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Do you monitor your Connections environment?
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 93
MWLUG here I come
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 81
dandering for dosh -the story so far
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 57
Registration for ICONUK now open
Thu, May 1st 2014 76
Please sponsor us Dandering for Dosh
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 71
Fun and games with Commuity wigets
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 73
Help shape connections search
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 54
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Connections 4.0 cr issues when you have a shared data folder not on the WAS server
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 156
Connections 4.x search – well that was a weird problem
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 125
Issues with Install manager GUI on RHEL 6.3 ?
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 105
LTPA issue update
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 96
Do you monitor your Connections environment?
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 93
MWLUG here I come
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 81
Speaking at Engage
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 79
Registration for ICONUK now open
Thu, May 1st 2014 76
Fun and games with Commuity wigets
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 73
Please sponsor us Dandering for Dosh
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 71

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Do you monitor your Connections environment?
Tue, Sep 23rd 2014 8:11a   Sharon Bellamy
After being to a few user groups lately and seeing all the great monitoring tools for Domino I am interested in what people use to monitor connections. The WebSphere piece of connections can put a lot of people off and I am wondering if something was available would you use it? If you do monitor, what do you use If something was available with a *dashboard* would you use it? What features would you like in a monitoring app Would you be interested in something bundled in Nagios etc I have creat [read] Keywords: connections domino websphere

MWLUG here I come
Fri, Aug 22nd 2014 4:10p   Sharon Bellamy
I have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I have been a little busy both work wise and home wise what with making costumes and building armour (more of that in another post) but this weekend I fly out to my very first MWLUG. I am really looking forward to it after hearing so many great things about it. I will be speaking on the thursday morning, but am arriving on sunday the 24th so will get to spend a few days seeing the sites and working from the hotel room. If you are going to be there I a [read] Keywords:

dandering for dosh -the story so far
Wed, Jun 4th 2014 6:14a   Sharon Bellamy
We are just about to start dandering for dosh day 3 & so far despite a few injuries (mainly to me), some very rough terrain and much scorching of the sun – we all appear to be enjoying it Day 2 mostly involved us being mountain goats, although we did get an hour on the beach on the fabulous Warren & kitty ‘ s inflatable sofas. Loving the dander so far – more news and pictures to follow ;). The post dandering for dosh -the story so far appeared first on Social Shaz [read] Keywords:

Registration for ICONUK now open
Thu, May 1st 2014 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Registration for Icon UK is now open Head over to the registration page and sign up early as placed are limited. If you would like to speak please submit your abstracts before 30th June. There are four tracks this year, Management/Strategy, Development, Admin and Open Source. If you are interested in sponsoring please email sponsors@iconuk.org. I am all resisted and really looking forward to the event – see you there The post Registration for ICONUK now open appeared first on Social S [read] Keywords: admin development email

Please sponsor us Dandering for Dosh
Fri, Apr 25th 2014 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
The Cube Soft team (Nathan and I) have joined with some other fantastic members of the ICS (Lotus) Community and are joining this years Dander for Dosh. 10 Geeks, 100 Miles, 5 days – what could possibly go wrong In previous years a group of community members have raised money for worthy causes with a sponsored walk across some of the British Isles most beautiful country side. This years walk is the Lleyn Peninsula Coastal Path (Edge of Wales Walk) 85 miles in five days, and as our coordinato [read] Keywords: lotus community

Fun and games with Commuity wigets
Thu, Apr 24th 2014 6:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Last night we managed to close a PMR that had been open for a few weeks on a strange issue with Community Widgets. After remapping the connections admin user everything worked exactly as expected except for 2 tiny issues – Adding the blogs and surveys widgets inside a community thew a nasty error. Thanks to Justin Cornell in IBM support we managed to get to the bottom of the issue by remapping the widgets admin user even though it was mapped correctly. Jump over to the Cube Soft Blog -  Fu [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm community widgets


Help shape connections search
Thu, Apr 10th 2014 1:11p   Sharon Bellamy
If you are interested in helping IBM shape the search application inside Connections there is a survey that you can participate in. This is a short survey to better understand attitudes and behaviours around search and how users – well – use it You can find the search survey here Fill it in and you will make a Connections product manager very happy [read] Keywords: connections ibm application

Odd issue with Connections Mail
Wed, Apr 2nd 2014 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
I have been looking to implement Connections mail for a while for one of my customers, after finally sorting out some SSO issues we had been seeing I was ready to deploy into their DEV/TEST environment. No problem I thought – Connections mail is a very simple install a couple of config files and a quick wsadmin command to get the help to work. Once I had deployed I was seeing the strangest issues - Contact your system administrator: Missing element with class=”os-site-mail-notify [read] Keywords: connections google skype

Speaking at Engage
Fri, Feb 14th 2014 11:10a   Sharon Bellamy
I will be speaking at Engage by BLUG in March – a big thank you to Theo and the team for the opportunity On Monday the 17th of March I will be Christoph Stoettener’s assistant again in delivering – Adm04. Practical Solutions for Connections Administrators – Tips and Scripts for Your Daily Business – 14:45 – 15:30, room: B On Tuesday the 18th of March I will be speaking with my friend and college Mr Tim Clark – Adm08. Collaboration Stack – Lessons L [read] Keywords: collaboration connections

so I DID make it to Connect
Tue, Feb 4th 2014 3:10p   Sharon Bellamy
So thanks to some very good fortune and help from an old and awesome friend I was able to make the Connect conference in Orlando last week. I will post my full round up later in the week – but the highlights The Good SPEAKING for the first time with my good friend Christoph Stoettner  I am not ashamed to say I was extremely nervous about speaking at Connect for the first time, but if I have the opportunity to do so again I will grab it with both hands The flow for the first two days wit [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm sametime community twitter

Alas I will not be at Connect this year
Mon, Jan 6th 2014 10:09a   Sharon Bellamy
Due to circumstances out of my control, I will not make the IBM Connect conference this year. To say I am devastated would be an understatement – as I was due to speak with my friend Christoph. I will miss the great sessions, the opportunity to catch up with remote colleges, visit the user experience lab (which I have done every year I have been), chat with the product managers and developers and participate in the Champion activities. I will mostly miss catching up with the great people o [read] Keywords: ibm community networking twitter

