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Building REST APIs With Spring Boot
Wed, Dec 17th 2014 82
Building “Bootiful” Java Apps
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 164
Dedicated Bluemix Instances On Softlayer And Bluemix UK
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 130
Updated: Bluemix and the Internet of Things
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 187
Accessing Application Logs In Bluemix
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 175
Why I Have Started To Embrace The Command Line
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 125
Using Your Domino Data In Apps Deployed To Bluemix
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 133
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Build a REST API For Your IoT Data Using MongoDB, Node-RED, and Bluemix
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 221
Updated: Bluemix and the Internet of Things
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 187
Accessing Application Logs In Bluemix
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 175
Building “Bootiful” Java Apps
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 164
Using Your Domino Data In Apps Deployed To Bluemix
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 133
Dedicated Bluemix Instances On Softlayer And Bluemix UK
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 130
Why I Have Started To Embrace The Command Line
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 125
Using Custom Domain Names In Bluemix
Mon, Jun 23rd 2014 116
Useful Library For Parsing And Creating JSON In Notes
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 114
Achieving The Elusive Hybrid Cloud With Bluemix
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 105

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Recent Blog Posts

Building REST APIs With Spring Boot
Wed, Dec 17th 2014 10:11a   Ryan- Baxter
Building upon my previous blog post on Spring Boot, I would now like to talk about building REST APIs with Spring Boot.  For the past 3 years or so, I have not created a web application that did not have REST APIs.  REST has become the go to way for building web services in today’s applications.  I am not going to spend time discussing what REST is or why it is so popular so if you are not familiar with REST and the benefits of building REST APIs there are plenty of good resources out [read] Keywords: application applications database development eclipse email facebook firefox google interface java linkedin mac mysql password properties server

Building “Bootiful” Java Apps
Mon, Dec 8th 2014 10:11a   Ryan- Baxter
A few months ago when I started to learn Node.js I came across code that looked like thisvar http = require('http'); http.createServer(function (req, res) {   res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});   res.end('Hello World'); }).listen(3000);If you are not familiar with JavaScript, this code starts an HTTP server running on localhost at port 3000 and when you hit http://localhost:3000 it returns the string “Hello World”. This code isn’t really impress [read] Keywords: application applications development java javascript server twitter websphere xml

Dedicated Bluemix Instances On Softlayer And Bluemix UK
Fri, Nov 21st 2014 5:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Greetings from Strata + Hadoop Worlds in Barcelona Spain.  Yesterday was a big day for Bluemix with two major announcements. The first announcement was the addition of a new Bluemix “region” in the UK.  At a high level, this means that you can now deploy and run your apps within our UK data center.  This will obviously helps with latency concerns for users you may have in the UK region.  Deploying apps to the UK data center in the Bluemix UI is as simple as selecting the the UK r [read] Keywords: ibm applications eclipse security sql

Updated: Bluemix and the Internet of Things
Wed, Nov 12th 2014 2:22p   Ryan- Baxter
A few weeks ago we moved the Internet of Things service out of beta indicating it was ready for prime time.  This was exciting news except for the fact that it introduced some breaking changes, code written against the beta IoT service would most likely not work with the new service.  This included code I had written a few months ago to demonstrate the beta IoT service.  I finally had some time to go back and update this code so it works with the new IoT service.  The new code is now availab [read] Keywords: ibm applications

Accessing Application Logs In Bluemix
Wed, Oct 29th 2014 10:14a   Ryan- Baxter
Being able to view your application’s log files is essential for any developer.  Developers use their log statements to gain insight into what is happening in their application throughout the application lifecycle.  Accessing your logs when running your application locally is easy, but when the application is deployed to a remote server things get a little bit trickier.  In the past, when deploying your app to your own infrastructure or even infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) you could acce [read] Keywords: ibm application applications development integration interface server

Why I Have Started To Embrace The Command Line
Wed, Oct 1st 2014 12:11p   Ryan- Baxter
Last night my tweet inspired a debate on Twitter about the use of the command line.  Oddly enough I was in a meeting with a customer yesterday and due to some problem I encountered during my demo I had to open the command line.  Once I did this he immediately asked me “Do I need to use the command line?”.  (As a side note the person who asked this question was not a developer or system admin.)   In addition a few weeks ago at MWLUG, Nathan Freeman, who I have the utmost respect [read] Keywords: admin ibm application eclipse java server twitter


Using Your Domino Data In Apps Deployed To Bluemix
Mon, Sep 22nd 2014 6:11a   Ryan- Baxter
Over the past few weeks I have done presentations on Bluemix at two ICS user groups, MWLUG and ICONUK.  I did pretty much the same presentation at both mainly focused on introducing developers to Bluemix.  Obviously, since these user groups are focused mainly around ICS, there is interest in how Domino and XPages fits into the Bluemix story.  Well as of right now you cannot deploy your XPages apps to Bluemix.  However, Kramer Reeves announced at MWLUG that ICS is investigating how to make th [read] Keywords: domino ibm ldd lotus xpages application applications integration java mobile network server

Achieving The Elusive Hybrid Cloud With Bluemix
Thu, Aug 28th 2014 6:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Public clouds are great.  They offer great elasticity and cost savings, and in the case of a PaaS like Bluemix, allows us (developers) to forget about maintaining any infrastructure and focus in on our code.  However we all realize that public cloud can’t be used for everything.  There are some applications and services that must remain in our own data centers on private networks.  The reasons why vary, maybe it is too much work to move the resource to the cloud, or maybe the data in t [read] Keywords: application applications db2 integration network oracle sap server

Bluemix Session At MWLUG
Mon, Aug 25th 2014 10:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Tomorrow I will be heading out to Grand Rapid MI to attend and speak at MWLUG (Midwest Lotus User Group).  If you are attending and would like to learn more about Bluemix, IBM’s new platform for deploying applications to the cloud, be sure to stop by my session at 11AM on Thursday. Achieving Developer Nirvana With Codename BlueMix BlueMix is a platform for composing and running virtually any application in the cloud without having to worry about the hardware, software, and networking nee [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus application applications community mobile networking

Upcoming Bluemix Days For My Canadian Friends
Wed, Aug 20th 2014 6:12p   Ryan- Baxter
If you live “north of the border” (to me anyways) there are a number of Bluemix Days that are coming up that you might be interested in attending.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about Bluemix and get started building your first app.  See the below flyer for more details and dates. [read] Keywords:

