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Got PNG? You may get problems.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 282
VMWare Fusion VM Corrupted? Try this.
Mon, Nov 10th 2014 231
Domino SSL Fixes Coming: "Dis is good!"
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 402
Hey who got The Handsome Champion?
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 80
SoftLayer + IBM: One Year Update
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 85
Streaming files to IE8? You may want this.
Fri, Jun 20th 2014 81
Let me tell you some things about the Irish...
Thu, Jun 12th 2014 71
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Domino SSL Fixes Coming: "Dis is good!"
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 402
Got PNG? You may get problems.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 282
VMWare Fusion VM Corrupted? Try this.
Mon, Nov 10th 2014 231
Using CKEditor 4: Part 6 - Caveats: Jumping Editors, More on Validation, Going iPad "Only," and 32K Limits
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 205
Setting Up The IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9
Wed, May 29th 2013 148
FIX: "Infinite" IE windows from mailto links
Thu, Oct 17th 2013 143
Use "secret" XPages for controlling scoped variables
Thu, Sep 20th 2012 134
Setting Up TLS (SSL) for IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9 - Part 1
Thu, May 30th 2013 114
Add Custom HTML Templates to Your CKEditor
Wed, Oct 16th 2013 106
Using CKEditor 4: Part 4 - Designing for Read/Edit Modes and Using Validation
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 99

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Recent Blog Posts

Got PNG? You may get problems.
Mon, Nov 17th 2014 6:18a   Russell Maher
Last Spring I was configuring the Web Application Firewall in front of our Domino XPages application and discovered a rather annoying little Domino "feature." It seems that Domino likes to send PNG files down the wire while indicating that those files are JPEG files. To illustrate the issue I've included a screen shot from a quick Burp scan that shows there is a mismatch. The issue is that the image might not display at all depending on your network and security setup. This came up agai [read] Keywords: domino xpages application network security server

VMWare Fusion VM Corrupted? Try this.
Mon, Nov 10th 2014 5:17a   Russell Maher
I use several VMs and have been using VMWare Fusion for years. No problems. Then last month one of my two main vms got this strange error. I futzed with it but was in a hurry and ended up being able to copy the critical files off of it just in case and the darn thing is still corrupted somehow and I really cannot use it any more. So...this past weekend I received a similar error that looks somethings like this... ...except that this time it was on my really, really main VM so I quickly us [read] Keywords: google vm vmware

Domino SSL Fixes Coming: "Dis is good!"
Tue, Oct 21st 2014 10:10a   Russell Maher
As Nicolas Cages tells Cher in Moonstruck when he's eating the steak she cooked for him... "'Dis is good." IBM released two technotes today regarding SSL and Domino. I do wish this would have happened sooner but I can tell you from a lot of life experience that "late" is truly better than "never." Domino peeps will be able to support TLS 1.0 and disable SSLv3 support (to protect themselves from POODLE without a proxy server) AND support for SHA2 SSL/TLS certificates is also coming. [read] Keywords: domino ibm server

Hey who got The Handsome Champion?
Thu, Jul 24th 2014 1:11p   Russell Maher
My IBM Champion swag just arrived and I ripped into it like it was Christmas then got on a real roll with PhotoBooth! Thank you to IBM for having the Champion program and thank you to Oliver and Amanda for providing us with some really nice things. Very cool. The stuff is cool, no doubt about that, but it is still the honor of being selected an IBM Champion that is really really cool and I am very grateful. [read] Keywords: ibm

SoftLayer + IBM: One Year Update
Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 3:11p   Russell Maher
About a year ago I posted a couple of times regarding IBM's acquisition of SoftLayer. Received email this morning heralding the one year anniversary of the acquisition and I thought I would take a few moments to give my take as a SoftLayer customer. I was very concerned a year ago when I heard the SoftLayer announcement because, while I sincerely believe the financials of IBM's acquisition of Lotus Software back in 1995 are right in line with IBM's business track record (which is to say the [read] Keywords: ibm lotus application email

Streaming files to IE8? You may want this.
Fri, Jun 20th 2014 9:11a   Russell Maher
An easy XPages tip for a lazy Friday... Got SSL? Streaming files using an XAgent? You're gonna' get an error unless you do something like this: if(context.getUserAgent().isIE(8, 8)==false){ response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache"); } Apparently IE8 don't like no caching when streaming files over SSL. [read] Keywords: xpages


Let me tell you some things about the Irish...
Thu, Jun 12th 2014 6:12a   Russell Maher
To tie off my Ireland Itinerary series of posts I wanted to close with some thoughts on the Irish people and country. I have a curiosity about people that I do not often have the chance to indulge generally because I am too busy and many people find my inquisitive intensity to be unnerving but when I have the chance, the time and the opportunity I really try to learn as much about others as possible and am often rewarded with some valuable perspectives. What I found in Ireland is that the peop [read] Keywords:

A Few Pics from Ireland
Wed, Jun 11th 2014 6:12a   Russell Maher
Some of my favorite pics from our Ireland trip... They run anybody during elections! At Newgrange Giant's Causeway Sheeps At Harvey's Point they added this small fireplace room in 2004. It is so awesome! Kylemore Abbey Cows on the road Cows in a field. Banded Galloways Dinner at Hayfield Manor Where the Mahers are from Rock of Cashel Actually drank some whiskey...well Ginger Ale with some whiskey This is really good! Too much to drink? Fishing pole and an an MG [read] Keywords: application blogger google

Our Grand Ireland Itinerary: Nights 8-11
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 2:15p   Russell Maher
This is the second part in a series of posts about our trip to Ireland. Day 1 Itinerary Day 3 Itinerary Nights 8-11 Our first seven nights took us from Dublin to Trim to Northern Ireland to Donegal and then toward Galway. Nights 8-11 took us to the Dingle Peninsula, through part of the Ring of Kerry then over to Cork. Dingle The Dingle Peninsula is stunning. The road out on the peninsula offers some of the most stunning coastline you'll ever encounter. Really something to see. Sadly [read] Keywords:

Our Grand Ireland Itinerary: Nights 12-14
Tue, Jun 10th 2014 2:15p   Russell Maher
This is the third post in a series of posts about our Ireland itinerary. Day 1 Itinerary Day 2 Itinerary Nights 12-14 Our last drive took us from Cork, where we stayed at the lovely Hayfield Manor, to Dublin via Blarney Castle, where we both kissed the Blarney Stone, to Tipperary (the ancestral location ft the Mahers), to the Rock of Cashel, the lovely town of Kilkenny and then to Dublin where we dropped off the rental car after checking in to fabulous Westbury Hotel. Blarney Castle [read] Keywords: wiki