Speaking at Connect 2014 what an honor
Tue, Nov 26th 2013 7:18a   Sharon Bellamy
It is an honor and a privilege to have been chosen with my friend and Christoph Stoettner to speak at this years Connect / Lotusphere conference. This will be the 4th Connect / Lotusphere I have attended but the first I have spoken a full session at – in previous years I have helped run a BOF and have spoken at speedgeeking. We will be speaking in the Best Practices track, sharing our admin and scripting tips and tricks to help make a Connections Admin’s day a little easier The ful [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm lotusphere

mod_deflate compressing your Connections pages before they hit the client
Mon, Nov 25th 2013 8:15a   Sharon Bellamy
I have also posted this over on the Cube Soft Blog The Apache v2 module mod_deflate is extremely handy if you are serving IBM Connections up to remote locations with little bandwidth. Some of the Connections pages have large css or java script files that are required to function correctly but for countries that have poor connection to the remote server this causes slow page load times and sometimes timeouts. So mod_deflate to the rescue .. open your httpd.conf file and ensure that the mod_defla [read] Keywords: connections ibm bug css java server

Screen for linux how did I not know about this
Thu, Nov 21st 2013 7:14a   Sharon Bellamy
thanks to my friend Gabriella Davis for the heads up on this awesome linux tool I was having issues with the Sametime TURN server timing out due to my linux session dying or timing out and Gab suggested to look up the screen command. It is a simple yet affective tool which is implemented usually by default on a linux server that allows you to reconnect to a screen initiated session you simply enter the command screen from your linux servers command line – the remote session may look like n [read] Keywords: sametime linux server twitter

ConnCtrl bash script for IBM Connections
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 7:16a   Sharon Bellamy
I have also blogged this over on the Cube Soft company blog - with my good friend Mr Tim Clark we have created a script for starting and stopping IBM Connections on Red Hat (RHEL) The script has a bunch of variables to allow you to input the path to the WebSphere deployment manager and nodes, and a place to enter the names of your Connections servers. Please visit Tim’s blog for all the information and to download the script. [read] Keywords: connections ibm red hat twitter websphere

Connections 4.0 cr issues when you have a shared data folder not on the WAS server
Fri, Nov 15th 2013 7:16a   Sharon Bellamy
We have spotted a lovely issue with patching Connections 4 to CR2 and above when using a < connections path > /data/shared folder on anything other than a single WAS node. For example in a standard one node connections install the < connections path > /data/shared folder is on the same machine as the connections instance .. in a multi-node instance the shared data folder is normally on a san / network share. In my instance the shared data was on a RHEL nfs share that was mapped to th [read] Keywords: connections ibm javascript network server websphere widget

Connections 4.x search – well that was a weird problem
Fri, Oct 4th 2013 11:09a   Sharon Bellamy
If you have migrated or moved an IBM Connections instance from 3.0.1 > 4.x (either 4.0 or 4.5) or moved data between 4.x servers you may have noticed a weird issue with searching, especially around communities. The reason I have been a bit quiet on the blog of late is because I am working on a few Connections projects many of which have involved migrating data between test and live servers or replicating data between servers. I have come across a few issues relating to search so I thought I w [read] Keywords: connections dogear ibm community linux websphere

Issues with Install manager GUI on RHEL 6.3 ?
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
If you are attempting to install Connecitons 4.5 on RHEL 6.3 you will have noticed that there is an issue with using the GUI for the IBM Installation Manager with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 The IM won’t fire up a GUI even though xterm works for other GUI’s on the machine, no errors, no splash screen, no nothing !! It has been driving both Stuart and I bonkers .. after a lot of digging here is what you need to get it to work : yum install gtk2.i686 gtk2-engines.i686 PackageKit-gtk-m [read] Keywords: ibm enterprise linux red hat

Sorry for the radio silence ….
Wed, Apr 3rd 2013 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
I want to apologise for my lack of blogging and tweeting – there has been a lot of ups and downs in my personal life over the last 10 months, serious injury which is still not totally resolved and a bunch of other things that have contributed to not only my lack of blogging – but has stopped me attending and speaking at LUGs. I would like to think that I may be over the worst of it – I had a fantastic holiday with my daughter Emily in Feb 2013 to Disney World, I am working with [read] Keywords: connections domino notes sametime blogging

Social Connections V – coming soon
Tue, Feb 5th 2013 8:09p   Sharon Bellamy
The international and independent IBM Connections user group will be visiting beautiful Zurich, Switzerland on June 28th 2013! IBM Switzerland has graciously offered us the use of their IBM Client Center and it already promises to be a busy day To register for this event please visit our registration page here, or use the button below: [read] Keywords: connections ibm

Social Connections IV fun in Amsterdam
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 11:15a   Sharon Bellamy
After months of planning, much panicking by certain members of the SOCCNX team and a small amount of winging it – the 4th Social Connections User Group for IBM Connections Users hit Amsterdam on the 30th of November 2012. Considering this user group was an idea that Stuart and I had over a coffee in the Uni cafe a couple of years ago, we have gone from 60 attendees at Social Connections I to a massive 203 attendees from 16 countries representing 99 unique organisations at Social Connection [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere community facebook linkedin twitter

Mastering metrics and coping with cognos
Wed, Dec 12th 2012 11:15a   Sharon Bellamy
Here are the slides from out Cognos session from social connections iv – given with the mighty Greg Kutinov Mastering metrics and coping with cognos from Sharon Bellamy [read] Keywords: connections

I’m back .. it’s been a while
Tue, Sep 25th 2012 6:08a   Sharon Bellamy
Many of you may have noticed that I have been AWOL for a while. I had much going on in my personal life and I would publicly like to thank my close friends for assisting me through that difficult time. I am now back .. with a vengeance. Since mid June 2012 : I have lost over 36lb in weight – and I feel like a new person Presented at UKLUG with a trapped nerve in my back – thanks to Bill Mal, Steve Mc D, Wild Bill especially for being so fantastic. Changed jobs – I am now very [read] Keywords: collaboration connections lotusphere