Webinar: Building Highly Scalable Applications With Bluemix
Mon, Aug 11th 2014 8:12a   Ryan- Baxter
The elasticity of the cloud is a huge selling point for most developers when considering where to deploy their applications.  The ability to add and remove instances of your application based on the load against it saves you a lot of time and money.  However you can’t just deploy any application to the cloud and expect it will behave properly when scaled horizontally.  In fact, if you didn’t think about scalability when building your application chances are your application will b [read] Keywords: ibm application applications

Replay of the Bluemix Virtual Meetup on Mobile Services
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 11:12a   Ryan- Baxter
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jut0gHtAhgk [read] Keywords: mobile

Watch Today’s Bluemix Virtual Meetup Live On YouTube
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 7:12a   Ryan- Baxter
You can watch today’s Bluemix Virtual Meetup on mobile cloud services live at 10 AM EST on YouTube.  There are 3 options for watching. Watch out on the YouTube page. Watch on the Google+ page.  If you watch on Google+ you will be able to ask questions. Watch right here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jut0gHtAhgk [read] Keywords: google mobile

Build a REST API For Your IoT Data Using MongoDB, Node-RED, and Bluemix
Mon, Jul 21st 2014 8:16a   Ryan- Baxter
In my previous post I talked about how to use the IBM IoT Cloud and Bluemix to build apps based on data coming from an TI Sensor Tag.  One of the apps I showed was Node-RED, however it was ver basic in that it only printed the data to a debug node.  In this video I show you how you can store that data in a MongoDB and create a REST API for the data all in Node-RED without writing any code!  Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LBZagavmxY [read] Keywords: ibm

Bluemix ToDo App Updates
Fri, Jul 18th 2014 10:15a   Ryan- Baxter
The ToDo apps for Bluemix was one of the first sample projects I published after becoming a developer advocate for Bluemix.  Even though the apps are simple, I still think they are some of the most meaningful samples we have.  Today I have made them even better  Since Bluemix went GA we introduced the MongoLab service and an enhanced Cloudant service.  I have decided to change the ToDo apps so they take advantage of both of these new services. Why change something that is already good?  T [read] Keywords: connections ibm community database

Bluemix and the Internet of Things
Wed, Jul 16th 2014 10:11a   Ryan- Baxter
Want to take a guess as to how many devices will be connected to the internet by the end of 2015?  Give up?  15 billion.  Yup ,that’s right, that is 15 followed by 9 zeros.  By 2020 that number will increase to 40 billion! All of these devices make up what is called the internet of things.  As you might imagine with the number of devices growing there have been a number of new technologies emerging that help developers connect and use the data comming from these devices.  One of the [read] Keywords: ibm application mac server

Bluemix Virtual Meetup – Mobile Cloud Services
Mon, Jun 30th 2014 8:11a   Ryan- Baxter
We have scheduled our next Bluemix virtual meetup for July 23rd at 10 AM EST.  We will again be using Google Hangouts (hopefully without the audio problems this time).  For this meetup we will be focusing on the mobile cloud services in Bluemix, there will be plenty of information and demos to help you get started.  At the last virtual meetup we had a lot of questions on mobile so I figured this would be a good topic.  You can download this .ics file to add the event to your calendar and be [read] Keywords: google mobile

Using Custom Domain Names In Bluemix
Mon, Jun 23rd 2014 6:12a   Ryan- Baxter
One of the more common questions I get about using Bluemix is “How do I use my own domain names for my apps in Bluemix?”.  Bluemix allows you to bind multiple routes to any given application so in addition to the mybluemix.net route your application has you can bind any number of other routes as well whether they use the mybluemix.net domain name or your own domain name.  Here is a short video of how you can use your own domain names in your application routes. http://www.youtube.c [read] Keywords: application

Using The Mobile Data Service In Bluemix
Thu, Jun 19th 2014 8:14a   Ryan- Baxter
I have stated to look at the mobile services that are within Bluemix and experiment with how developers can use them in their mobile apps.  I decided to start with the Mobile Data service.  This service provides SDKs for iOS and Android (as well as ones for Node.js and client-side Javascript) which allow you to perform basic CRUD operations from your mobile app.  However before I got started playing with the Mobile Data service I needed a mobile app to experiment with.  Since I am an Apple u [read] Keywords: ibm apple application applications interface javascript linking mobile properties

Access Service Info With Spring Cloud
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 9:15a   Ryan- Baxter
Adding services to your application to integrate additional functionality is one of the primary benefits of using a PaaS like Bluemix.  Whether that is a database, a mobile push service, or some type of analytics service, you just pick what you need and bind them to your application.  You don’t have to install software of setup VMs, just point and click.  After you have done that you are always faced with the same problem, you now need to access the service info in the VCAP_SERVICES env [read] Keywords: application database java mobile twitter

Bluemix YouTube Playlist!!!
Mon, Jun 2nd 2014 8:15a   Ryan- Baxter
I have created a Bluemix YouTube playlist and I have been adding videos related to Bluemix as I come across them.  There are 32 videos in the playlist as of this post and I am sure that number will grow over time.  If you have videos you would like to me add let me know. [read] Keywords:

Article On How To Build The BlueChatter App In Node.js
Tue, May 27th 2014 4:11p   Ryan- Baxter
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on a sample app I built in Node.js called BlueChatter.  At a high level the app is an IRC or chat like client.  However, that is not the main purpose of the app.  The real purpose of the app is to show how you can write apps that are scalable in BlueMix.  I have also now detailed the process of how I constructed this application in an article on developerWorks.  It takes you through writing the initial implementation, deploying it to BlueMix, and then cha [read] Keywords: ibm application applications

First Impressions Of BlueMix
Fri, May 23rd 2014 7:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Over the past few months IBM has been holding what it calls “200 Days Of BlueMix“.  These are essentially workshops where IBM introduces users to BlueMix and gives them the opportunity to work side by side with IBM engineers to get started building apps on the platform.  There have been a couple of videos that have come out of these events with some users sharing their initial thoughts about BlueMix and how they think it can help them change the way they are building applications. [read] Keywords: ibm applications

Replay Of Yesterday’s BlueMix Virtual Meetup Now Available!!!
Thu, May 22nd 2014 9:11a   Ryan- Baxter
If you were not able to attend yesterday’s BlueMix Virtual Meetup, the replay is now available on YouTube.  Thankfully the demo gods were with me yesterday and I was able to successfully complete a live demo of adding a service, updating the code, and pushing back to BlueMix!  Unfortunately the audio was a little choppy at points, not sure why.  I will probably give Hangouts one more shot, maybe it was a one time thing but if it happens again I will look into other ways of hosting the v [read] Keywords:

BlueMix Virtual Meetup Tomorrow!!!
Tue, May 20th 2014 8:11a   Ryan- Baxter
We are now about 24 hours away from tomorrows BlueMix Virtual Meetup.  This being our first meetup, the content will mainly be introductory and if the demo gods are with us we should have some live demos as well (with real live coding!!!).  I had some trouble using Google+ events, I did not realize that an On Air Event is different than a normal event with a hangout.  Oh well, it shouldn’t cause too much confusion.  You can find the on air broadcast event here, or if you prefer you can [read] Keywords: google

Agenda For Next Weeks Virtual BlueMix Meetup
Tue, May 13th 2014 9:11a   Ryan- Baxter
We are now a week away from next weeks virtual BlueMix Meetup.  Next weeks event will be mostly technical and targeting developers looking to get started building apps with BlueMix.  We will cover the a wide range of topics in enough detail that you should feel confident enough to push your first app after we are done.   If you can’t make it, there will a recording of the meetup that will be available after the meetup is over.  I will also make the slides available on SlideShare.  I l [read] Keywords: application

BlueMix Sample: ToDo Apps Built Using Your Favorite Language
Thu, May 1st 2014 10:12a   Ryan- Baxter
The ToDo app is one of the most popular samples to build when learning new languages and frameworks.  Only the Hello World sample is more popular.  While Hello World makes you feel accomplished, it generally leaves you with more questions than answers.  To really understand how things are working you need to build something a little more complex. Enter the ToDo app.  When I joined the team of BlueMix dev advocates one of the first discussions we had was around which sample apps we wanted to [read] Keywords: application database java javascript python

BlueMix / Cloud Foundry Manifest Generator
Wed, Apr 30th 2014 10:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Using manifests when deploying your applications to BlueMix or any Cloud Foundry deployment makes your deployments simple and consistent.  They are a requirement for using the deployment features in the IBM Dev Ops services but have many benefits even when doing development locally.  If you have very robust cf push commands it is much simpler to put all the parameters in a manifest so you don’t have to type them out each time.  The problem is that for newbies and people who are not fami [read] Keywords: ibm application applications development

BlueMix Virtual Meetup – May 21st
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 12:12p   Ryan- Baxter
As some of you are aware IBM has been creating a large number of local meetups around BlueMix.  I know that not everyone can attend these for one reason or another so I thought why not try to have a virtual BlueMix Meetup?  Our first virtual meetup will be on May 21st at 10 AM EST.  We will be using Google Hangouts and the recording will be available on YouTube if you can’t make it.  For this first meetup event your presenter will be yours truly and I will be giving an introduction to [read] Keywords: ibm google

BlueChatter: A Sample App For BlueMix
Tue, Apr 22nd 2014 8:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Yesterday I published a new sample application to our Codename: BlueMix organization on GitHub called BlueChatter.  BlueChatter is a chat / IRC-like application for your browser.  You enter a user name and then you can send messages.  If someone else is also using the app they will instantly see whatever messages you send.  Obviously this is not going to replace Skype or your favorite IRC client, instead it is meant to demonstrate how to scale your application in BlueMix. BlueChatter uses l [read] Keywords: application server skype

DevOps Services For BlueMix
Mon, Apr 21st 2014 7:11a   Ryan- Baxter
You may have noticed the JazzHub DevOps service in the BlueMix catalog as you have been poking around.  If you have not played around with it yet I suggest you get to it! IBM DevOps Services is a place where you can collaborate with others to develop, track, plan and deploy software. Using the auto-deploy feature in JazzHub you can easily deploy your project to BlueMix on every commit, in other words it allows you to practice continuous integration and delivery.  It takes about 1 minute to ena [read] Keywords: ibm integration wiki

Slides From Boston Cloud Meetup
Tue, Apr 15th 2014 1:14p   Ryan- Baxter
I was supposed to present last Monday at the Boston Cloud Meetup on Cloud Foundry but my daughter was born the day before so I missed it.  One of my colleagues stepped in and did the presentation for me but I figured I would share the slides with everyone anyways. [read] Keywords: application

Heartbleed And PaaSes
Mon, Apr 14th 2014 9:11a   Ryan- Baxter
I am sure everyone has heard about the Heartbleed bug by now.  If you haven’t, where have you been?  Even the Today show was talking about it The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. This weakness allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, ins [read] Keywords: admin ibm application applications bug email instant messaging networking security

You Choose The Runtime On BlueMix!!!
Thu, Apr 3rd 2014 8:11a   Ryan- Baxter
As most of you know, you can deploy an app that uses virtually any runtime to BlueMix.  As long as there is a buildpack for the runtime, your app will run on BlueMix.  Of course knowing the ins and outs of using the buildpack for your runtime can be a little tricky sometimes.  That is why over the past few weeks I have been working on implementing a ToDo application in Java, Node, Sinatra, Python, and PHP.  This idea was inspired by todomvc.com which is dedicated to showing developers how to [read] Keywords: application community java javascript python server wiki

Diving Into PHP and BlueMix
Mon, Mar 31st 2014 7:14a   Ryan- Baxter
This past week I have been working on writing an app in PHP and getting it deployed on BlueMix.  The first thing I did before I started was take a look at the buildpacks that were available.  Last week I made the mistake of picking one without trying it first and wasted a huge amount of time trying to figure out what was wrong with my app when it ended up being a problem with the buildpack.  This time I decided I would put in a little effort into seeing which ones worked first.  Browsing the [read] Keywords: applications community css development java mysql python server wiki

Using BlueMix To Find Qualified Candidates
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 12:12p   Ryan- Baxter
My colleague David Barnes has created a new video demonstrating BlueMix.  In this video he walks through a scenario where an HR departments wants to build an app to help find candidates for a job using LinkedIn.  Check it out below.  If you want to know some of the nitty gritty details about how deploying an app works check out my blog post on how to deploy a Java app to BlueMix. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR_jDitw0Sc [read] Keywords: java linkedin

Pushing A Java App To BlueMix
Mon, Mar 24th 2014 7:11a   Ryan- Baxter
In my previous video I took you through a tour of the BlueMix UI, but we didn’t actually go through pushing an application up to BlueMix and seeing the results.  Well no fear, I have created videos for that as well.  I actually split this up into two videos.  In the first one we create a Java app in the BlueMix UI, download the code for the app, make some changes, and then push it back to BlueMix.  In part two we learn about scaling our Java app and how to take advantage of the service [read] Keywords: ibm application java password wiki xml