Our Grand Ireland Itinerary
Mon, Jun 9th 2014 9:10p   Russell Maher
Now I've been to Ireland. Karen and I spent two weeks there and got back last Saturday. Karen's travels plus my travels plus our travels adds up to a fairly impressive list of places (for Americans anyway) but, shockingly, neither of us had ever been to Ireland and so, for the first time, we travelled to a place where neither of us had ever been before. By the end of the trip, it is fair to say that, although we plan on returning to Ireland in the future, if we never make it back, we've gi [read] Keywords: wiki

More security. That's what I'M talkin' about!
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 11:11p   Russell Maher
Just deployed a Citrix Netscaler Platinum into our SoftLayer infrastructure. While we are quite confident in Domino and XPages security, a recent application vulnerability scan highlighted a couple of areas where Domino comes up a little short. For example, not being able to set the SessionID cookie as Secure (SSL only) could be a bit of an issue under the right circumstances. I have been evaluating the Netscaler for a few weeks and pretty much it's a web application administrator control fr [read] Keywords: domino xpages application citrix network security

Using CKEditor 4: Part 6 - Caveats: Jumping Editors, More on Validation, Going iPad "Only," and 32K Limits
Fri, Mar 14th 2014 6:14a   Russell Maher
This is Part 6 (final part) of a series of videos that illustrate our solution to implementing CKEditor 4 in our XPages application. You can find links to all of the videos in Part 1. In the last video I showed how this technique looks on an actual iPad..In this video I discuss some things to be aware of when working with the CKEditor, either CKEditor 4 or the currently installed XPages version ( CKEditors jump! Validation usually in play in XPage apps will probably require a more e [read] Keywords: script library xpages application blogger google

Some Cultural Thoughts II (3 movies)
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 11:13p   Russell Maher
As I wrote in an earlier post, we've been viewing our way through the Oscar-nominated movies and we've just completed three more this week. Captain Phillips Fantastic movie! Watch it. Interesting fact...my oldest daughter was dating a fellow at the time who was serving on one of the U.S. Navy ships involved in the rescue. Gripping story plus Tom Hanks plus perfect movie-long crescendo of tension that ends in a rather incredible way even when you know how the story ends. Gravity Techni [read] Keywords:

Wife Really Got Me Laughing
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 9:12a   Russell Maher
Today I am 51. One of my pet peeves is wearing socks with sandals. I just don't get it unless you have a condition but even then I just don't get it. Up until the last few years when the 20-somethings started doing it, the Wearin' O' the Socks with Sandals was primarily limited to Old Guys. Got this card this morning from Karen and she really had me laughing! [read] Keywords:

Using CKEditor 4: Part 5 - iPad Demonstration
Thu, Mar 13th 2014 6:12a   Russell Maher
This is Part 5 of a series of videos that illustrate our solution to implementing CKEditor 4 in our XPages application. You can find links to all of the videos in Part 1. In the last video I discussed coding for Read/Edit modes and validation. In this video I show what it looks like on an iPad and add a new field to, uh, accommodate some aberrant behavior! I think the issue is with the CKEditor but just wanted you to see the issue and understand why things were changed slightly. My guess is yo [read] Keywords: xpages application blogger google

Using CKEditor 4: Part 4 - Designing for Read/Edit Modes and Using Validation
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 6:14a   Russell Maher
This is Part 4 of a series of videos that illustrate our solution to implementing CKEditor 4 in our XPages application. You can find links to all of the videos in Part 1. In this video I show the technique we used to make an XPage work in both Edit and read mode and also talk a little about field validation. For XPager Devs, these techniques will be Old Hat! Enjoy! [read] Keywords: xpages application blogger google

Using CKEditor 4: Part 2 - Copy CKEditor contents to another field
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 4:12p   Russell Maher
This is Part 2 of a series of videos that illustrate our solution to implementing CKEditor 4 in our XPages application. You can find links to all of the videos in Part 1. In this video I show the technique we used to transfer the HTML content from the CKEditor into a standard XPages Multiline Edit Box control. The technology behind this is something those of us in the business call "Javascript." Pretty fancy stuff, I know, but I'm quite sure it is gonna' be big someday. Enjoy! [read] Keywords: xpages application blogger google javascript

Using CKEditor 4: Part 3 - Convert content into MIME
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 4:12p   Russell Maher
This is Part 3 of a series of videos that illustrate our solution to implementing CKEditor 4 in our XPages application. You can find links to all of the videos in Part 1. In the last video I showed how we were transferring the content of CKEditor 4 into an XPages control. In this video I show how the copied HTML is saved into the document as MIME which is really what you're after when implementing a "rich text" web editor after all! Enjoy! [read] Keywords: rich text xpages application blogger google

Using CKEditor 4: Part1 - Preface + Setup
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 6:12a   Russell Maher
Last Fall we needed to implement a better rich text editor for iPad users and found CKEditor 4 addressed the issues we had with the currently installed CKEditor and also met our needs. This series of videos provide a look into the technique we used and the steps required to make it work. Our application is based entirely on beans so it was a little tough to extract the technique into a little more non-bean-friendly XPage solution but I think I have given the topic a pretty good once over here [read] Keywords: rich text xpages application blogger google

Some Cultural Thoughts (4 Movies and a Book)
Sat, Mar 8th 2014 11:12a   Russell Maher
A few thoughts on Thinge Cultural... Heart of Darkness - by Joseph Conrad Finished Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad a few weeks ago. Had heard the book referred to in the remake of King Kong and also Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Congo episode and added it to my list of "classics I should read." Moby Dick is a fairly dense read but this Heart of Darkness was a whole order higher in reading challenge for me. The book is written as someone telling a story about their experience headi [read] Keywords: wiki

Chicagoland Driving Stupidity Epidemic
Sat, Mar 8th 2014 9:10a   Russell Maher
In Chicagoland we are suffering from an epidemic of Driving Stupidity. The picture below shows exactly what I am talking about. We're at a stoplight and the car in front of me is more than a full car length back from the white line where you're actually supposed to stop. This person drove straight after the light turned green and never moved an inch forward after coming to their stop. You cannot drive more than ten minutes around here without seeing someone pull this stunt and it doesn't mat [read] Keywords:

Lotusphere: It just gets curiouser and curiouser - The Bad
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 8:11a   Russell Maher
I always considered the annual IBM lovefest in Orlando in January as "Lotusphere" but after last week it is pretty clear it IBM Connect ain't no Lotusphere. The OGS (The Bad): Who are you talking to? Short Version: I was not a fan of the OGS. Here is the Good News if you prefer. Long Version: What can you say about an Opening General Session where people actually yelled "No" when asked from the stage at the end if they liked the demos and if there were enough demos? Sadly, not much g [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere mobile