Social Connections III – 3 weeks to go
Fri, Jun 1st 2012 10:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Only a few weeks until the 3rd Social Connections user group, held in the IBM Labs Dublin. We have a few places left if you are interested in attending this unique user group. We have some fantastic sessions such as: What’s New in Connections 4? What Do I Need To Know? Designing A Training Plan For IBM Connections Using Social Controls in XPages Connections Administration: Understand the challenge … and find your way how to do it Using Social for social good – the case for Soc [read] Keywords: admin administration connections ibm xpages community

Customizing Connections Demo Files
Wed, May 23rd 2012 9:12a   Sharon Bellamy
The demo files that acompany my Customizating Connections Presentation can now be downloaded here Inside the zip file you will find : The templates and css files from customizationcommonnav The custom community thumbnail image from customizationcommunitiesimages The custom strings required for the twitter profile extention  from customizationstrings The JustNudge profile twitter ear file – LCC_Twitter_EAR-latest.ear Instructions on how to deploy this and how to extend the profile R [read] Keywords: connections ibm community css profile twitter widget widgets xml

Customizing IBM Connections – as seen at #NLLUG #socbiz2012
Wed, May 16th 2012 8:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Yes you can stuff a 2 hour technical jump start into an hour .. and get good feedback .. Connections customization lite View more presentations from Sharon Bellamy I will also share the css and demo files when I get back home .. message me if you are interested. Next outing for this #soccnx in June [read] Keywords: connections ibm css

Returning user login issues – fun with the connections databases
Mon, May 14th 2012 7:12a   Sharon Bellamy
I recently had an issue with a user having issues logging in to certain applications. The user could log in to some apps but recieved an error on others – for instance profiles, activities, communities and forums the user was fine. Each applications database holds information regarding the user login and their external / directory / guid id – this guid is unique to the user – I found after extensive investigation that this user had orphaned entries in the other application DB t [read] Keywords: connections dogear application applications database sql

Social Connections III
Wed, May 2nd 2012 7:10a   Sharon Bellamy
Social Connections III will be upon us soon – I am very pleased to be part of the group that organises these events for IBM Connections users, administrators etc. One thing I would personally like to see is more people that are thinking about using connections and existing domino admins (who are likely to get asked to look after a potential connections environment) to these events – we cater for potential users and admins as well as existing. So my question to those potentials is wha [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm community development network skype twitter

Connections 101 – what a fantastic idea
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 5:12p   Sharon Bellamy
I think a community high five is in order for Mr Paul Mooney and Ms Gabriella Davis. They have taken on the mamoth task of creating a Connections 101 site that will assit those new to Connections and WebSphere to get you up and running with advice, information and assistance. Something like this can not come soon enough. I am lucky, I have been what I would describe as “mucking about with” WebSphere for the past 11 odd years. I had a very good teacher (thank you Bleddyn), and the b [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm community twitter websphere

Tidying the blog
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 5:12p   Sharon Bellamy
Today I decided to tidy my blog and to try and make a bit of sense out of all the *stuff* I throw up on this site .. That is throw up as in post .. not as in .. well you know what I meen … Anyways after much hacking and slashing at php files, creating new templates for pages, new side bars for said pages and eventually getting my head around functions again, I think I have myself organised. The SocialShazza site now has two main topics .. Technology and Disney. All of the Disney stuff can [read] Keywords: connections

Connections fix pack now available
Wed, Mar 28th 2012 11:13a   Sharon Bellamy
At last Connections fix pack is now available to download and fixes lots of little issues, including the firefox feature with files and wikis and the issue chrome has with files. I installed it on my test system yesterday and it went very smoothly. The fix pack can be downloaded from Fix Central. Fix ID is: ​​ The Fixpack is installed using the IBM installation manger (IM). It was very straight forward – basic steps are as follows Download the fixpack zip [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus application applications eclipse firefox password websphere

Back from DLP and man it was great
Mon, Mar 26th 2012 1:11p   Sharon Bellamy
Had a fantastic time at Disneyland Paris for 6 days .. and it was GREAT !!! So the Highs and Lows of the trip .. Lows: Princess Pavillion – Lovely looking BUT be prepared to wait 2 hours for princesses – the shortest time I ever saw the queue was 60 mins and that was an hour before it was due to close. It opens at 10:30am and people we queueing from 9am !!! We did wait 2 hours to see a princess, but only the once – IMO I would rather pay and have a decent meal at Auberge and s [read] Keywords: reservation websphere

Happy 10th Birthday Walt Disney Studios Park
Fri, Mar 16th 2012 2:13p   Sharon Bellamy
DLP Studios park turned 10 years old today There was a day of rather muted celebrations today, never the less the Studios has become a great addition to DLP – the up-and-coming Ratatouille dark ride coming in 2014 and more work possible on revamping other parts of the Studios there is much to look forward over the next couple of years. I am off to DLP for 6 days on Sunday so will report on how constuction and revamps are going – DLP needs some serious investment – it is an aw [read] Keywords:

A fix for the Chrome header issue
Fri, Mar 16th 2012 7:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Stuart blogged back in January about a known issue with downloading files from the files application using Chrome. IBM do not officially support Chrome with Connections 3.0.1 – but our good friend & IBM Champion Sjaak Ursinus has devised a work around. Header edit Content-Disposition ^(.*)creation-date=(.*);smodification-date=(.*);$ “$1creation-date=”$2”; modification-date=”$3”;” ensure the mod_header module is uncommented httpd.conf save and close [read] Keywords: connections ibm ldd lotus application server

Issue with custom themes and communities
Fri, Mar 16th 2012 7:12a   Sharon Bellamy
I have had a PMR open for some time relating to a bit of a known issue with Custom themes and Connections communties There was an issue where you would create a custom theme In my case I also customised the coloured community themes also When clicking on forums, blogs etc the theme was stripped out displaying It appears there was a step missing from the wiki!! http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/lcwiki.nsf/dx/Defining_a_community_theme_ic301 Step 1.d – d. Remove the file theme.css from the corpo [read] Keywords: connections ldd lotus community css wiki