Deploying A Python App To BlueMix
Tue, Mar 18th 2014 8:12a   Ryan- Baxter
For the past 2 days I have been trying to get a very simple Python app deployed and running on BlueMix.  This proved to be a little challenging because there were no clear cut instructions or simple examples to go by (that I could find at first), and I had never written any Python before.  After spending most of the day yesterday talking to some expert IBMers I eventually got a simple hello world Python app using Flask deployed to BlueMix.  Later on, I came across this project on GitHub which [read] Keywords: application community development python server wiki

An Introduction To The BlueMix UI
Wed, Mar 12th 2014 8:11a   Ryan- Baxter
One of first things everyone will do once they get access to the open beta of BlueMix is explore what they can do in the UI.  Here is a 15 minute, introduction to the UI of BlueMix to show you what its all about.  Hopefully you learn about something you didn’t know you could do.  If you haven’t signed up for the open beta I encourage you to do so, IT IS FREE!  Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_-exOUGmyw [read] Keywords:

BlueMix Demo App From IBM Pulse
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 11:15a   Ryan- Baxter
A few days ago IBM published a video of the demo app build ontop of BlueMix shown during the OGS at IBM Pulse.  You can find the video on YouTube or check it out below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOqmR2nSCHY Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: ibm javascript twitter widgets

Using Custom Domains On BlueMix
Mon, Mar 10th 2014 10:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Over the weekend there were two questions posted to the BlueMix forum about using custom domains with apps deployed to BlueMix.  (Both questions were posted by the same person.)  Excellent question!  In fact it is pretty easy to do, it basically involves telling BlueMix about your domain name and then creating a CNAME record pointing towards app.ng.bluemix.net.  See the answers to the forum questions for the details. Post 1 Post 2 Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: javascript twitter widgets

Getting A List Of All Services On BlueMix
Wed, Mar 5th 2014 8:15a   Ryan- Baxter
One of the best features of Cloud Foundry and BlueMix is the services available for developers to integrate into their apps.  The first step in using any of these services is creating them.  You can create them in various ways, through the BlueMix UI, with the command line, with the Cloud Foundry Maven plugin, and with a manifest.yml file.  In almost every situation where you are creating the service you need will need to know the name and the plan.  Up until know I have been figuring out th [read] Keywords: ibm application applications database enterprise integration javascript mobile server twitter widgets

LinkedIn Group For BlueMix Enthusiasts
Tue, Mar 4th 2014 8:14a   Ryan- Baxter
If you are looking for a place to discuss all things BlueMix please join the BlueMix Enthusiasts group on LinkedIn. Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: javascript linkedin twitter widgets

MyMenu Runs On BlueMix
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 11:14a   Ryan- Baxter
MyMenu won the app dev throwdown held at IBM Pulse last week.  They created an app that incorporated mobile and analytics and runs on BlueMix and Softlayer.  Here is the marketing video they put together describing the app and how they built it. MyMenu – Pulse2014 AppThrowDown from MyMenu on Vimeo. Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: ibm community javascript mobile twitter widgets

Moving An Existing Node.js App To Run On BlueMix
Mon, Mar 3rd 2014 8:19a   Ryan- Baxter
Over the past few weeks I have been teaching myself about Node.js.  One of the tutorials I followed was a step by step guide to getting up and running with Node.js, Express, Jade, and MongoDB.  After I finished the tutorial and had the app running locally I wanted to get it deployed in the cloud on BlueMix, so I began to investigate what I had to modify in order to do this.  After reviewing the code one thing jumped out to me the I knew immediately would be a problem.  Want to take a guess a [read] Keywords: ibm application applications database interface javascript password twitter vm widgets

Cloud Foundry for Eclipse 1.6.0 Released
Wed, Feb 26th 2014 8:12a   Ryan- Baxter
Yesterday there was a new release of the Cloud Foundry plugin for Eclipse. The plugin allows developers using Eclipse to push their apps to a Cloud Foundry instance from within their Eclipse dev environment.  This includes BlueMix as well. It integrates nicely into the Servers view of your Eclipse dev environment and behaves just like a Tomcat server instance would.  Below is a summery of what is in the new release.  You can install the new version from the Eclipse Marketplace or by installin [read] Keywords: application applications eclipse google integration javascript server twitter widgets

IBM Pulse OGS Replay Available
Tue, Feb 25th 2014 6:12p   Ryan- Baxter
The replay of the IBM Pulse 2014 OGS is now available for you to watch if you missed it live yesterday.  One of the key announcements from yesterdays OGS was the introduction of Codename: BlueMix.  The entire OGS is worth watching but if you are interested in the BlueMix announcement go to minute 38 in the video. ibmsoftware on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: ibm javascript twitter widgets

New Challenges Ahead
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 11:10a   Ryan- Baxter
As I get closer to my 6 year anniversary at IBM (I’m almost 2 months away), I have decided it is time to try something new.  No I am not leaving IBM  I am just taking a new role within a new organization.  Starting March 1st I will be part of a team of developer advocates within IBM’s Emerging Internet Technologies group, ET for short.  My primary focus in my developer advocacy role will be to help promote IBM’s new PaaS offering codenamed BlueMix.  I am really excited a [read] Keywords: ibm community enterprise javascript twitter widgets

What Is Codename: BlueMix?
Mon, Feb 24th 2014 11:10a   Ryan- Baxter
BlueMix will help you save Earth from a robot apocalypse…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBAYIK8CdPc Just kidding….but it is a cool marketing video for BlueMix OK so what is BlueMix REALLY…. As I said in my previous post BlueMix is IBM’s new PaaS (platform as a service) offering.  The open beta was announced today at IBM Pulse.  For those of you that are wondering where PaaS fits in the rest of the cloud stack, here is a pretty good diagram. Basically PaaS f [read] Keywords: ibm lotusscript community email java javascript mobile python twitter widgets wiki

Connect 2014 Slides
Fri, Jan 31st 2014 11:11a   Ryan- Baxter
I have uploaded my slides from Connect 2014 to slideshare.  You can find them here. Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: application development javascript twitter widgets

New Release Of The IBM SBT and Playground
Mon, Jan 27th 2014 3:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Earlier this week I posted a blog about what I will be showing at IBM Connect.  Earlier this week we updated the IBM SBT Playground on Greenhouse which includes the new OpenSocial functionality I talked about in my blog post and demos at my Jumpstart on Sunday.  In addition we published a release of the SDK which includes a new version of the NSF for the Playground and the OSGi bundles for allowing you to render gadgets within your own XPages apps.  There is a sample of how to do this in the [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus xpages javascript openntf twitter widgets wiki