Lotusphere: It just gets curiouser and curiouser - The Good
Mon, Feb 3rd 2014 8:11a   Russell Maher
The Bad was here. Here is The Good The Speakers I did not get to see many sessions at all but the ones I did see were very good. There are so many more sessions I would have liked to see, for the information or to support the speakers I know well, but my own business schedule simply gets in the way this time of year. The Developers In prior years I never really needed to ask for anything from the IBM Developers. This year though I needed several issues addressed and I found each person I [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes xpages application applications db2 email microsoft server social software websphere

Yes! I am at Connect 2014 in Orlando!
Sat, Jan 25th 2014 1:10p   Russell Maher
Well, I did not think I could come to Orlando this year but several things aligned over the last eight weeks and so I am here! Last year at Connect 2013 I spent a significant amount of time in the hotel room working and that was a bit of a bummer. One reason I was considering not coming this year was, again, just due to workload. This is the busy time of year for our customers. I will most likely still be working while I am here but right now things appear to be a little more in hand thanks t [read] Keywords: ibm

I dub thee "Tree Killer"
Tue, Jan 21st 2014 4:10p   Russell Maher
I am not proud of it but we go through A LOT of paper and printing. It makes sense if you consider each work item we create typically generates 35-55 pages when printed, which legal people almost always do, and for each of those we might print each one 2-3 times until it is finalized. We definitely try to minimize the printing but for our work you can only go so far. Well I bought the beast of a color laser about 15 months ago and really liked it until my last Cyan ink cartridge only lasted a [read] Keywords: apple wifi

Breaking Bad: A Few Comments
Sat, Jan 11th 2014 10:12a   Russell Maher
Never have been one to watch a lot of TV but I got pretty sick a few weeks back and then we had the crazy Polar Vortex so while I was resting and staying in the house I rejoined Netflix to take in Breaking Bad to see what all of the chatter was about. The Mrs. and I finished watching a couple of nights ago, but the fact that it is still in my head is a good indication of how good it is and I thought I'd pen a few thoughts before I start working today. General Comments... Interesting seri [read] Keywords:

Our heater can't keep up but it could be worse...
Tue, Jan 7th 2014 9:11a   Russell Maher
Anyone even mildly paying attention to the news in the U.S. is aware we are in the grip of a truly deep freeze right now. How cold is it you ask? Cold enough that our normally superb heating system simply can't keep up. Thermostat set to 72, actual temperature 65. Even though it is a little chilly here in the house, I am actually pretty thankful. Why? Because one of my worst memories of my childhood was my first winter in Mustang, OK (right about here but I think our house is gone now). [read] Keywords: google

Out with The Old, in with The New Moleskine
Fri, Jan 3rd 2014 12:11p   Russell Maher
We have a CRM system, we have IBM Notes which allows us to create any kind of customer-focused system we might need (we've built several), we have an email marketing system...we've evaluated all kinds of systems to manage customer information and projects etc. and so far I've not found one that truly meets all of my needs for the sales and training activity I need to track. So...I use...a Moleskine notebook for that! Yup. Paper. I like it because when a call comes in I have a handy place [read] Keywords: ibm notes email taking notes

2013: BAM!
Tue, Dec 31st 2013 11:10a   Russell Maher
There really is a lot to say about 2013 so let's get to it... The Business Product validated. Pricing validated. Infrastructure validated. Growing pains required bringing on additional help and improving our internal processes. Customer base quintupled in 2013. Based on customer interest, product offering, current level of customer penetration and expanded marketing plans, 2014 should see continued growth of at least 300%. We have successfully created a new product segment within the c [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere ray ozzie xpages application applications community development email mobile planetlotus planetlotus.org

SourceTree Sorrows
Mon, Dec 16th 2013 8:10a   Russell Maher
In early November I jumped on the SourceTree bandwagon and immediately Designer started getting an error when committing through the normal Mercurial binaries that an "eol" plugin was missing and no amount of committing, uninstalling, reinstalling SourceTree and/or Mercurial binaries could remove the mystery "sol" element from being an uncommitted change. So I figured committing through SourceTree was now the only acceptable channel. Fine. Then the craziness really started. Doing exactly [read] Keywords: notes ntf xpages application best practice bug database email java properties vm

Deprecating Domino Web Admin? Uh...Decide Different.
Wed, Nov 13th 2013 2:11p   Russell Maher
Yesterday folks became broadly aware of an IBM security bulletin that looks to have been released on 11/5/2013 announcing that the Domino Web Administrator suffered from a low level of security risk and was, therefore, being deprecated. Candidly, my first was reaction was ..."Gee, that's too bad" and then I kept coding. Well after reading a couple blog posts from some of the more, uh, entertaining but less, shall we say, productive, members of our community I realized this was a mistake. [read] Keywords: admin domino ibm community consulting security

"Configurable Buttons" Solution Part 1
Tue, Nov 12th 2013 5:12a   Russell Maher
In our business the ability to customize our customers' online functionality is key to driving sales and just as key to delivering successful results. Consequently anything we make configurable on a granular level is a win for us and for customers. Case in point: "Navigation" buttons. Well, that's what we call them but essentially they are buttons at the bottom of an XPage that either Save data then go or just, uh, go. Based on customer requests we determined that for maximum flexibility [read] Keywords: notes xpages application css java javascript properties

The Code Change That Loaded Our Pages 50% Faster
Fri, Nov 8th 2013 5:12a   Russell Maher
Yesterday I wrote that I reduced page load times on one of our XPages by 54% by tweaking a little bit of code that was used to display glossary/footnotes in popup dialogs. I have steeled myself for the inevitable coding advice from the XPage community's obvious jQuery expert, Dr. Marky Roden (who chastised me for pulling a Charles Dickens by not publishing this code yesterday), and am now sharing this code. You can see the page load times on yesterday's post but what I found was that the ori [read] Keywords: xpages apple community

A Few Metrics, A Little Code Tweak: 50% Faster Page Loads
Thu, Nov 7th 2013 7:12a   Russell Maher
In our application we provide popup glossary terms and footnotes. Sometimes a lot of them. Like 200+ within the same XPage. When I initially developed that functionality, I did what I always do and tell others to do: Code it the way you'd like to code it and if the performance is good, then leave it like that. "WHAT?! Code should always be optimized, Russ, and follow style guides and programming conventions and ..." "Code Shmode" is what I say. Code's only purpose in life is to prod [read] Keywords: notes xpages application development

My Favorite Development Tool
Wed, Nov 6th 2013 5:12a   Russell Maher
Behold...The Mighty Pencil! (Of course you can use any brand of pencil although I prefer the Field Notes brand myself.) Way back when I first started teaching Notes application development, I generally advised developers to pull out a blank piece of paper and a pencil and sketch out what they wanted to build. First. You do this now whether you realize it or not. You might not put it on paper but, before you start coding something, you architect it in your mind. Definitely for some applicat [read] Keywords: notes application development