Issue with Connections media widget timing out
Thu, Mar 15th 2012 6:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Whilst building a new Connections environment for a customer we noticed a strange issue when uploading large files to the media gallery. Initially I thought it was related to the size of the file, but the same file will upload to the Connections files application without issue. There is very little errors in the SystemOut.log for the Connections server, so I was baffled. A PMR was opened and the very helpful Mr Dave McCarthy was the PMR owner and we then started on our investigation. During the [read] Keywords: connections application development server widget

Tue, Mar 6th 2012 5:14a   Sharon Bellamy
As kindly shared by Mr Luis Benitez, the portion of the Lotusphere 2012 OGS of the lovely Suzanne Livingston demoing what is coming in IBM Connections version 4 and beyond. For those of you who didn’t managed to catch it live or on the OGS replay – if you are interested in Connections it is a must watch. More information about the newest version of Connections will be available at the next Social Connections user group – see socialconnections.info for more details. [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotusphere application

Locked down doesn’t mean locked out
Wed, Feb 15th 2012 5:12a   Sharon Bellamy
Over the past few days I have been installing a Connections environment in a locked down windows environment with a very agressive group policy. Which was a lot more locked down than I expected it to be, so here are a few gotchas that I discovered that may assist you if you are in the same situation. In this scenario we were using 3 machines: machine 1 – DB2, TDI and Domino (for LDAP) machine 2 – Connections (Deployment manger and Connections node) machine 3 – HTTP server DB2 T [read] Keywords: admin connections domino application db2 server websphere widgets

Weird issue with TDI Connections Wizards
Fri, Feb 10th 2012 12:13p   Sharon Bellamy
I noticed a weird issue with the TDI Connections population wizard today. Originally we had TDI 7.1 installed for some specific issue that were addressed when synching different LDAPs together – that worked, the connections population wizard and all the scripts worked a treat (good news if you want to use TDI 7.1) Now due to one thing and another we took TDI 7.1 off and put TDI back on the machine – BUT if you do not replace the Connections Wizards directory you will get issu [read] Keywords: connections

Lotusphere Saturday 14 Jan
Fri, Feb 10th 2012 9:12a   Sharon Bellamy
After a not bad nights sleep, I was up at 7 and off to breakfast at 8 with Mick Moignard. Disney do lay on a good breakfast and I  enjoyed my eggs and bacon followed by mickey mouse head pancakes After breakfast I met up with Darren & Stuart and wandered outside to see part of the annual hog ride. Our community has a few bikers so Paul Mooney, Bill Buchen etc. organise a hig ride on saturday & sunday. Hire a bike and see Orlando. Stu headed off to do his outlet shopping so I grab [read] Keywords: lotusphere community skype

Lotusphere Friday 13 Jan
Fri, Feb 10th 2012 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
Friday is a bit of a blur. I got to the airport met up with My friends Sam & Mike, their son luke, and 2 of sam’s sisters (yn & charlie) who were going to Orlando as they were getting maried on Monday 23rd January. I also bumped into mr Paul Withers and his wife and the Cardiff boys. Once at the gate it was like a reunion, lots of community people heading out to orlando for the annual pilgrimage The flight was good, watched movies, ate food, drank juice & generally tri [read] Keywords: domino lotusphere community

Back from Lotusphere 2012
Tue, Jan 24th 2012 7:11a   Sharon Bellamy
I am back from Lotusphere 2012 and I must say it was all that it was hyped up to be The OGS was very good this year, IBM actually listened to the audience from last year. Opened with a band (OK-GO), then Michael J Fox who gave a very inspirational speach on the use of community around PD, then product demos – and they were good demos, the awards – Champions den whopped when anyone we knew won an award – especially the Applicable one – some great talks from the execs, the [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2012 notes sametime symphony blogger community google linux planet lotus planetlotus planetlotus.org podcast twitter

What is a BOF and why should I attend one?
Fri, Dec 30th 2011 3:10p   Sharon Bellamy
A Lotusphere BOF – is a Birds of a Feather Session “Ok” I hear you say “What is all that about” Well, a birds of a feather session or BOF as they are most commonly referred to – are sessions that have no presentations, slides or hand outs. These sessions are informal, interactive discussion groups for like-minded attendees to share ideas and experiences in a small group, open forum setting. The usual tools involved (other than the attendees) is coffee, a white [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere community

New Meal Plans announced for DLP
Tue, Dec 20th 2011 5:13a   Sharon Bellamy
Wow – looks like DLP are really *getting with it* and are offering a full board plan as well as half board now Half Board You’ll be given 1 Meal Voucher per person per night of your stay. This voucher allows you to enjoy an Unlimited Buffet OR Set Menu (1 Starter, 1 Main Course, 1 Dessert) PLUS 1 Drink (Soft Drink 33cl or Water 50cl) at any of the available restaurants according to the Meal Plan tier chosen. Full Board You’ll be given 2 Meal Vouchers per person per night [read] Keywords:

Social Connections II a grand day out
Mon, Dec 19th 2011 9:10a   Sharon Bellamy
It’s taken me a while to post this – mainly becuase I am still recovering from the ‘Zombie Flu’ – aka the hideuos cold and chest infection which is now on week number 4!! Social Connections II was in a not so sunny Cardiff Wales and my adventure started when I picked Ms Lisa Duke up at Gatwick airport very early the day before the conference. To cut a long story short,  5 trains, a quick lunch, much social and work related brain storming, a very wet walk in some &# [read] Keywords: connections lotusphere mobile twitter

Pre LS12 fun
Wed, Nov 30th 2011 5:12p   Sharon Bellamy
No ICS / Lotus Community members were harmed during the production of this video Although – Cole was reduced to tears Thanks to all involved for being good sports .. enjoy [read] Keywords: lotus community

Well it is official … I am off to LS12
Tue, Nov 29th 2011 7:12a   Sharon Bellamy
It’s official now – I am to be the sole representative of Applicable at Lotusphere 2012 – so no pressure on gathering information then !!! Hotel and Flight are all booked, just waiting for the session announcements coming this friday (2nd Dec 2011) to see if I will be presenting or not. I would love to present to give back some of the knowledge I have back to the community – but if I don’t get a session I think I will cope I am planning on attending as many sessio [read] Keywords: lotusphere community

