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IBM Announces Lotus Foundations 1.1
Scott Hooks    

Foundations 1.1 was announced today, finally making the Foundations platform a more broadly applicable solution.

Lotus Foundations 1.0 was a great concept, combining Lotus Notes with an autonomous Linux-based platform that also included a
nti-virus, anti-spam, file sharing, and integrated backup with autonomic recovery and an easy-to-use browser-based management console. It allowed businesses without a formal IT staff to benefit from all of these capabilities seamlessly. Unfortunately, 1.0 could not be integrated with an existing Lotus Notes/Domino environment, or extended by additional Domino servers to take advantage of features such as replication, instant messaging or Blackberry.

The release of Lotus Foundations 1.1 finally delivers the ability to add Foundations to an existing Domino environment and/or add additional Domino servers to allow distributed computing, instant messaging, Blackberry, and more. It also adds support for VMWare 2.0, which allows multiple virtual servers, including Windows servers and applications, to be run from one physical server, and supposedly Windows servers can perform better on the Foundations VM than they do natively on Wintel hardware.

This release also allows Lotus 911's TruePresence add-on for Lotus Foundations to extend all of these capabilities by adding a Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) telephone PBX that is integrated with Notes and Sametime, meaning that you can now run all of your communications tools, including a turn-key phone system, from one easily-managed, self-healing server. 

For more information on Lotus Foundations, go here.

Mar 24, 2009
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