IBM Connect 2014 Preview
Mon, Jan 20th 2014 8:09a   Ryan- Baxter
IBM Connect 2014 is just a few days away, I can’t believe it!  I will be speaking again this year and again doing a revamp of the JumpStart on OpenSocial I did last year.  The JumpStart (JMP103) will be on Sunday at 8AM, so please don’t party too hard on Saturday night and come and check it out.  I decided it would be good to give everyone a quick preview of what we will be talking about and demoing this year, so I have created a quick (18 min) video. http://www.youtube.com/watch? [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus xpages dojo gadget javascript openntf server twitter widgets wiki

OpenSocial Explorer v0.0.2 Released!
Mon, Nov 4th 2013 8:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Today I released version 0.0.2 of the OpenSocial Explorer.  From an end user perspective not a lot has changed, although there are a couple of differences. The navigator on the left has been updated to use the Dojo Tree control to make it easier to navigate the different sample gadgets. There is now a Login link in the header that allows you to log in with Facebook and Google OAuth and OpenID.  This is not really used for anything yet but hopefully in later releases we can use this to configu [read] Keywords: dojo facebook google javascript twitter widgets

Wed, Oct 2nd 2013 8:11a   Ryan- Baxter
Today I would like to say thank you to the one and only Bruce Elgort.  He is a true thought leader and advocate of all things technology.  Obviously Bruce's greatest contribution to the IBM community has been his work as chairman of OpenNTF.  I am sure everyone knows that OpenNTF wouldn't be what it is today without Bruce's involvement.  For me personally, Bruce has always been there to give honest feedback about the features and products I work on as an IBMer.  I trust his opinion and a [read] Keywords: ibm community javascript openntf twitter widgets

How To Add Your Own OpenSocial Gadgets To Connections – Replay Available!
Tue, Sep 17th 2013 10:09a   Ryan- Baxter
Cross posted from the IBM SBT Blog. Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: connections ibm gadget javascript twitter widgets

The Week Of OpenSocial Webinars! And New Developer Docs!
Tue, Jul 23rd 2013 9:13p   Ryan- Baxter
If you are a developer building on IBM's Social Business platform and are interested in OpenSocial and/or embedded experiences there are going to be 3 webinars on those topics this week.  Details are below. (Click on the webinar titles to get more details.) IBM Community Webcast - OpenSocial technologies and standards for Social Business June 23rd 2013 10AM -11AM (ET) Come hear how companies are solving critical business problems thanks to a community of technologists committed to fostering [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm inotes notes application applications community development email exchange exchange gadget integration javascript network twitter widgets

Apache BarCamp Boston
Wed, May 8th 2013 12:16p   Ryan- Baxter
In a few weeks, on May 19th, the Apache Foundation will be hosting a BarCamp in Boston.  The even will take place at Microsoft's NERD Center in Cambridge.  Ultimately, as with all BarCamps the topics covered will be left up to the attendees, but we have some suggestions as well. The Apache Way The Apache Incubator Learn how to get started contributing to an open source project Apache Rave Apache Shindig Free food and swag will be provided, which is all made posible by our sponsors.  Please [read] Keywords: javascript microsoft twitter widgets

The OpenSocial Explorer: An Open Source Project For Developers
Mon, Apr 1st 2013 6:14p   Ryan- Baxter
Today the OpenSocial Foundation released the OpenSocial Explorer, a new open source project meant to help developers learn how to build OpenSocial gadgets.  One of the biggest challenges any developer faces when trying to learn how to build an OpenSocial gadget is how to get started and use all the features provided by the specification.  In theory it seems very easy to get started building an OpenSocial gadget, but as any developer knows, it doesn't matter how easy a platform is to understan [read] Keywords: gadget javascript twitter widgets

OpenSocial Now Fully Supported In IBM’s Social Business Platform
Wed, Mar 27th 2013 3:14p   Ryan- Baxter
One of the new features announced in the release of Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition last week was support for OpenSocial in Notes and iNotes.  This should not come to as a surprise to most of you as we (IBM) have been touting this feature for a while now.  None the less, if you have been living under a rock for the past year or so here is some background on OpenSocial. At a high level OpenSocial is an open standard developers can use in order to build social applications.  The OpenSocial [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes notes sametime application applications css eclipse email enterprise facebook gadget google integration javascript server skype twitter widgets xml

Using Jasmine To Unit Test Your JavaScript
Tue, Mar 26th 2013 8:15p   Ryan- Baxter
Lately I have been writing quite a few Dojo AMD modules for a project I am working on.  These modules include Dojo widgets and API level code.  Being a good developer I wanted to make sure I could test the code I was writing.  I had worked with other JavaScrupt unit testing frameworks in the past and had been frustrated by them because there was no real good "framework" built around them.  You could do the basics that you would expect, like running some setup and cleanup code but there wa [read] Keywords: development dojo javascript server twitter widgets

Upcoming IBM Social Business Toolkit Community Call
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 2:17p   Ryan- Baxter
IBM will be hosting another Social Business Toolkit community call on December 17th 2012 at 11:00 AM EST. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the IBM Social Business Toolkit and how you can leverage it in your applications. Experts from the development team will be on the call to answer all your questions. You can download an ICS file to add a reminder about the call to your calendar. Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: ibm applications community development javascript twitter widgets

First Release Of The IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK
Tue, Dec 4th 2012 11:10a   Ryan- Baxter
Today was the first release of the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK.  The SDK is meant to help developers build apps using IBMs Social Business Platform, including products like IBM Connections, IBM (Lotus) Domino, IBM Sametime, IBM SmartCloud For Social Business, and many more.  The initial release of the SDK has APIs which focus on IBM Connections and IBM SmartCloud.  Not all APIs in Connections and SmartCloud have support within the SDK yet but that will come in the future.  The good news [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm ldd lotus sametime xpages community development dojo java javascript openntf server twitter widgets

Social Business App Dev Workshops
Thu, Nov 15th 2012 7:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Today ended our (IBMs) very first Social Business App Dev Workshop.  Overall the workshop was a huge success for both IBM and the attendees.  Over the first 2 days of the workshop we covered various topics including IBM's new Social Business Toolkit and SDK,  Domino and XPages, OpenSocial, and even mobile app development.  Best of all attendees got to work through numerous "labs" which demonstrated all the capabilites of IBM's Social Business Platform.  It was quite the site to see 40 d [read] Keywords: domino ibm xpages community development javascript mobile twitter widgets

Connect 2013 Social App Throwdown
Sun, Oct 14th 2012 6:09p   Ryan- Baxter
Last year at Lotusphere 2012 (now know as Connect) we held the inaugrial Social App Throwdown.  It was a huge success both from an IBM and partner point of view.  IBM got to demonstrate the powers of its social business platform and select partners got to demonstrate their apps on the main stage at Lotusphere. This year we will be bringing back the Social App Throwdown and we are hoping to make it bigger and better.  The Throwdown will be open to everyone who attends Connect 2013.  All you h [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere applications integration javascript twitter widgets