Installing IE9 vs. Using Developer Tools: They're Not the Same
Tue, Nov 5th 2013 5:11a   Russell Maher
Today I am trying to diagnose a customer issue with IE9. We had implemented a styling fix that took care of any IE8 issues that existed and our testing of IE9 showed there were no issues with that version. Until the customer emailed. Yeah, they are using IE9 and the application menus look terrible. "Hmm. We've tested those menus on IE9 and they work great. How can that be?" "Oh, it can be. And it is. Bad, that is." Fine. We create a new VM, install a clean copy of IE9 on Windows 7 [read] Keywords: application vm

And Groove411.com Vanished From The Earth...
Mon, Oct 28th 2013 10:15a   Russell Maher
What the ?? Where did that title come from? From an absolutely fascinating article, “…and The Mound-builders Vanished From The Earth”, on how Americans (loosely defined) tried to determine just who built those mounds everywhere in North America? Last Friday, I let my domain registration for Groove411.com expire. I registered it in 2000 amidst a flurry of other "411" style domains with an eye towards perhaps using it to generate some content around the Groove platform. Groove was pre [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes community desktop office

Mavericks: A Concern, a Nice Feature and a Helpful Tip
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 2:12p   Russell Maher
Put Mavericks on my iMacs and MacBook Pro last night and so today is my first full day using it and I just wanted to share a concern, a cool thing I noticed and a tip. First, I use my old iMac in Target Display Mode. Gives me a third 27" monitor to work with. Twice now though when I switched into that mode, my current iMac screens went black and the only way I could stop it was to hard reboot. Ugly and more than a little concerning. Second, I really like the way a window becomes transparen [read] Keywords: apple application blogger google macbook

The Obamacare Website IT Pro Lesson: Don't get involved with "that project"
Thu, Oct 24th 2013 8:11a   Russell Maher
So I'm writing and supporting apps for this law department from 1996 onwards and they decide to purchase a new matter management system. The vendor comes in and says they will use some new technology, Domino, to web enable their cool Notes-based matter management system and the Heavenly Choirs will sing evermore. I was included in the initial meeting with the vendor because I was the de facto Notes/Domino team. The vendor guys immediately wanted to know who I was and why I was there and woul [read] Keywords: domino notes application

FIX: "Infinite" IE windows from mailto links
Thu, Oct 17th 2013 6:12a   Russell Maher
Don't know when but I pretty sure it was after upgrading to Notes 9 and maybe IE 10...sometime...several months ago...I started getting truly unlimited numbers of IE windows popping up with an error if I inadvertently clicked on a mailto link. After getting tired of holding down Alt+F4 continuously to try and close the windows as fast as they opened until they all went away, I used The Google (nicked that term from Tim Tripcony!) to discover a solution which can be found here. "When user cli [read] Keywords: notes community google java

Add Custom HTML Templates to Your CKEditor
Wed, Oct 16th 2013 6:10a   Russell Maher
Over two months since my last post...aggghhh...pathetic...just been very busy which is not a bad thing these days... Simpering skulking done...and now....On With The Tip!! I really have no idea why, but my entire Notes/Domino life has essentially been one long period of nobody else seems to need or do what I do. Or at least very often. Dunno' why. Just is. This tip might be one of those things that you will not find useful but in our business it is extremely productive and it is easy to [read] Keywords: domino notes rich text xpages openntf planetlotus planetlotus.org server

Five Minutes to Font Awesome Icons
Tue, Aug 13th 2013 11:14a   Russell Maher
So I am watching the OpenNTF XPages AppDev winners webinar this morning and really digging the whole, you did something and now you show it to me format and then it hit me... "Uh, Russ, you've been long on blogging advice and short on blogging something tangible." Truth is I've been very busy with QDiligence and have just gotten back to some Ye' Olde Coding in the last week so didn't really have much to share but... Today is different! I wanted to use Font Awesome icons in our applicatio [read] Keywords: xpages application applications blogging css openntf

I am an expert. Gonna' enjoy that for a bit. You should, too.
Fri, Aug 2nd 2013 11:21a   Russell Maher
In 1992 I began teaching desktop software. My days consisted of teaching people desktop software product basics and my nights consisted of trying to find the correct answers to questions I "missed" that day and learning more software for the next morning. Word one day, Excel the next, PowerPoint, Paradox, Word on DOS (yes, really), Freelance..."Got a book? I'll learn it." Energizing and mind-expanding...but grueling. In 1993 I saw Lotus Notes and realized that here was a product that [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes applications desktop

Lord of the Flies
Fri, Jul 26th 2013 2:14p   Russell Maher
For the last several years I've made an effort to read some of "the canon" when I have the inclination or run across a book I've heard about but never read.Bought Lord of the Flies a week ago and finished it last night.I've heard people describe how impactful this book was on them but since I knew ahead of time at least one of the major shockers I didn't feel really emotionally jolted by the story. I did find myself very drawn into reading it though and was quite motivated to finish it y [read] Keywords: google

Congratulations David Leedy! Four Years of NotesIn9!
Fri, Jul 19th 2013 11:15a   Russell Maher
David Leedy posted today that NotesIn9.com has now been running for four years. In four years NotesIn9.com has racked up some very impressive usage stats. In addition to being the premier source for XPages learning, David has also managed to create several truly excellent XPage cheatsheets at xpagescheatsheet.com. I have contributed videos to NotesIn9 and I can tell you that making a single video requires a significant time commitment. Once you're done with the video though, you give it to [read] Keywords: lotus xpages community

Searching for jQuery Solutions: Sometimes you don't need 'em
Fri, Jul 19th 2013 10:15a   Russell Maher
Yesterday I am putting the finishing touches to the previous finishing touches to the original set of finishing touches to the updated QDiligence.com site and I realize I need a little pizzaz and a little bit of functionality. I'm a jQuery kind of guy so I head over to Xomino.com where my friend Marky Roden espouses All Thinge jQuery with an XPages twist. Good man that Marky! I was hoping to use jQuery plugins to add the functionality I wanted but in the end I didn't use any plugins at all [read] Keywords: xpages css javascript security

"How did you do that?" - That's what important these days.
Tue, Jul 16th 2013 9:14a   Russell Maher
Attend this OpenNTF webinar: How did you do that? Hear from the Winners of the XPages App Dev Contest I will be attending for sure and it is on my calendar. Why would I be so interested in this webinar vs. the large number of other ones that I don't post about? Because the title describes what I am interested in: How. If you know how to program you can pretty much figure out how to use any API or platform or whatever to "do things" with an application. When you want to get down in the grass [read] Keywords: xpages application css javascript openntf twitter

