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Another great review… Thank you, Adam Gartenberg!
Thomas Duff    

Adam Gartenberg had an opportunity to review our Sametime User’s Guide, and Marie and I are very happy to see his blog entry!

I found the book to be a very thorough and well-organized look at how to use Sametime instant messaging and Web conference features, running from the basic embedded capabilities in Lotus Notes all the way through Sametime Advanced and Sametime Unified Telephony.  For users new to using Sametime, or even those moving up to a “modern” version from Sametime 3.1 or its ilk, this would be an excellent “how-to” guide as well as a reference companion.  While the concept of “instant messaging” is something most people are familiar with these days, Sametime is packed with enough features and capabilities that it’s helpful to have a resource that walks through all of the capabilities, explains the preference settings, and highlights some of the more advanced (and less-than-obvious) features.

Thanks again, Adam… we appreciate it.

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Nov 04, 2010
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