DLP Fan Survey
Fri, Nov 25th 2011 9:11a   Sharon Bellamy
At last Disneyland Paris are asking fans what they think The Official Online Survey is running now and until the 12th of December 2011 If you are a Disney fan and enjoy visting please fill it in and give DLP an idea what us Disney fans in Europe would like to see. The questions range from general how many Disney films do you own kind of questions to more specific questions relating to visiting the park, what you would like to see etc. How great would it be if DLP considered something like the D2 [read] Keywords: email

DLP’s 20th Birthday brochure now available
Fri, Nov 18th 2011 2:11p   Sharon Bellamy
As announced on the DLRP Today website the 20th Anniversary brochure is now available. It has been spotted in UK Travel agents although I haven’t seen a copy yet – BUT it is available in all its glory from the Disneyland Paris website HERE. The highlight is bound to be the new Dreams night time show – due to take over at the castle – with extended opening hours reported between 1st of April and 30th of September – although we have been assured the Dreams show will r [read] Keywords:

JustNudge Twitter widget is just fantastic
Mon, Nov 7th 2011 11:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Michael Ransley from JustNudge has released a fantastic twitter widget to extend the connections profile. The IBM® Connections Twitter widget allows a user to share their twitter feed from within their profile. The widget uses a profile extension to capture the twitter username and then calls the twitter API when a user clicks on the widget. It is very straight forward to deploy Here are the steps: Check out the profiles-config.xml file Add a new profile extention attrib [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus application profile properties server twitter widget widgets xml

lotusphere tips site
Fri, Oct 28th 2011 6:12p   Sharon Bellamy
All the talk of Lotusphere got me thinking (dangerous I know) Last year I was a Lotusphere virgin - 2011 was my very first Lotusphere and I had no idea what to expect - other than what my good friend Mr Stuart McIntyre had told me and some of the lovely people I follow on twitter. I, of course, thought they were exaggerating the long days, the walking, the late nights, the social aspect of it - after all it's just a tech conference - right ? O my how I was wrong ... It was like no [read] Keywords: lotusphere community podcast twitter wiki

lotusphere tips
Fri, Oct 28th 2011 5:12p   Sharon Bellamy
All the talk of Lotusphere got me thinking (dangerous I know) Last year I was a Lotusphere virgin - 2011 was my very first Lotusphere and I had no idea what to expect - other than what my good friend Mr Stuart McIntyre had told me and some of the lovely people I follow on twitter. I, of course, thought they were exaggerating the long days, the walking, the late nights, the social aspect of it - after all it's just a tech conference - right ? O my how I was wrong ... It was like no [read] Keywords: lotusphere community podcast twitter wiki

well the lotusphere abstracts are open then
Mon, Oct 24th 2011 9:10a   Sharon Bellamy
Later than we were expecting the call for the Lotusphere 2012 abstracts are now open : Lotusphere 2012 - Call for Abstracts You only have until the application deadline: Sunday, November 6th 2011 so not long at all .. This years tracks : Jump Starts & Master Class Sessions: Audience: Developers, system administrators and technologists, IT managers of all levels Track 2: Technology for Collaboration Solutions : Infrastructure & Deployment: Audience: System administrat [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus lotusphere application development

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Thu, Sep 29th 2011 2:24a   Sharon Bellamy
Tomorrow is my last day of being an IBM customer working for City University. Monday I move back to the Business Partner world when I start working at Applicable. After spending almost 7 years previously at a Business Partner, the past 2 and a half years as a customer has been a real eye opener, but I have reconnected with lots of IBMers, made new connections in the community and some really good friends. In the time working at City I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic [read] Keywords: connections ibm community

social connections 2 registration open
Thu, Aug 25th 2011 6:11a   Sharon Bellamy
SOCIAL CONNECTIONS II NOW SCHEDULED!! The second Social Connections event will take place on 9th December 2011 at Cardiff University in central Cardiff, Wales. We are delighted that our next event is now in the diary and organising the details of the event continues apace. Registration is open and we are seeking speakers from around the world. For more details of the Social Connections II event, check out the details and then register. We also have a number of FAQs already answered. I [read] Keywords: connections

Technology is not the problem
Thu, Aug 18th 2011 3:25a   Sharon Bellamy
Ripping out a software or technology stack is not going to fix the issues of bad project management, lack of collaboration and user engagement. The technology is not the problem - in a workshop run by world renown Collaboration expert Michael Sampson he explained to the audience that the technology - regardless of the vendor - is only 10% of any kind of user adoption hurdle. 10 % Tech Vs 90% People Strangely enough 90% of the audience got it - the normal users, the power users th [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus microsoft oracle

3 keys to consider for social business
Thu, Aug 4th 2011 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
Louis Richardson has posted a great video on you tube 3 keys to consider for social business [read] Keywords: connections

On the move
Wed, Jul 27th 2011 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
I have been a little quiet on the blog of late In between helping Stuart with the Connections user group and having some family time I have also managed to secure myself a fantastic new job. In October I will be leaving the world of Higher Education and be heading back to the exciting world of Business Partners :) I am off to Applicable to work with WebSphere, Connections and other WebSphere related collaboration solutions - all the stuff I live, breathe and love to play with - I may ev [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm integration websphere

Social Connections 1 - the session videos
Fri, Jul 8th 2011 6:15a   Sharon Bellamy
Here are the recordings of the sessions from Social Connections 1. Session 1 First morning session, featuring Stuart McIntyre of Collaboration Matters, Daniel Siddle of Headshift and Jon Mell of IBM. Session 2 Second morning session, featuring Stuart McIntyre, Mike Roche of IBM, Joseph D'Armi of Portal and Michael Ahern of IBM. (Apologies, this is a lower quality recording than that originally streamed - the higher quality version was corrupted.) Session 3 First afterno [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm

Social Connections 1 - the sessions
Fri, Jul 8th 2011 6:15a   Sharon Bellamy
The majority of the presentations from Monday are in the Social Connections 1 event on Slideshare, including the following: Stuart McIntyre's opening session: Social Connections 1 - Welcome Daniel Siddle from Headshift/Dachis Group: The Why, What, How of Social Business Jon Mell from IBM: Things I wish I'd known 5 years ago Joseph D'Armi from Portal: I’m too busy to collaborate Michael Ahern from IBM: Beyond the Basics: An Overview of User Life [read] Keywords: connections ibm websphere

What ever happens - Lotusphere is still the best name for the conference
Thu, Jul 7th 2011 2:02a   Sharon Bellamy
I've been thinking .... ...... dangerous I know - but with all the talk of the brands going away and the software group becoming a big happy mish-mash of products and solutions and the much chat around "if there is no Lotus what is Lotusphere going to be called" chat - to be it still makes perfect sense to call the Annual Conference - LOTUSPHERE So the bit of IBM that was Lotus the brand is now IBM Collaboration Solutions - which kind of makes sense as we have Lotus Domino and Notes [read] Keywords: collaboration connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere notes quickr sametime facebook twitter websphere

Social Connections 1 - Thank You
Wed, Jul 6th 2011 6:14a   Sharon Bellamy
I would like to say a Thank you to all that supported the first Social Connections user group in London on Monday 4th July. There was a fantastic turn out of 50 people on the day and 120 watching the sessions on-line. Thank you to all the speakers - sessions and presentations will be available (watch the Social Connections site for details) Thanks to all that assisted in the setting up and running of the event To the boys at the Salvations Army for a fantastic venue, AV and streaming servi [read] Keywords: collaboration connections

IBM Champion - honoured and humbled
Thu, Jun 23rd 2011 6:14a   Sharon Bellamy
I am deeply honoured and humbled to have been chosen as one of the 50 Worldwide Champions for IBM Collaboration Solutions. I wanted to echo the thanks of all the other IBM Champions to the selection and organising committee, the wonderful people who nominated me and to the rest of the community for being generally awesome and inspiring me to follow in your footsteps. The full list of champions can be found here : http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/champions/ Thank you SO muc [read] Keywords: collaboration ibm lotus community

IBM is 100 today
Wed, Jun 15th 2011 8:13a   Sharon Bellamy
Today International Business Machines - IBM - is 100 years old ... There are some mile stones dear to me .. 1970 - when I was born - the database as we know it was invented 1988 - the AS400 was invented - anyone that knows me well knows of the love I have the AS400 (iSeries, System i, i5, i and now Power 7) machines most of my career in IT has been involved with these fantastic machines. 1997 - eBusiness .. I spent 7 years working with IBM's e-business products (WebSphere Comm [read] Keywords: ibm database system i websphere

Announcing the first IBM Connections user group!
Thu, Jun 9th 2011 5:16a   Sharon Bellamy
I am delighted to announce that today we are launching: Social Connections - the IBM Connections user group Initially based in the UK (but open to members world-wide) Social Connections aims to be the place where individuals with an interest in IBM Connections can come to meet, share knowledge, develop best practices, discuss adoption strategies and to generally build a network of key folks with a similar focus. We will try to be customer-focused, enabling organisations that ar [read] Keywords: collaboration connections ibm community network networking

gotchas, UKLUG, and TWiL
Tue, Jun 7th 2011 5:39a   Sharon Bellamy
I haven't blogged for a while ... (again) .. mainly because I have been a busy little Shaz I spent a few days at UKLUG in Manchester - which was brilliant I must say. I spent some time with friends old and new - as always it was fantastic to spend time with Darren and Lisa Duke and the lovely yellow wearing Mat Newman - but was also good to see some of the other Loti that I don't socialise with in my normal working life. UKLUG was actually very good - I attended a couple of sessions on [read] Keywords: collaboration domino ibm lotus lotusphere websphere

Sharon doesn’t do pauses
Thu, May 12th 2011 3:50a   Sharon Bellamy
This Week in Lotus 050 - Managing IBM collaboration tools. ’Does that mean Microsoft has it right all along?’ This discussion was fascinating ... and I am very glad that Stuart and Darren invited me to be a part of this. I had an issue a few weeks ago where a Community owner of a Lotus Connections Community deleted the forums widget - realised that deleting it - well actually meant it was gone. In the user's defence, they wanted to make the forum read only and thought tha [read] Keywords: admin collaboration connections ibm lotus application applications community database enterprise microsoft server system i websphere widget widgets wiki

WebSphere User Group 23 march
Tue, Apr 5th 2011 6:10a   Sharon Bellamy
WebSphere User Group 23rd March 2011 I was really looking forward to the WebSphere User Group - I haven't been immersed in fellow WebSphere geeks for a while (other than Dave Hay) so It would be great to catch up with some other purple people. 3 of us from City went - as well as me, Anu my line manager (who is a portal/wcm guru) and Julia the "new girl" who is a WebSphere admin and is picking up all the *tech* we use. The day was pretty full on with lots to do. Bedfont is a great loc [read] Keywords: admin connections ibm lotus notes community development google integration java server taking notes twitter websphere

A grand day out (x 2)
Fri, Mar 25th 2011 6:14a   Sharon Bellamy
I have spent a couple of Grand Days Out this week - being as I am just a little busy at the moment I wasn't sure if I could spend the time out of the office, but I am pleased to report it was a worth while exercise. Wednesday 23rd March was the WebSphere User Group (WUG) - at IBM Bedfont Thursday 24th March was the Dachis Social Business Summit 2011 (SBS2011) - at the Imagination Gallery London Both were very different days, I will elaborate more in separate posts but here is the con [read] Keywords: ibm lotus notes community development networking office social software taking notes twitter websphere

Lotus Community Champions
Tue, Mar 22nd 2011 9:11a   Sharon Bellamy
On today's LITE call Joyce Davis has announced that IBM have started a Champions Program and are going to include the Lotus Community Details are still being sorted out and will be promoted shortly - but it's IBM's way of recognising the contribution that some of us make - Joyce was very specific to make sure that some of the unsung hero's that fly under the radar that do a lot for the Lotus Community are recognised. What a great way to recognise all the work that some of the Community [read] Keywords: ibm lotus community