That Was Quick: IBM SoftLayer Acquisition Closes
Mon, Jul 8th 2013 12:14p   Russell Maher
Well, I said the deal would close at the end of Q3. Nope. Wrong. Right at the beginning of Q3. IBM Closes Acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies An "A" for drive to close the deal quickly. Getting it done on full quarter means we might see some big announcements right around the beginning of the year but given the almost immediate closing of the deal we might see something sooner. I've been on the lookout for changes to our SoftLayer services but not a lot since the deal had not been clo [read] Keywords: ibm

Requiring SSL for SSO? Flick the switch!
Wed, Jun 19th 2013 6:19a   Russell Maher
Recently we switched our servers to use SSO and life was good. Until someone tried to login to their mail. (Why anyone would want to use the browser to access their mail when they have a perfectly good Notes client and Traveler at their disposal is beyond me...but, alas...) Where was I?, Oh yes, SSO. Well being the security conscious kind of guy that I am I configured SSO to require SSL. What that means in English is that in order to access your databases you must use SSL. Oh sure, you can [read] Keywords: notes notes client traveler application database security

OWASP - The Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks
Fri, Jun 14th 2013 9:17a   Russell Maher
OWASP , The Open Web Application Security Project, just officially released "OWASP Top Ten - 2013, The Ten Most Critical Web Application Security Risks." All XPagers and Domino-folk should give this a read. My sense is that Domino holds up very well out of the box against this list of vulnerabilities which is a good thing but there are clearly some areas of possible concern given your exact situation and your specific applications. We run a publicly hosted XPages application so, of course, [read] Keywords: domino xpages application applications security

IBM buys SoftLayer. Yeah, that's a concern for us.
Tue, Jun 4th 2013 11:22a   Russell Maher
IBM to Acquire SoftLayer to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise Never really cared much for the business side of software licensing and infrastructure when I was doing straight corporate development and administration. Once I started hosting applications that all changed. Why? Because I became a paying customer. I expect things and my vendors' decisions impact my business. We've been using SoftLayer since 2007. We chose them after a careful analysis of the other ven [read] Keywords: administration domino ibm lotus notes applications development enterprise

Setting Up TLS (SSL) for IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9 - Part 2
Thu, May 30th 2013 10:18p   Russell Maher
In Part 1 I showed you how to use IKeyMan to set up your SSL keys database. Now in Part 2 we will configure IHS to actually use your keys and to use TLS (SSL). Since you've already set up IBM HTTP Server on your Domino 9 server, all you need to do now is edit the domino.conf file and tell IHS to start using SSL. The Domino documentation is perfect here, too. I followed their steps to the letter and it worked. When I deviated, it didn't work so save your deviation and creativity until you [read] Keywords: domino ibm application database mac server

Setting Up TLS (SSL) for IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9 - Part 1
Thu, May 30th 2013 10:18p   Russell Maher
In the last post I went through the steps to install and set up the IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9. In this and the following post we'll go through the steps to enable TLS (SSL) which really is the reason to use the IBM HTTP Server with Domino in the first place. There are really only two steps to this: Step 1 - Get your SSL keys Step 2 - Configure IHS to use your keys But first...About SSL If you've not gone through this process before, let me lay it out for you. SSL keys are a form of [read] Keywords: domino ibm database password security server

Setting Up The IBM HTTP Server with Domino 9
Wed, May 29th 2013 11:18p   Russell Maher
The IBM HTTP Server 8.5 is included with Domino 9 and you can use it as your HTTP server instead of the Domino HTTP server if you wish. This post describes the steps required to get it running. There are two questions to ask. 1. Why would you want to use it? Why? TLS. What's TLS you say? It is the new and improved SSL. Domino does not support TLS but the IBM HTTP Server (which is based on Apache) does. So if you want to get an A on your SSL Test Here, you gotta' step up to TLS and that [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes applications security server wiki

What browser ARE they using?
Thu, May 23rd 2013 1:17p   Russell Maher
We support the public and, let me tell you, that can be challenging when providing a complex application where everything the user sees has to be "just so." If a customer has a user who says the application is "not working," the first thing we check is what browser they are using. It is pretty easy to locate the user agent string in the logs and through our own application logging but knowing the full details is very helpful for us to quickly determine what the issue may be so I use: http [read] Keywords: agent xpages application

Ever wondered what a typical Chicago drive to Wrigley Field looks like?
Mon, May 20th 2013 2:15p   Russell Maher
Using my new GoPro Hero3 as a DashCam I created this video of the drive from my house to Wrigley Field on a Saturday morning to see the Cubs. 22 miles. Six minutes. [read] Keywords:

I won a cool GoPro Hero3! Thanks IAmLug Sponsors!
Mon, May 20th 2013 2:15p   Russell Maher
How awesome is this? I go to IAmLUG in St. Louis and win this awesome GoPro Hero3 Silver camera! Bah ha ha ha ha. (I am just thrilled with it. Can you tell?) What an awesome piece of technology! Now I am not going to be any aerial vids (yet) like Carl Tyler but I am planning on using it initially as a DashCam to record and comment on the oft-frustrating driving that is Chicago driving. THANK YOU to all of the IAmLug sponsors who made this awesome prize possible: NotesCodewww.notescode.com [read] Keywords: connections domino notes sametime xpages application archiving community development email

Finding Your Own Presenting Voice + Let Me Know If You Would Like Feedback
Mon, May 20th 2013 8:20a   Russell Maher
Find Your Voice You have to decide or learn what your voice is when presenting. We have a lot of excellent speakers in our orbit that have very effective yet different speaking styles and you can learn something from all of them. Wes Morgan gives a great presentation and his style is definitely professional grade. I dig it. Chris Miller has an almost Robin Williams-esque presentation style backed by a CRAZY level of technical knowledge that is extremely effective. Kathy Brown, the loud laug [read] Keywords: skype

How to Handle Critical Presentation Evals
Fri, May 17th 2013 6:15a   Russell Maher
Unfortunately, sessions are either "good" or they're not and you may not have any control over that. (What do you mean? I do the writing, the demoing and the speaking...I control everything.) Au contraire mon ami. You are not in control of who shows up to listen. Different people are going to react differently to your presentation and sometimes absolutely nothing you could have done would have made your presentation "good" for some of those people. David Leedy sent me this quote yesterday [read] Keywords:

"Advice on Session Speaking" or "Want To Speak At Connect 2014?"
Thu, May 16th 2013 9:15a   Russell Maher
Since 1986-2006 and 2009-2012 as a music teacher, choir and chorus director, certified instructor and seminar speaker I have been talking in front of people a lot for a long time. A lot. Often daily but always multiple times a month. That's a lot of time to get comfortable doing it. Here's the problem: I am not a natural limelight seeker. I am not naturally witty or funny. I am not particularly glib, never was overly easy on the eyes and, despite what I said before, I don't consider m [read] Keywords: dblookup