Sat, Aug 18th 2012 10:11a   Ryan- Baxter
I had a great time at MWLUG.  LUGs are a different beast than Lotusphere, because they are so much smaller there is much more interaction which is great!  I also got to attend other sessions, which was personally really enlightening. Listening to consumers of the (mostly) great products we (IBM) produce give me as an IBMer a completely different perspective on things.  Personally I learned that maybe my sessions are a little to technical for most people  This is why XPages is soooo successf [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere xpages development gadget javascript twitter widgets

Sat, Aug 4th 2012 3:10p   Ryan- Baxter
In a about a week I am going to be heading to Pittsburgh to attend MWLUG.   This is going to be my first LUG, so I am super excited about going, listening to the sessions and talking with everyone about Social Business.  I am going to be giving an application development session on OpenSocial.  As most of you know, OpenSocial will be one of the key technologies developers can leveraged in Notes and Domino Social Edition as well as Connections Next, so I will be prepping all you application de [read] Keywords: connections domino notes application applications development javascript twitter widgets

Embedded Experiences Demo – N/D Social Edition – Connections Next
Sun, Mar 4th 2012 3:10p   Ryan- Baxter
I have received a lot of requests to record a video demoing the application Stanton Sievers and myself built for our Show N Tell session at Lotusphere 2012.  It has taken me a while, but I finally got around to recording a video of the demo.  (Recording videos always seem easy when you start out but they usually turn into quite the project.)  This video is not a recording of the entire Show N Tell session just a demo of the end application we built.  The video demos how you, as an appli [read] Keywords: connections lotusphere show n tell application applications development javascript network twitter widgets

Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown
Fri, Jan 27th 2012 7:12p   Ryan- Baxter
The video for the Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown was finally posted today.  All the applications demoed in this video were build using OpenSocial and ran inside of email in Notes and Domino Social Edition as well as Connections Next.  For more information on embedded experiences and OpenSocial, see my previous blog post.  This video is a great example of the power of OpenSocial and gives you some good use cases for how you can leverage OpenSocial from your existing apps.  Feel free to [read] Keywords: connections domino lotusphere notes applications development email javascript openntf podcast taking notes twitter widgets

Trilog Video From Lotusphere 2012 Social App Trowdown
Thu, Jan 26th 2012 6:12p   Ryan- Baxter
I have yet to get the complete video from the Lotusphere 2012 Social App Throwdown, but one of the participants recorded a video of the demo they gave during the session. For more information on OpenSocial and embedded experiences, please take a look here.  Notes and Domino Social Edition will be have complete support for OpenSocial, so get reading! www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY5Z2YdhOos Tweetgovernment,politics news,politics news,politics [read] Keywords: domino lotus lotusphere notes notesdomino development javascript twitter widgets

Thoughts On Lotusphere 2012
Wed, Jan 25th 2012 6:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Is it even possible to summerize Lotusphere 2012?  Probably not, no one person can, but I will summerize it from my perspective  Overall it was a great week, I enjoyed it.  As always, it was busy.  This year was the busiest yet (I have only gone 3 times so it is not much of a sample size compared to some.)   Overall I thought it was a good conference.  However, I did not feel the exceitement I had felt in the past, but that may have just been me, as an IBMer I have inside knowledge about [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm inotes lotus lotusphere notes notesdomino show n tell xpages application applications community css development email javascript network twitter widgets

Lotusphere 2012 Schedule Updates
Sat, Jan 7th 2012 1:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Since my last post about Lotusphere 2012, I have had a few changes in my schedule. First I will be co-hosting a BOF on OpenSocial, Activity Streams and any other open standard related to social business.  The BOF is on Wednesday January 18th at 7AM.  There will be a number of experts on OpenSocial and Activity Streams on hand to answer your questions and discuss anything you would like. Second, I will be speaking about OpenSocial to some of the students who will be attending Lotusphere this ye [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere development javascript twitter widgets

Lotusphere 2012
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 5:10p   Ryan- Baxter
It is that time of the year again, Lotusphere 2012 is just around the corner.  I am a little late to the game this year, I have known about my sessions for a few weeks now but haven't had the time to blog about them.  As always I will be in the lab, and encourage everyone attending to head to the labs at one point during the week.  The developers are there to answer your questions.  Even if you want to come in and just chat, I encourage you to take advantage of the one on one opportunity to [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm inotes lotus lotusphere notes show and tell show n tell symphony xpages application applications development eclipse email enterprise facebook gadget google integration javascript linking twitter widget widgets

What Exactly Is IBM’s Social Business Toolkit?
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 7:09p   Ryan- Baxter
Last year at Lotusphere 2011 IBM "released" its Social Business Toolkit.  Since then there has been much confusion over what the Social Business Toolkit is, both inside and outside IBM.  First, like Project Vulcan, the IBM Social Business Toolkit is not a product!  When the toolkit was released last year there was a sample environment released where you could try out some of the technologies, such as AcitivityStreams and embedded experiences, in the toolkit which really confused people. S [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus lotusphere application applications javascript twitter widgets wiki

Does The Lotus Community Understand The Importance Of Open Standards?
Tue, Oct 25th 2011 8:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Do you know what ActivityStreams is? Do you know what OAuth is? Do you know what OpenSocial is? Do you know what HTML5 is? Do you know what CMIS is? All of the above technologies are open standards developed by different standards bodies.  Most importantly, all of these standards are being used in some way by various ICS products.  The questions you should be asking as customers and/or business partners is... Why do I care about them?  Why should I take time out of my day to learn more about [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere applications community javascript twitter widgets

Interested In An Open Standards Conference In Boston Next Year?
Fri, Sep 16th 2011 8:11p   Ryan- Baxter
This week I got back from a small conference in Boulder CO and while I was out there I thought to myself "Why do I always have to go out west to a conference, why not have one on the east coast?".  So I thought about taking the initiative and seeing if I can gather enough interest from people to make it worth my time.  I am willing to do all the leg work I just want to make sure I can get enough quality speakers and attendees.  I have already put some "feelers" out on some of the mailing [read] Keywords: javascript twitter widgets

Heading To BoulderUX
Sat, Sep 10th 2011 8:13a   Ryan- Baxter
I am heading out to Boulder Colorado to a small conference called BoulderUX. I am going to be speaking about OpenSocial and embedded experiences. I am trying to get more and more companies not only interested in OpenSocial but start thinking about how they can use gadgets such as embedded experiences to enrich their end user's experience.  We will be covering the anatomy of the gadget XML, what an embedded experience is, how to use the OpenSocial 2.0 Sandbox, and finally my college Stanton w [read] Keywords: application development gadget javascript twitter widgets xml