New Youtube channel from the Connections Devs
Tue, Mar 22nd 2011 6:13a   Sharon Bellamy
This looks pretty neat - - worth checking out [read] Keywords: connections

SSO is not my friend
Mon, Mar 14th 2011 6:20a   Sharon Bellamy
SSO is not my friend I have tested the theory that the LTPA issue I was seeing would go away when I reinstalled connections - A new box, a new connections cluster of one. I ensured the realm name was set correctly with out the escape in the gui and it was .. so I have configured LTAP SSO between my connections 3 and portal 7 instances. I can log on to connections and navigate to portal - or - log on to portal and navigate to connections - no SSO errors .. Attached new connections instan [read] Keywords: connections portlet security

Equality ? it’s relative
Wed, Mar 9th 2011 5:15a   Sharon Bellamy
After watching the "Equal" clip yesterday that was promoted as part of International Women's day it got me thinking - a dangerous thing at that. Equality is a strange thing .. Even in this modern day and age it's amazing how some people have different attitudes towards me because I am a woman ... and it's not just men that think that way .. I will try not to get too personal but some of the subjects highlighted in the "Equal" clip are far too close to the bone. I have typed o [read] Keywords: mobile

Examples of Domino Apps in Websphere Portal
Fri, Mar 4th 2011 8:11a   Sharon Bellamy
I am still after some examples of Domino Apps being surfaced through WebSphere Portal and so far have come up with a bit of a blank. We will be attempting this at City in the future as our CASS Business School are heavy Domino users - most of our internal content and applications will be served via or linked from Portal and I was wondering how many other people do this ? As well as for my own curiosity I am also interested in including an example or two in my potential UKLUG session "co [read] Keywords: domino applications websphere websphere portal

LTPA issue getting better
Fri, Mar 4th 2011 6:13a   Sharon Bellamy
The way to resolve those pesky realm miss match issues is to clear the existing scheduler and indexing entries in the database. This was very straight forward as IBM provide the SQL scripts to do this. Shipped in the connections wizard package there is a handy little folder called connections.sql - in there are some scripts organised by feature and then db type Go and find the clearScheduler.sql for the following features : Activities, Communities, Files, Forums, Homepage,Profiles and [read] Keywords: connections ibm application database sql

Lotusphere for Newbies
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 8:16a   Sharon Bellamy
Here is a quick guide to my newbies guide to Lotusphere Believe the hype - Seriously, Lotusphere really is as good as people say it is. There is a great community, fantastic sessions and lots of information to digest. There are also some great labs - the user experience lab is excellent for seeing what is coming and to talk specifically about any UI issues you may be having. The developer labs are also most excellent. I spent 2 and a half hours talking to the man who is in charge of the Porta [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere notes roaming sametime applications blogger community database development iphone mobile network podcast skype social software twitter

LTPA issue update
Wed, Mar 2nd 2011 5:20a   Sharon Bellamy
I have made some progress on my LTPA issue - with many thanks going to the people who have assisted me which proved that I hadn't totally lost the plot : First issues were around the nodes not synchronising properly Resolved by disabling Synchronize changes with Nodes in the Console preferences, restarting the WAS server and then re-enabling it. Fixed the issue on both the Connections and Portal servers. The main issue around the LTPA not working was due to a rogue escape character sh [read] Keywords: connections ibm java security server websphere

Today’s battle is brought to you by the letters L T P and A
Fri, Feb 25th 2011 5:14a   Sharon Bellamy
I have been having a few issues around WebSphere SSO and LTPA. So much so I was convinced that I was doing something wrong!! Portal 6.1.5 and Connections - No issues at all : 1. Turn off auto generate LTPA tokens on both Portal and Connections DMGRs 2. Log on to Portal DMGR generate new LTPA Token 3. export LTPA token from Portal DMGR 4. import Portal LTPA token into Connections DMGR 5. exchange of SSL certificates (adding them to WAS [read] Keywords: admin administration agent connections ibm community exchange exchange profile security server websphere

LS11 Trip Day 7
Thu, Feb 24th 2011 5:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Thursday 3rd - February – Day 7 – LS11 Day 4 Overslept - 9:30 am !! Oops how did that happen ? Well Shaz going to bed at 5am that is how that happens. I dragged my butt out of bed, had a quick shower and headed straight to where the action was .... Gurupalooza - I crept in the back hoping i wouldn't look like i had only just woken up. It was about half way through with a flurry of questions being fired at the panel. My "Guru" friends who were up there looked a little ti [read] Keywords: domino ibm lotusphere blogger google linux mac microsoft websphere

Where is the Love?? Right there
Thu, Feb 24th 2011 5:11a   Sharon Bellamy
I am SO pleased I decided to record Mr Mat Newman's "Where is the Love" session at Lotusphere .. It is proving to be extremely popular and I only wish that I had managed to secure a better position to video it on the "flip cam" I borrowed from the University. Stuart has kindly uploaded it - and am still convinced we should make an "ilovematnewman.net" web site .. but for those of you that haven't seen it yet - here it is in all it's glory : http://vimeo.com/20265120 Enjoy .. [read] Keywords: lotusphere

Help me "Yellowverse" you are my only hope ...
Wed, Feb 23rd 2011 3:16a   Sharon Bellamy
Help me "Yellowverse" you are my only hope ... In a galaxy not so far away a young Padawan residing on the rebel base of Planet Lotus is sending a plea . Assistance is requested from some Domino Masters, Xpage Pilots and Notes Rebels. I am planning a UKLUG session with my master Stuart McIntyre and would like some examples of the following if possible: Exceptional Web Experiences that are Domino based Exceptional Web Experiences that are written in Xpages Any Domino / Xpages applic [read] Keywords: connections domino lotus notes xpages application planet lotus websphere

LS11 Trip Day 6
Mon, Feb 21st 2011 7:13a   Sharon Bellamy
Wednesday 2nd - February – Day 6 – LS11 Day 3 Breakfast this morning involved in-room starbucks coffee and thin mint Girl Scout cookies (courtesy of Mr Lotusevangelist – Keith Brooks). Darren described the Thin Mints as the crack of the cookie world – he was SO right!! Half a strip was demolished in seconds .. O MY GOD they were amazing. I took the opportunity to talk to home as I had been pretty much completely out of touch since I flew out on Friday morning. A quic [read] Keywords: admin connections domino foundations ibm lotus lotusphere notes notes client application applications blogger community development email integration openntf outlook twitter websphere wiki