"Writing A Good Session Abstract" or "Want To Speak At Connect 2014?"
Tue, May 14th 2013 6:18a   Russell Maher
ICON UK and MWLUG are accepting session abstracts. Local user groups (DCLUG, NELUG, ATLUG) are always on the prowl for presenters so you are going to have to do a little abstract writing if you want to do some speakin'. Yesterday I said I would tell you how to write a good session abstract. Alas...writing session abstracts is one area where, being honest with myself, I am not the equal of others. In fact, I am the Susan Lucci of Lotusphere. Sort of. Worse actually. You see, unlike Ms. Lu [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere wiki

"I'm Just As Smart As You" or "Want To Speak At Connect 2014?"
Mon, May 13th 2013 10:14a   Russell Maher
I am just as smart as you. Yup. Unless you're that rare individual that is just "wow" (I met one just last week at IAmLUG), pretty much I believe that anything you can do, say or know... I can do, say or know equally well. (With technology anyway...I believe my hopes for an Olympic medal in downhill skiing are pretty much quashed at this point.) (WHAT THE ...! Is Russ for real here?) Here's the thing: I also believe that you are just as smart as anyone else. (WHERE IS THIS GOING?) [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

Managed Beans: When, Why and How ... IAmLug Presentation & Files
Thu, May 9th 2013 8:17a   Russell Maher
Spoke at IAmLug 2013 this week in St. Louis. Thanks to everyone who came to my session! Really. Here are links to NSF downloads: IAmLug My First Bean Audit Application ...and my presentation... [read] Keywords: application

Source Control: The Good Stuff - Part 9: Our Mercurial Source Control Strategy
Fri, May 3rd 2013 6:18a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 9: Our Mercurial Source Control Strategy! The final installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. Well it all comes down to this: How are you going to use Source Control? If you've gone through the earlier videos on Mercurial Source Control within Domino Designer, you've seen how to perform all of the essential steps to get going and seen all of the essential tasks you would need to effectively use source control for your XPage applications. Now it's time to take a look [read] Keywords: domino applications security

Source Control: The Good Stuff - Part 8: Using Revert and Changing Repo NSF Files
Thu, May 2nd 2013 6:18a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 8: Using Revert and Changing Repo NSF Files! The eighth installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. In this penultimate episode, I show you how to use Revert to "undo" design changes and then show how to switch your repository between different NSFs or create a new NSF from your source control repository. The final two essential concepts to learn before developing your own source control strategy/process. Tomorrow: Part 9: A Mercurial Source Control Strategy [read] Keywords:

Source Control: The Good Stuff - Part 7: Pulling Changesets from a Remote Repository
Wed, May 1st 2013 4:18p   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 7: Pulling Changesets from a Remote Repository! The seventh installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. Guess what? Chances are you're not going to be the only person using your Mercurial source control repository. When other people push their changesets to the remote repo, you're gonna' want their code so you need to Pull. Here's how to do that. Tomorrow: Part 8: Using Revert and Changing Repo NSF Files [read] Keywords:

Source Control: The Good Stuff - Part 6: Using Source Control Tags
Tue, Apr 30th 2013 7:24a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 6: Using Source Control Tags! The sixth installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. Now that you know how to create and use multiple branches within your source control repo, you might want to embrace Tagging to keep track of important releases within your code stream. Let's see how to use Tags! Tomorrow: Part 7: Pulling Changesets from a Remote Repository [read] Keywords:

Source Control: The Good Stuff Part 5: Mercurial Branching and Merging
Mon, Apr 29th 2013 6:17a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 5: Mercurial Branching and Merging! The fifth installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. In Part 4, I introduced the basic concepts of using source control branches. In this video I show you how to actually apply those concepts within Domino Designer 9 using Mercurial. We set up multiple branches, merge changesets between branches and show how to resolve merge conflicts. Tomorrow: Part 6: Using Source Control Tags [read] Keywords: domino

Source Control: The Good Stuff Part 3: Connecting To A Remote Mercurial Repository
Thu, Apr 25th 2013 6:18a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 3: Connecting To A Remote Mercurial Repository! The third installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. We've installed Mercurial, we can commit our changes and switch to different revisions via the repository history. All good. Except if your hard drive fails right now. Probably a good time to push your local repository to a remote repository. Not only for safekeeping/backup but maybe you want to share your project with other people on your team (or virtual team) who ar [read] Keywords:

Source Control: The Good Stuff Part 4: Introduction to Source Control Branching
Wed, Apr 24th 2013 12:21p   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 4: Introduction to Source Control Branching! The fourth installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. This video as an introduction to the using branches within your source control repository. I think all of the videos are pretty worthwhile and I hope they help others with source control in Domino Designer but this video and the next video are the two things I really wished I had had available when I really got serious about source control. I know people have done demos and [read] Keywords: domino

Source Control: The Good Stuff Part 2: Basic Repo Usage: Committing and History
Wed, Apr 24th 2013 10:18a   Russell Maher
Welcome to Part 2: Basic Repo Usage: Committing and History! The second installment of Source Control: The Good Stuff. After installing Mercurial source control in Domino Designer 9 (as demonstrated in Part 1), you'll actually want to start using your new local repository. This video demonstrates the basic process of making design changes and committing those changes into your Mercurial repo. After that we take a look at how to use the history stored within your repo so you can "go back in [read] Keywords: domino

Source Control: The Good Stuff Part 1: Installing Mercurial Source Control in Domino Designer 9
Tue, Apr 23rd 2013 10:22a   Russell Maher
Part 1: Installing Mercurial Source Control in Domino Designer 9 To use source control you have to install and configure source control. Makes sense, right? This video shows you how to install Mercurial source control start to finish in Domino Designer 9. Tomorrow... Part 2: Basic Repo Usage: Committing and History [read] Keywords: domino

Source Control: The Good Stuff
Tue, Apr 23rd 2013 10:22a   Russell Maher
Today I am launching a series of posts and videos to guide Domino Developers through using Mercurial Source Control in Domino Designer 9 starting with installation and ending with using source control across multiple databases and server environments. My goal is to get you to where I've gotten to with source control...but faster. I've dabbled with source control off and on for a couple of years but it wasn't until this year that I realized how beneficial it would be for what I do now. Earl [read] Keywords: domino notes xpages community server

How Did I Miss That For So Long...And How Do I Make Our UI Better?
Mon, Apr 22nd 2013 10:18a   Russell Maher
Not sure if I've ever blogged this before but basically my professional life has not really required me to become knowledgeable about the Notes Client experience. I've used it for email since forever, of course, but never really had the need to fully utilize many of the features that people who are in an organization that uses Notes would normally just know. Since my job now includes a lot more communication and sales activity, I have a need to use some of the mo' bettah' stuff in Notes Ma [read] Keywords: notes notes client email outlook