My Blog Is Now In The Cloud…On An EC2 Instance
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 12:42p   Ryan- Baxter
Up until last week my blog was hosted on wordpress.com.  When I started blogging, I wasn't sure how much I was going to actually like it so I didn't want to put to much time and money into creating one.  Wordpress.com seemed like the simplest place to set one up.  However I ended up really like blogging and I wanted to do different things with my blog which I couldn't do on WordPress.com.  I decided to look into how I could host my own WordPress blog.  I eventually found that there were [read] Keywords: applications blogging development javascript twitter widgets wiki

Useful Library For Parsing And Creating JSON In Notes
Wed, Aug 3rd 2011 8:09p   Ryan- Baxter
If you have ever tried to work with JSON in an Eclipse plugin you know it is not strait forward.  One of the easiest ways to work with JSON is to use the libraries from json.org.  However if your working with JSON inside of Notes 8.5.2 or later, there is actually a library built into Notes you can use.  Your plugin will need to have a dependency on com.ibm.commons.  In this plugin there are several classes you can use to work with JSON.  The Javadoc for the APIs can be found here.  Here is [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes development eclipse facebook java javascript twitter

Embedded Experiences Demoed At Enterprise 2.0
Wed, Jun 29th 2011 8:14p   Ryan- Baxter
While  I was on vacation, Enterprise 2.0 took place in Boston Ma.  Since I was out of town one of my colleages, Andrew Davis (IBM), went to represent OpenSocial at the conference.  He was demoing the OpenSocial 2.0 Sandbox which we have been working on for the OpenSocial Foundation.  David Berlind from InformationWeek did a short interview with Andrew at Enterprise 2.0 where he demoed Embedded Experiences in the OpenSocial 2.0 Sandbox.  Remember embedded experiences is one of the new featur [read] Keywords: ibm enterprise exchange exchange facebook outlook twitter

Hackathon Anyone?
Tue, Jun 28th 2011 6:17p   Ryan- Baxter
I was having a conversation with Mikkel today, and he told me he was taking a trip to AusLug this year to do a few sessions on plugin development/OSGi and possibly an all day type of session.  A light bulb went off in my head and I thought it would be a great idea to do a “hack day” or hackathon type of thing at Lotusphere this year, even if it’s something unofficial, where we just get a decent size room where people can come and hack.  Besides, developers love nothing better [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotusphere xpages development facebook twitter

Busy Busy Busy…
Sun, Jun 26th 2011 12:09p   Ryan- Baxter
I have been MIA lately, for a number of reasons.  The biggest reason is because I recently got married on June 11th.  Preparing for that took up a lot of my spare time, although I must admit, my now wife did a majority of the hard work.  Then I took a 2 week vacation to Tahiti for our honeymoon.  (Tahiti is amazing by the way, if you ever get a chance to go I suggest you take it.)  At the same time leading up to the wedding work was getting really busy.  We are working very hard to build s [read] Keywords: blogging facebook twitter

Cool HTML5 Video
Mon, Apr 25th 2011 8:14p   Ryan- Baxter
Not much else to say except this is an excellent video on the new stuff in HTML5.  I highly recommend you check it out if you are a web developer or are interested in web development. [read] Keywords: development facebook twitter

Embedded Experiences Drafted Into OpenSocial 2.0
Fri, Apr 22nd 2011 2:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Yesterday a patch I wrote for embedded experiences was applied to the draft version of the OpenSocial 2.0 spec.  If you recall from my previous posts, here and here, embedded experiences is going to be a huge part of future products at IBM.  However by making it part of the OpenSocial spec we are trying to spread adoption of this technology outside IBM as well.  Any software that has email or an activity stream could take avantage of embedded experiences if they wanted.  You could imagine [read] Keywords: ibm email facebook gadget twitter xml

IBM’s Proposals For OpenSocial 2.0
Wed, Apr 13th 2011 4:09p   Ryan- Baxter
If you have been following my tweets and some of my blog posts, then you have noticed I have become involved with the OpenSocial foundation.  At Lotusphere, IBM annouced in the next versions of all our Lotus products we will begin to leverage several open standards, one of those being OpenSocial.  In fact LotusLive already uses OpenSocial gadgets today.  I personally have been working on contributing a new feature to OpenSocial called embedded experiences.  If you were at Lotusphere or have [read] Keywords: ibm ldd lotus lotusphere eclipse facebook gadget twitter

Defining Default Preferences For Your Plugins
Mon, Mar 14th 2011 8:10p   Ryan- Baxter
Most plugins have some kind of preferences, which show up in the File -> Preferences dialog inside of Notes.  The majority of time, these preferences come pre-configured with some default preference values.  The way to do this is to use an extension point provided by Eclipse called org.eclipse.core.runtime.preferences.  You can then provide an initializer class to this extension point that will get called when you first try to access any of the preferences.  Your preference initializer cl [read] Keywords: notes development eclipse facebook twitter

oAuth On Domino
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 6:14p   Ryan- Baxter
I have been trying to wrap my head around oAuth lately and how we leverage it inside our Lotus products.  I have seen some tweets about requesting oAuth on Domino and I assume the Yellowverse wants oAuth on other Lotus servers as well, not just Domino.  I am trying to wrap my head around the use cases.  oAuth is all about delegation.  You can allow an application to access data from a service on your behalf.  If there was an oAuth provider on Domino, than this would allow you to do this wit [read] Keywords: admin domino lotus application applications enterprise facebook gadget google server twitter

Lotus Connections 3.0 Files Plug-in for Lotus Notes…Another Reason To Love Lotus Notes
Fri, Feb 25th 2011 10:20a   Ryan- Baxter
The plugin was released more than a month ago but I am just now getting around to installing it.  However I am really impressed by how useful this plugin really is, especially if you are an avid user of the Files application in Connections.  Even if you aren’t you may be after installing this plugin.  You can download the installer and plugin from Greenhouse here.  (You don’t have to have a Greenhouse account to download the plugin.)  Once you download it you just need to unzip [read] Keywords: connections lotus notes application bleedyellow desktop facebook password server twitter

Using WindowBuilderPro To Build UIs For Plugins [Videos]
Fri, Feb 18th 2011 12:09p   Ryan- Baxter
At Lotusphere 2011 Mikkel and I demoed a plugin for Eclipse called WindowBuilder Pro in our plugin development jumpstart.  I figured I would create some short videos on how to install the plugins into Eclipse and how you can use them to build UIs for your plugins.  The videos are pretty simple and strait forward.  They don’t go into too much details on all the things you can do, but it should be enough to get you started.  I encourage everyone to go to the WindowBuilder Pro web site an [read] Keywords: lotusphere development eclipse facebook google twitter

