.
2 2017-02-10 Robert Farstad TDI / SDI - Connect to Active Directory over SSL - How to
1 2017-01-19 Robert Farstad IBM Connections 5.5 - Make top header/menu sticky
1 2017-01-18 Robert Farstad IBM Connections 5.5 - change the name of "My Organization Communities"

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