Got XPage Questions? I have 30 minutes for you next week.
Fri, Apr 19th 2013 9:16a   Russell Maher
Need some XPage questions answered? Maybe I can help. Last month I had a really positive experience when an individual contacted me with some questions, asked if I was available to do mentoring, I told him I wasn't but I would do a Skype/G+ Hangout/GoToMeeting with him for 30 minutes or so to answer any questions he may have about his XPage project. We both felt it was productive. Here's the deal: On Tuesday, April 23, and Thursday, April 25, I am available to do a 30 minute or so Skype/G+ [read] Keywords: xpages email skype

Are you going to IamLUG? Register Right Now!
Thu, Mar 28th 2013 11:14a   Russell Maher
Are you going to IamLUG? Come! Register right now! It is in St. Louis (which is an awesome Midwestern city) and it runs May 6 & 7. That's a Monday and Tuesday people! Who can't get out of the office for a Monday and Tuesday?? This will be my first time attending and I am very excited because I've always heard great things about it. In case you had not noticed, the LUGs are the thing these days. They have the 1996 Lotusphere feel to them which is awesome! They are focused on techno [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere applications community office

Cubs Tickets Calendar Posted
Thu, Mar 21st 2013 7:18a   Russell Maher
As I mentioned before I bought Chicago Cubs Season Tickets and have many games to sell. People are starting to buy the tickets so I have created a calendar that I will update as other games are purchased. If you're interested in seeing which games are available just go to http://rgmconsulting.com/cubs and you will see the latest calendar with the prices. Prices are better than I blogged before since some games are pretty cheap. Below are views from the seats. Check the calendar and contac [read] Keywords:

About Last Night...
Wed, Mar 20th 2013 1:17p   Russell Maher
...well actually last Friday night. I don't normally post things here of a personal nature because, well, I simply know too much. (Yes that's a joke for those who don't really know me.) Red Green said it best: Red Green: Pretty soon, you're going to find yourself going on and on about every topic under the sun, and you're going to wonder, "Why am I suddenly the Encyclopedia Britannica in shorts and a T-shirt? And why this urge to tell anyone with ears?" Well, you're a middle-aged man [read] Keywords: wiki

Fix IE8 onchange event
Wed, Mar 13th 2013 6:12a   Russell Maher
Yeah...IE8...Just doesn't want to recognize onchange on a radio or checkbox until the field loses focus. Bad. Very bad. Found some code here and adapted it to into my XPage using a class selector for jQuery and it works like a champ. Though this might be helpful to someone else. if ($.browser.msie && $.browser.version==8) { $(function() { $('.answer2Class').click(function() { this.blur(); this.focus(); }); }); } [read] Keywords: apple

Editing XPage Rich Text on iPads
Fri, Mar 8th 2013 6:11a   Russell Maher
I was reviewing some IBM Connect slides while on vacation a couple weeks ago (how sick is that?) and came across an answer to a question many have been asking regarding the CKEditor functionality in IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition. The answer is that the CKEditor is/has been upgraded but it still is not going to work on iOS devices. (This may have changed since January.) Yeah. That's a challenge. In our XPage application, not supporting iPad rich text editing is just not an option. [read] Keywords: domino ibm notes rich text richtext xpages application dojo widget

Relocated Third-Party JAR files - Saved 348MB
Thu, Mar 7th 2013 6:12a   Russell Maher
So...last August I am in Italy "living the dream" (a.k.a working while on vacation) and I am trying to replicate some application changes to our production server over a pretty slow wireless connection. Didn't matter whether I was on my TIM SIM Card with the MiFi or using the WiFi provided by the villa (I love saying that!)...replicating the production application was so bad that some of the application was corrupted and I needed to act quickly to fix it. Not a good thing at all. Nerve wra [read] Keywords: domino application java network server wifi wireless

Example: The right code is the code that works right
Wed, Mar 6th 2013 6:11a   Russell Maher
"The right code is the code that works right." That's what I said yesterday and I wanted to give an example of how I applied this in my own code just last week. I was coding yet another dynamic table for an XPage application. This new use case produces a very different user experience plus I was trying to find a path to significantly reduce the effort required to produce customer deliverables going forward. The situation called for automatic numbering of rows. The tables and rows are all [read] Keywords: application java properties

The right code is the code that works right
Tue, Mar 5th 2013 6:11a   Russell Maher
"The right code is the code that works right." Pretty much that's how I see code. All code. If you're on my team and you come to me and start explaining how you coded this or that assignment, I'll listen politely for a very short time and then I'll want to know if it works. For the user. If your code doesn't work for the user, I am not interested in how you did it. That might sound harsh to some but, for me, the purpose of all code is to produce something. If it doesn't produce, t [read] Keywords: dblookup archive java planetlotus

Go straight to the top!
Mon, Mar 4th 2013 8:10a   Russell Maher
Our XPages application provides a dynamically generated list of fields that are swapped out as the user navigates and/or saves their data. We discovered that doing a partial refresh did not automatically move the user to the top of the next "page" so with a little Googling I found this bit of JavaScript that resolved the problem in short order. Here is the code and the event handler we are using to do this: window.scrollTo(0,0) window.scrollTo(0,0)]]> [read] Keywords: xpages apple application javascript

IBM Connect 2013: Coolest "Tchotchke" Ever
Thu, Feb 7th 2013 8:11a   Russell Maher
During the awesomely fun Great Geek Challenge (http://www.greatgeekchallenge.com/) I was fortunate enough to win this awesome prize during an individual round. After attending fifteen Lotuspheres and one IBM Connect, this is by far the coolest thing I have ever brought back (#2 would be those yellow boxing gloves and #3 would be the software CDs we used to get back in the 90's). Those guys over at the London Developer Co-Op (http://londc.com/) do great survival kit! (I hear they're not too [read] Keywords: ibm

IBM Connect 2013: Good News and Good Advice
Wed, Feb 6th 2013 6:10a   Russell Maher
Got to see Mikael Orn and Philipe Riand's IBM Connect 2013 INV110 - App Dev Strategy: Coding Social Business Applications a couple of days ago. You can watch the full video below. It is really an excellent watch. I wanted to focus on two things though for XPage developers. First, the Good News. XPages is integral to the Social Business Toolkit SDK. It's in there. It's part of the future. In the words of Phillipe Riande the SDK is "...fully integrated with XPages..." Take a look at t [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages applications dojo openntf

My IBM Connect2013 Slides and Code
Mon, Jan 28th 2013 10:15a   Russell Maher
Thanks to everyone who attended one of my sessions yesterday here in Orlando at IBM Connect! Also Big Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to personally let me know you liked the session. For all to have and use here are links to my presentation and the code from the session. Enjoy! http://rgmconsulting.com/TheSlides http://rgmconsulting.com/TheCode [read] Keywords: ibm

