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Robert Ibsen Voith
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Recent Blog Posts
50 2019-02-08 Robert Ibsen Voith Ahhh, of course I should know that "An unspecified error occurred (696e647863686b2e 9cb)" actually means "hey, your USB disk is drawing too much power from the USB-port"!
56 2019-02-06 Robert Ibsen Voith How to configure BitLocker so it doesn"t need 72 hours to encrypt 2 TB!
39 2018-09-20 Robert Ibsen Voith How a SmartNSF custom route can be used to create a redirector, in my case to open the corresponding Notes-document
175 2018-03-06 Robert Ibsen Voith How SmartNSF came to rescue in a heavily surveilled little (bird) house
167 2018-02-16 Robert Ibsen Voith How to redirect an URL in Domino and break the Domino-server's attempt to append any URL-parameter like ""?OpenDocument to the target URL!!
3 2017-11-08 Robert Ibsen Voith The quest to avoid SMTP Hacking and "Authentication Failed" on Domino-server continues
4 2017-10-31 Robert Ibsen Voith Wow! SmartNSF (BETA-5) can now call java directly, and work with the parameters with ease!
8 2017-10-25 Robert Ibsen Voith What!!! Notes 10 is coming 2018!
6 2017-10-16 Robert Ibsen Voith Bark-bark!! The LotusScript CWebContentConsumer now support REST Service POSTs with files++
5 2017-10-13 Robert Ibsen Voith Teach the old dog some new tricks: Let LotusScript consume REST Services the easy way
3 2017-07-04 Robert Ibsen Voith Unexpected results reading a plain text file with NotesStream in LotusScript (or when strings contain MORE than meet the eye)
0 2017-06-22 Robert Ibsen Voith Is Bluetooth degrading?
4 2017-06-09 Robert Ibsen Voith ISBG Spring Seminar Success!
1 2017-05-31 Robert Ibsen Voith How a recent Windows 10 update shoots itself in the foot with IPv6 :-)
4 2017-05-12 Robert Ibsen Voith Engaged at Engage 2017 in Antwerpen, Belgium!
1 2017-03-21 Robert Ibsen Voith How to get XPages and Bootstrap3_xxx themes to work (or how to check that XPages is correctly installed)?
7 2017-03-21 Robert Ibsen Voith Note to self; "Unable to find valid target platform" means "hey, install the core product first" when installing the Notes client
2 2017-03-16 Robert Ibsen Voith Post FP8 install - Does anybody know where the Xpages "Mobile" controls palette has gone?
0 2017-03-09 Robert Ibsen Voith Ahhh, feels good to have FP8 (and iNotes working again) in place!
2 2017-03-03 Robert Ibsen Voith Finally I managed to stop the SMTP hacking, generating tons of "SMTP Server: Authentication failed for user ..."-messages
5 2017-02-24 Robert Ibsen Voith How to use quickly get a nice looking month-calendar together with SmartNSF
3 2017-02-22 Robert Ibsen Voith How to setup Gmail's smtp.gmail.com as the outgoing mail server on both Domino and on iOS
4 2017-02-21 Robert Ibsen Voith Classic LotusScript: When 100.0 isn"t 100.0 anymore?!

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