Lotusphere 2011 Presentation Up On SlideShare
Mon, Feb 7th 2011 3:14p   Ryan- Baxter
If you are looking for the slides to the jumpstart Mikkel and I did for Lotusphere 2011.  They are now up on SlideShare.  Check them out.  If you need the example projects as well just let me know I can get you them as well. [read] Keywords: lotusphere application development facebook java twitter

Lotus Plugin Development RedWiki Is Here
Fri, Feb 4th 2011 1:17p   Ryan- Baxter
I just noticed the RedWiki for plugin development was posted on the Notes Domino AppDev wiki!  This is an essential resource for plugin developers looking to integrate into Lotus Notes, Sametime, Symphony, and Expeditor.  It was written by people both inside and outside IBM and has a ton of content in it.  It’s a great getting started resource and includes everything from setting up your development environment to creating complex context menus.  Check it out! [read] Keywords: domino expeditor ibm ldd lotus notes sametime symphony development facebook twitter wiki

Open Standards, IBM Social Business Toolkit, and Embedded Experiences
Fri, Feb 4th 2011 1:17p   Ryan- Baxter
You may have not found this years OGS to be the best OGS ever, however if you are a developer there were some key take aways that should have made your ears perk up.  You probably heard the words “Open Standards”, “IBM Social Business Toolkit”, and “Embedded Experiences” repeated several times during the OGS.  (You also may have heard the words “native flash” 20 times in the span of 15 mins…but thats a different topic for another day.)  If [read] Keywords: connections ibm ldd lotus xpages community facebook google networking twitter wiki

Ugly Plugins
Mon, Jan 31st 2011 2:14p   Ryan- Baxter
Last night I met up with Mikkel Heisterberg and Mat Newman at Lotusphere.  I quickly realized I was in for a long night of bashing about what they hate about plugin development for Notes, and Expeditor in general.  (Of course it was all in good fun and they had a lot of great feedback, but it was 2 on 1, not a very fair fight.)  One of the many topics they brought up was the ability for plugins that and user installs into Expeditor to effect the whole client.  For example Mikkel had brought [read] Keywords: expeditor ibm lotusphere notes development facebook twitter

Lotusphere 2011 Schedule
Tue, Jan 25th 2011 7:16p   Ryan- Baxter
Well it’s been a while since I have blogged, mostly because work has been busy and I have been getting things ready for LS.  However I thought it would be useful to let everyone know what my schedule will be for Lotusphere 2011 and where people can find me.  The most useful part of this for everyone is probably be my schedule for the meet the developers lab.  I know sometimes people stop by the lab looking for someone just to find out they are not there so hopefully this will help anyon [read] Keywords: lotusphere facebook office twitter

Containers, Containers Everywhere
Tue, Jan 4th 2011 2:14p   Ryan- Baxter
If you have at all looked into OpenSocial and Apache Shindig than you surley have come across the samples and containers.  The good news is that there are alot, the bad news, well there is little documentation that goes along with the samples and containers.  Without documentation it’s hard to know what exactly the samples are doing.  Besides that problem there are, or appears to be, three different sample containers that come bundled with Shindig.  In theory all of these containers sh [read] Keywords: facebook google twitter

Project Vulcan Refresher
Mon, Dec 27th 2010 7:21p   Ryan- Baxter
With Lotusphere coming up in about a month now, Project Vulcan will surely be a hot topic again this year.  There is at least one session dedicated to Project Vulcan.  If you need to refresh your memory on what Project Vulcan REALLY is, than I sugest you watch this video.  I would be interested in hearing if there are topics related to Project Vulcan that you are interested in learning more about or that you may be unclear on an want a better explanation.  As always leave comments below. [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere facebook twitter

Bridging The Gap Between Plugins And Web Apps
Mon, Dec 27th 2010 12:58p   Ryan- Baxter
Even since I have become involved with plugin development and Notes I have heard people say, I don’t want to write plugins I want to write a web app to do my integration.  When asked why, the answer is generally that they know how to write HTML, Javascript, and CSS, and they have no idea how to even get started with plugin development.  Even if they are willing to look into it, people often become frustrated and end up thinking plugin development is a black art.  As much as I try to tea [read] Keywords: notes application applications css development facebook integration javascript server twitter

Cool Trick For Loading Files From Within Your Plugins
Mon, Dec 20th 2010 3:18p   Ryan- Baxter
Today while working on a plugin I needed to read in a properties file from within my plugin.  I have done this before but could not remember how to do it, so I started Googling.  I eventually came across this page.  I had found the first method on several other pages while searching, but the second method I had never seen before.  As expected it worked , and is actually a really simple and clean way to load resource files, like text, or in my case, properties files from within your plugins. [read] Keywords: development facebook properties twitter

Creating And Opening A New Notes Document With Some HTML
Wed, Dec 15th 2010 7:00a   Ryan- Baxter
Over the past few months I have gotten several questions about how to create a email from within a plugin that has some HTML in the body and opens that email in the Notes UI.  Essentially they want to do something similar to clicking the new email action button and Notes opening a new memo form with an HTML signature in the body already.  People usually get stuck at two spots.  First they go down the path of using the NotesUIWorkspace.composeDocument(NotesFormData) API.  This is a good place [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotus notes rich text database eclipse email facebook java twitter

MIME Email Improvements In Notes
Tue, Dec 7th 2010 7:27p   Ryan- Baxter
Recently I have been looking into the functionality of MIME emails in Notes.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the tearm MIME, it basically refers to emails from people who do not use Notes as their email client.  For example, if someone who uses GMail sends and email to a Notes user, that email is a MIME email.  I am wondering if Notes users have complaints or would like to see improvements in how Notes handles these emails.  If you do have comments, good or bad, please leave a comm [read] Keywords: lotusnotes notes email facebook twitter wiki

Essential Resources For Notes Plugin Developers
Mon, Dec 6th 2010 8:03a   Ryan- Baxter
I was asked the other day to put together some resources for a customer on plugin development in Notes.  As you all know it can be hard to find resources for plugin development in an Lotus product, but we are working to change that.  With that being said, I put together a short list of links that are essential for all Notes plugin developers.  If you are new to plugin development and have never written a plugin before I suggest you start with the general Eclipse plugin development articles. [read] Keywords: expeditor ldd lotus notes notes client development eclipse facebook java twitter

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