Before IBM Connect: 5 Days 5 Tips! Tip #5 - Your Managed Property Needs a Settler, no, uh, a Setter!
Fri, Jan 25th 2013 6:14a   Russell Maher
Yep! I am speaking at IBM Connect 2013! In celebration I am posting 5 Tips in 5 Days and today is... Tip #5 Once you figure out that you will be embracing the Managed Bean Lifestyle you're gonna' want to start sharing data between your managed beans and one way to do that is through managed properties. You can check out NotesIn9.com for one of my videos on sharing data between managed beans or come to my IBM Connect Master Class this Sunday to see the basics but the tip here is that you wi [read] Keywords: ibm xpages properties

Before IBM Connect: 5 Days 5 Tips! Tip #4 - Make Designer Write Your Code For You!
Thu, Jan 24th 2013 6:14a   Russell Maher
Yep! I am speaking at IBM Connect 2013! In celebration I am posting 5 Tips in 5 Days and today is... Tip #4 Learn the Eclipse/DDE Template mechanism and you will be able to write more code and more comments faster. Just type the template then press CTRL + Space! Bam! Code! You can use pre-built templates and you can even add your own. I am a terrible typist and I find it much easier to type pp than to type out the so I made a template for that. (Pathetic for a coder I know!) Any way... [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application blogger eclipse google

Before IBM Connect: 5 Days 5 Tips! Tip #3 - Get three, count 'em, three different session objects!
Wed, Jan 23rd 2013 6:14a   Russell Maher
Yep! I am speaking at IBM Connect 2013! In celebration I am posting 5 Tips in 5 Days and today is... Tip #3 "Can you get a sessionAsSigner or sessionAsSignerWithFullAccess from a managed bean?" "Yes" I have been asked this question many times during presentations on XPages and managed beans. Here's the code to do it. Get the code and an example XPage here. The picture below gives a little structural detail/explanation. Enjoy! P.S. - Remember that with great power comes great r [read] Keywords: ibm xpages

Before IBM Connect: 5 Days 5 Tips! Tip #2 - The 5 Eclipse Power Keyboard Shortcuts To Know
Tue, Jan 22nd 2013 6:15a   Russell Maher
Yep! I am speaking at IBM Connect 2013! In celebration I am posting 5 Tips in 5 Days and today is... Tip #2 You want to become an XPages Managed Bean Monster Coder? There are tons of shortcuts in Eclipse/IBM Domino Designer that can speed you up! Should you learn them all? Absolutely! Get memorizing! Right away! Hurry! Go! Run! Whaaaat??? Nah... Just learn these five Eclipse shortcuts and you'll be on your way to becoming a Managed Bean Master. Actually learn them and use them. [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages eclipse java

My IBM Connect 2013 Master Class: XPages & Managed Beans
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 6:22a   Russell Maher
This Sunday I am delivering a session in Orlando at IBMConnect 2013! Master Class: Managed Beans and XPages: Your Time Is Now 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM, Dolphin Southern Hemisphere I 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Swan Mockingbird 1 & 2 (Repeat) If you want to learn how to put managed beans to use in a real life application, this session is for you. I'll talk about the basics (for both Java and managed beans) and then we're diving head first into a complex XPages application that relies almost entirely on [read] Keywords: ibm xpages application java

Before IBM Connect: 5 Days 5 Tips! Tip #1 - New Notes 9 Boolean Display Type
Mon, Jan 21st 2013 6:22a   Russell Maher
Yep! I am speaking at IBM Connect 2013! In celebration I am posting 5 Tips in 5 Days and today is... Tip #1 In the Notes 9 Public Beta there is a new Boolean Display Type (converter) for Radio Button Groups. The field will only accept actual true/false values. Here's how you use it when you want to bind it to a managed bean. And here's the markup! The trick is to know to use Expression Language (EL) to express the choice values as true/false (examine the itemValue attributes below). [read] Keywords: ibm notes xpages

Want Chicago Cubs Tickets? I Got Some For Sale!
Thu, Jan 17th 2013 1:14p   Russell Maher
Last weekend I bought two season tickets to the Chicago Cubs for 2013. Yeah, yeah I know all about the Cubs and what a crap team they are but I bought them because here in Chicago it is very often impossible to get a decent seat at a decent price when you want to go (even when they suck which is usually the case) and we basically view going to a baseball game as a social event anyway. We'll root for the Cubbies for sure but if they lose...well it was a nice time out and we got to drink some be [read] Keywords:

My New Gig
Wed, Jan 16th 2013 9:13a   Russell Maher
As I previously blogged, I am Done Consulting after the end of a long stint as an independent consultant. What I did not say then is that the end of the last gig could not come at a more perfect time for me and I had more than a little impact on its timing. Back in 2010 I started a company... In 2010 I started a new company. Application development started in 2011 and the first customer signed on that Fall. 2012 was a stellar year as we added more customers, improved our platform, honed ou [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusphere notes xpages application consulting development java

Done Consulting
Wed, Jan 2nd 2013 5:15a   Russell Maher
New Years Eve 2012. 11:41 PM - Russ signs off the Motorola Mobility network for the last time. That means I am done consulting. It does not mean I am done with Domino. More on that in a later post. For sixteen years I was the sole Notes/Domino guy supporting the Motorola Law Department (or some version of Motorola...they've gone through a lot of changes). I did everything. Administration, training, development. It was a fantastic experience. Not only did I have a free hand as far as Domino [read] Keywords: administration domino notes applications consulting development google network

Merry Christmas and Peace to All
Mon, Dec 24th 2012 9:13a   Russell Maher
This year has been pivotal for so many people in so many ways and, for most of us I think, not in positive ways. As Christmas Eve approaches and Christmas Day arrives, I wish each of you a joyous time with your family and friends and I pray that you experience the inner peace known by the hundreds of millions who believe that Jesus is Lord. Merry Christmas to each of you. Russ [read] Keywords:

Truly honored to be named an IBM Champion for 2013!
Tue, Dec 11th 2012 11:18a   Russell Maher
This morning I was humbled to see my name appear on the list of 2013 IBM Champions announced by Joyce Davis. I wanted to say thanks to those who nominated me and thanks to those who felt I was worthy of the honor. There are a lot of really smart, helpful and gracious people on that list and I feel a little awestruck when I see my name there along with icons of the community. Big congratulations to all of the 2013 IBM Champions! Read the full 2013 IBM Champion Announcement here. [read] Keywords: connections ibm blogger community

OMG He did it again!
Mon, Dec 10th 2012 3:16p   Russell Maher
David Leedy actually put another video of mine on NotesIn9.com. Clearly this guy is off of his rocker giving me a platform but, hey, hopefully this nifty jQuery technique will help or inspire others! Thanks David for NotesIn9.com! You can see the vid here: http://notesin9.com/index.php/2012/12/10/notesin9-097-using-jquery-in-xpages-to-connect-controls/ [read] Keywords: xpages blogger

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