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Just one month until IamLUG! Why you should attend.
Scott Hooks    

I am really looking forward to the upcoming North American Lotus User Group meeting (IamLUG) August 3-4 in St. Louis, and I am honored, nay humbled,  to be included among the distinguished speakers - a real who's who of Lotus gurus.

I hope we see a lot of new faces, whether it is because you are new to working with Lotus software or because you haven't been able to attend any other events the past few years. I sincerely believe that there is valuable content whether you are a developer, administrator, or IT leadership.

My session "A universal use case for the business value of the Lotus collaboration suite" will illustrate how business processes that we can all identify with, regardless of organizational size or industry, can benefit from the latest collaborative software solutions from Lotus. We will cover how looking at the Lotus product portfolio as a "suite" (think Microsoft Office) rather than separate pieces of software can help you build a highly valuable and cost-effective collaborative environment that your business can implement to weather the financial storm or catapult past the competition.

We will also discuss strategies for responding to the most common objections to achieving these goals, such as:
  • We don't have the budget right now.
  • We're too busy with other projects.
  • We're moving off of Notes.

The session might as easily be called "How to defend, better leverage, and expand upon your Lotus environment while reducing costs" but that sounded too much like an infomercial. :-)

At the very least, you will leave the session with some ideas on maximizing the value realized from your existing investments in Lotus software as well as several tips you can put to use regardless of your job description or skill set. My hope is that you will walk away with some concrete ideas of how to directly impact your organization's efficiency using the skills , interests, and tools for which you already have the foundation.

So as you look through the sessions you want to attend at IamLUG this year, consider this: All the great technical knowledge you're sure to gain is only meaningful if you can justify putting it to use.

I realize that for many of you reading this, despite the fact that the event is FREE, it may be difficult for you to even convince your boss that you should have the "time off" and travel expenses to attend. My advice to those of you in that category is to emphasize how this event gives you DIRECT PERSONAL ACCESS in a not-so-crowded setting to some of the foremost Lotus implementation specialists on the planet (or at least this side of the pond). If attending helps you solve even one problem you are facing, it's probably worth the trip.

If that doesn't work, give them my phone number and I will do my best to convince them for you. :-)

Hope to see you there!


Jul 02, 2009
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