LS11 Trip Day 5
Fri, Feb 18th 2011 8:17a   Sharon Bellamy
Tuesday 1st – February – Day 5 – LS11 Day 2 How I managed to crawl my butt out of bed for breakfast was a miracle. I managed it none the less and met up with Stuart and some of the other guys. We then headed over to the 2nd keynote of the week. I managed to get a seat on the right not too far from the bloggers den and settled down for the next instalment in what’s happening. I am sad to say it was very much the same as the previous day – lots of talk, panels and not [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere sametime show and tell enterprise laptop mac websphere websphere portal

LS11 Trip Day 4
Fri, Feb 18th 2011 7:11a   Sharon Bellamy
Monday 31st - January – Day 4 – LS11 Day 2 Up at 7:30am - almost bright considering I only had about 5 hours sleep. Headed down to breakfast IBM style – found Stuart again and some of the other blogging crew and hung out and had a chat until we needed to take seats for the OGS. As the bloggers get reserved seats I had to sit with the masses and managed to get a seat about half way in. Opening General Session – Opened with a great band playing. The Alistair did a fan [read] Keywords: connections ibm lotus lotusphere sametime application blogging integration network networking twitter wireless

LS11 Trip Day 3
Fri, Feb 18th 2011 5:17a   Sharon Bellamy
Sunday 30th - January – Day 3 – LS11 Day 1 So Sunday morning and day 1 of Lotusphere. Business Partner Development day + jumpstart sessions for us non BP’s. I was up at about 7:30 and revved up and raring to go. I skipped the IBM provided breakfast and instead opted to have *real* breakfast in the hotel with Sam to just have a chat and find out her plans as I knew I wouldn’t be seeing too much of her this week. I then went out and about on the prowl to see who I c [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotusphere sametime development

Sandy Carter is coming to City
Thu, Feb 17th 2011 3:33p   Sharon Bellamy
Today we are lucky enough to be having a visit from the new VP for Social Business Sandy Carter! She is popping in to see us at City University this afternoon. Other than on the main stage at Lotusphere and seeing her walk about I didn't really get a chance to talk to her at all when I was there. Stuart interviewed her for the Lotusphere Pod Cast though and said she knows her stuff - and Mr Social would know :) I am looking forward to the opportunity to talk to her and to listen to [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere

What a fantastic meeting
Thu, Feb 17th 2011 3:25p   Sharon Bellamy
Had a fantastic meeting with Jon Mell, Sandy Carter and my CTO Carl Stokes about helping our University become a real Social Business .... lots of ideas and lots of very constructive help and advice was given .. this is the start of a beautiful relationship I feel :) Also we all sold Carl on the idea of how fantastic Lotusphere is .. and he has promised we can go in 2012 .. :D Lots will be occurring in the next few months in my organisation as far as rolling out some our Social tooling to [read] Keywords: foundations lotusphere twitter

LS11 Trip Day 2
Wed, Feb 16th 2011 9:48a   Sharon Bellamy
Saturday 29th January – LS11 Trip Day 2 – 1 Day to Lotusphere Saturday was Disney Day ... Being a massive Disney fan as well as a geek I couldn't come all the way to Orlando and not go and take a squiz at a Disney park. So we trotted down to guest services - Sam got a 5 day hopper pass and I bought a one day park pass. The breakfast of champions was consumed - 2 servings of scrambled eggs, bacon, potato wedges (so cool to have at breakfast), followed by some Mickey Mouse pan [read] Keywords: lotusphere community twitter

LS11 Trip Day 1
Wed, Feb 16th 2011 6:30a   Sharon Bellamy
Friday 28th January – LS11 Trip Day 1 - 2 Days to Lotusphere My day started off really early, very early, possibly too early - my usual 4am start as I had to train it halfway across Kent to meet up with my friend Sam (who's not a technical but is a fellow Disney fan) who was hitching a ride to Orlando with me. We arrived at the airport at approx 10 am (flight was at 13:00), checked in, dumped bags and headed for a McDonalds. From the MaccyD’s we spent 2 hours planning an atta [read] Keywords: ibm lotusphere community profile

Woah – Lotusphere 2011 – how cool was that
Wed, Feb 16th 2011 5:30a   Sharon Bellamy
Well I have come back crashing down to reality after the amazing experience that was Lotusphere 2011. I was very fortunate to meet and hangout with the nicest bunch of people I have ever met. I will be blogging over the next week or so about my experiences as a Lotusphere virgin newbie. There were some fantastic sessions, great social events, pretty much a party every night and of course Kimonos. Some of my highlights were: Meeting all the guys - there were some great people there and the [read] Keywords: lotus lotusphere blogger blogging mac

The build up to LS11
Tue, Jan 18th 2011 6:29a   Sharon Bellamy
I have been ridiculously excited about the prospect of going to Lotusphere for quite a while. to be honest I really didn't think I would be able to go - I had submitted an abstract which would have fallen into the theme of "Social Business" which was this years theme - but I don't think our Uni was a big enough player to be chosen. If it wasn't for the boys over at "This Week In Lotus" and a huge campaign from the community and a big push from some lovely people in IBM I wouldn't have [read] Keywords: ibm lotus lotusphere community

Lotusphere 2011
Mon, Jan 17th 2011 6:16a   Sharon Bellamy
Well I am off to Lotusphere this year YAY!! to say I am stupidly excited is just a tiny understatement. For those people living under a rock Lotusphere is THE premier event for those interested in Lotus technology. Everyone who is someone in the world of Notes/Domino, Connections, Quickr and Portal will be at this event - including the lovely Stuart McIntyre who assisted in my campaign to get there. I have much planned for the week including : Taking over Stuart's "Speedgeeking" s [read] Keywords: connections domino ibm lotus lotusphere lotusphere2011 notes quickr blogging twitter

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